Julia Steed shook her head and wondered how her life had turned into this. She and her husband had started with just love and passion, wanting to conquer goals and build a life. Now, at forty, they had conquered goals and built a beautiful outer life, but there was no passion at all between them.

Why? Why?

She pushed her seven-series BMW harder through traffic, worried she was running late to meet her son for lunch. For a second, she thought about running this by her son, but that thought quickly passed. How would Trevor ever understand? Everyone thought she had things just as she wanted. After all, she had worked so hard.

The daily working-out and eating right served her well. The hours of diligence she gave to her interior design business had paid off well. Her charity work with the City Women’s League gave her satisfaction and got her outside herself. Why then couldn’t she just accept things as they were?

She checked her lightly touched make-up in the rear view mirror, and she liked how her blonde hair gathered up neatly as she had hoped. She didn’t really worry about forty. The hint of lines showed beside her eyes, but her feminine appearance remained distinct. But she did worry about the fact she had to please her own ever increasing needs, when her husband couldn’t be bothered to even touch her. Focusing on her clear blue eyes one more time, she asked herself what more she could do about this on her own.

The gentle questions put to her Bill hadn’t worked. Suggestions about couples counseling were rebuffed. She had even brought up exotic vacations they could take. Nothing registered.

She was glad she was having lunch with her son. He was a younger, more aggressive version of Bill, and it would be a nice break for her. Wasn’t sure why, but getting together with him always seemed to lift her spirits. She could at least divert herself onto his life. She admired him and they were close.

At least she had that.


Trevor Steed saw her across the crowded restaurant, and at once, his heart raced. Damn, how does she do it? Always looks fantastic. His eyes stayed glued to her as she glided towards the table. Her chin up and her eyes level, an even poise always impressed.

When she got to the table, he stood and embraced her. “Hey, how are you doing?”

“Doing well, thanks.” Her easy smile flashed to him.

Moving around behind her, he helped with her chair. As he came back to his seat, her eye brows were raised.

Her voice lightly cooed. “Well, haven’t seen that from you before. Impressive.”

He grinned back at her. There was a lot she hadn’t seen. Just as he had thrown himself into his new start-up business with his buddy, Julio, he had likewise decided to work on improving his ways and manners. If he could get serious about business, he’d also get serious about how he acted socially and with women. May as well try his new ideas with her.

He liked how he felt very aware of his six-one, 195 pound frame as he sat in the cozy restaurant. His workout had been a great one earlier, and now he had a certain calmness that resulted. It made everything easier for him.

They talked easily, catching up. She seemed to want to ask him about his social life right away, and it was hard to deflect her with his usual vagaries. He went ahead and leveled with her that he was in no hurry to get a new girlfriend right now. He expected she wouldn’t like it, as she usually pressed him to ‘find a good girl.’ Today, there was none of that.

“Good for you. Have some fun.” She only shrugged.

He relaxed back into his chair. “Huh? Wait,” he kidded, “where is my mom, and what have you done with her?”

They both chuckled.

Carefully, he placed the focus back onto her and how she was doing with a couple of questions, and he noticed something. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but she seemed a little less upbeat than her normal self. Her shoulders slumped and her eyes didn’t quite gleam like usual.

“Hey, is everything alright?”

She batted her eyes a couple of times. “Yes, of course.”

Reaching across the table, he put his hand on hers. “You’re not telling me something. I’m worried about you.”

Her eyes studied his a moment, glanced at his hand atop hers, and then peered back up. “Guess I’ve been feeling a little flat lately,” she forced a smile, “But I’m fine.”

She looked back to their hands and turned her hand so that the palm was up. She gave a quick squeeze and then started withdrawing it.

Sitting this close, it struck him just how attractive a woman she looked, right there across from him. Instinctively, he leaned in and put his hand back on hers, stopping it. He drew a couple of fingers over her palm and then lightly circled about it.

“It’s weird, but,” he worried how this would come out, “I feel so strongly… care so much about you. I… it’s… I just want you to know that.”

She blinked a couple of times. Then, to his surprise, she leaned forward, too. “Trevor, that is görükle escort so sweet. Thank you.”

Their eyes held a moment. Suddenly there was a lightness about him he had never known. He couldn’t help but start to grin.

