Aerobic Spank 4


Once again, Hope answered the door and this time Sharon, the owner of the aerobic studio walked in.

I grinned at Hope, “My, my, you have been busy
on the phone this afternoon, haven’t you?”

“Well, since you are going to be included in Sonia’s love life from now on, I thought you should see how extensive it really is!”

She turned to Sharon, “You got here just in time. Molly and Bridgette were just getting ready to show us what college girls do when the lights go out at the dorm. But I think you have way too many clothes on.” That was remedied in about thirty seconds, and Sharon was as naked as the rest of us.

Hope and Sharon came over and sat on the sofa with Robin and me. Sonia started to get up too, but Hope said, “Why don’t you just stay right there, Sonia, and show us how you play with yourself while you watch Molly and Bridgette do their thing.”

Sonia did as she was told, rolling over on her back with her legs spread wide, showing us her lovely shaved pussy.

Bridgette and Molly, in the meantime, were kissing passionately and fondling each other’s breasts. Both girls’ nipples were hard and pebbly as they continued to play with and then suck and lick each other.

“God, Bridgette, you make me so hot,” Molly moaned as Bridgette cupped both of Molly’s breasts and licked the nipples with the tip of her tongue. “My little pussy is so wet and juicy!” Bridgette moved one hand to Molly’s puss and began to stroke her and tease her and tickle her gently.

“Well, you ARE wet, aren’t you, you bad girl!” Bridgette exclaimed. You’d better get down on your hands and knees, ‘cause you need your naughty bottom spanked. Once again, Molly’s luscious bottom was displayed for us all and Bridgette began to firmly spank Molly’s toned cheeks. This caused Molly to squeal as each spank landed.

Sonia was watching with rapt attention and rubbing little circles around her clit as her daughter’s tush was spanked soundly. Hope and Sharon were alternately watching and kissing each other and Robin was stroking my cock as I fondled her breasts.

After administering at least 30 swats, which left Molly’s bare bottom bright red, Bridgette rolled over on her back and scooted underneath Molly in the 69 position. Both girls started licking and sucking the other immediately. This put Sonia over the edge and she began to climax as she continued to rub her own wet pussy.

After a few minutes, Hope said, “Sonia, come up here and sit on your husband’s cock while you watch the girls get each other off!” Sonia complied at once. Facing away from me, she sat down on my lap, and as she did, Robin guided my penis into her sopping pussy. I reached around and started to lightly pinch her nipples as she moved up and down on my shaft. Robin knelt down in front of Sonia and started to lick her clitoris, alternating with licking my balls. Sex hikaye Her face was wet with Sonia’s juice, which was leaking out around my cock.

Hope and Sharon continued to kiss and then played with each other as they watched the girls sucking and licking and Sonia moving up and down on my penis as Robin licked her clit.

Suddenly Hope got up and walked over to Molly and Bridgette. She straddled Molly’s back as the two girls continued to 69 and spread Molly’s bottom apart, once again showing us Molly’s coral-colored anus and an even better view of Bridgette’s mouth and tongue working on Molly’s clit. Hope bent down and started licking Molly’s asshole, bathing it with the flat of her tongue. Molly started moaning as her friends sucked and licked both holes.

Hope looked over at Sonia, still bouncing on my dick and said, “Mmmm, Sonia, your daughter’s ass tastes so sweet!” She lowered her head again and began to make circles with the tip of her tongue around Molly’s spread anus.

“Oh, my God,” Sonia gasped, “put your tongue inside of her, Hope!” As we watched, Hope slid her tongue into Molly’s asshole as far as she could get it and then began to move it slowly in and out. I felt Sonia’s pussy contract tightly around my cock as she began to come again, two short quick ones and then she moaned and groaned as she experienced a long, intense orgasm. I started to moan myself, as my orgasm started. Sonia raised her hips at Robin’s urging and Robin took my penis in her mouth and started circling the head with her tongue as she sucked. In front of me, Hope took her tongue out of Molly’s anus, and cupped Bridgette’s face in her hands. Bridgette stopped sucking on Molly’s pussy and Hope and Bridgette kissed and sucked each other’s tongues, sharing the taste of Molly’s asshole and the wetness of her puss. Beside me, Sharon had wet her finger in her pussy juice and inserted it in her own anus, fucking herself in the ass as she watched the show.

I couldn’t hold out any longer and started to come. Robin just kept sucking my cock, swallowing my juice and then sucking more out of me.

After a few minutes we all sprawled out on the floor and relaxed. I closed my eyes and listened to the girls begin to chatter away about this and that. One by one, we visited the bathroom to relieve ourselves and take quick showers. Then it was sandwiches and cold drinks all around.
After an hour or so, Hope said suggestively, “Well, there’s an interesting question that occurred to me. Molly, you and your mom both like girls as well as boys…so tell us, have you and mom ever messed around together?”

Molli blushed. “Well, no, we never have, but I’ve thought about it sometimes.”

“Like when?” Hope queried.

“Well, I’ve seen her naked a lot of times, and she IS really beautiful! Someone told me once that incest is best,” Molly laughed!

“Ever Erotik hikaye thought about her when you play with yourself?” Hope continued.

“Well, yeah, sometimes,” Molly replied.

