After Two Years

Big Tits

The Beginning

Author’s note

Hi this is my first story any feedback would be much appreciated and please give me a little bit of slack since this is my first story but hopefully a good story

As I looked at myself in the mirror after the long day I had. I admired my body my girlfriend said I was hot and I must admit when I look at myself I see why. With my washboard abs and my chiselled chest and strong arms. Yet I wasn’t huge like the other guys in my team yet I had good skills. I quickly put on some jeans and a collared shirt. I stayed at boarding school and had a long day playing rugby against our rival school. I had played my 20th match for the first team as a fly half and was really tired but I knew if I just got myself ready tonight would be an awesome night. For tonight my girlfriend would be turning 18 and me and her had made a vow that we wouldn’t have sex till be both turned 18 and she turned 18 tonight and I had turned 18 two weeks ago. We were meeting at Frankie’s house party and we were going to party there for a bit. Jason knocked on my cube’s door and shouted to me that his dad was waiting at the front of the boarding house to take us to the party (school does not allow us to have cars at the school).


As I walked into the party I was greeted by a most of the guys their but I Beylikdüzü escort wasn’t really interested about them. My eyes were scanning the crowd for my girlfriend. I had not seen her since my birthday party. Suddenly there she was standing there talking to her best friend Lindy. She was drop dead gorgeous. With her long brown hair with blonde streaks. Her c-cup breasts. Her lovely shape of her body that all my friends wished their girlfriends had. She was dressed just in some jeans and a tank top but she still looked really good. I think if we had lived in America or something we would be prom king and queen but we don’t have that here. I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the lips and wished her happy birthday and that her birthday present was waiting at my house and that my parents were out of some business trip. We both got had a few drinks but we weren’t really into the party because we were waiting for tonight. At half past 11 Jason told me he could give me a lift home and i said cool and me and Amy went with him.


As I let Amy and me into the house we both could feel the nervousness of each other. We had been waiting 2 years for this and here it was. I lead her to my bedroom. She said she just wanted to go to the bathroom and told me to get ready. I stripped down to my boxers Beylikdüzü escort bayan and lied down on the bed. I waited a few minutes and wondered what Amy was doing and then she came out of my bathroom and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She was clad in a black bra and panties that she must have bought at a lingerie shop some time. It looked stunning on her tight bottom and suntanned body. Her c-cups looked ready to burst and I couldn’t wait to see them and feel them up. To be honest I felt a bit of a cheap skate just wearing my normal boxers.

She walks over to me and lies on top of me. We start to kiss and she is grinding like mad up against me. My cock is straining up against her and we stop kissing for moment as she starts to playfully nip my neck and kiss my chest. I lift her head up and look into her dazzling blue eyes and she knows its time. She rolls over onto the other side of the bed. I lean over her and start to slip off her panties while she undoes her bra. It was my first time to see a woman’s pussy. My eyes were glued there then I suddenly remember what I was doing and slipped her panties off. I quickly slipped my boxers off. Amy was staring at my hard cock and she said she never knew if she could fit it all in. I told her that I would take it slowly. I looked down at it and realised that my cock Escort beylidüzü was quite big. It was around 7 inches. I kneeled over her and slowly I guided my cock down to her pussy with my hand and let the head go into her. It was the best thing I have ever felt. She told me to go slowly but I told her that I had read that if I do a quick thrust the pain will go away slowly. She looked into my green eyes and finally said I trust you to do what you think is right.

With my cock’s head in her pussy I leant down on top of her. Her tits felt soft and warm up against my chest. I started to kiss her passionately. When we were deep in kiss and she never expected it. I clenched my ass and drove down into her. She cried out and she started to tear in the eyes. I felt so bad and was about to pull out and see if I could help her when she grabbed my ass and told me to carry and on that it wasn’t hurting. I started to rock and back and forth on her. We started to kiss again and I was taking long hard thrusts down into her. One of my hands was giving me support and the other was gently playing with her tits. As I felt my balls getting tighter she suddenly cried out and her whole body shook and I knew I had brought her to climax. I stopped thrusting and waited for her to calm down and started again. I knew I was close and suddenly I hit the roof and started to shoot my load into her. I just kept on cumming in her and we held each other. This sent her into another orgasm and it was just too much for her and she passed out in my arms. I roll off her and fell asleep wondering what we would get up to tomorrow until I had to go back to the school.


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