Admire: Never Seen One So Big

Big Tits


Never seen one so big.

It was a Saturday night during late February. Very cold outside and inside my booth it was much warmer, yet still cool enough to give me slight chicken skin while I displayed and posed my naked smooth body for the unseen strangers behind the mirrors. Since I felt a slight chill, I made sure to be a bit more active with my requested poses. Constantly rubbing my trimmed nutsack and teasing to stroke at my cock. I constantly rubbed and slapped my tight perky ass cheeks and often pulled them open. I made sure that when I displayed my smooth tight little eager hole that I got close to each and every mirror as to hopefully entice a higher price from whomever wins my body tonight.

Suddenly the watcher chimed over the intercom in the room. Usually this was to direct me as to what position and/or area of the body I needed to show off. This time was slightly different but not against any rules.

“Some guests are curious if you can take a really large cock all the way in that tiny butt of yours” Said the raspy smoker voice from the crackling speaker.

I looked up at the speaker then at each mirror. As I looked to each section I turned and slapped my firm ass with each glance and then I replied “This little ass? This super tight little hole? I guess there’s only one way to find out.”

After the usual 30 minute time frame, I go through the usual routine and get dressed as directed by my light notification above the door and then the door opens so I can be escorted to the playroom where my purchaser awaits.

On the walk there I am notified that due to the unusually high winning bid amount, the winner has been given a 3 hour time to have me at his submission. I mention to my bouncer escort the question about I was asked about a big cock in my ass and what he thought about that.

“Dude, I just make sure you’re safe. I’m sure a lot of guys talk about how they’ll have the biggest dick you’ve ever seen. You’d know better than me if that’s all talk or what. Like I said, my job is to remove the dicks that get out of line. Your job is to take the dicks.” he stated with a bit of a smirk.

“Good point” I grinned. I continued “By the way, thanks for stepping in last week when that one guy went all sicko on me.”

I glance at me with a sincere look “Of course man. I got your back”

I locked eyes with him then looked back forward as I said “Maybe one day you’ll want to take me from the back.”

He looked ahead “Maybe. Well, here we are. Remember I’m right outside the door in case anything gets bad.”

He opened the door as I thanked him once more. I walked in to see a tall, about 6’5″ white man who looked to be around 35-40 years old pouring a drink. Buzzed military style haircut with a salt and pepper goatee.

“Good evening” He said as he took a sip of his scotch glass and looked me up and down with bright green eyes. “I am so happy I came across you tonight. Let’s start my you taking that shirt and shorts off and throwing them in the trash can. Then on your knees in front of the bed.”

I did as instructed by tossing my shirt and shorts in the waste-basket and then knelt down on the carpet facing him. He put his drink down and took a couple steps towards me until his bulging jeans were less than a foot from my face. I look at the massive lump concealed by his pants then up at him like an innocent little cock hungry girl.

“You’re not ready for this, boy.” He said with a huge smile and began unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his fly. Once the jeans opened and loosened around his hips I could see how even more pronounce what he was packing was in his tight silky boxer briefs. He slipped his thumbs and fingers in the waist band of his underwear and began to pull them down will his jeans and continued “When I’m done with you tonight you’re going to be a girl. But don’t worry, I’ll start off gentle.”

Just as he finished saying that, the biggest cock I have ever seen whether in person or in porn hung heavy and mostly still flaccid in front of my shocked face. He wasn’t even remotely hard and this cock was an easy 7 to 8 inches from balls to tip.

“Holy fuck. How, umm. How – ” I stuttered.

He cut me off “How otele gelen escort big? Right now it’s about 7.5 inches. When I have it all the way up that tight boy pussy of yours it’ll be a good solid 9.5 inches. Maybe 10. How big have you had so far, boy?”

My mouth agape in wonder I spoke with a cracking voice “Eight inches fully erect”

“Well bitch, take hold of it and start sucking it. Make sure you lick my balls. I want to you be my good little girl tonight and I’ll give you the fucking you’ve only dreamt about.” He stated with a more authoritative tone.

I wrapped my hand around it. My fingers and thumb couldn’t even touch when I took hold. The weight of it in my hand was so incredible and instantly had my small little dick dripping from lust.

The shaft was thick and just slightly veiny. The base and his golfball sized balls were moderately hairy. Enough to hols in the musty man sweat aroma that every little cock whore, boy or girl, loves to smell and taste. And it was exactly the smell I inhaled deeply as I lifted his mammoth meat slab and positioned my face underneath and began licking the back of his balls. As my nose slightly tucked between the bottom of his hairy ass cheeks I also indulged in taking a deep breath in of his ass. I was so excited to be so lucky to be playing with such a magnificent cock while a bit of fear randomly popped into my head about how this meat weapon was going to rip apart my poor little butt.