“Well,” she pulled back and sat up straight, “lunch was great.”

He took care of the check and walked her out. Staying close by her side, he told her how he wanted to see her again later in the week.

She nodded. “Okay.”

When they reached her car, they hugged goodbye. As they parted from the embrace, he pecked her cheek. He didn’t think he had ever done that before.

She stared at him a couple of moments before finally driving away.

Part of him thought he may have pushed his luck. Another part of him didn’t care. The adrenaline rush of having pushed and gotten to her was everything.


Julia couldn’t help but be aggravated by everything Bill said or did that night. She tried talking with him and engaging, but he showed no interest. It wasn’t that he was mean or rude. It was worse. He couldn’t care less.

He read and surfed online. Asked her nothing really. Didn’t really even react to anything he read either. What’s wrong? She wished he still went to the gym and took better care of himself.

At dinner, she brought up her lunch with Trevor. Yes, she told Bill, Trevor seemed to be doing fine and was in good spirits. But, Trevor worried she wasn’t.

“What did you say?” Bill asked.

“I said I was fine, of course.”

Bill continued right on eating.

She shook. “Bill, are you having an affair?” Her voice came with a shrill, but she couldn’t help it.

He first froze before taking a forkful of the chicken marsala, and he stared back at her. “Of course not.” The forkful then continued on into his mouth.

She dropped her own fork onto her plate, letting the loud clanking resonate about.

His voice came level. “I’m going into counseling.”

She sat still in her chair and tried to absorb this. “What?”

“It can’t hurt. Figure I’ll see what’s up.”

Emotion welled in her throat. Bill didn’t go to doctors, or really any professionals. Except his accountant. He saw his accountant often.

She kept her tone low. “What is going on?”

“Nothing really. Honestly… it’s just hard to give a shit about anything anymore.”

“Are you depressed?”

“Julia, I’m not depressed. But, I’m not anything. Who knows? I’ll see what’s going. Don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry?” She laughed just a little too loud. “I’ll go with you.”

“No, you won’t.”

She stared down at her plate, and then tried to glimpse him closer.

He wiped his mouth and stopped his meal. “I don’t want you to worry. This is just something I’m going to do. I’ll let you know what happens.”

She searched for words, but he was up and taking his plate to the kitchen before she could react.

She sat there and tried to process why he felt he needed to go to counseling. He was right it couldn’t hurt. But why couldn’t he just talk to her? But if that was what he wanted… .

Later, they were in bed, both reading from their tablets. She didn’t get how they had stayed quiet ever since dinner, even though he knew he had surprised her. She wanted more.

“Trevor seemed different today.” Her tone sounded more concerned than she intended.

“How so?”

“Hard to say, really. Nice, of course.”

Bill stayed ensconced in his book.

“There was this vibe between us. Can’t put my finger on it.”

“A bad thing?”

“No, not really.”

“I’m sure it’s fine.”

And with that, he turned in.

She first started to roll over and go to sleep, too. Then, she reconsidered. “I’m going to go read some more.”

She was up and out the door, almost forgetting her tablet. She was anxious to get to the couch in the den and to get comfortable. Knowing herself, she anticipated just the position she would take downstairs alone, and just what relief she would get.


Normally, Trevor trusted his instincts completely, but this situation with Julia was nowhere near normal. Exhilarating, yes. But way, way out of the ordinary. He got that.

He picked his moment and his words carefully with Julio, because he wanted his best friend’s take on this badly. But he didn’t want any judgment or shame. That he could supply on his own. Or not.

During a break at the office, he caught Julio by himself. Julio loved his afternoon walk outside to clear his head, so Trevor decided to join him. Julio welcomed him along.

Thankfully, the men shared the same kind of intense interest in women as they did for business. They had so very much in common, and he was glad. Especially today.

He opened up to Julio, but couched his interest in being with an ‘older woman’ without daring say who. This sufficed, and he kept going with the circumstances. Julio nodded and listened patiently as he gave details.

This older woman really attracted him and was eskort bayan beautiful, but there was a serious hitch. Julio pointed out that there always was. Nothing was ever perfect. Trevor agreed that this was especially the case with this woman.

They walked a trail out beside a beautiful lake, but now Julio glanced towards Trevor and away from the lake. “How so?”

