A Tale Of Survival: Chapter 4


Five a.m., the alarm is blaring, and Jeanie reaches up to shut it off. She raises up on an elbow, studying the face of the sleeping man next to her. She leans down and places a soft kiss on his lips, holding it ’til his eyes open and he slips his arm under her and pulls her on top of him. She kisses him again and reaches down to push his hard cock between her thighs. “No time for that right now, though I hate to leave it in that condition.” He grins mischievously and bites her chin gently, “How about if I go real fast, maybe that will work.” “How about you go pee, and it will probably behave until we get off this evening?” Jake frowns, “Well, spoil sport, since it takes two to tango, you want the shower first and I’ll make coffee? Or um… damn! You sure we don’t have time?” She bursts out laughing, “I created a monster – go shower and I’ll make coffee and get Cassie’s things ready to go. If we hurry we can eat at the cafe.” She kisses him again and pushes his hands off her ass cheeks and rolls out of bed. Twenty minutes after five and they walk out of the house. Jake, carrying Cassie, says, “We can take my truck and save some time, I’ll go buy a car seat this afternoon.” “Are you sure that thing will run that far? I mean, after all it is four blocks over there.” says Jeanie, wrinkling her nose. Jake pretends to cry and Cassie looks sternly at mom, putting her little hands on both his cheeks. Jeanie rolls her eyes, “Don’t worry Cass, Jakey is just being a butt, trying to get his way.” She opens the passenger door, cringing upon hearing the old hinges creak and screech. Shaking her head, she climbs into the pasenger seat and Jake hands Cassie in to her and slams the door, grimacing as the door bounces back open. He says something in Spanish and Jeanie scowls at him. “That couldn’t have been anything nice; get in and take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay, hun. Now drive please, I’m hungry.” After dropping Cassie off they walk into the cafe twenty minutes early and Jan brings them coffee. “Good morning, you two. Jeanie, I have your pancakes ready, Jake what can I get for you?” Jake smiles, “Good morning Jan, pancakes sounds good to me as well. Thank you.” Jan stops and turns back, looking intently at Jeanie and then Jake. “You two seem awfully bright eyed this morning, bursa escort I must be missing something.” Irene slides into the booth across from them. “Hell, Jan, that’s easy; look at her hair and the red marks on her neck. She has the typical well-sexed look.” Jeanie snarls back, “What’s wrong with my hair, Irene? And there aren’t any red marks on my neck… right, Jake? And the answer better be no, mister.” Jan walks away smiling as Irene grins, “Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie, the two of you might as well have a sign on your forehead: ‘I have just been fucked, and it was great’.” Jake frowns and looks down at the table, “Um, Jeanie would you let me out please, I have to use the bathroom.” Jeanie snaps at him, “No, by God, if I have to listen to this twit run off at the mouth, so do you. I don’t care if you pee your panties, Jakey.” Irene grins, “Jakey? Oh my – hey, Jan, this is ‘Jakey’ from now on. And he’s wearing panties. Ahh, yes, you two kids have a nice day now, and keep smiling.” Jeanie watches Irene get up to leave, and whispers, “Bitch,” loud enough for Jan to hear as she sets their breakfast on the table. Jeanie looks down at her pancakes to find a smiley face made out of chocolate syrup looking back at her. Jan says,”Gotcha!” and walks back into the kitchen. Jeanie elbows Jake in the ribs. “Not one word, mister, not even one.” The breakfast crowd is in, and Irene is busy waiting on customers. Jan is assisting her when she isn’t busy taking money. Jeanie has all the meat dishes on the warmer, and she and Jake make up the serving plates. Jeanie delivers meals to the tables to help Irene, and busses tables to help out. She brings out three plates to a table. Judith, one of the regular customers that has finished her meal, stops her. “Jeanie, you need to nail that new cook to the floor back there; breakfast was excellent.” Jake brings a meal out to a table, and Judith’s eyes brighten and she turns to her companion, “Holy shit, Molly, look at that.” Jeanie turns to see what Judith has seen and Jake looks over at her and winks. Molly ogles Jake, and then says to Jeanie, “Yummy yum, Jeanie, you need to put him on the menu.” The two women watch Jake as he walks back to the kitchen, then they go up front to pay. At the register, Judith tells Jan, “There will be four bursa escort bayan of us coming in for lunch, Jan; can we make a request?” Jan looks at her