A Woodland Walk


Amy’s new boyfriend was a real outdoorsy type. Camping, climbing, hiking, mountain biking – you name it, he was into it. There were huge upsides to his penchant for fresh air and exercise, chief amongst them for Amy being his impressive physique and, on occasion, remarkable stamina.

The major downsides were that he was off on some adventure or another most weekends, and that when he returned, his outdoor exertions seemed to have depleted his energy resources somewhat when it came to the indoor activities Amy was more interested in. Oh, and the fact that he had started suggesting that Amy think about accompanying him on some of his activity weekends.

“No way I’m ruining these nails scrambling up a rock face, or getting any of my beautiful shoes covered in mud!!” she had protested the last time he suggested it.

But Ben was quite persistent and had promised her a luxury spa day if she’d just try venturing a little way off the beaten track with him.

“A day in the country in return to a day of pampering” is how he’d pitched it “A few miles walk through beautiful countryside, a pub lunch or a picnic, and back. No hills, no rocks no rain, no mud” he said, laughing at her sceptical face.

Against her better judgement she had relented. She had of course insisted on a maximum of five miles there and back, and that lunch be had at a nice gastro pub rather than sitting on a grotty old rug eating cold food and warm wine surrounded by bugs. So he had found the perfect itinerary. A route through woodland and across a meadow to a great little pub called the The Cock Inn.

So it was that Amy found herself trudging along a woodland path one sunny Saturday afternoon. They had driven for about twenty minutes to the roadside clearing that served as parking spaces for walkers. On his iPhone, Ben pointed out their route. He reckoned that the journey through the woods and across the meadow would take about an hour. An hour and a half or so to recover as they enjoyed a late lunch, and then they’d head back.

After about twenty minutes Amy had to admit that it wasn’t as bad as had she feared. She had imagined being constantly meeting or being overtaken by intrepid ramblers, with bright orange backpacks and silly hats. But it was really really quiet. Apart from the odd rustle of some unknown woodland thingamajig scurrying away from them into the undergrowth they had been alone all the time so far.

Ben seemed sure of which direction to take when they reached forks in the path, and they walked along holding hands and chatting, Manavgat Escort Bayan stopping now and then to have a cheeky snog up against an unsuspecting tree. At their last stop, Ben had reached under Amy’s light summer dress and fondled her arse as his tongue snaked slowly around her mouth. And why not? There was no-one around to see.

They had come to a small clearing. To one side there was a strange looking tree, its branches all bowed and bent. “Well that looks like a particularly good place for a snog” Amy thought, “who knows, I could even sit on that low branch and wrap my legs around Ben’s firm thighs…”

She grabbed him and pulled him towards the tree, her mouth firmly on his as she walked backwards. Ben’s hands went down to her arse again straightaway. He made a strange, muffled exclamation of surprise as he realised that Amy had decided not to pop any panties on as she dressed for their outing.

Not wishing to let this kind gesture go unappreciated, Ben’s fingers sneaked in between Amy’s legs to pay with her sweet wet pussy, his fingers prising her lips apart and playing with her throbbing clit. The experience of being pantyless in this fresh air and their previous kissing sessions had left Amy very wet indeed, and his fingers slipped inside her easily.

Soon he was fingering her quite vigorously, stopping now and then to get Amy to taste her own your pussy juice on his fingers. Amy was soon panting as Ben burrowed into her neck and licked and nibbled at it as his fingers delve deep inside her.

Amy was feeling so light headed now with the attention her neck and pussy weree receiving that before she knew it, Ben was behind her, reaching round to tease her rock hard nipples through her flimsy dress as he continued to bite on her neck.

Then he caught her totally by surprise as he pushed her forward, his hands on her shoulders, so that she fell forward over the bough of the crooked tree.

It was the perfect waist height, and all of a sudden Amy found herself bent over, her hands supporting themselves on a lower branch but her ass up in the air, whereupon Ben flipped her skirt up over her arse and landed a few swift hard slaps on her backside.

This left Amy absolutely speechless, her mouth wide open with surprise. He had always been so gentle – too gentle truth be told – with her in bed. And now here he was, pushing her over and giving her a good spanking. In the middle of the bloody woods!

Coming to her senses Amy murmured some words – well, more noises really – Manavgat Escort of approval and encouragement, as Ben’s fingers slipped inside her burning cunt again as he continued to slap her reddening ass cheeks with his other hand.

