A Slave is Born


The slave is born.

Yeah, I finished up in her ass. Her water broke under my thrusts and her contractions squoze my cock dry! It was incredible! I pulled my slinking cock from her ass and brought it to her sobbing mouth. “Suck it bitch!” She barely gave it any effort, but I let it slide; knowing that the baby she was about to give life would be mine. Once my cock had been cleaned I zipped up and went to find the cow’s Master. “She’s in labor now, John. I wonder if I maybe make a deal with you..”

***((I called and called for someone to help me deliver my baby. Only one maid showed. She franticly helped to clean the blood and fluids from me and get me on my back and in a birthing position. About three hours into labor I was exhausted and it was just now time to push. I screamed loudly with each contraction, as they were getting much closer together. Eventually when the maid announced my baby girl was crowning Master came in to witness the birth. With him he brought the Compounds doctor, thank God. “Help me help me!” I screeched. My master only laughed at my pain. I did my best to keep quiet from then on, not to give him the satisfaction.

Not long later I was biting down on a ball gag pushing my daughter’s shoulders through my stretching pussy. And at that, she was out of me, I heard her healthy baby cry as she was being rushed from my room. I cried for her, I cried to see her, to hold her. I begged Master to let me keep her. “She’s already been purchased, Slave.” He screamed until I passed out.

When I awoke my vagina was warm; no, my vagina was hot! It was burning! My eyes shot open and I immediately wished I’d kept them closed. There were more men than I care to count pissing in my gaping pussy! When my eyes shot open, several stray men pissed in my face aiming for my eyes. “Cow! Cow!” they called to me. I was humiliated! My torn pussy was being filled with hot piss, searing into my cunt! I slipped back into unconsciousness.

“Get cleaned up cow, do it NOW! You have a client.” I was astonished that I was expected to serve the day after giving birth. I gave birth yesterday.. where was my baby?! That man, the man who broke my water. HE had her! I sobbed my way to the showers and during my shower. Before I’d completely finished, a master came in and drug me out naked and wet, by my hair. I didn’t dare scream out in pain. When he released my head my face fell onto a set of brown leather shoes with shiny laces. They smelled of shoe polish. I followed the shoes to the legs and then up to his face; the blond haired blued eye demon who bought my daughter!))***

My extra slave left a little to be desired, and I was doing her a great service. In return she would do me many great services… I leaned down to her rallied body and slipped a heavy thick choke chain over her head and around her neck. I tugged on the leash tightening it around her neck. “Come, slut. I am your Master now.” Her eyes flashed around the room and they landed on John, her first master. He smiled cheerily and nodded. She didn’t hesitate to crawl along behind me. “Good girl.” I said as I patted her head.
Once she was in the cage in the back I climbed into the driver seat and began our drive to my home, the home of her daughter, and now her home, too. “You there, cow! You are my slave now, I am your Master. You will always address me as Master and never anything else. As soon as you gave birth to your daughter, her body, mind, soul became mine. When you see her, she won’t be yours. She will be your fellow slave. You will feed her, bathe her, and take care of her when she is not in use. I will use and abuse you both as I see fit. If I EVER see so much as a twitch from you I will torture you so severely you will beg for death. Is this understood, Slut?” “Yes Master. Thank you Master.” She cried from the back.

I watched the child grow, the baby who was born to be my slave and wife. Each day she grew older, bigger and more feminine; my cock grew impatient. I settled for railing her floppy mother again and again, but still lusted for my young slave, Sarah.

*Five years later*

Sarah had become quite a pretty little girl. She had beautiful brown hair, never cut a day in her life, it hung to her mid back and flowed when she walked. Her eyes, an emerald green; they pierced my heart each time they pleaded with me. It frustrated me knowing that I could never not love those eyes.

Her young body of only five years was smooth and slender, childlike. Her functions were still clunky, not routine. She had small pale hands with tiny fingers, and tiny feet. Her legs were going to one day stop a man in his tracks! Even at this age they were sexy; long and athletic. Her soft breasts, nothing but poofy pink nipples at this point, but they begged no, no, they pleaded to be pinched, suckled, bitten.

“No Master, please! Please! She’s much too young!” the bitch argued with me. “I’ll punish you for this.. But you will NOT mess tonight up. Bring her to me clothed in half an hour.” She cried but dared not disobey me, as she already had many a lashing coming her way. She moved slowly through our home, prolonging her daughter’s fate. I went to my study, connected to my bed chambers to wait.

Before long, light footsteps were audible headed this way. I closed the book on body modification that I had been studying and laid it face down on the table. “Ah! Sarah, come here child.. Whore, you may leave us; find yourself occupied elsewhere until I call for you, is that understood, whore?” “Yes Master.” She muttered through tears as she backed away gaziantep escort from my study. I took Sarah’s hand in mine and sat her down on my lap.

