Adam and Ellie: Part I


It was a typical Tuesday; I was off work, Adam was at his store that he opened, and our two-year old was sharing his cereal with the dogs. Days like today made it hard to believe it was only five years ago when Adam found me upset and pissed off in the old bar down the road. How did one chance encounter, hundreds of miles from home, lead to this little family?The only thing different about today was the fact I had news to share with Adam, and him me. We were going out to dinner later that evening, just us. It had been a year since we had a date night, but when he told me he had exciting news, and I had exciting news, we decided to ask his sister to watch our little one so we could talk and celebrate.The day passed by slowly. Finally, Adam walked through the door. He picked up our son, Kaden, andi kissed him then kissed me just like he did every night. Adam’s sister walked in the door about fifteen minutes later and took Kaden for his sleepover with her. Once they had left Adam and I started to get ourselves ready for our date night.Adam asked me, “So what is your exciting news?”I responded, “Are you sure you want me to tell you now?”He şişli escort smiled, he was pretty sure what it was. After all, we had tried to get pregnant for nearly a year.”Yes, tell me.””Are you really sure?” I tease as I stand between his legs next to our bed where he’s sitting.”Yes, I’m really sure I want you to tell me.””You are going to be a daddy again!””I knew it! I’m so excited. I love you, Ellie,” he said as he leaned in for a kiss.We kiss for a moment. Once our kiss breaks I say, “I love you too. What about you, what’s your news?””You won’t believe me if I told you.””So, are you going to show me?””Sure, I can do that.” He pulls out a stapled stack of papers, and handed it to me. As I start to read it, he says, “It’s a contract, the Raging Warriors baseball team agreed to give me all their business for five years.”The Raging Warriors were a big team in our neck of the woods. This contract was going to be huge, and life changing for the store, and for our family.I responded to his exciting news by kissing him before saying, “That’s amazing news! Sounds like we have plenty to celebrate and talk about tonight.””Yes, indeed escort şişli we do. Although, all night I will be thinking about taking that dress off you.”I smiled at him once more. “We could skip dinner tonight if you’d like.””No, we have to make sure you and the baby have proper nutrition.”I rolled my eyes. He was always protective of me, but even more when I was pregnant. I loved how he was always on me to take care of myself and a growing child. There was no denying he was our family’s protector.I sighed, “Fine, we can go out to eat, but we will be back in this bed before long.””Why the bed? Kaden is gone, we got every inch of the house to ourselves. It would be a great injustice to limit our time to just these couple of square feet of mattress.””I like the way you think, mister.”He smiled as he responded, “That’s why you married me, isn’t it?”I laughed and said, “I married you for a ton of reasons, your head being one of them.””Which head?”I rolled my eyes, ignoring that statement I said, “Let’s get going, chit chatting here is just making it even longer before we get back, and I have to work early in the morning, so I don’t mecidiyeköy want to be up late.””Okay.”We headed out the door and headed to his truck. Once at his truck he helped me in and we headed off. We arrived to dinner about twenty minutes later and enjoyed a dinner talking about life, what a second baby will bring to our family, and details of the contract.After our meal, we headed back towards home. In the truck, I sat in the middle. This allowed us to hold hands and cuddle up while he drove. At red lights, he’d steal a kiss or two.Finally he pulled down our drive, and put the truck in park. He jumped out of the truck and helped me out. Once my feet were on the ground, he pushed me against the truck, and kissed me deeply and passionately. He broke the kiss just long enough to tell me, “I’ve been looking forward to getting you home since we left.”I smiled and agreed with his statement. I kissed him back before saying, “I have been looking forward to this since we left too.”We acted like high schoolers that had just snuck off to a weekend cabin. We dashed to the front door, and once inside Adam took control and kissed me as he walked me backwards towards the couch.Our couch was large, and the end of it was designed to kick your feet up, or lay on it as a bed. The part designed like a bed was perfect for us, and Adam laid me on my back as he climbed on top of me.

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