Then the slapping ceased as quickly as it had started as he dropped to the ground and started to bite all over her gorgeous, slightly sore, arse. Amy felt her legs being pushed apart as he started to tongue feverishly at her pussy, his thumbs spreading her wide so that he could push his tongue deep inside her.

Then again Amy gasped, as she felt one finger, then another, forcing their way slowly into her tight asshole. Ben had never shown any inclination with her for anal play, yet here his was quite deliberately stretching her back there with his probing fingers as he tongued her cunt.

Then…Oh my god…was that?…yes, yes it was!… she could feel his tongue licking at her ass! She grabbed tightly on the branch her hands were resting on as Ben first licked at her tight puckered hole then shoved his tongue in as far as it would go.

Stretching her open with his fingers on her ass cheeks, he dribbled a line of saliva into her before plunging his tongue back inside her. Then he was frantically fucking her ass with his face.

It was a long time since Amy had had the unique pleasure of a cock in her arse. She had come to the conclusion after a few bedroom sessions, that Ben was not a fan of anal. You could tell – or so she had thought – by whether a finger or a lick of the tongue went astray when they went down on you, testing the water as it were. Ben had always stuck strictly within the boundaries of pussy licking.

Yet here she was, bent over a tree, with her legs spread and the unmistakable feel of his gorgeous knob pressing against her wet, well-tongued arsehole. He pushed forward slowly until Amy felt the pop of that big knob going inside her. She heard Ben moan and felt him hold steady, momentarily savouring the feeling of being inside her ass for the very first time.

After a few seconds holding still he pressed forward again and started to ease his hard cock further inside her, holding her hips as she felt it starting to fill her, until his balls were right up against her, and then slowly he started to fuck her, his cock pulling all the way out as far as his knob then back in again.

Grabbing hard on her hips, he started to fuck with real purpose, balls slapping against her as he drove into her. He kept this up with a firm, steady rhythm, long enough Escort Manavgat for Amy to come three, maybe four times, before he slowed and came to a stop, his cock still lodged deep inside her.

He pulled her up by the shoulders so he could whisper softly into her ear “I want to shoot my cum in your ass now. Would that be ok?”

Amy was more than happy to have him empty himself inside her, and somehow she was even more turned on by the fact that he had managed to be a gentleman about it in the middle of his unexpected animal lust. She breathed back to him over her shoulder that she wanted more than anything to feel his beautiful cock pumping his hot spunk into her arse.

In that moment of quiet though, they heard people. People coming towards them. They were in the meadow, so the other side of a thicket, but no more than fifteen feet away. It was another young couple. She had an orange back pack. He wore a strange straw hat.

Amy and Ben could quite clearly see the others but, maybe because of the way the sun was falling, it appeared that the others couldn’t see them. They stopped in front of the thicket, and they clearly thought they were entirely alone. They giggled as they playfully teased each other, teasing that soon became a little more.

Amy and Ben had stayed stock still up until this point, but seeing the couple petting, Ben started to move his hips slowly against Amy’s arse.

“You’re not?!” she whispered “You are! You rude boy!” She giggled quietly as she felt Ben’s pace pick up, felt his fingers dig into the flesh on her hips.

“This help?” she asked as she unbuttoned the front of her dress and eased her breasts out of her bra, and started pulling at her nipples. She could feel Ben’s breath on her neck and sense his eyes switching avidly between the little show she was putting on for him and the other couple.

“Come on. Fill me up. Fill my tight arse with your hot cum” she whispered as loudly as she dared. She could tell that that had tipped him over the edge. Could feel his teeth biting in to her neck to stifle his moans as he released the contents of his balls inside her, just feet away from the unsuspecting couple.

They stood there, rooted to the spot, waiting for the others to pass on. By the time they had, Ben’s cock had softened considerably and was about to slip out of Amy’s ass. His come was already oozing out and trickling down her legs, dripping onto the leaves below.

She swung around. Sat on the branch, wrapped her legs around him and pulled his head down for a long deep kiss. As she held his head she noticed that one of her nails had broken – must have been when she was grabbing at the branch during one of her orgasms. She didn’t care. And she certainly wasn’t going to be so hasty in turning Ben down next time he suggested a bit of outdoor fun!

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