By this time, all of us were listening with rapt attention, wondering where this was going. Like her daughter’s, Sonia’s face was bright red. Unbelievably, my cock was starting to get hard again.

“I certainly don’t think this is an appropriate conversation,” Sonia said adamantly. “Let’s change the subject.”

“I think it’s a perfectly fine conversation,” Hope responded. In fact, I think we ought to watch you two actually do each other for the first time.”

“No way in hell!” Sonia shouted, clearly upset now. “That’s not happening!”

“Oh, I think it will, if we want it to,” Hope replied. “What do the rest of you think?”

The girls all murmured their agreement. They all looked at me. I hesitated for a moment. The thought of my wife and stepdaughter being sexual with each other was something I had never considered, but I had to admit that the thought was stimulating me beyond imagination. My cock was rock-hard again.

“What do you think, Molly? Would that appeal to you?” I asked.

“Oh, you know me,” Molly replied with a laugh, “I’m willing to try anything once…fifty times if it feels really good.”

“I can’t believe you people,” Sonia screeched. “I said I’m not doing this!”

“Yeah you will,” Hope chimed in, “or we can just give you another good spanking!” With that, she and Sharon grabbed Sonia and pulled her up to her knees and then arranged her so that the top of her body was face down on the sofa, and her bare bottom presented for a spanking.

“Robin, you hold one of her legs, and Molly, you hold the other.” The girls complied immediately. Now Sonia was completely pinned down, both arms and legs immobile.

“Bridgette, grab that ruler and let’s see if you can convince Mom that she should do what we want her to!” Hope directed.

Bridgette grinned, retrieved the ruler and started to work. Over and over the ruler smacked Sonia’s bottom cheeks and the backs of her legs until they turned pink and then bright red. After about five minutes, Sonia relented.

“Stop, stop, oh please stop! I’ll do whatever you say. No more, please!”

That’s better,” Hope smirked. OK, girls, lets get her in that yoga pose she likes so much. Sonia, now subdued and compliant, was assisted to her feet and then gently laid down on her back. Sharon and Hope each took one of Sonia’s ankles and raised her legs up and over her body so that her feet were up over her head, and then spread her legs wide. This had the effect of opening Sonia up wide, her pussy and anus fully on display. Bridgette began to softly rub Sonia’s red bottom and thighs. After a bit, Bridgette’s fingers strayed to Sonia’s pussy and began Porno hikayeleri lightly stroking the outer lips. Sonia gasped as Bridgette played with her and teased her.

“Boy, she sure is wet!” Bridgette observed. Bridgette got her finger wet in Sonia’s juices and then began to tickle the rim of Sonia’s anus. Sonia groaned with pleasure.

“Ok,” Hope said. “Time for your daughter to do her thing. Go ahead, Molly, do whatever you want!”

Molly laid down on her stomach and started to lick her mother’s outstretched legs. She licked from Sonia’s knee up to her crotch, just short of Sonia’s pussy and then moved to the other leg and moved down to the opposite knee. Molly has an incredibly long tongue and watching her lick her mother’s legs was absolutely erotic. Moving up one leg and down the other, she continued to lick. Each time she got close to Sonia’s pussy, Sonia would begin to squirm and moan, but Molly continued to avoid her pussy and teased her even more. After several minutes, as Molly’s tongue once more approached Sonia’s dripping pussy and Sonia moaned once again with desire, Molly stopped and said, “What is it you want, Mom?”

“Oh, God forgive me,” Sonia gasped, “Please, please lick my pussy, eat me, honey!”

Molly lowered her head and with the tip of her tongue circled her mother’s asshole. Sonia whimpered as Molly licked her and exclaimed, “Oh my God, you are such a tease!!”

Molli giggled and swiped her tongue over Sonia’s anus, licking the hole over and over.

All of us were gathered around watching the erotic scene unfold. Hope said, “Ooh, that is so nasty! Molly, put your tongue up in her bottom. I want to see it go in.” Molly immediately complied, pushing her tongue as far up her mother’s asshole as she could get it.

Sonia groaned again, “Oh, your tongue is so big, it feels like a cock in my asshole!” Molly began to move her tongue in and out of my wife’s anus, tongue-fucking her. Over and over we watched Molly’s talented tongue move in and out of her mother’s ass.

Finally Sonia gasped, “Oh, please honey, I don’t tease me anymore, I need your tongue in my pussy, I gotta have it!”

Molly giggled again and then ever so slowly and gently licked the crack of Sonia’s pussy running her big tongue through the juices there. “You mean like that?” she asked.

“Oh, yes!” Sonia exclaimed. “Lick me good!”

Molly continued to lick softly, making Sonia squirm and moan. She had not touched Sonia’s clit yet, just continued to lick the juicy lips. Finally, Molly licked her tongue across Sonia’s pink, aroused hard little nub and her mother immediately had an intense orgasm, shaking and moaning aloud as she came. “Oh, Molly, I love you so much, I love your tongue, you’re incredible!” she shouted.

Molly buried her face in Sonia’s pussy and began to suck and lick her clit ferociously. Sonia came again and again, each orgasm more powerful than the last, until she finally was spent.

This concludes Part 4. If you guys like this story, let me know. There’s plenty more to come!

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