A Visit to a Sauna


Occasionally, I like to write fictional gay stories.

An element of non consent in this one.


My first mistake was the visit to the sauna, my second was to accept David’s invitation home, but I was naive, and I’d enjoyed the sex.

I was eighteen, and had struggled with my sexuality, that was until I met an old school friend who had, I suppose, seduced me. Anyway, it had opened me up to another way of life, and a freedom to enjoy the way I was.

It was summer, and I was due to go to uni in a month, and walking through town I passed a sauna. I recognised the name, and knew it was a gay sauna, so when I got home I looked up its website to find out more.

To be brief, I decided to pay a visit.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, not, perhaps, the busiest time of the week, but I was too apprehensive to go in an evening when there were presumably more men there.

Nervously I paid my £10 admission, and was given a towel, and shown where the locker room was. I already had an idea of the facilities from looking at the website. The guy who took my money, and showed me in, was pleasant enough, and I felt a little more relaxed as I began to undress, and put my stuff in a locker.

As I stripped off, an older guy, in his forties, came into the changing room, he was holding a towel, but was naked. I tried not to make eye contact, however he did say “hello.”

Replying “hi,” he said that he hadn’t seen me there before.

“It’s my first time,” I said, and couldn’t help casting a glance at his cock.

“Let me show you round, that’s if you want me to?”

I wasn’t sure, but agreed, and followed him into a lounge area, where there were a couple of much older guys, sitting naked, drinking tea. Both of them looked at me in a sort of leering way, which made me feel slightly uneasy.

David, as I found his name to be, showed me the jacuzzi, the sauna, the steam room, the dungeon, and the three ‘private’ rooms. There were also two more rooms with cheap pvc couches, and seating with tv screens showing male porn.

“I’m going to relax in the jacuzzi, do you want to join me, while you get your bearings?”

David seemed a nice bloke so I agreed, and climbed in beside him.

“Wednesday is never very busy, I come to just use the sauna and jacuzzi, but if something happens then it’s a bonus.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by something happening, but I could guess.

He continued, “A good looking lad like you will be in great demand, you just have to be choosy, don’t be afraid to say no.”

Just as he spoke, a younger guy climbed into the jacuzzi on the other side of me, and smiled.

“There you go,” laughed David.

The guy next to me edged closer, and David was smiling, just waiting to see my reaction.

Suddenly a hand was on my thigh under the water, and I froze.

“Andy, the lad is new, treat him gently.”

The hand slid up my thigh, and gripped my cock.

Andy just said, “Nice, very nice.”

“I’ll leave you two to it, I’m off to the sauna,”

David climbed out, and Andy started to rub my cock. It reacted, of course, and he asked me, “Do you want to go to a room?”

I knew that I’d come to the sauna for sex, and Andy seemed nice enough, so I said, “Yes, ok.”

I found it awkward as I climbed out, because of my erection, but I couldn’t help seeing Andy’s erection too, and it was quite large.

I followed Andy, and we went into the area where three doors to three rooms were. Before we entered the middle one, we dried off on our towels, and then once inside they were discarded.

It was more of a cubicle than a room, essentially a large pvc covered flat bed. In one corner was a tiny table with tissues on, and two boxes, one with sachets of lube, and one with condoms in. Underneath the table was a waste bin, The room was lit with a red light, and there was a dimmer switch on the wall.

Andy immediately kissed me, a wet kiss, and his tongue was straight into my mouth. I could feel his cock up against me, and mine was hard too.

Within a few seconds he was pulling me down on his cock, as he lay back on the ‘bed.’

As I took it in my mouth, he started to push my head downwards, making me gag.

“Slowly,” I managed to say, but he was in a hurry.

I did my best, and I thought I was quite good at blow jobs, but he kept trying to push his cock deeper.

Eventually, this brief liaison came to its conclusion. With a grunt, he started to cum, I took it all, and swallowed it, which seemed to please him, but as soon as he’d finished cumming, he grabbed his towel and left.

I was left confused. He obviously just wanted to ‘get it off,’ and by the time I came out of the cubicle, he had disappeared.

I wandered into the room showing porn, and in there were two guys, sitting next to each other, playing with each other’s cocks. On screen a guy with a most enormous cock was fucking another, while anonymous music played.

