A Wager for a Stranger


Dillan didn’t know the specifics of a gale-force wind, but by the force of this wind, he thought it should have qualified. He wiped the fine film of sand from his clean-shaven face. “Forget it,” he told his companion, who peered up the boardwalk. “It’s a stupid bet. I call it off.”

“What?” Joel said, turning to him. “You can’t do that! You made a deal, man.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t feel so desperate anymore. This wind is bumming me out.”

“Keep your hopes alive, my friend. There’s one coming now.”

Dillan followed his friend’s gaze and saw her, way down the boardwalk, walking slowly towards them.

“It’s definitely female,” Joel said. “I can tell by the sway of the hips.”

“Yeah. And the skirt.”

“You’re going to do it, right? You’re not going to chicken out on me, are you?” Joel pressed.

“Fuck off. You’re lucky I’m a nice guy.”

Joel smiled in his regular way, oblivious of Dillan’s unease. “Just be grateful I understand a hungry cock. And this is a great evening, feel the passion on the wind, all stirred up. Real romantic. Just what this woman likes. Why else would she be walking along the boardwalk right now?”

Admittedly, Joel seemed to have a deeper understanding of a woman’s psyche than Dillan himself did. “Why don’t you get out of here, then? She’ll think we’re planning a gang-rape.”

Joel snickered. “Sure. See you later, dude,” he said and trotted off to his car, parked a short ways away, and left.

Dillan went around to the other side of the nearby tree, for a shield from the wind and sand, his back to the lake. He could bend his head forward slightly and watch her approach. She was slim, at least, and possibly older, but it was impossible to tell from this distance. He thought of Joel’s comment, and wondered why she would be out here in this crazed wind, as another wave crashed on the beach. Maybe she was passionate, maybe she was out and thinking about a fuck.

She wore a wide-brimmed hat, really wide-brimmed, which was mostly flipped up along one side where the wind struck her. It was surprising that she hadn’t lost it yet. Her hand came up and touched it, then fell to her side again. She wore a long, colourful skirt, which was being tugged behind her, like the wind wanted to run off with it, and consequently the curve of her hip was clearly outlined, even the long slender space between the darker lengths of her legs, lit up from the setting sun behind her, and he swallowed. She stopped on the boardwalk, turning slightly, her hand once again on her hat, and she seemed to be surveying the turbulent lake. Would she turn back? Her top and skirt clung to her front under the force of the wind, clearly outlining the roundness of her breast, flatness of her belly, and length of her leg. His cock had lifted to life. He could only hope she continued toward him.

She turned to him, and carried on walking along the boardwalk towards him.

The sun’s shape distorted as it descended towards the distant crest of the lake. It cast a golden band across the water and the beach, straight to me as I paused in my walk up the boardwalk. It felt warm on my skin, its weakened rays still persistent as they passed through the thin cloth of my shirt and skirt. It helped me to think: I had to decide if I would walk all the way to the end of the boardwalk and then beyond, which had been my plan when I prepared to come out. Two men had stood by the trees as I had been walking, their silhouettes tense, like they were having an intense discussion. One of the men suddenly loped off to the slight incline next to the boardwalk, got into a car, and left, while the other man remained by the tree, although behind the trunk. That was when I had stopped to look at the lake and the setting sun.

Should I continue on, or turn back and head home?

I hated the idea of cutting short my walk-time because of a possible threat from someone; I hated to be considered a victim. My arms tensed; I had my martial arts training. I could defend myself. And besides, maybe the fellow was harmless, just out enjoying the windy beach. My steps resumed on the boards, and I looked straight ahead, keeping my neck tall.

The shadow of his head bulged out from the straight line of the tree periodically, as I continued my steps to the end of the boardwalk. My hat brim flipped up, the wind tugged on my long full skirt, pulling it up by the hem, but I held my hand at my hip and extended my fingers to keep the thin fabric down.

Beyond the boardwalk the shadows deepened through a grove of oak trees, then the small forest — a ‘green space’. The oak that the man stood behind was furthest from the forest, and closest to the boardwalk.

He stepped from behind the tree as I approached, and I sucked in my breath through my nostrils. He stood there on the sand and ran a hand through his tousled dark hair.

He was young, probably early 20’s, and very good-looking in an angular way. He wore an over-sized red t-shirt and colourful bathing trunks. His arms and calves were tanned and well-muscled. He turned toward me and gave me a nod. I nodded back, smiling slightly.

“Nice night for a stroll,” he said somewhat hopefully, a twinkle in his dark eyes.

“Yes, escort esenyurt lovely night.”

