Adult Emporia


As a young guy just turning 18, I was introduced into a world where I learned about sex with a male and a female. I was lucky it was done correctly by the parties involved to make it a very enjoyable and learning experience. I was always careful about the people I would meet and fell into a good circle of friends.

I like ladies more but sometimes, I feel like I need a change.

Once in a while, I like to go out and visit adult video rooms and see what the landscape has to offer whether I act on it or not.

There is a place across the river that has adult video booths. I would go there before covid about every other month. I rarely would meet with anyone as a lot of people were men that had just got off work or didn’t look clean or had small cocks. But, once in a while, a nice clean looking guy with a huge cock would show up and I would service it if he smelled good. If I go down on a cock and it doesn’t smell clean, I walk away from it. I like large cocks, but I am not desperate for one.

Now that COVID has slowed down and the variants are not as bad, and I have had both shots, I have visited there again a few times.

The place has changed some as now it is $10 to get in and now has 4 booths, one with a glory hole, (which is way too small), and a TV room showing XXX movies.

One Sunday on my way to play golf across the river a bad accident shut down the Intracoastal Canal so instead of going home, I called the golf course to cancel my tee time and went to the visit the adult video store.

I saw some cars in the parking lot so I went in and paid my $10 to go in the video room. There were five guys in the TV room playing with their cocks so I stood to the side and checked them out along with the movie on TV. I was wishing a cock would show up like the guy on TV had.

A few minutes later the door opened and a guy with a lady came in, looked around and said, “You want a real show? My wife is going to show you what a real cock sucking looks like.”

With that, she went to her knees, undid his pants and pulled out a huge cock. My guess, close to 8″ maybe a little more, medium thick and it had a mushroom style head. It is rare to see such a large cock fully erect and hard.

She started sucking on his cock and could almost deep throat it. She needed to go about another inch or so to take it all.

Everyone was watching and he said, “Look at her take that cock, not a one of you can do that. It’s why she is the best.”

Well, not one to be shy, I said, “Yeah, she’s pretty good.”

“Pretty good? You think you can do better? I got a $20 dollar bill says Anadolu Yakası Escort you can’t do better.”

I like big cocks and huge cocks, it’s why I come here. Guys with medium or small cocks never get my attention. I had some huge cocks I couldn’t take all the way but felt I could handle his so I took his bet.

His wife got up and gave me the go-ahead look. I got down on my knees in front of him, stroked his shaved balls and started sucking his cock deeper and deeper until I could touch his balls with my tongue while holding and constricting and loosening my throat around his cock.

Next thing I knew, his cum was gushing down my throat and I had to pull back with his cum dripping out of my mouth.

“Oh wow! Well darlin’, looks like you are the second best in this room, but still the prettiest and all mine,” and handed me the twenty.

I know there are guys who can do this but not many. I thanked them and walked out to my truck.

They came out, walked to my truck and he said, “Man that was awesome. No one has ever made me cum that fast. My name is Larry and this is Tina. Would you mind sharing contact information? We really want to see you again. We can meet at our house in Walker when our kids go visit their grandparents next weekend.”

Larry is a decent looking guy, 6′, 180#, clean cut, Tina is strawberry blonde, 5’8″, 145#, nicely shaped, more than a handful sized breasts with nipples that are my favorite, large areola’s and pointed. Perfect for me. They looked to be in their late 30′ early 40″ s.

We chatted a while and exchanged information. Larry is a doctor and Tina works at the local hospital. I am retired I told them. We agreed to meet the following Saturday around 1pm at their house.

Saturday arrived and they sent me a text confirming our get together and put their address in it. I let them know I would be there.

I showered and made sure I was clean inside and out in case anal sex came into play. I haven’t had anal with a guy in a long time but I had a Hismith sex machine and used a cock about Larry’s size at times. Sold it a few months back to a couple who I met in Florida at a private party for swingers.

Being a bit nervous about what might happen I showed up at 1pm sharp. Tina, wearing very short see-through nightie, opened the door and guided me to the island that separated the kitchen from the living room. I love to watch the bottom cheeks of a ladies’ ass show when she is walking, Her legs fit her ass, if you know what I mean.

They offer me a drink and Larry started the talking.

“Sunday was a freak Kadıköy Escort happening, we were driving back from Lafayette and saw the adult store. Tina wanted a new vibrator so we stopped in to get her one. When we asked about the cars parked in the back, the girl working there told us about the video room and how it was mostly just guys that went inside but if we wanted to just take a quick peek, she would not charge us.