From there I decided to try the sauna. I knew from the çankaya escort past I would only be able to take the heat for a short while. I opened the door and there were three guys in there, sitting on the slatted seats on different levels. One of them was David.

He smiled, and somehow he must have sensed that I’d had a ‘non event.’

I’d only been in there for a few minutes, and I had to leave, in order to breathe. David followed me out.

“Did you have fun?”

I shook my head, “He just wanted a blow job.”

David laughed, and sensing my disappointment, grabbed my hand and led me into the same cubicle I’d been in with Andy.

He made me lay down, and he stretched out beside me.

“I’m going to take my time Tom, you’re a sexy lad, and I want you, but I need to know if you want me. Will you let me fuck you? I’ll use a condom, but like I said, just say no if you don’t want to.”

I said nothing, I just nodded, which was enough for David.

“Ok just let me do everything.”

My heart was beating fast as David made me kneel on all fours. I heard him tear open a sachet of lube and then I felt his fingers applying the cold slippery liquid to my ass.

“Just relax,” was all he said, as his fingers worked their way into my ass, first one, then two. All the time he was saying words like, ‘slowly,’ ‘lovely,’ ‘wonderful.’

Then the fingering stopped, and I heard him open the foil covering on a condom. There was the sound of him rolling the condom onto his cock, and he positioned himself immediately behind me.

“I’ll be gentle, just relax,” was all he said.

I felt the head of his cock, against the opening to my ass. I pushed back slightly, but he said, “Wait, let me do it all.”

I heard myself groan very quietly, as David pushed gently.

He had prepared me well. Slowly his cock slid through my sphincter, and edged inside me. He stopped. “Hold it there Tom, don’t move.”

And then he pushed again. We both seemed to gasp at the same time.

“Oh fuck,” I heard him say.

“Oh yes,” he heard me say.

And he was inside, deep inside.

The fucking began…this was very new…and very pleasurable.

I’d been fucked three times before when my old school friend took my virginity. However, David was taking care to make the whole thing something that I would enjoy, and as he slid his cock in and out of me he knew from my moaning that he was giving me pleasure.

We had been fucking for a while when he turned me on my back and raised my legs so that he could fuck me face to face.

In the dim red light I could watch him, but now he was able to not only fuck me, but to wank me as well. We both began to be more and more aroused, and I knew from his expression, and the increase of his intensity, that he was close.

I was first to cum, his constant rubbing of my cock, and the massaging of my prostate could only do one thing. I urgently told him I was cumming, and his grunt of triumph as I spurted up over my stomach, was duly followed by a much louder, prolonged grunt as I felt him start to jerk inside me. It was warm, it was intense, it was so erotic.

Catching his breath, his cock withdrew, and I could see the bulbous end of the condom filled with his spunk. He leaned forward and kissed me.

“Oh my god Tom, thank you, that felt so good, you’re a bloody good fuck.”

I didn’t have a reply, except to smile, and David suggested we go for a tea and a chat. It was the conversation that opened up the next chapter, which might have been so different if I’d declined.

It turned out that David lived relatively close to me, and after revealing how new I was to the ‘scene’ he offered to give me a lift home. I duly accepted, and in the drive back to my house, David mentioned that most Saturdays he had a few friends around to share his hot tub, and to have a ‘bit of fun’ with him and his partner Lewis.

It was the first time he’d told me that he had a partner, and I asked him if his partner minded him going to the sauna and fucking other guys.

David reassured me that they had an open relationship, as long as they both told each other about their meetings.

“I’m sure Lewis will be pleased to meet you if you come on Saturday?”

Again my naivety was on show.

“Yes I’d love to come, do I need to bring anything?”

“No, just yourself, I’m sure my friends will make you very welcome.”

As David dropped me at the end of my road, he told me his address and to arrive about 2.30pm.

Saturday arrived. I had showered, douched, and shaved my pubic area, and used my best aftershave, before setting out for David’s.

It looked like I was last to arrive, and both David and Lewis met me at the front door of the very impressive house. I was surprised that Lewis was quite young, late twenties, tall and black. I felt a bit awkward as both of them were naked, but I was told to use a small study to get undressed, and to join them and the others out in keçiören escort the sunroom where the hot tub was.

I could hear voices laughing and joking, and quickly made my way through into where the voices were.

