A Spicy Romance Ch. 01


In this story, the narrator breaks from Vivian (from Vivian Ch. 01- 04) and begins dating another woman. It includes romantic and some mild kinky themes. Suggest you read Vivian Ch. 04 in order to better understand the characters in this story. Thanks.

It was the Tuesday evening after I ended role-play the prior weekend with an irate outburst at Vivian.

I had processed the recent date and decided to pause, probably permanently, not only role-play activities, but my entire relationship with Vivian. Her severe discipline, incessant email demands, expectations and extreme controlling nature were too much for me. She was dominating my weekend activities, issuing edicts in weekly emails about what we would do and where and when we would do it. It no longer excited me, but rather was like a job- a bad job.

My decision to break from her felt liberating, a breath of fresh air. I found myself thinking about and wanting to pursue her friend Wang. She was attractive and seemed kinder and more considerate. During the prior weekend’s kinky activities, when Vivian was being rather cruel, Wang declined to pile on, despite Vivian’s entreaties. And Wang was unconditionally apologetic for her role in one of the scenes about which I later vented to the two women. And yes, there was Wang’s younger appearance and slender physique and curves. That didn’t hurt.

I texted Wang, and told her I was thinking about her, suggesting swim lessons and dinner for the upcoming Friday night. Just she and I. Wang texted back within an hour, and was “interested in a swim date and more”. But she wanted to know my status with Vivian, weren’t we a couple?

We texted twice more at work the next day, and agreed to talk that evening. The topic of Vivian needed to be handled delicately, in a conversation, as she was an acquaintance of Wang’s.

When I called Wang in the evening, there was some light banter and we chatted about our work weeks. She was anxious about a demanding client, and I was able to share how I approached difficult people at work. She seemed appreciative.

I then broached the topic of Vivian.

“So I wanted to talk with you about Friday night, but first let you know my situation with Vivian. I mulled it over and realized I have too many issues with how she has handled our role-play. I have warned her about my concerns, and she listens but ultimately is dismissive and unresponsive.

“I am ending role-play and my current relationship with her. Will be taking a break from her for a few months, and hope to be friends after that, if she’s interested. I plan to meet her for coffee this weekend, and let her know. So please keep this to yourself.

“Honestly, since Sunday, when I have had time, am thinking of you, am attracted to you, and want to get to know you better. So I guess I need to hear from you, Miss.”

“Thank you Kevin, that’s really nice to hear. Was glad when we exchanged business cards and numbers last weekend, so yes for Friday night! A swim and dinner, yes!” Wang’s tone was warm, she was clearly interested.

“But I’m worried about Vivian. She was upset at you after you left her place last weekend, but mostly at herself for overdoing it, especially the spankings.”

Wang continued and I let her finish. I told her I would call Vivian’s best friend Li after I met with Vivian. “Li will be there for her if she is upset.

“Vivian is an adult, and is responsible for her actions. It’s just not working for me anymore with her.”

Wang interjected, agreeing that she was not our responsibility.

It was time to move the conversation. “So let’s plan our date for Friday.” We agreed to meet at my club pool, and then do Thai dinner at a local restaurant.

As I drove to the pool on Friday evening, I was excited, happy to be free of Vivian and her increasingly extreme version of role-playing. Meeting with Wang in front of the club, I greeted her and gave her a guest pass. We headed to the pool, and met there after changing.

Wang looked sexy in a black bikini with gold trim, displaying her curves, flat stomach and long legs. I wore my smallest swimsuit, a pair of blue speedo briefs that covered the essentials and not much else. We traded compliments while I adjusted a pair of goggles for her.

“And Wang, I brought you a swim cap to protect your hair from the chlorine.”

“Thank you Kevin, that’s thoughtful, guess you’re my swim guardian and instructor.”

“Maybe, but those goggles are Speedo Vanquisher, worn by many elite swimmers, so there are expectations,” I teased. “Let’s splash and swim for a few minutes, then…”

“I want the lesson you promised,” Wang interrupted, finishing my sentence.

I swam a few strokes and came back to her in the shallow end. As I assisted with her leaking goggles, she was splashing at me and flirting. Handing her goggles back, I leaned in and kissed her. “Okay, time for the lesson. Don’t take those off please.”