with raised brows, “Sure, you can make it and we’ll do our best to make it happen, but no guarantees on that. Lunch time is a little hectic in here. What is it you want?” Molly rolls her eyes and blinks several times. “We would like to have that hunk you have cooking back there to wait on us at lunch. We would like to have him served with a bowl of gravy so we can dip him.” Judith grins, “When I saw him come out of the kitchen, I thought maybe you had started selling candy.” Jan takes a deep breath and shakes her head, “Well ladies, since we started getting customers in this morning – females in particular – I have a list made up for exactly that item. His name is Jake, and he isn’t married – but I have to warn all of you, if he comes up with teeth marks on his tender body, Jeanie will be kicking ass and taking names. That’s a word to the wise, girls. Oh, and one more thing; he’s living with Jeanie. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find another like him and auction him off.” “Dammit, I knew there was a reason that I hated Jeanie, that and the fact that she is so friggin’ pretty and has a nice ass and pretty boobs. Oh well, Jan, hold our seats for us, we’ll enjoy the show anyway.” As lunch time comes and the place fills Jan notices there is a more than ordinary crowd of women setting close to the kitchen. She watches Jake come out behind Irene carrying several plates of food and all the female eyes seem to be glued on him. As he turns to go back into the kitchen, there is a round of applause and many female voices saying, “Hi Jake, hello Jake,” and a few wolf whistles from the ladies. Jake looks around with a puzzled look on his face, and Jan says to Jeanie, “Girl, you better get out there and mark your territory before he gets kidnapped.” Jeanie blushes, then says, “You’re the boss.” She walks up to Jake, grabs his shirt front and pulls him down and kisses him on the lips with a slight hint of tongue. Jake’s eyes fly open and he looks around, only to have Jeanie take him by the hand and lead him back to the kitchen. She looks up into his eyes and then snarls only half-kiddingly, “Now, stay in here before I escort bursa have to go out there and scratch some eyes out!” After the crowd has mostly gone back to work Jan walks back to the kitchen to find Jake starting to clean up. She watches him for a bit then says, “Jake, you wouldn’t happen to have any brothers would you?” Jake looks around at her. “No, Jan, no brothers – but I have three sisters in Mexico.” “Well then, would you mind waiting tables from now on wearing only a thong, just for lunches? I have a list of ladies that asked if I would rent you to them for an afternoon.” Jake blushes, “Nope, sorry, Jan. One of those crazy ladies pinched my ass out there awhile ago and stuck five dollars in my pocket. I’m probably bruised for life. Maybe I better stick to cooking.” With everything cleaned up, Jan locks the door and turns to Jake. “Well, you made the first day Jake; what did you think of it?” Jake grins, “It was certainly different, but a lot more fun than Aurello’s – and I’m definitely going to stick around, if for nothing else than to see what you crazy ladies will come up with tomorrow.” Jeanie laughs, “Well, I’m glad it was fun for you, but I’m thinking about putting a collar on you and cast-iron shorts to keep you from getting pinched.” Irene says, “I might take it a little bit easier on everybody tomorrow, it depends on my mood when I get here.” Jake looks at her. “What do you do, Irene? Roll the dice to see what kind of mood you’re in?” “Awww, Jakey – do me a favor and wear your pink panties tomorrow, okay, baby?” She laughs and walks away down the street. Jan smiles, “That is one crazy lady there. I’m giving you guys a heads-up; Jeanie, I’m going to start looking for another cook and another waitress tomorrow, this stuff of running ourselves to death isn’t going to cut it anymore. I’m so tired when I leave here sometimes that I can’t remember where my house is. See ya in the morning.” Jeanie opens her cell phone and calls Jennifer, “Hi, Jenn, would you mind watching Cassie for a couple more hours? I’ll pay you overtime.” Jennifer’s voice is sharp. “You’ll do nothing of the kind, Jeanie; I told you before that Cassie and I have lots of fun. You need to take that young man of yours and buy him some clothes, he looked like a bum this morning. You go on now, and don’t worry about Cassie.” “Okay, Jennifer, thanks – and we won’t be too long.” Jake looks at her. “Where are we going? I was kinda looking forward to getting you home.” “I’m looking forward to that also, but we have things to take care of first.

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