He smiled and looked down at his feet, a brief moment of a bashful schoolboy. I swallowed and continued past.

The boardwalk ended in a few steps. My apartment was on a street back the other way, at the other end of the boardwalk. A path was worn down through the oak grove and disappeared into the forest. I rarely met other walkers down this far, or in the forest. I heard the young man’s steps on the boards behind me.

I carried on along the path, the ground softer than the boards thus slowing my pace. The cool air of the grass wafted around my ankles, spreading up my legs to my bare bottom, refreshing my freshly-shaved labia. I paused just off from the trail and faced the lake, my legs askance; the fabric of my skirt pushed against my crotch, into my folds, and I was grateful that the thin fabric was patterned with colourful flowers; moisture wouldn’t show as spots.

In my peripheral vision I saw him. He had slowed along the path as he approached. I turned, and made eye-contact. He stopped and smiled, and it was perfectly charming smile.

“Sorry, I –” he started. I waited.

When he didn’t finish, I said, “Is there something you want?”

He smirked and wiped a hand over his smooth face. “Just to get out of the wind. So much sand blowing about.”

My brows drew in. He needed to follow me to tell me this? “There’s still a strong wind here. Maybe in the forest,” I suggested, motioning that way, but not wanting to take my eye off him. (If I’d been a much younger woman, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to.)

“Good idea,” he said, and he kept his brown eyes on me. “Do you know the trail?”

My muscles stiffened. “Yes. It just meanders around, and there’s a trail that goes up to the golf course on top of the hill.”

“So you come here often.” He cleared his throat nervously.

“Well, sometimes,” I said.

“Maybe –” he started, then stopped again abruptly, as though he thought better of finishing his sentence. “I’m… looking for — something,” he said, faltering.

“Good luck, then.”

He smiled mischievously. “I have that already.”

I turned to head back to the trail, ignoring his cockiness, and continued to the shadowy forest. I didn’t have to try to decipher what he meant. If I showed I was strong, he’d be dissuaded from trying to take me by force, if that was his intent.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked from behind me.

“What?!” I exclaimed and spun around. I hadn’t heard his steps on the path. I looked up into his face, and silently cursed him for his impressive appearance. “That’d hardly be wise of me.” My voice sounded hollow in my ears, as I took in his shoulders, his chest, his arms, and his sheer magnetism.

“I promise not to hurt you,” he said softly, and I looked up to his softly curling lips as he spoke; his eyes were tender.

I made a noise in my throat. Sometimes,I heard in my mind, hurting is nice. I gave a nod and started walking again. He fell in behind me.

“But, this thing you’re looking for,” I said.”It’s in the forest? Or was it just shelter from the sandy wind?”

“No, it’s not shelter from the wind. It would be nice if I found it in the forest, but I’ll take it wherever I find it.”

“Speaking in riddles now,” I said. But I didn’t need mental exercises to figure out what he was looking for. By his actions, I gathered he was quite bold and didn’t stop at much; or, he was simply desperate. But with his looks?

“Yes, but you look like the kind of woman who could figure out a riddle.”

My cunt pulsed with a dull ache. I stopped and turned to face him at the trailhead.

“Then, let me figure out your riddle. You perhaps waited for me from behind that tree, you approached me, followed me, stopped near me, asked if I’d show you through the forest… and you’re looking for something, but following me… perhaps you’re looking for…”

But why approach a woman in her 40s for sex?

“What?” he pressed, edging closer.

“I was just thinking, you probably are looking for — looking for –” I knew I shouldn’t be blunt — “a quick release, of a sexual kind. But I could hardly be what you’re looking for.”

His teeth were bright. “Why not?”

“I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“Barely,” he said. His eyes travelled down my body. “But you’re right. I am looking for… a sexual release. How about you?”

“What?!” I said, flabbergasted.

“You wouldn’t be out on a super-windy walk by the beach, smiling and talking it up and agreeing to show me through the woods, if you weren’t looking for something, too, would you?”

He was standing very close to me, just beyond arm’s reach. He appeared athletic, and intelligent. Strange that he mentioned walking in the wind… I hadn’t intended on looking for sex while on this walk, (that was an outlandish idea, although I had fantasized about it), and I had deliberately washed and shaved beforehand, so I could better feel the sensuous force of the wind and the beach, never planning on more than fantasies.

“I don’t know. It hasn’t happened before.”

“I’m not the escort ataköy type to take by force. You don’t have to worry about that.”

My eyebrows shot up. “That’s supposed to put me at ease. Except a rapist wouldn’t keep his word. And look at you. You could over-take me easily.”