Wang did a practice swim and I watched, standing behind her, showing her how to move her amasya seks hikayeleri arm and elbow correctly. While doing this, our hips moved closer together, touching during parts of the instruction. I put my arms around Wang’s waist, gently turned her, and we shared a wet kiss.

“Is this part of your regular lessons, Kevin?” Wang played.

“Umm, sorry, just got distracted by you in that suit.”

We slowly swam to the other end, with me observing her, offering tips. Reaching the deeper end of the pool, we each held on to the swim wall. “This is nice, peaceful. Are you good with this?”

There was a thumbs up from Wang. I moved my head closer to her, and we kissed again, this time a long, wet one, tongues playing.

“Mmm, Kevin, I like!”

It was evident there was mutual physical attraction happening between the two of us. And I wanted more of it.

Wang walked to the other end and practiced her swimming, while I did a few laps, then joined her. We had the pool to ourselves.

It was time to go eat food. After changing, we drove together to the restaurant, were quickly seated and received our drinks.

“To a relaxing Friday evening,” I offered, and we raised our glasses in a toast.

Wang was wearing a sexy pair of low rise designer jeans, and a slightly transparent white blouse opened to just above a dark bra. She had flawless, wrinkle free skin, dark engaging brown eyes, full lips and her makeup was tasteful. She looked stunning.

Trying to make a good impression, I wore my only pair of designer jeans, and a button down stylish, (I hoped), grey shirt.

“Wang, you look really good.”

“And you’re not so bad yourself sir,” she grinned, “and I like you in your little blue speedo even more.”

We smiled, chatted and enjoyed each other’s company. Each of us was divorced, and had one child. Her daughter was away at college, while my son was still a teenager and lived with me full time.

Wang was Chinese American, spoke impeccable English with no noticeable accent, and seemed bright and engaging. We shared anecdotes and information about our careers, with Wang specializing in investment for a large banking and securities firm. She had questions about the type of law I practiced, did I do trial work, (mostly administrative hearings, employment law), and how long I had practiced.

She was clearly intelligent, accomplished and interesting.

As we waited for our check, I broached the topic of what was next. “So Wang, I have a teenager that may be home, and am hoping you are going to invite me over.”

Wang reached over and clasped my hand. “Yes Kevin, you’re invited, I don’t want our evening to end.”

Her home was a modern two bedroom condo unit in a quiet neighborhood. She poured us each a small glass of wine in her kitchen. After sipping a bit, I took her wine glass, placed it on the table and kissed her, moving my arms around her waist, placing my hands on her lower back. She nuzzled me with her chin on my shoulder, and began unbuttoning my dress shirt, opening it.

“Couch, Kevin,” she whispered in my ear. As we moved to the couch and sat down, I interrupted her.

“Wang, I am flattered that you are attracted to me, the attraction is mutual believe me, but are we going too fast? I know it is the woman that traditionally brings this up but…”

“Not for me Kevin. This is sort of like our second date, the first with you, me and well, you know, Vivian. I thought we had a connection right away that night.

“And we saw each other the next day, played in the pool together, and I was there when you had your outburst with Vivian. Just the way you expressed yourself, so emotional, raw, open, yet you were calm, your tone remained civil, even though you seemed angry. You didn’t start swearing like some macho man. And you were the one fighting for more romance, and traditional dates. That really made an impression on me. I don’t want a man who just wants me for wham, bam and goodbye.

“And,” she smiled, “there is our mutual attraction!”

I clasped Wang’s hand, and we kissed.

“Thank you, yes we did have an instant connection. I noticed it for sure, and am attracted to you too. If we end up in the bedroom tonight, let’s remember to make it about more than just that.”

“Good idea sir.” She finished unbuttoning my shirt and took it off, and I slowly removed her blouse as we kissed. As I moved to unclip her bra, she did it for me. I gazed at her breasts; they were small but well formed and perky.

Wang took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. She excused herself to use her bathroom and came back wearing only small, transparent black g- string panties. This was a woman who was comfortable with her body.

She moved me on to the bed, lightly pushing my torso back.

Taking her all in, I quietly exulted, “You’re delectable Wang, wow!”

Standing above me now, she unzipped and removed my jeans, and as I lifted my hips, she pulled down my Calvin Klein briefs and they were quickly off, my cock growing.

We fell back on the bed. I whispered, “Let’s take our time and savor this.”

