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A few weeks had passed since Charmaine gave in to her desires with Dean.

He came to town to visit, and called her from her friend’s house. They would be watching a movie, did she want to come over? She declined, deciding to hang out with, and be loyal to, Danny.

Well, he pissed her off, and she went to watch the movie. They flirted, nothing more, and when she left, Dean walked her to the car. He tried to kiss her but she turned away.

A huge fight with Danny the next night changed those thoughts of being loyal. She went home crying, and changed into sleepwear. She wore black boxer shorts, a white T-shirt, a bra but no panties, and her hair was up.

At about 9pm, Charmaine remembered that Dean was in town and decided to call him. She called him at his hotel and he was at her apartment before 10. When Dean arrived, she was in tears. He hugged her at the doorway, holding her close, caressing her back.

Charmaine was very conscious of the bulge in his shorts pressing against her stomach. This caused a tickle inside her pussy and she wriggled a little. They broke apart and he followed her to the living room. He stared at her smooth, sexy, tanned legs the entire way. God, he wanted those legs wrapped around him again! They sat on the couch and he listened to her talk, not even paying attention to the movie that was playing.

By midnight, he was just holding her, comforting her in silence, trying not to get hard.

Charmaine was wet though. Her pussy was buzzing. She felt a little vengeful towards Danny, and thoughts of Dean’s huge penis wouldn’t stay out of her head.

Her heart was pounding as she looked up at him. He kissed her pouting lips briefly. Again. She put her arms around his neck and pressed her wanting lips against his, tongue searching. They kissed loudly, breathing heavily as his hand caressed her smooth leg. He caressed over her shirt to her soft breast, squeezing gently as her tongue swirled around in his mouth. He slid his hand back down her body and between her thighs over her boxers. The cotton was hot and moist as he rubbed her horny pussy over the thin material.

“Mmmmph” she moaned, kissing him harder Escort Bayan as pleasure shot throughout her body. He slid his hand down her underwear, over her pubic hair to her steamy wet pussy lips. He ran a finger down the lips of Charmaine’s vagina, causing her to squirm and moan. He dipped the top inch of his finger into her needy twat, and she broke the kiss.

“Ohhhh” she breathed. Dean tickled her sensitive clit for a minute before taking his hand out of her boxers. He began to push her T-shirt up her body, and Charmaine allowed him to pull it off of her. Her tanned breasts were straining against her blue bra. he kissed her hard as his hands reached around her warm body and unsnapped her bra. He broke the kiss as he pulled her bra off of her, seeing her beautiful tits emerge for the first time.

His hand cupped Charmaine’s naked breast as he lay her back on the couch between her sexy legs. They kissed loudly, deeply, as Dean grinded his crotch against hers. She was conscious of his huge bulge pressed hard against her thinly covered treasure as she let his tongue explore her mouth. She was breathing heavily in his mouth as they dry-fucked. He kissed down her neck and chest, and up the slope of her heaving breasts. Dean hungrily wrapped his lips around Charmaine’s nipple, sucking on it noisily as his hand squeezed her other tit. “Ohhhh…”she moaned, running her fingers through his hair as she watched his tongue lick all over her nipples.

He kissed down her smooth, tanned belly to the top of her boxers. He kissed over the material down between her thighs. Her scent was strong as he kissed her boxers over her pussy lips. Charmaine squirmed, moaning as he ate her out over her underwear. He sat up and took off his shirt revealing his well toned chest. Dean grabbed her underwear and she raised her ass off the couch, allowing him to slide them down her tanned legs.

Her furry muff came into view as she pulled her feet out of her boxers. She opened her smooth legs around him, her pink pussy lips were puckered and swollen. He kissed her quivering lips and she breathed inwardly. His tongue snaked out and gently licked from the bottom Escort of Charmaine’s vagina, slowly up to the top, tasting her. Her heart was pounding as another new man ate her horny pussy. Dean sucked her clit into his mouth, causing her to moan loudly in excitement. He licked at the clitoris in his mouth as he pushed his shorts and underwear down, kicking them off, unleashing his fat, 9 inch cock.

She grabbed his hair with her small hand as he loudly sucked her swollen pussy lips into his mouth.

If someone were to look in the window of the front door, they would see a large naked man on his hands and knees on the couch, hard dick waving, head down, a smooth tanned leg on one side of him. It would be easy to discern what he was doing.

Charmaine was on the edge of orgasm, writhing her hairy pussy into his face, breathing heavily. Dean raised himself and crawled up the couch, humongous pole waving back and forth. He looked into her dark eyes, her naked chest was heaving.

“Do you have protection?” she asked.

“No.” he said. She couldn’t bring herself to turn him down though.

“Well, ” she said, “just don’t cum inside me.” She reached down between them with her small, tanned hand and wrapped her fingers around his thick, white cock. Charmaine ran his fat, mushroom head down her lush of pubic hair. She raised her feet off the couch as she ran his head down her swollen, quivering pussy lips. She stopped when it got to her entrance and she gently pulled him toward her. The tip of Dean’s mushroom head parted her pink lips.

She was breathing heavily, watching him as he pushed foward, forcing his fat head to squeeze inside her tight lips. She closed her eyes, holding her breath as she felt her vagina stretch around the head of his fat penis. He was able to slide 4 inches of his 9 inch tool into her tight hole.

“Ohhhhhh…” she gasped. He backed out of her before sliding his entire penis into Charmaine’s needy vagina.

“Ohhhh God!” she cried. Her tanned legs were in the air, bent at the knees, feet on either side of him. He looked down her naked body. Her sexy tits, smooth belly, her hairy bush pressed against Bayan Escort his groin, her hot pussy gripping his hard cock. Their lips met and they kissed loudly as he began to slide in and out of her. “Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Ohhh! Mmmmph” she moaned beneath him as they kissed. Her feet were flailing behind him as she got fucked. His white body was pressed against her tanned one.

From the front door window, one could see one of her legs in the air and Dean’s naked ass thrusting quickly beside it. Her other leg was just out of view from that window. Her cries could be heard outside as well, if someone was at the door.

“Ohh! Ohhhh God! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!” Charmaine moaned, loving it. His long, thick cock pulled her pink pussy lips outward each time he withdrew. Her cunt was so fucking wet! And so tight around his organ! She was writhing, moaning on the couch helplessly as he screwed her hard, her orgasm was rising. Suddenly, Charmaine stopped moaning and all that could be heard was the couch squeeking like crazy as Dean fucked her. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!!!” she moaned, cumming. Her legs and feet straightened out above him as he continued to fuck her. He was watching her face contort and he felt her wet pussy convulse around his penis.

He lost it. He pulled his huge, throbbing penis out of Charmaine’s warm vagina with an audible ‘slurp’ and a huge wad of cum shot into the air just as his head pulled out of her lips. It shot over her naked body, catching her upper cheek. Dean moaned, leaning forward as more cum shot forth. It landed on her right breast, more shot onto her left. More and more white cum fired out of his dick as he aimed for her tits. Charmaine stared at the semen that was all over her tanned breasts as his fountain of cum died down, trickling still more on her sexy belly.

He moaned, getting out from between her legs and walked up to her, holding his cock in her face. Charmaine had a pool of cum on her belly, cum all over tits, and a shot of sperm on her cheek as she opened her mouth. Dean’s penis had cum all over it’s mushroom head as he slid it into her eager mouth. She sucked it loudly, getting it all into her mouth. He pulled it out of her mouth with a slurp.

“Holy shit!” she said, “I can’t get over how much you cum! I love it!” He watched her get up and walk to the bathroom, her naked, tanned ass looked so sexy when she walked, he was aroused again…

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