I was really nervous and self conscious, as I entered the sunroom. In the hot tub were five men, including Lewis, two were in their sixties I guessed, and the two others were in their forties.

“What have you got for us here David?” one of the men shouted out.

I wasn’t sure how that was meant, but it didn’t settle my nerves. What did help me was the beaker of beer that David thrust into my hand. Everyone seemed to be drinking, and having taken a deep gulp, I was invited into the tub.

I sat between one of the sixty year olds, and one of the forty year olds. Both of them got closer to me as I settled into the bubbling water.

At first the conversation was jokey. All of them must have been regulars at these ‘get togethers’ as they were all on first name terms. I was quiet for some time, just listening, and wondering about some of the comments that referred to me as their ‘special guest,’ and their ‘new boy.’

However, my beer was taking effect, it must have been quite strong, because usually I could take it.

Occasionally one of the guys would leave the tub to replenish their drink, or just dry off and chill. I was fascinated by their various cocks, I couldn’t help sneaking a look.

One of the younger men had a very large one, as did Lewis, and I wondered how it would feel sucking it.

My second beer really made my head whirl, was it strong Belgian beer, I wondered?

David had disappeared briefly, but returned, strangely, with a pack of cards in his hand.

There was a huge cheer, and whooping continued, until David started to speak.

“As we can see, we have a new boy on the block, Tom, who I met in the week at ‘Astras.’ I invited him today, and I hope he will join in with our lottery.

It appeared that I was going to be the ‘prize!’ My ass was going to the person who drew the highest card. My invitation to this Saturday afternoon gathering was now clear.

In retrospect I should have tried to leave then, but the beer, the testosterone, the unknown, my curiosity made me stay.

To much cheering the cards were drawn.

One of the younger guys drew the king of clubs, which was highest. Much banter followed, and he was soon drying himself off, and getting me to do the same.

Next to the sunroom was a lounge. Neil, that was his name, led me there. I could tell that he was excited because his cock had stiffened.

“Steve wants to come and watch.”

I’d already deduced that Steve was his partner. I shrugged, because I was not getting a choice that afternoon.

The lounge had a number of sofas and chairs, and a tv on the wall was playing porn. I say porn, it was an amateur video playing, and it showed Lewis fucking the ass of a young lad, about my age. I was so taken with watching the screen that when Neil grabbed my cock, I sighed, and my concentration turned to Neil.

He wanted me to suck him so I got to my knees and took him in my mouth. I was still learning how to give blow jobs, but the purpose of this one was to make him hard so that he could fuck me. As I achieved that goal Steve came in and sat back in an armchair opposite.

“Fuck him over the back of the sofa,” Steve seemed to want to give instructions.

Neil didn’t reply, but seemed to agree, because he pulled me to my feet and turned me to face the sofa. He ran his hands up and down my back, seemingly wanting to feel my muscles, and then when he reached my ass he spent a long time squeezing, and stroking my buttocks.

Eventually he grabbed one of the tubes of lube from a side table, and pushing me forward until I was over the back of the sofa, told me to, “spread your legs.”

His fingers worked the lube into my crack, and first one finger, then two, began to open me up. I saw Steve smiling from his armchair, and watched him slowly stroking his own cock to erection. Fascinated by its size, it was very large, my thoughts were concentrated when I suddenly felt Neil’s cock probing my ass.

Stupidly I really hadn’t heard him put on any condom, and in a sudden thrust he was inside me.

“Fuck,” I must have been heard outside, I felt momentary pain, and then panic.

“You wearing something?” I cried out.

“Don’t worry, I’m safe,” was Neil’s reply, as he started to fuck me.

With the alcohol having its effect, and the feeling of being fucked once more, it was a heady mix. Neil thrust away, and my arms were supporting me stretching downwards on the seat of the sofa.

Steve was still stroking his cock which seemed even longer and thicker. In the background was the laughter and voices coming from the hot tub.

“Fucking hell you have a nice ass,” grunted Neil, “its as tight as fuck.”

I was enjoying it as much as him, and rather sooner than I anticipated etimesgut escort he started to cum. Without warning, he gasped, and I felt his cock suddenly swell, and there was a warm sensation inside me. I flushed at the thought of him not wearing a condom, but as he slipped out of me I just wanted to stand up from my awkward position.

“Don’t move,” was the command from Steve, “I’m gonna fuck you now.”