“Sarah, I’m going to tell you the reason you were born. You were born for me. You were born, bred, for me; to belong to me, to be my slave. I have high hopes that one day, you’ll join me in marriage; and birth us many children. But first, we must start our lives together. Your body is mine to do with as I please. I will strive to be gentle to you but if you misbehave I will punish you. You will pleasure me in every way possible. Do you understand?”

She nodded her tiny head. She’s almost six, what else could I expect? “That’s a good slave.” I brought my lips to her tiny pouty lips. She pulled her head away but I grasped it in my hands and held her head still and once again brought my lips to hers. Kissing her softly several times, before opening our lips together. I ran my tongue in her mouth slowly, barely inside her touching her tongue before closing our lips again. I pulled my face from hers to see her eyes snapped shut. I slapped her face lighter than I would any other slave. “Keep your eyes open, slave.”

I slid her off my lap and lead her to my bedroom. Her hands were on her reddening cheek, wiping her tears. She knew nothing of pain. “Sit. Sarah”. I then knelt in front of her small little legs and opened them revealing her pretty flowery cotton panties. I pulled her legs apart until her pussy was just inches from my face. I looked up to see her eyes wide open before I pressed my open mouth to her panty-clad pussy. I breathed in her young scent and blew hot breath onto her pussy. Her body shivered.

I lingered pressed to her a moment longer, willing my mind to control my body instead of my hormones. I wanted so badly to savagely take her small body’s virginity; but it would have to wait. “I do care for you, Sarah; I want you to know that. I always care about you; but you will earn my love and admiration by responding to my authority without fail-”

My eyes took in her confused face. “What I mean, Sarah, is that I will learn to love you, if you learn to obey me.” She simply nodded in reply; I loved how silent she was already. I’m a firm believer that women should not speak until spoken to; if then. Of course, my prize, once she becomes my wife, will have a free tongue.
I had to bring my mind back to the now, I was stuck in the future; there was still much training to do. “Sarah, I know you don’t understand this yet, but you will. Each morning you will be punished for your wrong-doings on the previous day. This is best for you, as this gives me time to calm down before administering your lashings. Do you understand?” “Yes.” She said in a clear voice. It startled me, I stared at her calm, serene face and could not help but smile back at her.

I went and sat on my bed and ordered her to strip for me, slowly. She shakily complied. Once she was nude I had her stand in front of me and turn between my legs slowly. I ran my fingers lightly over her hips as she turned around and around. Finally I grabbed them and held her still. Facing away from me. I gently pushed on her lower back bending her over to get a better look at her asshole. Her perfect pink star shaped asshole. My mouth watered; with a shaky hand I brought one finger to her puckered anus and pressed on it. My smallest finger was met with tremendous resistance. I realized at once that I would not achieve penetration tonight as was my plan. I would work her up to it. I silently promised myself that three nights from this night, I would take her asshole and leave her with a wider one.

She trembled in my hands, I wanted so much, too much, to make her calm, and know that I would never allow any serious harm befall her. Instead I pushed her to her knees and ordered her to stay still. I left to retrieve her mothers’ enema kit and returned swiftly.

“let us not waste any time, Sarah. Spread your cheeks wide for Master.” She obeyed with her tiny fingers gripping her squishy ass exposing her tiny pink virgin star. I filled the enema bag half full as her mother’s kit was five quarts and I didn’t want to hurt her, right off the bat. I lubed the enema tip and slid it in her tight hole. I hung the bag on my bed frame above my head and turned the tube flow on and rushed to her side even though I tried to be as slow as I could; I just wanted so much to be by her side to rub her tummy as the water filled her bowels.

“Ooo…Oooo!” She whined, clearly in pain. It took most of my concentration to stay stationary and allow the last of the 2 quarts continue into her tiny rump. Her stomach bulged; If it was possible at her age, She could have been seven months pregnant. Thinking of her heavy with my child stirred my loins, tingling my cock head.

“That ought to do it.” I mentioned while I stood behind her, rubbing my fingers lightly over her tight ass cheeks bringing Goosebumps to her body. “Ooooow, Owwww!” she moaned. “Ha ha ha ha, my precious slut.” I spanked her too-full butt watching the water rippling through her bowels, shaking her stomach.
I made her to hold the liquid for fifteen minutes before allowing her to retire to the restroom and expel the two quarts. She took a great while to return to me, and while I waited, my cock shrunk. This irritated me and so I decided to teach her to never keep master waiting. “Again” I said and she knelt down again trembling under my touch.