“Well,” Trevor looked ahead and treaded carefully, “I know it’s a really bad idea, but she’s married.”

Right away, Julio shook his head. “Bad, bad idea, man. Guys get killed for that kind of shit. You know?”

Trevor kept his steps going even though hearing this gave him pause. “Um, I don’t think that’s the kind of thing here. But, you’re right. It’s serious. And… you never know, I guess.”

“No. You don’t know. But a dude finds you’re bedding his wife, he can lose his mind. I’m telling you.”

They walked on for a moment, and suddenly the whole thing grew even more worrisome for Trevor. He wasn’t changing his mind, but he got much more how bad things could get. He realized he may as well share even more. After all, maybe he should let Julio try to talk him out of this.

“There’s more.” Trevor looked at Julio who immediately furrowed his brow at this.

“Something more than her being married? She’s older, married, and now something else?”

Trevor ran a hand through his hair. “This woman, she’s been a friend of my family, like, forever.”

Julio chuckled.

“I know, I know. This probably sounds like some crazy shit.”

“Crazy, dangerous shit, brother.”

“Julio, she’s attractive in ways I can’t even describe. I’ve seen—been around—this woman for years. But lately… . I see her, and it’s like I’m seeing her in a way I’ve never, ever seen before. Really. My fucking blood boils thinking about seeing her.”


A few more steps and they were making the way back to the office building.

“Trevor,” Julio struck a gentle tone, “there’s no getting around how the ‘off-limits’ shit is that much more appealing. It’s just the way it is. It, like, magnifies things. Ten times or so.”

Trevor nodded.

“But, let me tell you, man. You’re dealing with some explosive stuff. This kind of thing can go so very wrong. People getting hurt. Maybe losing relationships with people who love you if your family knows her. You know?”

Trevor looked to him and drew deep breaths.

Julio broke a long, slow smile. “She must be gorgeous.”

Trevor smiled back. “There’s so much about her. Very feminine. This delicateness to her. But, you can tell the waters run deep with her, too. There’s a side to her I want to see. It’s like with her there’s some ultimate level or something.”

Julio shook his head. “Hey, you already get so much pussy as it is. Why risk it?”

Trevor returned his look.

“But that’s just it, isn’t it?”

Trevor focused on his words.

Julio lowered his voice as they paused before re-entering the office. “This is so very special, she’s so very attractive, and this is so very not supposed to happen. You can’t resist.”

Trevor arched his eyes and a small smile formed. His friend got it.

Julio put his arm around Trevor’s shoulder. “I know. You’re going to do it anyway. Just do me a favor.”


“Be damn careful.”

“Damn careful.”

Julio held him up before he could open the door for them. “One more thing.”

“Sure. What’s that?”

“You know you’re going to get it. We both know it.”

Trevor’s mouth fell open. “Uh, I don’t know about this one.”

He loved his buddy’s confidence and the chance it might really happen electrified him. Then, Julio’s last encouragement pumped him even more.

“Oh, and Trevor… give her the kind of fucking that she’ll never forget.”


Prizzi was one of Julia’s favorite restaurants, and she knew Trevor had heard her say that before. Nice, quiet ambiance mixed with lots of white table cloths and candlelit tables. It had been forever since she’d been there, and she was glad he had suggested it as he did.

As the valet left with her BMW, it sunk in what Trevor was likely up to. He must have picked up on some melancholy from her from the other night. Now, he probably looked to boost her up. A warm reassurance set in for her, as she made her way to the doors. At least he’s trying to come through for me.

Once inside, the restaurant was as cozy and as impressive as she remembered it. Candles flickered and soft jazz hummed, as she walked the distance to the maître d’. Luckily, he had arrived in advance and thought enough to leave her name so she could be showed to the bar.

When she reached the bar, he stood and she slowed. Her hand went to her throat and then pulled her white, crisp blouse to straighten it. Maybe she should have worn a dress instead of the skirt and blouse. And, what was with Trevor? He didn’t look like her twenty-four year old son but rather some dashing, lean actor altıparmak escort or someone.

“Hi.” His voice sounded deep as they embraced. He held her for a long moment and then they sat. Inwardly, she admonished herself for likely blushing. He’s your son.

