A Royal Jealousy Pt. 04


Hello reader…part 4! Heavy on the breast milk theme again. Hope you enjoy! 😀

Part 4: Princess Nicolette – Plotting a royal death

Amadeus was beyond worried now. It had been three days now since he and Nicolette had returned from the Crone’s shack. Nico had immediately taken to her bedchamber and wouldn’t leave.

She claimed ill and would only allow her servants, the doctor and nurses in to attend her. She even denied her King father and Queen mother entrance. The nurse and servants would say little and nothing.

“Tell her I must speak with her.” Amadeus said to one of the nurses threateningly. The short round woman didn’t flinch at his angry tone.

“The Princess is not feeling well. She has asked not to be disturbed.” The nurse said for the umpteenth time.

“Tell me what is wrong with her!” He demanded.

“Not for me to say.” The fat short woman spun on her heel and walked away.

Amadeus prowled the hallway outside Nico’s bedchamber. It was his shift to guard Princess Nicolette. He needed to know and that she was okay all for himself. He needed to speak to her. Reaching for the door knob once again he twisted it and found it still firmly locked.

He knocked, but there was no answer. He pounded a little harder hoping to not draw any unwanted attention. Every so often he would pause and listen for sound beyond the door.

When he heard a shuffling footfall he held his breath. The door opened slowly and Nico’s pale face peered out through a small opening.

“Go away, Amadeus.” She whispered hastily. This was out of character for Nico.

“I am on your guard duty. I need to speak with you, Princess. May I come in?”


“Nico, please let me in. I am worried.” he whispered.

The Princess made a frustrated noise that ended in a groan. “Fine! Come in.”

She moved back from the door, and Amadeus let himself in. He closed and locked the door behind him. The room was dark with the curtains drawn, but there was a wood fire burning in the fireplace.

By the time his eyes adjusted to the dark room, Nico was back in her bed and snuggled under the blankets. There were no servants in the room. “Nico, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” She said forlornly.

“Talk to me. I was there with you. I know the truth of it. You can trust me.”

Nico lowered her blankets, and unbuttoned her dressing down. Amadeus watched with interest in the low light. Nico pulled her dressing aksaray seks hikayeleri gown open to exposed her breasts. The fire gave enough light for him to see that they were even bigger than they had become in the crone’s shack.

They were large, but sat full and proud with nipples that were swollen and extremely puffy. He also noticed they were dripping milk continuously.

“I have had my servants drink regularly, but they fill so quickly. My nipples are always this puffy. They don’t hurt, but you can see them through all my gowns! These teats feel so full and heavy. It’s just so much milk, Amadeus.” Nico said softly.

It wasn’t actually a complaint, and he could tell this. She seemed in awe of the changes in her body, but he could also see how this would become awkward for her.

Amadeus reached forward and caught some milk on his finger and brought it to his mouth. It tasted just as delicious as he remembered.

“This is my fault. I am so sorry, Nico. I should have taken you from that shack and never looked back. I should never have let you take that tablet.”

“No!” Nico said forcefully now.

“What do you mean, no?” Amadeus was confused.

“I love it. You don’t understand. I love them.” Nico gestured to her swollen teats. “I love the milk. It’s the most incredible thing, Amadeus. The problem is, I don’t know how to control it or hide it. Just as soon as they’re drained they begin to fill again. I leak so much milk at times it just sprays all on it’s own.”

Nico’s face looked enthralled with what her body could do now, but it was evident she had a predicament as well. “It feels amazing.” she confessed.

“This is going to be hard to hide.” Amadeus said.

“That’s been the problem.” Nico agreed. “I have decided I am going to show my parents.”

“What? You can’t? How will you explain this? What if they believe you to be with child?”

“I will tell them I have no idea why it has happened. I will assure then it is impossible for me to be with child. It’s actually perfect, Amadeus.” Nico said with a knowing smile.

“How is this perfect at all, Nico?”

“They can’t arrange a marriage for me like this. What Prince would want a Princess that has teats that leak milk like mine now do?”

Amadeus and Nico both smiled in unison. She had a valid point. “Yes, I agree. You must show your parents what your breasts have in-explicitly begun to do.”

Changing tracks Nico asked, “Have you been to see Cleo?”