Before I could move he had got out of the armchair, taken three strides across the room, and grabbed my neck from behind, forcing me back down over the sofa.

“You want a big cock? Now you’re gonna get one.”

“Oh fuck, be careful, fucking hell, put something on please.” I pleaded.

Steve snorted, and laughed disdainfully.

My ass was dribbling from Neil’s spunk, and when Steve used his hand to rub some of that spunk on the head of his cock, I gritted my teeth for what was coming.

To his credit Steve went slowly. As he entered my ass, I exhaled and groaned quietly. He just moaned with pleasure. “Oh what a tight pussy,” was all he said.

Slowly he fucked me both deep, and for what seemed like ages. Neil had come round the sofa, and sat down, and was right up close to me. As I was being fucked, he put one arm over the back of the sofa beside me, and reached underneath to grab my cock.

With both my cock being wanked, and my ass absolutely full of cock, I was blissfully enjoying the pleasure.

When it came time for Steve to cum, I was ready too. I told Neil, “You’re gonna make me cum.”

It seemed to prompt Steve because he suddenly thrust deep, and held his cock right inside me. I started to jerk, and the muscles making me ejaculate took Steve over the edge. His cock seemed to get even bigger, and everyone heard him yell out, “I’m cumming!”

How much spunk shot inside me, I didn’t know, until after many seconds he slowly withdrew it.

The others from the hot tub were by now watching events from the doorway. They clearly saw my sphincter muscles contracting and the slow ejection of both Steve and Neil’s semen as it ran down my inner thighs, and started to dribble in drops onto the carpet.

A little patter of applause sounded out, and I said, “Oh god, someone help me up.”

It was David who came to my rescue, and taking my arm helped me back to the hot tub, where I welcomed the soothing effect of the bubbles.

The afternoon was unexpected as it turned out, but I was glowing in the experience of having two guys in quick succession. All the guys had piled back into the water, and everyone seemed anxious to congratulate me.

“David, that’s the best one you’ve found for us,” Steve said happily.

“Yes, the lottery came up trumps,” added Neil.

One of the older guys leaned forward and said. quietly to David, “Do you think he could manage us as well?”

A huge cheer went up, and all eyes looked towards me.

“Look fellas, I’ve fucked two of you, my ass is throbbing, I don’t think I could do that.”

Steve was first to comment, “I think double or quits. Derek and George pick a card, then Tom, the highest wins.”

They could see that I looked dubious, but pressure won. David got the pack of cards, and Derek took the first one from the fan. It was the five of hearts.

Derek looked downcast, it seemed the odds were in my favour.

His expression rapidly changed when I drew the three of spades.

A whoop of triumph went up from everyone.

“You get fucked again,” Steve proclaimed.

I never was lucky at raffles or draws, but I wasn’t going to argue. Both Derek and George stood up in the hot tub immediately, keen to have their fun. I followed, and when I’d dried off, I found them both in the lounge.

They were lovely old guys, but finding them with their erections, ready to fuck me, focussed my mind.

Within a few minutes George had got me sucking his cock as he lay back on one of the sofas. His cock wasn’t massive but quite thick. As I bent over him Derek was ready to fuck me. He applied some lube, and worked his cock into my ass.

Both of my holes were full, and Derek humping me, shoving me forward and back, made me gag on George’s cock. When I got the first squirt of spunk in my mouth, I swallowed it straight away, then as he continued shooting the semen it spilled over my lips and down my chin.

I remember lifting my head, and drops of spunk dribbling onto his thighs, and then just the pulsing of a cock inside me.

The afternoon came to a close, when Steve, Neil, George, and Derek, said their goodbyes, and I was left relaxing my tired body in the hot tub. David and Lewis joined me, and we chatted about how I’d enjoyed my first gangbang. David apologised for his deception in how it had happened, but I said that I had needed that experience, and that I didn’t blame him.

The whole afternoon Lewis had not taken part in any of the fun, although I asked him about the amateur video that had been ‘looped’ on the tv screens.

He told me that occasionally guys had wanted videos of themselves performing, and that he was pleased to oblige, and edit them afterwards. David liked to watch him on them, and it aroused him before they had sex.

“If you want, I can arrange something with you.” His eyes flashed, and I couldn’t help smiling.

“Maybe another time, but I loved what you were doing!”

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