Adultery, the First Time

Adriana Chechik

Adultery was in the air. Sherry’s interviews were over and she had the freedom to sample the Big Apple all by herself. Now, how far would she allow herself to go? Would she even have the nerve to go all out as a married woman on the make in the big city?

After all her marriage had survived, and survived well, for fifteen years, without one extramarital affair — at least on her part. Would one night on the loose be worth the risk?

When she accepted the assignment to travel to New York to do an interview for her magazine, she had not planned on any such thing. She would merely do some sight seeing, perhaps go to some places she’d missed when she traveled there with her husband.

Then she shared the news with her old sorority sister. Jody, as usual, found an extra enticement to what looked to be an already exciting trip. “Hey, you can finally hit a singles bar by yourself. Snag a buff dude. It will be your big chance to prove to yourself you’re still a hot babe.”

Sherry wasn’t shocked at the innuendo. After all Jody was the wild sister in the sorority, and Sherry still loved her enough to forgive all her innuendos. “Jody, my husband knows I’m a hot babe. We’ve been married sixteen years and I haven’t felt the need to prove anything.” She gave her friend a wry smile and continued, “And I already know I’m a hot babe!” .

“Fair enough old friend, but in case you feel the urge to check it out, your hotel is right next door to Tony’s Midtown Club, the wildest swinging singles bar in Manhattan. You won’t even have to take a cab to get to it. Your room and a nice bed will be waiting just a short walk from Tony’s

Sherry’s answer was a bit slow in coming and a little less vehement, but she still insisted, “I’m telling you, I do not need to check myself out. I’m very satisfied with what I have. There’s no need to conduct an experiment in a wild swinging bar.”

Jody took note of her friend’s slightly muted denial and softened her own suggestion. “Look, my best friend, we are both nearing the dreaded four-oh. Don’t you still wonder if you ‘got it?’ “

“Oh hell, even if I did want to test myself, I wouldn’t know what to do or even what to wear.”

“Sherry, make it easy on yourself. To start with, wear your wedding ring. In a singles bar a ring is an advertisement, and it works wonders. Guys love to nail a married woman. It’s good for their ego and if they knock a girl up it’s her problem. But that’s not the whole story. Every woman has a secret yen to be the ultimate sex object. Wear something sexy. Actually it should be something new and sexy. When an Adonis hits on you, your self esteem will soar.”

“Oh and be sure to take the pill.”

Sherry realized her old Pi Delta Epsilon sister knew what she was talking about when it came to sex, especially extramarital sex. Jody had bragged how she banged all the guys in the men’s Pi Delta Epsilon fraternity plus half the journalist professors at USC. After she was married — all three times — Jody still maintained her reputation for being “available,” and she reveled in it.

Although she never admitted it even to herself, Sherry started looking at her trip to New York in a different light. That week she made a “business trip” to Los Angeles and bought a new dress. It was red, expensive, made of silk, low cut, and had a slit skirt. Then rather than have it sent to her home she had the boutique send it directly to her hotel in the big city along with instructions to hold it until her arrival. Somehow she didn’t want to explain to her husband why she needed a dress like that to do research for a magazine article.

Now the story was done, and the finishing touches on it would wait until she returned home. Would she go through with it? During her week’s stay, she walked past Tony’s several times, even imagined herself making an entrance at 9 p.m, the hour the “real action” stated. Live music from 8:30 to 2 was advertised by a sign near the door.

By pretending to be gathering information for a possible story she asked questions from a friend in New York who wrote for a gossipy tabloid. The columnist explained that when an unattached woman walked in the door she was considered “fresh meat.” Usual etiquette was suspended. Many women were predators. The rest were assumed to be on the make when they came in. All sorts of fondling, touching, wild kissing, and sexually charged dancing wads were de rigueur.

“It’s hot. An evening at Tony’s is considered foreplay,” the columnist told her.

Sherry rationalized she could visit it just for kicks and leave with her virtue intact.

That afternoon she had her hair coiffed, and her nails were painted to match her red dress Then a few dabs of Chanel # 5, a few more dabs of talcum powder in her nether areas. She put on her thigh-high hose and her panties.