“Shush Kevin, no more talking.” As we kissed, she promptly began fondling and stroking my member, while my hand traced down her neck to her tits, over her flat stomach, to her sex. She was mostly shaved, with a neatly trimmed triangle of hair above from the top of her crease.

With her labia already wet, I opened Wang’s legs and moved my fingers into her folds, and upward to her clit.

She continued stroking my cock and lightly grazed my balls with her other hand. We continued rubbing and attended to each other’s fun parts, creating a cacophony of noise.

My cock hard now, I moved my head between her legs and licked up to and around her nub, her pussy gushing. My fingers roamed up to her nipples, first lightly touching, then pinching.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Kevin, Uhhhhhh, feels so good.”

She continued fondling my sex, until I rolled on top and entered her, both of us gasping. We fucked slowly at first, then harder and faster. I was ready to cum in short order, and slowed the movement of my pelvis, trying to make our sex last longer.

As we continued, I felt Wang’s torso begin to tense, and her labia gripped my sex. She came first, her body quivering, her noises filling the room. Grunting and groaning, I came loudly shortly after her.

Spent, we lay on the bed. I wanted to share, but waited for our breathing to calm.

Wang eventually rolled on her side, looking at me glowingly. “That was just so good Kevin, your touches, licks, even pinching, just right. Mmm, we are going to have to do that some more! Not tonight, but… you know…”

I turned and softly kissed her. “Thanks, and… you are so sexy, you wearing that G-string standing over me, it’s like my private catnip. I too look forward to more, lots more, with you. Mmm.”

I leaned over, gently tracing with my fingertips around her forehead, cheeks, nose, and lips. Sitting up, I clasped her hand, gazing at her.

Pretty blissed out right now, feel at peace with you now. I haven’t had much of that lately, so thank you. Perhaps it is corny, but it’s what I am feeling, so…”

Wang looked at me with her large brown eyes, and tightened her grip on my hand. “I feel the same Kevin. And it’s great to hear you say that.

“Now to change the topic. Can you please go find our wine glasses, and bring the wine bottle with you?

“And that is a request, not an order. I put on my jeans and tee and brought her glass and the wine bottle and a bottle of water for me.

“I need to get my swim bag from my car Miss, back in a moment.”

“Not sure why, but okay.” She was sipping her wine, relaxing on the bed.

Returning with my bag, I sorted through it and found what I was looking for: an eighteen inch, narrow wooden ruler. Showing it to Wang, I tossed it on the bed.

She smirked, “My Kevin, what could we use that for?”

“Measurements of course!” Or maybe spankings?” I got back in bed and kissed her. We both sat up against the headboard of her king-sized bed.

“Are you sure you’re ready for that tonight?”

“Yes, just start light, and then more, until it seems right. And I do want to enjoy some spicy stuff with you. Just needs to be mutually decided.

“But what about you, are you up for it?”

“Spankings, yes, as long as it’s not too much too soon.”

“Cool, just finish your wine, or whenever you’re ready, and we can play! Let’s talk as we do it.”

Wang took another sip of wine, stood up and walked to the end of the bed, grabbing the wooden ruler. She had observed me react negatively against Vivian’s imperious directives aimed at me, and did not want to repeat that behavior.

“I am not going to order you around Kevin, so…”

“Thank you Miss. I have one request: Can you please put on only your lovely G-string? It is uber-sexy.” As she did so, I moved to her end of the bed, and gazed at her.

“You in that thing, it has quite an effect on me. And I think Miss Wang looks really good with that ruler in her hand too.” I got up on the bed on all fours at the end, and she stepped next to me.

“Ready when you are Miss. Please spank me all nice, but start light please.”

“Okay sir.” Slap!

“Harder please.” Her next few spanks were very light; she was being too cautious.

“Okay, stop ” I turned on the bed, smiling. “I can take much harder slaps, so let’s demonstrate. I will do a few on myself so it will be clear what I can handle. Is that too weird?”

“I’d like that Kevin. I am just worried I’ll do it too hard, and…” She handed me the ruler, appearing unsure, and anxious about the spanking thing.

I stood up, leaned over the bed and spanked myself a few times, harder, but not painful. “Okay, now your turn Miss Wang.” I handed her the ruler, staying in the same position.

Slap, Slap, the sound loud. “Thank you, Miss. I like, keep going.”

Then three more slaps. “Okay, how about six total on each side.”