“I have avoided her mostly. She stopped me yesterday to ask me if your being ill is my doing.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I told her no, and she reminded me of what I must do.” Amadeus felt tired and sad. All he wanted was to snuggle up with Nico and take one of puffy nipples into his mouth for a suckle.

“We need a plan to get her to drink the potion. Do you think it can be mixed into another drink?” Nico asked.

“I wouldn’t risk it.” Amadeus cautioned. He knew how tricky the old crone was, and he imagined her potions were also tricky.

“It will have to be you that gives it to her. She would never take anything from me, but she trusts you.”

Amadeus snorted. Cleo didn’t trust anyone, but that didn’t make Nico wrong. It was true that Cleo was more likely to take something from him than from her. A small plan started to form for Amadeus. It took root in his mind and quickly took form.

“What if you keep to your sick bed for a few more days…”

“I am happy to do that.” Nico gestured to her leaking teats.

Hold off on telling your parents, if you can. Make sure no one speaks of what the problem is. In fact maybe instruct them to tell others you feel very ill.”

“My parents will worry.” Nico said.

“They worry already.” Amadeus confessed. “Your father is very close to busting down the door to come in here, but you need to play the role of a sick princess. Let your parents come in if you must, just remain well covered.”

“Okay, what else?”

“I will take the potion to Cleo and explain the doctor gave it to me for her. I will tell her it is to prevent her from becoming ill like yourself.”

“She won’t believe you! She will wonder why the doctor didn’t bring it himself.”

“I will explain they are too busy tending to you.”

Amadeus realized that it was indeed a weak plan, but it was at least a plan. There was no secret way to get Cleo to drink the potion. He had little choice and less. He would just have to be convincing.

“It can’t be you. If you are last person to be seen with her and it is reported to my father…”

Nico had the right of it, and Amadeus saw that at once. “I need to trick someone else into giving it to her.”

“Yes, that would be perfect, but how?”

“Leave it to me, just follow my lead when the time comes.” Amadeus said more confidently than he felt.

Nico smiled then. “I know you can do this for us.”

“I will.”

They sat silently for several long moments, then quietly Nico whispered. “Will you milk me, Amadeus?”

His eyes lit with fiery need. “Of course.” He growled.

Nico rose from the bed and moved near the fireplace. Amadeus followed, but was a little confused. He watched as she got down onto her hands and knees on a rug near the warm fire.

“Milk me like you did in the crone’s shack. It was exquisite.” She explained.

Amadeus went to his knees at her side. He ran his hand over her back and then over her rear. His fingers slid between her legs and found her quite wet there.

He allowed both hands to run over her soft skin before he brought them to her heavy milky teats. He began to milk her like a cow, and her moan of sheer pleasure made him rock hard in his breeches. The milk streamed heavily from her puffy nipples and soaked into the rug below her.

He milked her for a time, and Nico moaned and panted her way through no less than three powerful orgasms. After the third she seemed exhausted and would have collapsed had he not caught her.

“Fuck me.” She said breathlessly.

Amadeus carefully placed her on her back on the milk wet rug. If the wetness at her back bothered her, the Princess gave no indication. Immediately she spread her legs wide to expose her womanly place to him.

Cock throbbing hard, Amadeus couldn’t get out of his clothing fast enough. With his hard cock in hand he climbed between her open legs. Again, he felt she looked like a common whore on the floor ready and waiting for him. He had had more than enough whores in his day to compare.

“You look like a whore.” He whispered without thinking. He regretted his words at once.

“I am your whore. Use me.” Nico pulled on his shoulders to encourage him.

Amadeus sunk his cock into the tight sheath of her cunt. It was so incredibly hot and tight around his cock. He grunted like an animal, but so do Nico. “You’re becoming a fuck pig.”

Nico made almost a hissing sound of pleasure and desire. “Yesssss, Amadeus….I am your fuck pig.”

Their sex took on an animalistic quality. It was fast and hard with him plunging into her hot cunt deep and fast. They both grunted like pigs. Nico’s cunt juices soaked his cock, balls and even his thighs. He couldn’t remembered her getting quite this wet before.

After a time her teats began to spray thin streams of milk between them. Seeing this happen was too much, and soon Amadeus sunk deep and spilled his hot seed deep inside Princess Nico. Hard jet after hard jet of cum shot into her womb.

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