Then the dress! She pulled it over her head. A check in the mirror confirmed that she did indeed look sexy. She bent over and pulled the bodice away from her body. Most of her boobs and the tops of her nipples were visible. Kıbrıs Escort Then she rubbed her hands on her butt, she could feel her panties. Sherry hesitated, then pulled up her dress and slid her panties down and off. Now she truly felt sexy. She took a deep breath and walked to the elevator. Downstairs she went.

Another deep breath at the door to Tony’s Uptown Club, and she walked in. Was it her imagination or did conversations stop with her entrance? For sure, all eyes were on her. She felt a moment of panic and was on the verge of heading back to the safety of her room when she saw an empty stool at the bar. She sat down, and ordered a Martini — stirred, not shaken, and three to one.

A glance around satisfied Sherry that she had made a splash. Guys, mostly younger than she, were looking and whispering. Ere long a virtual parade started. One after the other asked her to dance, or offered to buy her a drink. Each had a witty comment: “Hey, I know there’s a God. He sent me an angel.” “Make me the happiest man in the world by dancing with me.” “I like mature women, they can teach me so much.”

Nothing worked for the young men. She politely got rid each in turn. Then “HE” came in, a big man, not a callow youth. He was good fifteen years Sherry’s senior. At six feet tall and trim, he exuded authority, as befits a man expecting to get his own way. Best of all, he was as bald as Yul Brynner. Sherry considered Yul to be the epitome of strength and authority. The fact that he didn’t deign to wear a wig proved he was self confident. If things worked out, the new dress would prove to worth the cost!

She sipped her second drink, and was feeling the results. Ron had always told her she was several degrees hotter after a two or three Martinis. She picked up her drink in her left hand, the wedding ring sparkling in the flashing lights from the dance floor, and looked over the rim at the handsome, buff man. He was looking, and obviously liking what he saw. Mr. Clean blew an air kiss at her.

She wanted to keep the flirtation going, but didn’t want it to turn serious and scare the guy off by being too serious. Sherry sat the glass down and made a face at him.

Her third Martini arrived shortly. “The gentleman in the black sweater asked me to give this to you,” said the bartender. Sherry answered, “Tell him I said thank you very, very much”

Soon he was standing by her. His opening remark wowed her. “Hello,” he said.

Well, that was different than “God sent me an angel.” She kept it light with a broad grin and, “Hello Yul Brenner. Thanks for the drink. I’m Sherry visiting town from San Diego.”

“I’m Harvey, in town on business from Moline, Illinois. Looks as if we’re both far from home. May I sit down”

“Please, Harvey,” She answered. Then, “Which annoys you more, the jokes about being Harvey, the imaginary rabbit, or comments about the green and yellow tractors built in your home town?”

The conversation was witty, topical, and a bit glib. The bon mots continued. Each was feeling the other out as in a fencing match. Both felt the game was afoot and knew what was at stake. On the next round Sherry had a ginger ale. This was exciting and she wanted to enjoy it with a clear mind, not one dulled by too much gin. \

A sip of the drink, and she put her hand on his and asked, “Surely you’re going to ask a lonely lady to dance?”

He grasped her hand, held it firmly, and replied, “This is a dirty dance, wanta get dirty?”

“I’m not sure I know how, or if there are rules, but we are close to Harlem where this originated, let’s see how it goes.”

She remembered some of the moves by Jennifer Grey in the movie which made the genre famous. Led by Harvey she let herself go. That included her inhibitions. Much of the dancing was done by their standing side by side or apart from each other looking passionate, moving their feet in unison, and twisting and gyrating their hips. It was sexy just as it was intended to be.

Then she ended up in his arms. He turned her around so both were facing the same way. She moved back tight against him and she clearly felt his erection pressing against her bare derrière. She was sure it was deliberate and conveyed a message. Sherry acknowledged the message by deliberately rubbing against his hard-on.

The dancing was frenzied and hot. He would throw her out in a pirouette. She thought to herself “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Then she kept on doing it, and reveled in it. This was extremely erotic to the point of being evil.

And it got more so when the fast music stopped and the band made a segue into a sentimental old song. Now they were dancing closer, but slower. She pressed her titties hard against Harvey’s chest. He looked down and gave her an encouraging smile, not that by now she needed any encouragement. Their faces were now inches apart. She pulled him closer and brushed their lips together, then she backed off and stared into his eyes. He moved back in and the kiss continued, Hot and passionate Kıbrıs Escort Bayan She signaled her approval, perhaps a plea for even more, by staying in very tight.

