A Story with Emotional Depth Ch. 03


Lauren had decided to go to college in California, which meant that we would have to break up in July or August. Both of us were really sad since if she didn’t have to move, we would probably still be together now and for years to come. We still keep in regular contact, but I’m not going to California anytime soon so no relationship. It’s also confusing right now because sometimes I develop feelings for people that I actually see on a regular basis, but I still care deeply about Lauren. We told each other that if we find someone else to just go for it, which we both have, but those are different stories.

Anyway, we were both spending as much time together as we could before she left. We had planned to go out clubbing and then have her spend the night at my house on the second to last day before she left. We wanted to show the whole world that we were each other’s while we still were. PDA is nice in moderation and if it’s not in front of friends. People who make out with each other in front of their friends are so inconsiderate; it’s one of my pet peeves. But we were planning on dancing with each other in front of strangers, so I didn’t feel guilty. I love dancing. There’s something so erotic about how some beats sound. I guess that’s one of the reasons I sort of enjoyed myself when I did an impromptu strip show at one party (read “Stripping Isn’t So Bad” if you want to read about it).

She came over to my house and we got ready there. We showered and shaved everything, making ourselves smell and feel nice. I dressed in a very, very small, creamy white, almost sheer ribbed tube top and brown miniskirt. If you looked sort of hard, you could see my nipples through it. The top started right above my nipples, and ended just above my belly button. My strappy 4 inch heel black sandals and a pair of silver hoop earrings completed my outfit. Not wanting to be outdone, she put on a lacy black spaghetti strap top that showed her boobs almost down to her nipples and left part of her midriff bare. She topped it off with a black miniskirt and 3 ½ inch black heels. She hadn’t put her hair in the usual ponytail and left it flowing over her shoulders, coming to about mid-boob. When she asked me how she looked I said, “Hot! Good enough to eat.”

She said, “Maybe later,” and kissed me on the lips quickly before applying her makeup.

We went to a dance club, finding that Anadolu Yakası Escort the line was almost a block long. We went up to a group of four or five guys near the front of the line and flirted with them until it was our turn to go in. As we walked in, Lauren and I went straight to the bar and ordered water, ditching the guys. Neither of us wanted to be drunk on our last night together, and she had to drive anyway.

We started dancing, finding a not too crowded spot on the dance floor where we could move around. She looked so sexy, the colored lights flashing over her and the dry ice machine making it seem like she was an angel on a cloud. An angel dressed in a miniskirt and heels, shaking her ass to some rap song. We were dancing so that it was obvious we were dancing with each other, but not close enough so that we were touching. We still got a lot of looks, from men and women.

The song “Just a Lil’ Bit” by 50 cent came on. We both like this song and we instinctively moved closer until our hips were bumping against each other, then separating for a second before touching again. I was deliberately leaning back so that our breasts wouldn’t touch and the only contact our bodies had would be our hips. People were outright staring now, watching us dance together. We pressed our bodies together and I wrapped my arms around her neck, grinding our hips in time to the beat. Her hands came up to rest on my hips and she pulled me in even harder, rubbing her pussy against mine through our clothing.

I slipped my thigh between her legs and started grinding against her thigh, rubbing my pussy up and down while my hands ran along her sides. She did the same to me, then whispered in my ear, “People are pointing at us. Behind you.” I turned my head and looked them straight in the eye. Some group of guys stared back and I looked away without smiling, but told Lauren to cup my ass with her hands to put on a little show. She did, squeezing and kneading my cheeks lightly.

I heard the song “Tell Me” by Bobby Valentino start playing and I lost myself in the beat and in Lauren. Her arms went around my neck this time and our bodies rubbed and ground against each other to the rhythm of the song. I could feel her pushing her breasts into mine and her nipples pressing into my breasts. Since we were dancing, our nipples would rub together Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan and soon it was obvious to anybody watching (and that was like half the club) that we were turning each other on. Our nipples were straining against our tops and my black silk thong was getting pretty wet.

I decided that I wanted to know if she was wet too so I pulled my body away a little and slipped my finger into her thong quickly, before taking it out and revealing that my finger was glistening with her juices. I said in her ear, “Someone’s a little wet,” and smeared her juices over her lips with my finger. I had totally forgotten about anybody else at this point.

She licked her lips, then said, “I bet you are too.” She didn’t need to check, though, since I lifted our skirts up a little and started grinding against her thigh again. Without the skirts between us, my panty-covered pussy was rubbing directly against her thigh. I was wet enough so that I spread some of my juices over her thigh. She did the same to me, and soon both our thighs were sticky with the other’s juices. We were starting to breathe harder through our mouths and we were covered in a very light layer of sweat.

Our faces were inches apart and she looked at me and said in a voice that was both husky with desire and at the same time kind of tearful, “This is the last time we’ll ever dance together.”

I said, “Let’s not talk about it,” and leaned in so our mouths were almost touching, but not quite. We instinctively opened our mouths wider but still we didn’t move forward that last couple millimeters. I said into her mouth, “Stick out your tongue.” She did and I slowly took her tongue in my mouth, sucking on it. We started grinding our hips a little more violently as I felt a new rush of wetness coming on. I stuck out my tongue so that our tongues were caressing each other’s, but outside our mouths. We both leaned in closer and started kissing normally, her arms wrapping around my head and her hands playing with my hair.

We went on like this for God knows how long, but suddenly she pulled back and separated herself from me. I was confused, but she said, “I have to have you. Now,” and took me by the hand and led me out of the club past all the people staring wide-eyed. I was flushed and out of breath, but managed to walk out as dignified as possible Escort Anadolu Yakası considering there was a trickle of my juices running down my thigh that I thought everybody must be seeing.

We walked as fast as we could with our heels to the car. A car ride has never been that long. It felt longer than that time when I drove from Washington state to Wisconsin. Don’t ask me what I was doing in Wisconsin, since I sure as hell don’t know. It’s a long story.

We finally got to the house and I fumbled with the house keys, trying to find the right one as Lauren came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist, kissing the back of my neck. I finally found the key and I opened the door, stumbling inside before Lauren closed the door and shoved me against the wall, kissing me hard. I was afraid somebody might be in the kitchen or something but the house was silent. We alternated between trying to get to my bedroom and making out, finally getting to our destination and tearing off all our clothes. We left the shoes on since it would take too long to take them off. I don’t really like having sex with shoes on, but I was too turned on to care right then.

Lauren was being more aggressive than usual. She pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me, grinding her literally dripping pussy on my hipbone. I spread my legs wider and she moved between them, pushing our clits together. She rubbed at a frenzied pace, making the bed bang against the wall. That doesn’t happen very often with lesbians.

The room was filled with the sounds of moaning and a soft, wet squishing sound. Our moans got louder and louder until Lauren cried out and pretty much pounded her hips onto mine as her muscles started clenching. This sent me over the edge, my hips bucking against hers and increasing the friction.

We slowed down our pace and eventually stopped, trying to get our breathing under control. We made love slowly for the rest of the night, enjoying the feel of each other while we still could. I never wanted to stop, but eventually the sun rose and she had to leave to pack and get ready. We sat naked on the bed for a while, crying into each other’s necks and stroking each other’s faces. We told each other several times how much we loved each other, and how we’ll never forget each other. Hearing that never got old, especially since it came from her.

She left the next day, looking back at me as often as she could while she was standing in line to get her carry on bags checked. When she was cleared, she turned around and stood there, just looking at me. I think she was trying to burn that image into her brain. She blew me a kiss and turned around, walking around a corner and out of sight.

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