I refilled her anus with the two quarts of water, hot water I might add. I made her to hold it for twenty minutes, not bothering to rub her tummy. Instead I stood behind her and spanked her ass over and over, watching the water slosh inside her. She moaned in pain each time. After twenty five minutes I left her on the bed and was almost out of the door, “Clean up and sleep in the tub”.

She awoke to my warm streams of piss trickling all over her tiny body. She shook her piss drenched hair away from her face and I sprayed it into her face, down her budding breasts and between her legs, pooling near her pussy. I sprayed her clean with cold water from the shower and dried her and brought her back to the bed. I lubed one finger and pressed it against her asshole prodding my way in roughly. “Don’t you want to please Master, little whore?” She nodded between sobs.

I sunk the finger into her and fucked her tight asshole with it quickly, then I stuck that finger and one more into her mouth, making her suck it clean, and lube them. I returned them both to her ass and with a great push they popped inside. What had been moans turned to screams. She pulled from my fingers by instinct but quickly pushed back onto them on her own, fearing my anger. This sparked my cock head to full hardness. “Mmm yeah! Baby like that? Mm you like Master’s fingers in your asshole? Mmmm! Yeah baby gonna take masters cock in there tomorrow!”

I made her sleep on the floor last night, and as tonight would be our first night together I vowed to try to make it as sweet as I could. I awoke early and made breakfast for my young bride; I ate and brought hers to what was to be our room. She woke and ate greedily; starving no doubt. All part of my plan though, to feed her small amounts while she wasn’t pregnant or lactating; and allow her to each as much as she wanted while she was carrying my child, so that she would want to be pregnant. Yes, twisted I know. “Yeah slut, fill up that belly.”

She ate and looked at me pleasantly, I brought her into my lap and kissed her tiny lips. Her neck and shoulder. I spread her legs and rubbed her small clit with one finger and pressed against her brown star with another. “Let’s get you cleaned out.” Was all I said and she was on her knees, shoulders on the mattress spreading her own ass cheeks apart. “That’s a good slut; Master likes that very much” I filled her with the average two quarts and made her to hold it only ten minutes and I massaged it into her deeply before I added another quart to her already full bowels. To her credit she hadn’t complained once; yet.
Ten more minutes and she shrieked and wiggled around but relized that it was easiest on her body to remain still. I made her to hold it for a total thirty minutes, making sure it was stretching her. She emptied and returned with a limp, clearly emanating from her loosened asshole. She received one more enema and emptied while I assembled our toys, consisting of a regular small butt plug oval shaped, a cock shaped plug, a larger circle plug, an oval vibrator, lots of lube, a turkey baster, nipple clamps, ice cubes, and a ball gag.

When she returned to my bed her eyes widened in shock, she slowly backed away from me before I instructed her to get back in her enema position. I lubed her asshole and even squirted some into her tight rectum. She shivered as the cool liquid entered her, making her insides and outer ring of her asshole slippery. I first took the smallest plug and began to press it into her. But before an inch had entered her she cried and pulled away. I moved with her, as she leaned forward I pushed forward, pressing it in further. I fucked it moving slightly opening her more and more until one final thrust sent it slipping into her, her tight ring tucking it inside her bowels.

She cried out but regained her resolve and moved back to position. “mm how’s that feel in there baby? You like that tucked inside?” She wiggled her body before her mouth said the words. “yes master. It hurt but now it feels okay.” I rubbed her sides gently, “that’s my girl.” I let the words slip out, and immediately felt exposed. I spanked her plugged bottom a few times eliciting cries from her. I decide its time to up-grade and start to pull the plug back out.

She squeals as the thickest part is sliding out. Purposely I slid it in and hold it there, stretching her asshole to at least 2 inches wide then remove it. I wait until her tiny star shrinks back into its tight form before I ready the next plug. A three inch thick three inch long cock shaped plug. I spit on her asshole and use that as lube.

Pushing the cock head in made her whimper, but taking in the three inch width was fun to listen to. Screams and cries, she begged for me to stop, but I knew it must be done. I pressed the rest of it inside her, watching it sink into her tight asshole. I watched her trembling body and noticed my cock head rubbing on my jeans. I released it, letting it stand straight out. I slowly jerked it while I waited for her to accept the anal offering. Finally she seemed to become used to it. I fucked her with the cock plug until my arm was tired.

My cock head was tingling. My strength to not take her was waning, weakening. I had to take to her tonight. Tonight, yes. I changed plans and removed the cock shaped cock. I took the ice tray and cracked it, sending a few pieces flying on the bed. I scrambled to pick them up then, one by one, I slipped them into her puckered anus. She screamed and squirmed but I just counted loudly over her, one, two, three. Until I had inserted all twelve from the tray. I spanked her butt and ordered her to hold them inside and to not move.

