A Tongue Toy


“Don’t move a muscle. Just keep that tongue out there for me” I am commanded.

I hold my tongue out against my wife’s pussy but don’t move at all. I know what I am supposed to be, her tongue dildo. A dildo like toy for oral self pleasuring. Does a dildo worry about its pleasure? No, it is there to be used as designed. I am now simply a sex toy tongue to be enjoyed.

I hold my tongue lightly against her pussy, not moving a single muscle. I know that I am not even allowed to touch her body with my hands. I am a tongue. I am only a tongue.

Twenty minutes go by before she begins slowly rubbing herself against my tongue. All the while I am waiting I can smell her getting hornier and hornier and feel her getting wetter and wetter.

She starts out by moving slowly up and down my face. I know better than to help or otherwise move. The desire to start licking is overwhelming. I so badly want to start eating her out but like a good sex toy I know my place and allow myself to be used.

“Oh god! That feels so good.”

I am wise enough not to remove my tongue to speak in return.

The slow movement of her pussy against my face becomes a bit less slow and a bit more extreme. She is now rubbing herself so far up and down that I have pussy juices from my forehead to my chin. Apparently my nose is perfectly hitting her G-spot as she spends quite a bit of time smothering it. It is awkward breathing with a pussy covering my nose. Still, I keep my tongue out and let her enjoy herself. I am here for her pleasure only. Mine is obtained through pleasuring her.

“Oh, fuck!”

She grabs my head and holds it tight to her pussy while grinding up and down my face and clearly having powerful anal seks hikayeleri orgasm after orgasm.

“Lick me!”

Finally I am allowed to participate. I eagerly begin licking and sucking her delicious pussy. It takes absolutely no time at all to send her over the final edge. Her thighs nearly pop my skull when she has her final orgasm.


She holds my head tight between her legs for some time while coming down from her high. Her breath is fast and full like a runner who has just finished a race.

“Oh my god. That was wonderful honey. I feel so relaxed,” she tells me when she regains the power of speech. She finally releases my head from her clutches.

I move up her body and begin sucking on her nipples. I am so horny I can hardly contain myself. My cock is painfully tight in it’s chastity cage and I am afraid I might burst a blood vessel.

“Ok, ok. It looks like you have some pent up energy you need to burn off and I want to relax for a bit. Go get the cards.”

The cards. My wife had a hard time often coming up with chores for me so I came up with this idea for her. Anytime I notice a bigger cleaning project that needs to be done around the house I have to put it on a 3×5 card. You know, things like cleaning out the cupboards. Wiping down the baseboards. Cleaning the car etc… Some of them are one-offs while others stay in the regular rotation.

When my wife wants to send me away with a chore she can just pull a random card, send me on my way, and won’t have to think too much about it. Sometimes, like when she wants to read alone in bed before being pleasured, she sends me off with a card before I’m allowed to come to the bedroom. Other times, like tonight, she sends me away after pleasuring her so that I will quit pawing her for a while.

If the time ever came when I was out of cards, well lets just say that it’s cold when you are alone naked outside all night.

“Clean out the fridge it says,” she reads to me with delight. “Well, off with you now.”

I meekly head down to the kitchen to begin my cleaning duties but first there is a dress code when cleaning in our house. I must put on the maids uniform, that my wife so thoughtfully hand made for me, before beginning any chores. The uniform comes complete with heels, stockings, frilly panties and a very tight corset.

Once all dressed up I begin my cleaning. It might seem weird but I end up with a mixed feeling of horniness and submission when I am cleaning for my wife. I had just finished emptying out the fridge and had just started wiping the inside when I notice my wife standing in the door way staring at me. She is dressed again in tight jeans and a tee shirt and is sporting a large harness and strap on dildo.

“The sound of you cleaning down here turned me back on. You look so sexy cleaning out that fridge I think that I’ll fuck you in it. Drop your panties.”

I quickly comply and hand her the frilly panties. She balls them up and shoves them into my mouth.

“Stick your head in there and spread those legs.”

I comply with a mixture of dread and lust.

I am lying on the crisper drawer with my legs spread, panties in my mouth, when my wife starts dripping lube on my crack.

“I love fucking you while you slave away for me” she tells me. “I want you to keep cleaning while I am fucking you. Keep wiping out that fridge and don’t stop.”

She begins thrusting herself inside me while I try to keep wiping the walls of the fridge.

The feeling of the dildo sliding in and out of me feels good and I can’t help but moan.

I used to find little pleasure from being penetrated. I simply went along as my wife enjoyed fucking me and I enjoyed pleasing my wife. But now that I haven’t had an orgasm via penile stimulation in many months the stimulation is desperately wanted.

You see, since we began this year of chastity it is rare that any sexual attention is directed at me. When we first started out, my wife was worried that I needed to orgasm every once in a while for health reasons and so the cage would come off and we would have regular sex. Or at least as close as I could give her with my very short trigger.

But then one day my body betrayed me. I was incredibly aroused while pleasuring her and I came while still locked in the cage.

“Ohh! Well, I guess the cage doesn’t have to come off for you to cum,” she exclaimed with delight that day. “That’s good to know.” And from that day forward, any orgasm I experienced was with my dick fully locked away.

“Oh, you love it do you?” she says while thrusting the dildo in and out of my rear end. She grabs my head and holds it firmly down against the crisper drawer as she begins thrusting slower but deeper into me.

“Cum for me slut!” she yells while gently slapping my face. I need little more incentive and I explode all over the front of the freezer drawer.

“Looks like you have something to lick up.” she says as she pulls the panties from my mouth.

“Well, finish up down here and then come back to bed. Don’t forget that you are cleaning Emily’s house again tomorrow and making us brunch.”

She gives me a sharp slap on my ass before heading back up to the bedroom.

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