“Accidental” Sister-in-law Sex


They looked like they could be twin sisters. Two hot athletic blue eyed blondes. Lee and Ann. Amazing and beautiful young ladies. There was some confusion for me when we first met. I had met Ann and instantly bonded. I swore she blew me off when I called her home on the landline the next day. It sounded like her. Turns out, it was her sister Lee and she never passed on my message.

Eventually Ann and I started dating. Once I met her older sister Lee I understood the confusion. She looked and sounded just like her sister. And, quite frankly, I found her incredibly attractive. I admit that I would often fantasize about Lee, even during sex with Ann. I imagined her catching us or secretly watching us have sex and becoming aroused and masturbate. Or even better, I fantasized that she would join us for a threesome.

There was this one time when we were all camping. Lee suggested that her and Ann should pretend to be twins and they were both dating me. As much as this aroused me I did not take the bait. I did, however, remember that moment. It was nice to know that the older sister was attracted to me. At least enough to want to play the role of my girlfriend. This made me incredibly horny. Later that night we all sat around the fire. She was directly across from me. I remember making eye contact with her. She spread her legs and lifted one onto her chair, giving me a perfect view of her hot pink panties. When I looked back up from her honey hole she was sporting a big smile. This aroused me and my semi-erect cock instantly swelled. I was wearing swim trunks with no underwear, so my erect penis created a pop tent between my legs.

Lee noticed. Her eyes focused on my erection. Ann noticed too. I felt my girlfriend’s hand on my knee. Then she slowly slid her hand up my thigh to the crotch. She turned to me and put her leg over mine in an attempt to either hide my erection or her devious intentions. I felt her hand slide under my shorts. She grasped my cock and adjusted me so I was no longer restrained. It was so hard that the very tip of my penis poked above my waistband.

I tried to adjust myself but made eye contact with Lee who was gazing in my direction. I noticed that she had one hand curiously high on her own thigh. I watched as she slid her hand up to her own crotch. She was leaning back which made her panties tighten up over her vagina. Camel toe. I was blown away when our eyes finally locked and he smiled. She looked down to her crotch. I followed the instructions and looked down. I saw her slide fingers between her pussy lips very quickly. Quick enough for no one else to notice. Except me.

Nothing ever happened between Lee and I. We held these memories for over 25 years and never talked about it. But, being honest, I have fantasized about having sex with the older sister since we met. I would stay at their house, in her room. I saw her panties folded on her dresser. I could smell her perfume between her sheets, I would pull down my underwear and masturbate as I thought about her hot body between the same sheets. I imagined that she was doing the same thing when I wasn’t visiting. I imagined her naked in her bed.

I fantasized that she was thinking about my naked body while laying in her bed. I imagined that she would masturbate and experience an orgasm as she thought about me. I even fantasized that she would join her sister and I for some taboo lesbian FFM action. When it was too much to handle and I needed a release – I would sneak out and into Ann’s room. I would watch her sleep. She looked so amazing, beautiful and sexy. I would often Silivri Escort pull her covers down to expose her half naked body. She looked so amazing in her white cotton panties and night shirt. Her ass. Her pussy. Everything about her aroused me.

There was this one night. The parents were up to camp. It was just Ann and Lee and I. The middle sister and younger brother were away. I was admittedly aroused by the idea of spending the night alone with the hot blonde sisters. Lee flirted casually with me throughout the night. Ann either didn’t notice or care. Or, she secretly had a fantasy about a threesome with her older sister and I. Wishful thinking.

I planned on sleeping on the couch that night. After the three of us ate takeout dinner and watched two movies, Ann and Lee headed off to bed. I prepared the couch and shut out all the lights. It was a hot summer night, so I removed my shirt and laid on top of the blankets wearing just my boxer briefs. I was a little restless so I turned the TV back on and browsed the guide for something to watch. I had a clear view down the hallway. Ann and Lee’s room, plus the bathroom. My mind wandered and began to think about catching Lee in just her panties walking down the hall towards me, making her way innocently to her bathroom.