His hand had wandered down to her ass. He fondled it and felt bare skin through a sleek silk dress. She pressed against him, then realized she was almost humping him as a dog does his master’s leg. She backed off a bit, but there was no doubt in either’s mind where all this was going.

Another hot Frenchie and Harvey said, “we could dance closer if we were both naked.”

That was it. Sherry now had no doubts. She would do it! “I have a room right next door in the Marriett.”

“The Marriett? They have two religious books in each room. Perhaps, tomorrow morning, we can read one and repent whatever we’re about to do.”

By now she was too hot to giggle. Hand in hand, they walked next door and into the elevator.

Her magazine didn’t skimp on expenses. It provided a room on the fourteenth floor and with a magnificent view of Manhattan, not that either was interested in sightseeing. Jody wondered if what was the protocol for adultery? She need not worry, her partner seemed to have it down pat. Once inside, he took her in her arms again. And again she moved in tight. The kissing, fondling was even hotter than before. This time he didn’t merely fondle her ass on the outside of a dress. He reached inside the slit skirt and felt it on bare skin.

She groped his crotch, feeling his erection. She was about to unzip him when he pulled back and said, “Undress for me Sherry. I want to see you naked.”

This was new! “I’m not sure I can Harvey. Somehow it doesn’t seem right.”

“It isn’t right. It’s adultery Sherry. We are going to finish off one of the most exciting evenings either of us have ever had. You want that don’t you?”

Sherry merely nodded her head. Then she reached behind her neck and unfastened the zipper. Her dress fell to her waist. Her tits were erect and pointing at her lover.

Her lover unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off. No undershirt, his torso was bare. And hard! His abs were those of a man who kept himself in shape.

Sherry stepped out of her dress, then her heels. Now little was left except her hose

Harvey rid himself of his shoes. Then he unfastened his belt and dropped his pants and shorts. Sherry started at his nakedness. Except for her husband, she’d never made a deliberate effort to look at man’s cock before, and was a little surprised it wasn’t a foot long, as were those she’d read about. She was somewhat relieved it was hard. What if it hadn’t been?

He held it gently in his hand and said, “I’m looking at the most beautiful woman I ever saw Sherry. I wish you’d do something special for me.”

She asked, “You want me to suck it?”

“Perhaps later but I want you to touch yourself.”

She placed her left hand on her titty. He nodded. Her right hand went to her crotch. He nodded more vigorously.

Then she put on a show for him by pinching her nipple and caressing her breast. Her other hand was on her clit, moving slowly. As she looked at her lover she started moving her hips to the rhythm of her finger. Her eyes glazed over. She started making the noises of sex.

First, a whisper. Then a low moan. Then faster. And faster yet.

Then, “Oh god I’m going to cum.” She fall back on the bed, on her back, legs apart.

“Do it. Oh God do it to me, Harvey,” She was pleading.

He was on top of her. She felt his appendage pressing against her. She raised her ass and guided it in. There was no waiting, no more preliminaries. She said, “All the way, then hold it tight darling.:”

She was in the midst of an orgasm by the time they were fully joined, their bodies tight together. They lay tight together for a moment, then she pressed down against his cock, making it rub against her passionate spot. A little wiggle, then another and she lost it. She backed away then in tight again. “Do it! Do it! Oh goddamnit fuck me. Harvey fuck me hard.” It was the first time she used the word “fuck” all evening, at least the first time she said it out loud.

Now she felt his hard body crushing her tits, all while he was pounding her mercilessly.

But she wasn’t looking for mercy. She was getting exactly what she wanted, And she responded by holding him tight in the clasp of her legs, all while meeting each stroke and crying for more.

Sherry didn’t know how many orgasms she had. She was aware it was one after the other, each stronger than before.

It didn’t last long. Harvey said, “I’m going to cum.” His announcement was answered, “Yes, yes, yes. Oh god yes. do it.” A few short strokes were followed by three long ones, each ending in an ejaculation.

Then their bodies still tight and with two hearts were beating as one they lay still for a minute or so. Finally, “Jesus,” said Sherry. “Yeah, Jesus” answered her partner.

They lay, in each other’s arms. She felt him go soft, then their juices ran down Escort Kıbrıs the crack of her ass. It was a warm, cozy end to an exciting experience. Sherry looked up at him and smiled. Then she gave him a sweet kiss and asked, “Aren’t you supposed to fall asleep now?”