I licked from base of his ass crack, over the scrotum and all along the long tongue journey up his pole. After a half dozen repetitions of this I began to wrap my lips around the perfectly crowned head of his cock. I began to bob my head in the traditional cocksucking motion, taking slightly more of his dick in my mouth with each motion.

Needless to say, I could not even get close to deep throating the entire length, especially as by this point it was noticeably bigger and more firm. It wasn’t for lack of trying due to my hunger for this meal.

“Damn, you look like you’re in love. You’re really trying to get that all the way in, aren’t you you little faggot?” He said with a mix of slight moaning of pleasure and a bit of arrogance.

With lips stretched wide, tears already forming in my eyes and mouth full I reply with no words but only a “mmmm Hmm”

He then replied “Well then. Let’s get all of it in that hungry throat before I destroy that perky little ass of yours” And with that he pulled my head from sucking and literally picked me up and laid me on the bed. He then spun me around so my head was hanging off the edge of the bed while I lay on my back.

“Tilt your pretty little head back to straighten your neck. And most importantly relax your throat. You’re going to gap and choke, but I promise it won’t kill you.” He said with a sort of comforting and dad like voice. He continued “You’re going to love this soon enough. The next thing you’re gonna see are my balls crushed against your eyes.”

With one hand he held his huge cock straight and aimed at his target and with the other hand he firmly but not too firmly held my neck straight. I opened my mouth wide and relaxed as best I could and he began to slowly slide into my mouth.

I could literally feel his stiff cock begin to push into my throat. A feeling I have never had. A big thick dick not just hitting the back of my throat for an inch or so, but actually stuffing my entire throat. I could feel his cock chokke down my neck and his hand feeling his own cock through my neck as it did.

Tears flowed heavy from my eyes and my nose instantly became runny and snotty as embarrassing that is to admit. Sure enough my vision blurred then blacked out as his balls pressed against my face. The first throat push was the hardest. But he didn’t stop at one or even a few. I’m sure once he got it balls deep on the first try without me passing out, he likely decided I was worthy of a good face fucking. And that’s exactly what I got.

He never got too rough but increased the pace and face fucked my throat for a good solid 10 to 15 minutes. Nothing like the feel of a hot nutsack crushing against your face while you are being fed a meat log.

After balgat escort servicing my face for awhile he pulled out and gave his cock a few good strokes and then with a slight grunt a painfully hot and thick as gravy glob of cum plastered me all over my lips, nostrils and eyes. I was not expecting an early cumshot. Once it hit my eyes and started entering my nostrils I rolled over as to not gag.

“Don’t worry little girl, that’s just a start. I cum a lot more than that. And trust me, your ass won’t be able to keep it all in.” He stated as he turned to walk over and take a few more sips of his drink sitting on the desk table. He paused between sips and added “And don’t wipe any of that off. Any you wipe from your eyes and nose you lick up and swallow. You do as I say or I WILL punish you. Don’t think I won’t.”

As I wiped the sticky soup from my eyes before it stung and from my nostrils I did as I was told. Obviously I wasn’t going to waste any of it despite the orders, but being told I was obligated to eat all of his juice that doesn’t get seeded into my ass was an enormous turn on to say the least.

I got about a minute break before he walked back over with his cock somehow still as rock hard as ever. He grabbed me with hands under my arms on my torso and lifted me up facing him. He held me to his cheat with one arm and his other arm and hand slapping on my ass as he supported me up.

“Wrap your arms around me girl” He said looking me in the eyes mere inches away as we were face to face. “We’re going to see how good you are at bouncing on a real man’s cock”

Standing tall and firm, he spread my small ass cheeks apart as I held tight. His cock stayed upright and aligned all on it’s own as he lowered my petite frame slowly down onto his soaking wet cock.

My ass seemed to instinctively try to resist the presence of an intruder by puckering up ever so slightly. The wide head of his dick pressed slowly yet firmly against my hole with intent and purpose. Soon enough the inevitable breach and popping of the tip of a stiff cock winning over the asshole made my eyes roll back into my head.

Inch by never ending inch my body was forceably lowered down further and further as my tight ass stretched around Godzilla’s one eyed weapon. Amazingly enough the literal breath taking journey hit an unmistakable point. I could feel his sweaty hot hairy balls pressing against my smooth butt.

It took a moment as I was in bliss with my dick dripping steady and eyes closed before I actually realized it. When I did I opened my eyes with mouth open and looked at him with a look on my face as if I was asking if it was really happening.

He looked at me as if proud of me or him or both of us and a smirk and said with bated breath “Fuck yeah. I didn’t think I’d get all 10 inches up this ass so quickly. I already know that I’m going to need you to be a regular little slut.”

“Oh yes daddy” I said in the most sultry slutty voice you could imagine. “You have the greatest cock in the world.”

