Afternoon Delight


We have been enjoying the afternoon outside on a hot summer day. Me in only my bikini bottoms; you bare chested and in shorts. We have been on occasion taunting and teasing each other slightly for several hours as we putter in the backyard. I catch you watching me … or rather my boobs … closely and notice that you have a lovely erection as a result. I walk over to you, fully intending to take you in my mouth and give you a blow job right there, but you grab my wrists as I attempt to push your shorts down. Little do I know that you have my long ago discarded bikini top in one hand … and you use it to tie my wrists together. To my surprise and over my protestations, you lead me by my bound hands, without saying a word, into the bedroom and push me onto the bed. You pull my arms above my head and tie the bathing suit top to the headboard. While I completely trust you, there is panic taking control of my mind. I kick my legs and wrestle, trying to undo the bonds, but to no avail. You step back and remove your shorts. You are fully erect with the thought of what you are going to do. You admonish me to behave, that I must relax almanbahis adresi and enjoy or I will be punished. I stop moving and wait to see what it is you are up to.

You slide my body at an angle on the bed, so that my legs hang over the side, with my butt even with the edge. You carefully remove my bathing suit bottom without touching any part of me other than my hips. You slide a pillow under the small of my back so that my pelvis is tilted up. I start to wiggle, but you smack my outer thigh and tell me to stay still. Taking one of my feet, you softly kiss and nip my toes and around my ankle, stopping randomly to suck on my toes. You kiss up the inside of my leg to my inner thigh. I can feel your breath on my pussy but you do not pay any attention to that area – yet. I am desperate to move and am feeling overwhelmed and excited at your touch. I beg you to stop – untie me. My pleas are ignored and you begin to work slowly down the other leg to the opposite foot, gently biting, caressing and sucking.

Grabbing both my legs, you swivel me (and the pillow) fully onto the bed and then you climb on as well, kneeling almanbahis adresi between my legs. You lean forward, kissing my belly and breasts, working up to my neck, then my ear and ultimately giving me a long deep kiss on the mouth before you work back down. This time you let your tongue lead you from my bellybutton down to my clit, where you ever so skillfully flick and suck me. I want so badly to touch you. I cannot keep still and try to wiggle my hands out of the tied top. You abruptly stop. You tell me that you will go no further and leave me alone, tied to the bed, if I do not behave. You are smiling … enjoying the situation a little too much. I obey. You return to the task at tongue – and you know what I want. I want you in me, but I also want your tongue and mouth on my clit. To accommodate, you slide a finger in my tight wet pussy, while you continue to work my clit. Instantly I explode, arching my back and bucking, but you continue undeterred.

You can feel the inside of my pussy pounding in waves of the orgasm. It is too intense for me. I need you to stop to let me regain control, but you will not. almanbahis adresi You know if you continue – and I relax – that would be just the first of many climaxes. You ignore my begging and pleading to stop and twice more I come. Slowly you remove your finger from inside me. You move your mouth up to my breast and, while licking and sucking my nipple, you put your finger in my mouth so that I can taste my own excitement.

When my writhing and breathing calms, you sit back on your haunches and tell me that you were kind enough to allow inappropriate behavior, but now I must pay.

In one quick movement you are off the bed and have flipped me over onto my stomach, pulling my legs off the bed so I am bent over and you are standing between my legs. You slap me several times on the butt – hard. I cry out, surprised by the painful pleasure. At the same moment you slam your hard cock into me. You are holding my hips and pull me into you as you thrust, going deeper than either of us thought possible. You are panting and moaning. As you start to come, you release my hips, lean forward and push harder and deeper into me, pulling me from my shoulders. You hold that position – deep inside me – while you shudder and climax.

Laying on the bed together afterward you kiss my forehead, untie my hands and tell me that I can have my way with you – after you rest for a bit.

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