A Welcoming


Meeting you at the door after your hard days work I take you by the hand and lead you to the fireplace. We sink down into beanbags as I grab the stereo remote and start the sensuous music that you so love.

Digging into the nearby picnic basket I pour a glass of wine and hand it to you. Placing sharp Cheddar and a smoked oyster upon a cracker I walk on my knees to you and allow you to nibble it from my fingers. I continue to feed you small bites and nibbles from the basket flirting outrageously.

Finally you tell me no more that your need for sustenance is satisfied though other needs are not punctuated with a grin and a wink.

Walking forward on my knees I slide between your legs and draw you into a deep hug. Kissing you I run my hands up beneath the back of your shirt stroking your back.

I can feel your muscles tight and tense beneath my hands and a wonderful idea emerges in my mind. “Baby you are so tense why don’t you let me give you a good rub down?” You moan your approval into my mouth as I could not resist tasting those luscious lips long enough for you to answer me.

I retreat to the other room to return with a thick padded comforter for the floor and a bottle of cinnamon massage oil. I stop by the computer and change the music to something more throbbing Acıbadem Escort and sexual and the bass begins to vibrate in the floor.

Placing the oil on edge of the hearth to warm I add a couple of logs to the fire so that it will not burn down before I am finished with you. I spread the comforter on the floor before you and once again wade into you for a deep and lingering kiss.

Breaking the kiss I begin nibbling your neck down across your collar bone where I begin to encounter clothing. Slowly, teasingly, I begin to undress you stopping to kiss, lick, nibble and otherwise worship each beautiful treasure I uncover along the way.

“Lay down Baby and let me get rid of all of that tension for you.” You obligingly get up and lay face down on the comforter with a big sigh of contentment. I check the oil to make sure it is warmed but not too hot then begin dribbling it over your back and thighs making you tremble.

I begin gently working your neck muscles stopping occasionally to plant a kiss or a nibble there just because I like the taste of this oil and love to watch the hairs on your arms stand up when I do it. You moan occasionally as I work steadily lower feeling the muscles relax as I go but also feeling a different sort of tension Acıbadem Escort Bayan rise between us.

Kissing and nibbling as I go I finally encounter that marvelous ass of yours and have to dribble just a bit of extra oil there. Across your ass and down your thighs I stroke lovingly and with each circuit your hips rise slightly from the floor. You moan in frustration as I move on down to lavish attention to your tight calves and dainty feet as well.

I nuzzle your ear and softly kiss your neck asking you to roll over. As you roll over you capture my neck with your arms pulling me into a deep kiss. After several minutes of kissing I slow ease away and again take up the bottle of oil. I drizzle oil with agonizing slowness over your hard puckered nipples, they seem to beg for my attention. Then down and around your stomach to the junction of your thighs.

I begin massaging your shoulders, then make slow lazy figure eights around and between your breasts, teasing you. With each swipe of my hands I draw closer and closer to the crests. Finally I begin slowly circling each nipple with a finger tip, then roll them gently causing you to moan and arch your back. I start drawing my hands lightly down your sides and across your tummy with Escort Acıbadem each cross of your lower belly your hips lift slightly from the blanket in anticipation.

Shyly, I move over and part your legs with my thigh easing between them and cupping your ass in my hands. I massage them as I pull you closer to me. I release your ass and gently part your lips pausing in wonder at your beauty.

I extend my tongue and stab it lightly in the top of your crevice drawing it down ward with tantalizing slowness. Slowly teasingly down I go and then back up and around in circles. I circle your clit with increasing pressure and speed feeling the tension in your body increase with every circuit of my tongue. Just as you arch your back and scream out your climax, I slide two fingers into your hot depths to stroke that special spot.

Your spams subside then surge again and I increase the pressure with my tongue. Your back arches again and you grip the blanket in your hands moaning loudly. I slowly circle your g-spot with my fingers waiting for the spasms to subside again then increase the speed with them as they do sucking your clit between my lips and flicking it with my tongue.

You cry out and begin to thrash clamping your legs tightly round my head. As your passion again subsides you quietly say “enough, please!” I slowly withdraw from inside you and begin kissing my way up your body to lay lightly atop you resting on elbows. Kissing you deeply and wiping the sweat from your brow.

The Oven timer beeps loudly from the kitchen. “Ah, dinner is ready! Guess what’s for dessert?”

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