I told Tina, “Follow along with me when we go in and let’s give them a quick show. Well, you know the story from there. Damn you had me and Tina both ogling, we both wanted to meet you again. So here we are.”

We went into the back bedroom and all got undressed. Larry and Tina both looked in good shape and nicely proportioned. I am 5’10”, 170# and am not in bad shape. I walk, I work out a little and I do a good bit of camping, hiking and canoeing. I also have a 6-1/2″ cock, above medium thickness, so nothing to be ashamed of there.

Not knowing where to begin, I reached out and held Larry’s huge cock in one hand and lightly stroked his heavy balls with my other hand. Tina slid down and started sucking my balls and licking around my ass and moved up to suck my cock.

I hadn’t noticed in the video store but Larry’s cock was not only huge but actually nice looking. I know that sounds weird but the smoothness and the texture of his cock was really nice to see and feel.

I started sucking Larry’s cock and slowly was able to work it down my throat and after a little while, started constricting my throat muscles while barely moving up and down.

“Whoa, not yet,” Larry said as he pulled out. “Damn man, you had me about to cum again so soon.”

I laid back and Tina got in a 69 position over me and started sucking my cock as Larry watched. Her pussy tasted really good and her orgasms were thick and smooth. Her mouth was tight and warm around my cock.

After a few minutes Larry moved in behind her and started fucking her while my face was still under her pussy. Tina’s body started shuttering and she let loose such a huge amount of cum I had to move.

I tuned to my side so I could get a good view of his cock just going deep into her pussy and could see her cum all over his cock and watched it just drip everywhere. It was a real nice view. Watching pussy lips fold around a cock excites me,

Larry pulled out so I again, moved in closer and started sucking Tina’s clit, tasting her cum and fingering her G-spot until she had a massive orgasm all over my face and in my mouth.

Tina had this look of lust in her eyes and asked if İstanbul Escort we would double fuck her. Larry in her pussy and me in her ass.

It took a little bit of effort and a lot of lube but soon, we were double fucking Tina.

“Oh gosh yes, Oh Larry, thank you for this. Mike, thank you for meeting us, please fuck me more.”

The extra-large puppy pad was drenched with her orgasms and she finally had enough of being dominated by two men.

Tina picked up the pad and I was laid out on the bed with my head on the edge of it when Larry walked up from behind my head and started feeding his cock into my mouth. Tina came and sat on the bed next to us and watched him fuck my throat.

“God, I love watching your cock move in his throat, does it look this sexy to you when you do it to me?” Tina asked.

“Oh yes baby, it is the sexist looking thing I have ever seen. Especially when I cum in your throat and watch as the muscles swallow it.”

With that, I felt his cock get a little more ridged and heard him say,” I am about to cum, take it down your throat for me and Tina.”

With that he released his load and Tina gasp in amazement.

“Oh wow, it is the sexist thing I’ve ever seen also.”

Larry pulled out and Tina just went crazy sucking my cock all the way down to my balls and kept pushing. It wasn’t long before I was about to cum.

“I am going to cum Tina, take it down your throat and don’t stop until I ask you to. “

I released my load and Tina just throat sucked the cum out of me until I said enough and pulled back slowly.

We took a break and had a snack and a few drinks when Larry asked, “You think you can take my cock in your ass?”

“Whew, I sure would like to give it a try.”

Tina laughed and said, “If I can, you can. And while he is doing that, I am going to suck your cock again.”

We went back to the bedroom and Larry used plenty of lubrication and worked my ass with his fingers until I loosened up. Then he put his cock against my ass and let me push back on it a little at a time.

When he finally got his cock all the way in me and slowly started fucking me, Tina get down in front of me and started sucking my cock. With Larry’s cock massaging my prostrate and Tina sucking my cock professionally, it didn’t take long before I felt my orgasm building up.

“I am about to cum,” I told them.

“Me also,” Larry said.

I felt Larry’s cock harden and felt his cum shooting in my ass. The feeling of his orgasm put me over the edge and I also unloaded my load straight down Tina’s throat.

“Oh man, that was intense. Thank both of you.” I said.

“Oh, thank you also.” Tina replied back.

We sat around afterwards and agreed to met again.

Tina wants to find another lady for the next time, so thing should even get better.

Thank you for reading. Comments are always welcome.

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