I went down stairs and gathered the wine bottle that I’d planned to save for tomorrow night and headed back up to my room. I entered silently and filled one glass of wine, and emptied the rest into a bowl I took my glass and sat in the chair next to the bed and studied her pained face. “that ice feel nice in there? Make your asshole nice and cold for me sweetie?” she shook her head and cried. My tempered flared but I just sat back and sipped my wine. After watching lots of water leak out of her asshole I assessed that most of the cubes must have been melted by now.

I knelt behind her and ordered her to push them out of her. She slowly squoze her ass but eventually emptied them onto the bed. I slid them off the bed and onto the floor. I took the turkey baster and filled it. “A drink of me a drink for you.” And slid the tip of it into her and slowly sprayed it into her. “Don’t spill this baby. This is going to stay inside.”

I filled and emptied the baster three times into her anus then took the large circle plug and lubed it well. I pushed it into her, sliding it in deeply until it locked inside her with a popping sound. She rolled to her side crying and pushing on her stomach screaming “My tummy!” I left her to her sobbing.

About two hours later the wine would have been mostly absorbed and likely her body would be reacting to the alcohol, and her asshole would be looser; much. I took time to prepare myself for the pleasure to come. I promised myself I wouldn’t stop taking her until I’d cum inside her twice. She would pay for making me wait so long, and if she wanted to keep her cherry intact, she’d better make this enjoyable.

Filled with new conviction I made my way to my chamber, where my small bride lay. When I entered I saw her body slumped on her side, her in a near sleep state. All the enemas and toy torture must have worn her out. I spotted the anal plug almost completely out. Only the large ball stayed trapped inside, hugging the tight anal ring. I placed the ball gag in her mouth and around her head before I woke her. I pulled the ball plug until she was in position, then I pried it from her asshole. Her body shook with what I’m sure was a blood curdling scream but to my delight, only a muffled moan escaped past the gag.

“That’s my little whore. You love being so filled! And look! You took all that wine, you little wench!” I spanked her bare ass until it stung my hand, leaving her ass with swollen red cheeks. I undressed and brought my cock to rock hard life. I stood by her face so she could clearly see my cock and I stroked it, lubing it lightly. I stroked it slowly, letting her see every inch of my length and girth.

I wanted her to see it, before she felt it. Before slide on the bed behind her to mount, I pushed her upper body to the bed, pressing her shoulders into the blankets and holding her hands behind her back. This is how I wanted her, ass in the air, head in the sheets. Her baby butt called to me, begged me to take it. I stroked my cock as I ran a finger over her abused asshole. I poked a finger tip in; still tight. “Damn baby, this is going to be so tight!” she shivered.

I pressed the cock head to her opening and pulled her ass cheeks apart to better reveal her star. I rubbed the cock head up and down it pressing in only a tiny bit. She screamed into the gag, begging me to not do it. I could faintly make out her pleas. “ea! Oh!” “What’s that slut? You want it?” I taunt. “mo! Mo!” she screamed, but it was fatal. I pressed my cock head into her anus, I moved in slowly, watching her small body consume all of my nine inches. “Oh yeah you little slut! Take Master’s cock! Oh yeah!”

I withdrew my cock just as slowly as I’d placed it but about half way out her body slumped to the side and sure enough; she’d passed out. I spanked her back to consciousness and screamed at her. “You little whore! How dare you go to sleep without pleasuring Master!” I spanked her with every word, really laying into her. She sobbed so hard that I knew she’d be away for a while now. I took no time with being gentle when I entered her now. I grabbed her skinny sides and pinched them, pushing my strong fingers into her sides and slammed into her. I continued ripping into her until I could feel my balls tightening.

When I released I looked downward to see my cock stretching into her. I pulled out after emptying into her and blood flowed down after my cock. “lets just plug that back in.” and I shoved back into her, miraculously still hard. I wasn’t about to take it for granted and pummeled her further. It took much longer to satisfy the second time, but sparing no energy on her pleasure I came a huge load deep in her bowels.

I pulled my blood and cum slick cock and brought it to her face. I speared it all over her tear covered cheeks before I removed the gag and shoved it in her mouth. “clean it up slut! Lick it!” she did lick, unwillingly cleaning my cock. After it passed inspection I put the gag back in her mouth and sent her to the tub. She crawled into the white tub and laid down. I itched my balls and enjoyed the look of her used asshole. I made her to kneel and point her asshole upward. I then sent streams of piss aimed at her blow out asshole. Only a few squirts actually making it inside; the others rolled down her pussy and over her back into her hair and face.

I headed for the door and turned off the light. “Goodnight cum slut.” I went to bed and laid there sleepless for many hours; dreaming of the day we would marry, and I would take her virginity. I slipped into a dream of her carrying my child, birthing our first baby.

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