He smirked a bit more in one corner of his mouth and then began to raise me up his pole and then down again. Starting off with a slow methodical pace, it wasn’t more than about 15 minutes of this gently pole riding that hhe increased tempo.

I moaned like the cock whore I pride myself to be louder and louder as the bouncing became faster and faster. Soon I was bouncing up and down all 10 inches of my new favorite toy so fast and so hard that it likely looked like something you would see in a straight porn movie with some loose bitch.

My hard cock sprayed cum as I was fucked so hard. I could feel my jizz hitting him in the chest and gut as I bounced on his flagpole. It didn’t seem to faze him as he just fucked my ass steady and aggressively.

“Yeah. You love it, don’t you bitch?” He grunted, “You’re such a tight nasty little fuck aren’t you? I love this ass. Nice and tight but isn’t afraid of taking every inch.”

My ass felt torn and on fire but I didn’t care. I wanted to ride this cock all night. I wanted to ride this cock often. No cock I take in my mouth and up my ass will ever compare to what I am being given tonight. I only hope elvankent escort my poor little money making hole will recover so I continue to get the repeat customers because of how tight I stay.

He fucked me standing for at least a half hour if not longer when finally he exclaimed with a deep heavy voice “Ah fuck baby girl, I’m going to cum.”

As I bounced with sweat covered body I replied “Yes daddy! Dump it all up my gut”

A few more bounces and thenhe held me all the way down so my butt cheeks were crushing his balls and then he let out a loud moan as he unloaded. He unloaded a torrent of liquid force I was not prepared for.

What felt like gallons of boiling oil shot from his cock with the force of fire hydrant popping a cap. My entire body raised in temperature immediately from the inside as it felt like his cum was filling up my body. My lungs, stomach, veins, everywhere. As stupid as it sounds, that’s what it felt like.

But it wasn’t just one or two shots. It was cum shot after cum shot after cum shot. So many in fact that as he kept ejaculating I felt his cum squirting out of my ass depsite hid cock still well buried inside. So much cum and so much force that it was finding it’s way out even with my hole forming a tight seal around his member.

After the onslaught of cum flooding, he once again let out a long drawn out groan and slowly eased me up dismounted from him. He let me fall onto the bed as my body could not move after such a blissful trauma.

He took a couple deep breaths and once again went for his drink. He finished the contents off with one swift motion and began pouring it full once more. After a couple more sips he turned and spoke. “Damn girl, you are quite a good little fuck toy. We’re quickly running out of time for tonight so lets make sure you understand your place and then get you seeded one more time.”

I looked up at him, “Almost out of time?”

He laughed a bit and said “I know. Hard to believe, but time flies when you’re having fun. Also flies by when you pass out at times.”

I’m not sure what he meant about the passing out statement, but I was definitely having more fun than any twink cock loving boy should be allowed. Or as this man says, a little girl at this point.

He stepped closer to me and stopped at the edge of the bed with legs slightly in wide stance and gave me my next order, “Get under here and lick my ass, balls and cock. And I want to feel that greedy little tongue wiping my asshole clean, you little faggot.”

I happily complied. I knelt down and licked his dirty hairy ass crack and buried my face deep to ensure I got every bit. I licked his asshole as if I was his human toilet paper doing my duty to get him as clean as possible. I then licked and sucked all of the sex residue from his balls and still hard cock.

“Good job. Now turn around and bend over.” He ordered.

I stood up and turned and bent over the bed. As soon as I got in position I felt him force his cock right into my ass. this time there was no ease or subtlety. He was now fucking me like the whore I was. Doggystyle and a hard dirty fuck. I could hear my little ass cheeks slapping sounds as he pounded my hole.

He pounded and pounded my abused hole. I awaited for the next and likely final cum blast as my body violently bounced around and my head flopped in a dizzy fashion.

My wish came when he once more did as well. I felt my hungry belly once again get filled with his honey.

“So much more. More we will have to do next time,my sweet little boy girl” he stated as he pulled his sloppy cock out one last time.

I laid forward on the bed with no strength left anywhere in my body to do much of anything else. He finished off his drink and I heard him get dressed. I am usually not left in the room in such a manner or at all. Often I leave when the time alotted is over and allow the guy to clean up. But this was not normal cock.

As he walked past me and towards the door he slapped my sore ass and slightly under his breath said, “Mmm, such a nice ass.” And then opened and left the door.

Protocol if the customer leaves me is for the bouncer to verbally ask if I am alright and what is needed so they don’t have to walk into a sight they may not want to see such as me bent over the bed with jizz dripping from my ass.

“Everything good in there?” The voice from the hallway chirped.

With a tired and relaxed voice I replied “All good. Give me a bit to catch my breath. And I may just shower in this room.”

“Alright. Take all the time you need.” He replied.

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