The plans were for a drink after working out, but he graciously offered to get them a table. She appreciated it, but said they could stick with drinks. He already had a chilled Peroni in front of him, and she opted for a glass of Chianti.

He smiled broadly at her. “You’re looking great.”

“Yeah?” Get hold of yourself, dummy. Do not act giddy whatever you do. “No, you’re very polite. Thanks.”

“No, I mean it.”

She couldn’t help but do a slight double-take. He was being very thoughtful. He’s just being nice because he’s worried about me. How sweet.

“Good workout?”

“Yeah. It was.”

Some small talk led to talk of her work, and his questions were specific and considerate. The thought crossed her mind that no one else ever asked about these things. Trying not to go on and on about her projects, she did let him know what was going well for her. She found herself wanting him to admire her efforts.

The Chianti was perfect, just like the restaurant and just like… . Trevor?

She tried to change the subject back over to him. “How’s the new business going for you? Everything working out for you and Julio?”

Watching his blue eyes in the soft light, the quick widening there was distinct when she brought up Julio’s name. He nervously stammered at first, the only time he had done so that night, and a playful grin appeared at his lips.

“Yeah. Actually, everything’s great. He and I get along really well, and the orders are streaming in.”


They both sipped their drinks and his hand came to her arm. His touch felt soothing and his wide hand easily covered the width of her bare arm. Hopefully, he didn’t notice some goosebumps that may have raised.

“Thanks for meeting me out like this.” His words flowed.

“Well, thanks for asking me to join you.”


His fingers traced over her arm before coming back to his leg and his eyes stayed on hers.

She gently spoke, her fingers tapping the rim of her glass. “Is everything alright?”

His brow tensed and then released. “Sure. Sure, it is. Is it with you?”

She half-smiled. “Yes, but… . I mean, us having drinks and all. …We just had lunch on Tuesday.”

He slightly nodded. “Uh, true. I just wanted to see you. I mean, I really enjoyed lunch.”

She lowered her head a bit and peered up to him. Her tone softened. “I think I know what you’re up to.”

He had taken a drink of his beer, and he almost spit it out. “You do?”

She leaned closer. “I think so.”

He put his hand on the back of her chair and edged even closer to her. Close enough for her to smell some expensive mix of blonde leather, amber and cinnamon. His face this close and the musky scent made her lightheaded.

His lips looked full as he murmured to her. “You figured me out?” He gave a slight grin.

She grinned back and nodded. “You’re trying to lift my spirits. You think I’ve been down. It’s very kind of you, but… I’m fine. I am.”

He flinched and when he did, it brought him back in his seat some. Part of her regretted they weren’t still huddled like there was some secret, but they shouldn’t be kidding around like that anyway.

“Ahh. Yes, you figured me out.”

She straightened back somewhat herself. “Trevor, I love you. You’re the best for caring, but really things are fine.”

He drank a full swig of his beer and then he tilted towards her once more. Not as close as before, but towards her.

Much to her surprise, he raised a hand to her hair. He stroked once along her cheek. The tenderness caused a warmth to pass over her.

“You’ve seemed… well, lonesome. I sense you’re not exactly, um, happy.”

She winced some. “I wouldn’t say unhappy. Or… well, I don’t know.”

He straightened and his hands went back to the bar. “I want you to know you can talk about this. Don’t keep it all inside.”

Don’t. “Well, it is sort of touchy. I shouldn’t go into some things.”

He turned to her, almost facing her in his stool, and his body opened more towards her. His broad chest expanded with one of his hands propping onto his leg and the other hand close to hers on the bar. “Sure, you can. We’ve always been able to talk. To share. You know? And I’ll tell you something else.”

His voice trailed and he looked down at his shoes a moment. Not sure what to make of his gesture, she grew concerned. “What’s that?”

His face lifted slowly to look up at her. His blue eyes caught and held hers. “You are such a beautiful and amazing woman. You work hard. You take care of yourself. You deserve to be happy.”

A lightness gathered about her and a broad grin curled her lips. “Thank you, Trevor.”

She reached for him and he stood to get closer so that they could clinch.

As they broke their embrace, she finished her wine. “I better get going.”

He took care of the bill and then they left to get their cars. Waiting on valet, he closed to her again. Once more they hugged, and when they withdrew, she noticed he didn’t pull completely back.

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