Instead, I watched my girl Ann exit her room wearing just a pair of panties and a cropped Led Zeppelin t-shirt. I admired her body as she made her way into and out of the bathroom. She noticed that I was still awake. The light from the TV gave it away. She approached me with a goofy look on her face. Almost trying to cover herself with her arms.

“Hey baby,” I said. “I have to say. You look super hot in those panties and tee. It makes my cock hard.”

“Stop,” she says quietly with a grin. “I think Lee is still awake.”

“Even better,” I say, pulling down my underwear to expose my swollen cock. “She can watch.”

“Stop!” Ann says. “You’re so bad.”

She giggles and turns around to walk back to her room. I sit up and reach out, grabbing her by the waist. She doesn’t resist. I pull her back and slide my hands around to the front, down to her vagina to rub her puffy pussy lips. I slide one hand up under her shirt to her naked breasts and gently rub. I pinch one of her nipples then the other. They get hard, just like my dick. I sat up and pulled her to my lap so we could grind. My cock fits perfectly between her firm ass cheeks, I can feel her hotness. I adjust so that the head of my cock is pressed against her hot hole. I reach down and slide her patnies to the side allowing my cock to enter her hot vagina. Just then we heard a noise from the hallway.

“Oh shit,” Ann says. “We can’t do this. My sister is still up and she’ll hear us for sure.”

“And?” I say questioning the issue. “I’m sure she is having sex with her boyfriend as often as she can. I doubt she would bother to make an issue out of it. Especially since we get a rare chance to sleep in the same house with no parental supervision.”

Ann pouts and looks to the floor. “I know she’s going to hear catch us.”

“Fair enough,” I said.

As my girlfriend walks away I cannot help but admire her amazing body. Her ass is perfect. She is so beautiful. My mind wanders as I lay on the couch. I cannot sleep. My mind races, I am so horny, I decide that I need to masturbate in the bathroom, so I sit up and gather my senses. My dick is hard. I lean back and stroke myself on the couch before heading to the bathroom. I close my eyes and lean my head Şirinevler Escort back as I fantasize about what could have been.

There’s a noise coming from the kitchen. Hear the refrigerator door open and close. I open my eyes to see Lee getting a midnight snack. She looks so fucking hot. She is wearing pink lace booty shorts and a tank top. Her breasts are barely contained by the top. No bra. Her nipples are hard and poking out. The final straw for me was when she bent over to look into the bottom drawer of the fridge, looked back to me and smiled. Her incredibly tight and form fitting panties accentuated her puffy pussy lips.

I made my way into the kitchen and stood behind her In front of the fridge. She moved back and pushed against me. I held her waist and pulled her even closer to me allowing my cock to rest between her ass cheeks. I could feel the intense heat from her pussy as we stood there for a moment. I wanted to fuck her so badly but there was no way. It’s her sister. It seemed as if she felt the same way. She turned and looked at me with sad eyes. I felt her brush her hand over my erect penis as she sighed.

“My sister is one lucky girl,” she said softly. “If I were her I would have let you rail me all night tonight. As a matter of fact, the idea catching the two of you having sex arouses me. I was kind of hoping to catch you two tonight. That’s really why I came out here.”

“Well, I tried,” I said. “But your sister wasn’t up for it.”

“That’s really unfortunate,” she said. “Her loss, and mine. Ha ha.”

“Maybe I’ll just sneak in her room later and take advantage of her,” I whispered. “To be honest I was just about to relieve myself in the bathroom. Truth be told I was fantasizing about both of you.”

“Since we are being honest,” she says quietly. “I was playing with myself earlier fantasizing about you too.”

My cock grew harder than ever and strained under my briefs. Lee gazed at my bulge and smiled then slowly turned and walked away to her room. Her ass cheeks moved up and dow. Perfectly with each step. She turned to look at me and smiled seductively then disappeared into her room. I noticed that she left her door open which she never does. My mind raced. Instead of masturbating I decided to head back to the couch and try to clear my mind so my raging erection would subside. I really had to piss.

I must have dozed off because a few hours later I woke up with my bladder about to explode. I hurried to the bathroom to relieve myself. As I entered the hall I noticed Ann’s bedroom door was half open. I thought I heard soft moans. Or was it my imagination, or maybe Lee down the hall? My heart raced and I could feel my cock start to grow erect. I stood just outside her room quietly, listening, hoping to hear a sign.