“I think so but I’m still feeling a glow from the hottest sex I ever had. How about you? How would you rate this old man”

Sherry, smiled and gave him another kiss. She said, “I’m not going to make comparisons. I made that promise to myself before this happened, but you surely don’t think I was faking it.”

Harvey looked down at his lover. “Of course not. Let’s say it was just fantastic, But how about now, do you feel guilt.”

“I worried about that too, lover, but no. I wasn’t sure I’d actually do it. But, I’m right on the edge of forty, you know. I wanted to see if I still had it. Would men make the effort to score with a married woman The experience with you in Tony’s was just like a fantastic foreplay. I was on the verge of an orgasm when our bodies were touching on the dance floor. Then, that masturbation experience just now was beyond description. My God! You gave me an orgasm. I’m still tingling. To have guilt would mean I am putting down one of the most exciting experiences of my life.”

She felt his penis stirring, and moved against itl.

Harvey said, “Let’s try it again my beautiful nymph. You have anything special you want to try, maybe something a little kinky?.”

“Something special? Rather kinky? There is something I read about in an online magazine dedicated to erotica. I found myself turned on by reading about it.”

” The intrigue frank talk about “special and kinky” did it. Harvey responded, “Let’s try it,”

“I have to get dressed, sort of.” Sherry gave her lover a smile, walked over to the dresser, selected a pair of sheer, black. flowered panties. Then she got that day’s edition of the New York Times, rolled it up and handed it to Harvey. She then fell to her hands and knees on the bed in front of the mirror.

“I neither expect nor desire any mercy sweetheart.”

She could see Harvey approach, his penis now erect and pointing at her ass.

He commenced with a full swing. She heard the first blow “WHACK” God he made it sting. Sherry saw her tits bounce when he connected. Again and again the blows came. She was crying but she was also feeling an arousal beyond belief. Soon Sherry was writhing in both pain and passion. She winced at each blow but waited eagerly for the next. Her hair fell over her face. She now looked like a wild woman.

Her ass was still in the air like a beacon. Sherry reached back and rubbed herself her sheer panties. Soon the crotch was wet from her moisture.

“You okay darlin.” Harvey asked.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes. Don’t stop.”

He didn’t, nor did she slow down. This was indeed neurotic, but like a wild sleigh ride how to get off?

She continued rubbing now pushing the nylon crotch into her vagina. She was fast approaching another huge climax. The problem of how to finish solved itself, or, rather, Harvey solved it. She looked in the mirror and watched as he pulled her panties down and moved inside her. She was fascinated by watching him slide inside her wet vagina. Again he shoved it in her hard, but by the time it hit bottom, she was in the midst of another wild, and very loud, climax.

And it kept up as he continued to slam it to her hard. One stroke was followed by the next. Sherry realized she had never reached this level of passion in her life. She also realized it wasn’t something she could tell anybody. And of course it wasn’t an experience she could share with the person she was connected to so intimately, her husband.

But it was happening. She felt every inch of his hard cock moving across her erogenous zone. And she was lifted out of mortal life into some other world time and time again. The action was punctuated by the end of the bed slamming into the wall. It was pure bliss, but was it going to go on forever?

Finally it started to end. One giant stroke and they both collapsed on the bed, she on the bottom with her ass still in the air. Again he pushed deep inside her and gave it a few rapid strokes, and it happened.

He shouted “Oh my god!” and let it fly.

And an anticlimax. From the next room someone shouted, “Was it good for you dear?”

The spell was broken. Both laughed. Sherry giggled “We are good lovers, huh? Do you do that every time?”

Harvey replied, “No. Two willing people just came together at the right time. We might have hoped for something this exotic, but such magic can’t be planned. it just happened. Now back to our real lives.; “What if your husband notices something different about you when you get home, you going to fess up?”

That was a question Sherry had asked herself. “I honestly don’t know,” she answered. “He has hinted at our doing some swinging or, at least inviting another man, so I don’t know.”

Harvey had not hitherto admitted he had a wife, but he too felt in a mood for confessing. “Mona and I both agreed we would have affairs, and we have. Sometimes we would go off on our own as we did tonight. Other times it’s a threesome. I get off watching, and she loves it when I share the event by eating the creme pie.

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