Adam And Celeste Stay Overnight


After dinner, I suggested we go down by the pool again to relax and digest our delicious dinner. We all headed downstairs. It was getting dark, so Jack lit our Tiki torches and turned on the underwater pool lights. Adam sat on one of the lounge chairs, and I sat between his legs and leaned back against his chest. Jack and Celeste did the same on the other lounge chair. It was a warm, pleasant night, just the relaxing atmosphere I love.Adam sensed that I just wanted to lie back and relax. And I welcomed his large hands as he started to massage my shoulders and back. I really love the relaxing feeling, it’s so sensual, especially after cumming so many times earlier. He had such strong hands, and he kneaded the muscles so expertly! Occasionally, he would reach up, turn my head to the side, and kiss me.Adam was a great kisser. I loved how it turned me on and made me feel excited each time he kissed me. Adam returned to massaging me again, and it wasn’t long before he kissed me again. This time though, he moved his hands around and massaged my tits, lightly and softly initially in a sensual motion. He would do that for a while, then move down to caress under them, and down onto my abdomen.I love how Adam could be aggressive and controlling when we fucked to being soft and sensuous when he sensed what I wanted at the time. I was lying back against his chest with my eyes closed, just lost in my feelings. After a while, he moved back up to my tits. He started to play with my hard nipples, lightly rubbing them, pinching, twisting, and pulling them gently at first.”That feels sooo good! I love having my nipples played with! I can actually cum from having my nipples pleasured. If you keep that up, I just might.””You’re soooo hot for an old woman,” he said.”What, old, huh,” I feigned indignation as I elbowed him in the side. “I’m just more experienced. I haven’t heard you complaining when you’ve been fucking this old woman.””Just kidding, definitely not serious! I think you’re fantastic!”During this exchange, I had opened my eyes and noticed that Jack and Celeste xnxx were no longer sitting beside us.”What happened to those two?” I said.”They went inside about five minutes ago. They were holding hands, and Jack was hard as a rock. My guess is that Celeste is doing something about that right now.”We both laughed, and Adam returned to playing with my nipples again. I was definitely getting excited by his sexual touch. There was no hiding the fact that Adam’s beautiful hard cock was pressing against my back. As he continued massaging my shoulders, I reached back and wrapped my fingers around his veiny shaft.”What do you say that we go in and see what those two are up to and see if I can’t do something about this hard thing!””Sounds like a plan to me!”We headed upstairs. I could definitely hear sounds of pleasure coming from our bedroom. As we walked through the door, we saw Jack kneeling between Celeste’s spread legs feasting on her delicious pussy. I grabbed Adam’s arm to stop him from walking further into the room and whispered in his ear, “How about we watch them for a while?”So we tip-toed over to the two chairs in our bedroom sitting area and enjoyed the hot scene in front of us. I love watching Jack with other women. It gives me pleasure knowing how good of a lover he is and how much women love him fucking them as much as I do.From where I was sitting, I could clearly see Jack was tonguing her sweet pussy. He has the skill to drive his tongue in and out like a little cock, then switch up by dragging it from the asshole along the entire length of the labia and finish by flicking the clit. Celeste closed her eyes, rolling her head from side to side and moaning loudly. I could see her perfect breasts moving up and down as she started to gasp, as her pleasure quickly intensified.Suddenly, she opened her eyes, reached down, grabbed Jack’s head, and pulled his mouth hard against her dripping pussy. Celeste cried out, “I’m cumming. Don’t you stop, you filthy bastard. Suck my clit with your tongue and make me cum!”I moved over closer to watch and bakire porno could see Jack had three fingers inside her and had sucked her clit into his mouth pushing Celeste over the edge.”Ooohh fuck, I’m cumming, don’t stop!”I watched her abdomen muscles rippling, and her body tremble. Her legs were shaking, and she began writhing in pleasure. As Celeste rolled from one orgasm to the next. I could see her juices squirting around Jack’s hand as he struggled to keep his fingers inside her pussy. Celeste came for a good five minutes until she cried out, “STOP, STOP, I can’t take anymore. You have to stop!” She eventually managed to crawl away from Jack’s fingers.Celeste collapsed onto a pillow and sighed, “God, that was fantastic! I loved your tongue on me, in me. Sooo good!”She might have thought she would get a respite, but as I know all too well, that’s not how Jack’s mind works. He grabbed a pillow, lifted her up, and shoved it under her ass, then quickly moved between her legs. Lifting them up, he placed her ankles on his shoulders. Positioning the head of his cock against her quim shoved it all the way inside her.Jack’s cock isn’t as long as Adam’s, but he’s really thick around, and I knew she felt full from his girth. When he bottomed out inside her, he groaned, “My God, Celeste, your pussy feels like a silk glove; it’s so tight around my cock. It feels sooo fucking good!”Jack slowly started to fuck her, pulling almost all the way out and then sliding all the way inside over and over again.Celeste looked up at Jack and said, “I didn’t think I could, but your lovely thick, hard cock is starting to get me hot and horny again.”Jack smiled his sexy grin at Celeste as he continued to fuck this gorgeous creature. I know how much enjoyment and pleasure Jack gets when he fucks a woman for the first time. Jack continued fucking Celeste slow and steady, but after all of the anticipation of getting to fuck such a beautiful woman, he gradually increased the pace.He couldn’t hold back any longer and needed to cum. Jack started bedava porno to fuck Celeste almost viciously, slamming inside her, jarring her body with the force of every thrust. I could tell Celeste was loving being fucked super hard and fast by Jack as she thrust her hips back against him, matching his violent pace.”Here it comes. I’m going to flood you with my cum!””I’m cumming too! Fill me with your cream, Jack. I want it all inside me!”Adam and I watched in awe as Jack slammed hard into Celeste with a final triumphant thrust of power. Having been the recipient of many hard, fast fuck sessions from Jack, I knew Celeste was now experiencing the force of Jack’s cum as it hit the walls of her uterus. It seemed to trigger Celeste’s orgasm as her body began to spasm and convulse as she screamed out in pleasure.I was glad our neighbors weren’t close, as they both screamed out really loudly in unison. I love the look on Jack’s face when he cums. It’s very expressive, and I could see the exact moment his seed began unloading inside her. Then watched as the satisfied look of achievement spread across his face before it turned to awe as he held on and rode the wave of orgasm with Celeste before he collapsed on top of her.When Jack’s slowly deflating cock slipped from Celeste’s gorgeous pussy, I could hear the squishing sound of their combined juices. Jack, now lying next to Celeste, was exhausted. I moved in between her legs, and I felt the bedsheets. They had made a pretty big wet patch from their wild coupling.I leaned in and began to lick up the combination of Jack’s cum mixed with Celeste’s copious juices as they began to trickle out of her. I always get excited when I clean my husband’s cum from another woman’s pussy. My hand gravitated down to my own flooded pussy and started to play with my very hard and excited clit. You can probably guess what happened next. I felt the bed behind me depress and a hard cock pressed against my dripping lips. I shuddered as Adam shoved his hard cock deep inside me. The force of it pushing me hard into Celeste’s pussy with my nose, startling her as much as I was. Adam started fucking me hard, being his aggressive self. I was happy he did, as sitting there watching Jack and Celeste fuck while fingering and toying with my clit had built me to a fever pitch.

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