She spanked me three more times on one side, and then paused. “Now doing the other side sir.”

“Thank you. Just a little harder please, like the sting!”

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, and three more. “OOOWWWW, Good ones!”

“Mmm, sharp sting. Are my cheeks all red for you?”

“Yes Kevin, I like!” She sounded worked up.

Grinning, I got off the bed and we hugged and kissed. She fondled my cock, which had grown. “You enjoyed it too, I think, at least he did down there. And I’m a little excited!”

I moved aside her tiny G-string and gently fingered the folds of her pussy; she was indeed quite wet. “Mmm Kevin, I like, but want to talk so…

“Let’s go to the living room sir.” She put on some tight black leggings and a V-neck white tee, while I slipped into my jeans and tee.

Wang got me an IPA and I poured some in a glass. “I got those for you this week, Kevin. Are they your favorite?”

“Yes, I like IPA beers the most, thanks for noticing that.” I leaned over and kissed her.

“Umm, Kevin, first I wanted to say this because it’s been in the back of my mind.

“Vivian, your meeting, you said tomorrow?”

“Yes, at Starbucks. I’m going to keep it to an hour.”

“What did she say about meeting there? Did she push for her house or…?”

“She wanted to meet for dinner tonight. Let me see if I can put your mind at ease. I am resolute about my agenda when we meet. I will be polite, civil, but am going to make clear right away that my relationship with her is not working for me, and I don’t want to continue it. I am willing to be friends after two to three months.

“I will try to explain the reasons, but that is private. Unfortunately, she may be surprised, which will make it harder; I don’t know how she’ll react.

“If she gets mad, I will be civil, but I’m an attorney and know how to say no. That’s pretty much it.”

I grasped Wang’s hand. “Your turn Miss, what are you thinking?”

She paused. “She is an acquaintance of mine, so I don’t want you to be mean, but I want to date you, so…”

I kissed her, this time longer. “I get it. I will be civil, won’t be mean. The breakup is not due to you, okay. And I’m not going to equivocate.

“So my thinking is I want to see YOU tomorrow, during the day, and into the evening. We could go to a museum, or a nicer pool for another lesson, then a drink, and more.

“How about tomorrow. Us?”

Wang gave me a long, warm hug, then kissed me. “Yes for tomorrow! I have to go to the office, then errands, but maybe two in the afternoon? I like the pool and drinks idea.”

“And one more thing about the meeting with Vivian. How about I call you right after it’s over, and confirm what happened. You deserve clear communication on this topic.”

She nodded her head, with the hint of a smile. “Yes Kevin, I would appreciate that. Thank you for being so open, clear about this.”

We kissed passionately, and she led me back to the bedroom. We were tender, slower this time, and as I grew hard again, we resumed our sex and enjoyed each other.

As I left, I told Wang I had a spicy fantasy for us, and that she should get it out of me tomorrow. She was interested and assured me we would discuss it.

“Will call you after eleven A.M., Miss.”


I met Vivian mid-morning at a Starbucks near her home. She was a few minutes late. It occurred to me as I waited that I had first met her at a Starbucks and our relationship would be bookended there.

We politely greeted each other, me pecking her on the cheek. After getting some caffeine drinks, we sat at a table outside where we had some privacy.

Vivian immediately went into a lengthy monologue, that she had read a lot of articles on her role with me, understood better how she was too strict, too much discipline, and most of all, mentioned more than once she would change.

I listened, then interjected. “Vivian, please stop. I appreciate that you did that, but I’m sorry, our role-play, our relationship, it’s not working for me. I don’t want to continue it- I need a break, for maybe three months, then we can be friends if you’re interested. I thought about this a lot and that’s where I’m at. And that is not going to change.”

I decided to wait for a response, let it sink in, rather than hedge in any way. She first made an effort to persuade me to reconsider, mentioning to me that maybe Li could help us talk out our differences. Vivian felt she deserved that much.

When I declined that offer, she politely asked for an explanation. And there were plenty of reasons, most of her own doing. I had told her more than once that we needed to go over role-play before doing it. She violated that agreement several times. And that she was much too controlling.

Her tone quickly changed, and became accusatory. She declared sternly how abrupt and unfair I was being, that just a few weeks prior we were really connecting, and onward. I was not going to debate her, other than to tell her I did not think this was unreasonable, we had been together only maybe three months.

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