“Mmmm,” a female voice groaned softly.

I could hear the bed creak and a gentle sigh. I couldn’t resist, I had to see for myself so I carefully entered her room. There was barely enough ambient moonlight shining in. I could see a naked girl laying on her back. I noticed her arms moving between her legs and heard more soft moans. This was all I could take so I quietly approached and pulled down my briefs.

Feeling bold I reached out and placed one hand on her breast and gently rubbed her nipple. She was slightly startled but relaxed and moaned in approval as I continued to fondle her. My hand made its way to her pussy. She arched her back as I slid my fingers into her. She groaned softly when I got close enough to touch the side Şişli Escort of her face with my cock.

I could barely see her, just her silhouette, but I felt her turn her head allowing my cock to slide over her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked my shaft. She opened her mouth and leaned in, swallowing my cock. She moved her hands to my cock and stroked me as she performed oral sex. I slid two, then three of my fingers into her pussy rubbing her clit with my thumb.

“Holy shit, baby,” I said softly. “This feels amazing. You’re going to make me cum so hard, but I have to feel your hot, wet pussy around my cock.”

“Mmmm,” she groaned then whispered “Yes. Please.”

I turned her sideways and lifted her legs up and rested them on my shoulders. She reached down and grabbed the base of my cock, then guided it into her hot sweet pussy. It felt amazing and different in some way. I thrusted my swollen cock in and out of her passionately until her body trembled and the pussy lips tightened. She grinded against me and her whole body shook with what felt like an intense orgasm.

“Just don’t cum inside her pussy,” another voice said. It sounded like Ann. “I don’t want you getting my sister pregnant.”

I was shocked and super aroused. I nearly exploded when I realized that I had just been given head and had sex with Lee. I pulled my penis out as Ann switched on the light next to her bed. What a sight to behold. Both of them were naked. Lee had a satisfied look on her face with her knees up and feet on the bed. She was still trembling a bit from the climax.

“Oh, shit,” I blurted out. “Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay.” Ann said. “But now it’s my turn.”

“Indeed it is,” I said with a smile.

Ann got off the bed and went to her knees beside me. She put her hands on my waist to encourage me to turn and face her. As She slid her lips over my cock I could hear her sister start to moan. I looked over at Lee who was now on her knees on the bed facing us with her hand between her legs. I watched her passionately masturbate as she watched her sister give me a blowjob. I nearly exploded at the site so I pulled my cock from Ann’s mouth to get a break.

I turned Ann to face me then backed her onto the bed right in front of her sister. Lee smiled as their bodies touched. She put her hands on Ann’s shoulders and guided her back further on the bed. I watched as she slid her hands down to her sister’s breasts. They both groaned and let out a sensual heavy exhale. I leaned in and kissed Ann passionately on the lips while sliding my swollen cock into her. Lee leaned cheek to cheek with Ann. I turned and kissed Lee. It was very erotic.

Lee slipped back and watched me rail her younger sister. Eventually she joined in. She rubbed Ann’s clit for a while. Ann started to play with her sister’s pussy. With some coercion, Lee’s pussy finally ended up over Ann’s face. My girlfriend licked her sister’s pussy as I pounded her pussy. This quickly became too much for me to take so I pulled away. I stood next to the bed with a raging erection.

The sisters did not disappoint me. Both girls rolled on the bellies facing me and took turns stroking, licking and sucking my cock. It was surreal to watch one sister stroke my cock while the other sucked on it. When I felt like I was going to cum, I gently guided Lee down to my balls. I thrusted my penis down Ann’s throat and started to cum. I pulled out and came on the sisters’ faces. Lee and Ann stroked, sucked and licked my cock until my orgasm finally subsided.

It was quite a sight. Two hot blonde sisters smiling up at me covered in my semen. Damn. It got more interesting after Lee suggested we all shower together.

“I mean,” she said wryly with a seductive smile. “We should clean ourselves up.”

That’s another chapter. Maybe it will involve an accidental cream pie in one or both of the sisters during our shower festivities?

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