“Except I wouldn’t. Unless you asked me to,” he sniggered. “But, honestly,” he pulled the t-shirt up, showing his muscled torso, the underside of the ridge of his pectoral, “you’re right. I am strong enough to over-take you, if I was evil. But I’m not. I love women, and I’m here for your enjoyment.” He pulled the shirt over head.

I felt my eyes tingle as I stared at his sculpted chest. I clumsily untied the ribbons holding down my hat, quickly looked up to his smiling eyes as I pulled it off, and spun around, heading into the forest.

I was out of my mind! I screamed at myself; did I just give him the signal for acceptance of his advance? He is a stranger, I heard sternly. A warm rush spread across my thighs. My cunt pulsed again, reminding me how long it had been since it had been touched by a man. Not that there were none showing interest, only none I’d wanted. But this one, more beautiful and younger by nearly two decades than any other who had made their interests known, was somehow interested in me? Offering me his body for my enjoyment? Who was I to say no? Even if he was half my age? He was so damned gorgeous.

We came to a fork, where a faint path joined the main one. I knew it well and often came this way as a divergence from the city; there was a large rock not far along, sheltered by bushes and trees, where I often went to sit.

“Where are you taking me?” he asked softly behind me. I slowed my pace, until he was just a couple steps behind me.

“Are you afraid?” I asked.

“Not yet,” he said.

There was a crack from up ahead. I stopped abruptly, and he stepped up behind me, stopping against my back; my skin tingled everywhere. He didn’t touch me, but I felt the heat from him on my arms, his presence close to my back. There was no other sound. The rock was just ahead.

We had to step slightly from the trail. “This is a nice spot… to sit,” I said. I started to climb up the rock to its flat crest but my skirt had to be hiked up first.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Help me to get up here, please? We’ve already decided that you’re strong enough.” I held a ball of my skirt and the ribbons of my hat in one hand, lifting a leg to climb up.

He steadied me on his knee, his hands lifting my hips up, then cupped under my ass, causing me to jump lightly to the top. I thought I felt his face against the backs of my thighs, but then I had steadied myself and he climbed up easily. I wiggled over to make space for him.

“It’s a nice spot. Kind of secluded.” He stretched his arms out behind him, muscles rippling across his bare chest.

“Should we tell each other our names?” I asked with trepidation; I wasn’t sure I wanted to know.

“Do you want to?”

My cunt pulsed, feeling hotter. I spread my legs and the fabric lifted from them, allowing some of the breeze to rush up my limbs. I shivered with pleasure, turned on by my complete lack of propriety, my willingness to abandon myself to this stranger.

“No,” I said.

“But, do you want a sexual release, with me, now?” he asked cautiously.

I swallowed and nodded slowly. “All of the above. But only because you are you,” I whispered.

His eyes glimmered in the deepening twilight, like the surface of two dark pools under the moon-light. “Touch me,” he said softly. “Show me you mean it.”

I did. I reached over to him, tracing a line through the thin curling hairs between his pectorals, down his abdomen, swiftly into his navel, continuing down to the waistband of his shorts.

“Will you un-do them?” he asked.

I pulled on the drawstring. “You’ll have to stand.”

He nodded, but remained where he was. “Will you let me touch you now? Gently, I mean. On your leg.”

“Yes,” I said under my breath.

His hand was warm around my ankle. My heart beat strongly. I heard him breathing hard.

“Will you kiss me?” I asked tentatively, my breath catching in my throat.

He bent his head to mine, I stared into his dark eyes. His soft lips touched my cheek, sliding to my mouth, gently over my lips so they parted as I tried to catch my breath. He murmured, “I would kiss you everywhere, if you’d let me.”

“I do,” I said quickly, and gasped.

His hand had moved warmly up my calf, over my knee, the skirt riding up further and further on my thigh.

“You have nice firm legs,” he said admiringly, as his mouth moved over my jaw and down my neck.”You smell wonderful, too.”

I had gone to some pains with my appearance before going out on my walk, leaving off underwear and carefully tying down my hat, but I hadn’t put on any perfume.

“What do I smell like?”

“Like a beautiful, healthy woman,” he said. His lips grazed my shoulder, and he sat up, got to his knees. His trunks slipped along his lean waist. The waistband caught on something, stopping where the hair across his belly dipped into a V.

“Will you escort zeytinburnu help me? They’re stuck.”

I pulled lightly on it, gliding my finger along from the side to the middle, just below his navel, and pulled harder downward. The shorts slid over his muscular thighs, my finger extended out to slide down the long hard shaft of his cock, standing firm with a slight curve. It wavered slightly against my finger, so I curled my hand around it to keep it steady. He groaned deep in his throat.

