A Walk In The Woods


He takes my hand and slowly leads me away from the other people. The path we take into the woods gets slowly narrower and more secluded. The further away we walk the faster my heart beat goes, my hand grips his tightly with anticipation as the undergrowth becomes thicker and less sun light comes through. The air here is cool and smells of lavender and bluebells, underfoot the path becomes little more than a dirt passageway. He holds the branches out of the way for me to pass until we reach a small clearing.

I look deep into his eyes as he turns to face me, my hand still held in his, I wait for him to kiss me but he doesn’t. Instead he looks all around us and then moves me a couple of steps backwards and to the side. I stop as my back reaches a tree. Now he kisses me, his hands holding mine gently as his lips met mine in a soft kiss. I close my eyes and allow the smell of the flowers and the sound of the birds to fill my head with the heady senses of summer. His kiss becomes more urgent, his tongue gently probing mine as his hands hold onto my waist. I can feel his fingers finding the bottom of my light T shirt and the waistband of the skirt I am wearing; now his warm fingertips are on my skin.

I bring my arms up to his neck and run my hands through his short hair. He breaks the kiss and looks at me, “Are you ok? You seem a little nervous?”

“I am fine” I answer, “Just a little worried someone may see us out here that’s all”

“And what do you think I am going to do to you?” There is an evil glint in his eye as he presses his body tightly up against mine, pinning me against the tree.

I don’t say anything as I enjoy the feeling of his cock pressing against my hip. One of his hands is kuşadası escort now running slowly along the waist band of my skirt, a single fingertip lightly brushing my pale skin as he slowly but obviously rubs up against me. It was then I noticed what he was doing with the other hand, very carefully he was gathering the fabric of my skirt which came down to my ankles and pulling it slowly higher. I felt a slight breeze around my left knee as the skin was exposed, then the touch of his hand on my leg as he reached the hem. He ran his open palm across the smooth skin on my thighs and round to the globe of my buttock, gently squeezing the soft flesh through the thin fabric of my panties.

I was about to protest again when his mouth closed over mine. The intensity of the kiss took my breath away, and the feeling of his hand on my arse as the other moved around to cup my breast sent sparks to light the fire in my belly. I kissed him back as if my life depended on it, my arms tightly locked around his neck. I felt his hand slip under my top, and cup my naked breast, the nipple already hard pressing against his hand waiting for stimulation. He kissed down my face to my neck and across my cleavage as his fingers gently squeezed and tweaked my nipple. My breath was quickening as I realised his other hand was now inside my pants and slowly moving down to my pussy. Carefully he brought his hand to the front and pushed my legs apart, placing his legs between mine so I could not have put them back together if I had wanted to. His fingers slipped effortlessly down the front of my pants and past where my pubes should have been. For a moment he stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes, a look of extreme approval glistened there with the lust, I just smiled back.

Now his tongue was on my nipples one at a time, the thin T shirt pulled up and over them exposing my delicate chest to the woods around us. I leaned my head back enjoying the feeling of the air hitting the wet skin as he moved from one to the other, gently nibbling and sucking each till it could get no harder. He moved his two fingers in and out of my wet hole leaving his thumb to concentrate on my clit as his kisses lit up my nipples, I held onto him and leaned back against the tree as my orgasm hit, and I bit my lip and tried not to cry out for fear of a passer by hearing me. As the first wave subsided he kissed me on the mouth again, his hand now almost still but still cupping my pussy gently as it throbbed against him. I rubbed my hip against his now rock hard cock, “I want it.” I whispered through his gentle kisses.

He stopped kissing me and removed his hand. I wondered if I had said something wrong, had I offended him in some way…he placed his hands on my shoulders and turned me round so I was now facing the tree. I felt both his hands running up the back of my legs, taking the long fabric with them until the whole back of my skirt was lifted. He then slowly rand his hands back down my legs, taking my delicate white panties with them, when they reached the floor I stepped out of them obediently. Again he lifted the skirt and I felt him press himself against me from behind, planting gentle kisses up and down my neck, with one hand he held me tight around the waist, holding my skirt out of the way, it felt good to have the rough fabric of his jeans pressed up against the soft curve of my bum. And the rough bark of the tree felt strangely erotic against my breasts through my T shirt.

He moved away slightly, but still kept a hold of me, I heard his belt being undone and his zip, and then he moved in close again. This time it was hot skin I felt touching my bum and lower back as one knee came up to part my legs once again. I felt his cock pressing against my skin and I pushed my bum out to rub against it. His kisses on my neck turned into tiny bites and nips as he became more excited, I gasped as the biting stayed just the right side of painful.

I felt him position his cock between my buttocks and he began sliding it through my juices, I could feel it, large and swollen trying to find the way in. The arm around my waist suddenly jutted my backwards, forcing me to bend over slightly from the up right position I had been in, my hands flew out in front of me to stop me falling and gripped the tree trunk. My pert breasts moving inside the T shirt at the sudden movement of my body, and at that moment the full force of his thrust buried his cock to the hilt in my hot pussy. We both gasped as it happened and his grip on me became tighter as his now free hand reached around to play with my tits again. The only thing I could do was hold on to the tree and hope I didn’t fall as the next orgasm hit me suddenly. I was grinding my bum back against him as hard as I could and I threw my head back as I came loudly. My pussy squeezing his cock as I came was too much for him and as I felt him grip my hips and pull me hard against him I felt him cum. A low grunt escaped his mouth as he collapsed against me, once again pinning me to the tree.

There we stayed for a few minutes while we regained our breath. Finally he slipped out of me and allowed my skirt to cover my behind again before kissing me on the forehead and gently leading me back to civilisation.

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