“Thanks,” he said. “What do you think of your present?”

“My present?”

“Me. What do you think?”

“I think you’re the most beautiful man ever to make a pass at me. You also have guts and style. And incredible good looks.”

He smiled. “I hope you’ll enjoy me, then.”

I stared into his dark eyes, trying to read them, searching for some sign he was lying. “Thank you, whoever you are. And, um, I hope I’ll please you too.”

“So far so good.” He looked down at me, as I continued to hold his cock, moving my hand up to the head, then sliding it back down again. “But I’m basing that strictly on what I’ve seen of you, what I’ve tasted of you, and what I’ve felt of your leg so far. That’s all.”

I released his cock while holding his eyes and started undoing the buttons of my top, then the front clasp of my bra.

“You do want me,” he whispered, sounding very pleased.

I gave a small lurch as my cunt jolted with a strong pulsation. “Um, yes.” I looked across his chest, the tightness of his arms, and at the base of his rippled belly, that beautiful deep tanned cock, the head gleaming from faint light left in the forest.

He touched my hair lightly, tracing a line with his fingertips from my ear to my chin, and lifted my face to look into his eyes again.

“What do you want to do with me first?” he asked.

My throat tensed and I couldn’t utter a word, the reality of what I was doing strangled my sensibilities. I had no more control over them, as long as I continued as I was. And I knew I had no intention of stopping. I shivered involuntarily.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

My voice returned. “Not quite. Are you?”

“A little. But it might be you making me shiver.” He sat back down on the rock, with a hand going to my face. He cupped my jaw gently, his thumb passing over my lips.

“My sweet stranger,” he said softly, “I’m giving myself to you tonight. Will you take me in, and enjoy my gift to you?”

I smiled at his eloquence. “Yes, I just told you,” I said.

He looked at my mouth. “But you still seemed apprehensive. I want to make sure you’re sure.”

I considered this. “I suppose I would have seemed apprehensive… but only because I didn’t want to seem — lecherous.”

He laughed. “I don’t mind. And I’m starving for you. This caginess is more than I’m used to,” he admitted.

“But that’s where all the fun is!” I said. “A mature sexual being will have discovered the trick to prolonging an experience, holding at bay a single sensation –” I had lost count how many years I had held it at bay.

His arm had encircled me and brought me against his hard chest, his mouth kissing my neck with hot damp lips, his hand pushing aside my shirt and bra, briefly exposing my breast to the cool twilight air.

“I’ve got so much to learn. Tell me more,” he murmured against collar-bone. His warm hand slid up from my waist, over my ribcage, inching up around my breast. My breath caught in my throat, my bare nipple tightening in anticipation and exposure-shock. But his mouth lingered above my nipple with his breath warming me.

“Move slowly, savour every moment…” I murmured.

“Like this?” he asked.

“Yes, exactly.” I put my hands over his arms, feeling the young muscles beneath my fingers. “Oh, you’re very nicely shaped. A god in his youthful form, ahh,” I moaned, when his mouth finally descended on my nipple, his tongue teasing it vigorously, his hand gently massaging my breast. I start to lift my leg over his. His hand slipped to my knee.

“Wait. Let me taste you a while. Remember, I said I’d kiss you everywhere. It’ll teach me how to prolong the sensation.” He spread out his t-shirt on the rock and lowered me carefully before warming my skin again with his breath and lips, covering both breasts and my torso. He lifted the hem of my skirt. “It’s time,” he murmured against my pelvis, his breath hot through the fabric. My hips writhed in anticipation. I heard him snigger. “I see it works. I can smell your excitement. Oh, yeah,” he said, the skirt now pulled right up to my hips, the cool air over my bare skin, his finger approaching my labia.

We gasped together when his finger reached its destination. “Oh, sweet stranger, I can’t believe it,” he muttered, chuckling, while lowering his mouth to kiss my cunt. He lifted his head slightly. “I thought at first you had on pale flesh-coloured underwear.” He laughed, then his mouth settled over my cunt and his wonderfully soft lips and tongue began prodding and sucking on it like a creature feeding with growing intensity. I lifted my knees, spreading my thighs wide; his hands tilted me up to better feed his mouth, as a great tingle spread through my cunt and I stifled my cry of ecstasy so it sounded like a deep-throated groan. “Oh you like that,” he breathed against me. “Such a horny stranger. I can’t believe you go out walking like this. Lucky you ran into me.” He pulled his head back and looked at me.

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