A Recounting of Sex with K

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I met her a little over a decade ago, in high school. I will call her K and she was a friend of my girlfriend at the time, though we often had snarky things to say about her in confidence. There was something about her that could be a bit bourgeois at times and she clearly was accustomed to having her way.

Her father was a local politician and very much spoiled his only daughter and it had very subtle ways of showing. I honestly don’t believe she would have realized it, but even her way of speaking had a debutante air. I often found myself sneaking glances at her vibrant blue eyes or her full breasts.

We weren’t particularly close then but we shared a group of friends and would occasionally discus books that both enjoyed. Of course, over the next few years we would grow closer. We both went to school for English, which would give us plenty of fodder for discussion.

In the summer of our sophomore year of college, we found ourselves back in our home town so, naturally, we would often meet for coffee or the like. It was all very innocent. We both had been in relationships since Freshman year, which for a young person is forever, but there was a very distinct tension brewing between us and we’d often flirt with thinly veiled jokes.

It’s quite stupid how the tension finally boiled over, but the cliched youthfulness of it never fails to make me smile with fond recollection. It was over a game of Mario Kart, of all things.

K was staying with her parents over the summer and they happened to be out on this particular night. We’d had a few of our friends over earlier, but they’d left fairly early for some reason or another, leaving just the two of us.

Her parents, as you may have guessed, are modestly wealthy and have a large and very well stocked bar in the corner of their living room, which was most inviting to two young college students. She poured two vodka & cranberries (not my first choice, but she didn’t really ask…) and we drank them while we played Mario Kart, of which she was far better and more experienced.

It was K who introduced the first of several wagers. She decided that if she one, I must give her a message. Sure, I agreed, adding my own stipulation. If I were to win, then she had to model some lingerie that we had previously discussed. Apparently, her mother had given her this lingerie at the start of the summer, which we both thought was pretty strange. We had a good laugh about it, but the thought of her wearing some of the things she showed me had been on my mind ever since. She was reluctant, but confident enough to agree.

And whether it was dumb luck, shaky nerves, or my own passionate resolution, I had finally, and for the first time ever, beaten her at that stupid game. But then, perhaps, maybe she had lost on purpose?

“Okay, fine. But I’m going to wear my underwear underneath it…” she said, her ivory-pale skin blushing.

“Nope. That’s not how lingerie is meant to be worn.” I responded, but assuming still that she would wear her bra and panties beneath the sheer lingerie.

She left the game room for her bedroom and closed the door. I sat there for what felt like hours, wondering if she would, in fact, go through with it. It seemed to good to be true, and she did seem to be taking her time. Was she having reservations?

After an excruciating wait, I heard her open her bedroom door. Now, at thirty years of age, I can still recall with perfect clarity the vivacious anticipation that I have seldom felt after my early twenties. My entire body was warm and my head was spinning, in part, I’m sure, due to the four or so generous cocktails, but mostly because of my libido which was spreading through my body like wildfire.

The fit was quite tight. Her massive breasts almost spilled over, like a glass of milk overflowing. She moved slowly, deliberately, as if any sudden movement would free them from their lacy restraint. K smiled and rolled her eyes bursa eskort as she spun around, her near-naked white ass flashing all too briefly before me. It took every bit of my will to not bury my face in the cleave of her breasts, or in the cushion comfort of her ass. I’d always known her to have wide hips, but to see them on full display sent me reeling. I couldn’t think of anything to say for a minute or so. I just knew I wanted more.

“Another round?” I asked, devilishly. I was referring to the video game, but she took it to mean another drink. She gathered up our glasses and we walked together to the bar where she filled them, again, quite generously. Neither of us said anything. We only smiled, occasionally biting our lips. She seemed to delight in the power she was holding over me.

We did play another round. I don’t even recall what was wagered or if we even did wager. We were now both pretty drunk and incredibly horny. As much as I hate to use the cliché “one thing led to another…” but that’s about the measure of it. Maybe I kissed her? That must be it. I must have pulled her toward me, uninhibited, a man possessed.

We tore at each other without abandon, with years of curiosity leading us to this point. It was frenzied, mad, most likely very clumsy. She sank down from the couch and took my cock between her soft breasts. Still, to this day, I’ve never encountered such perfect breasts. They maintained the same shape out of the lingerie as they did within, despite their massive size.

She didn’t break eye-contact with me the entire time she bounced her tits on my lap. Her mouth hung open, stupidly, as mine did, I’m sure, and our breathing seemed to be synchronized. I remember thinking “I love you” in my head, and honestly wondering if I hadn’t said it out loud, awkwardly.

“Stop, you’re going to make me cum!” I said, breathlessly. But she ignored me. She just kept staring at me with those perfect blue eyes, her lips parting as if she were speaking but making no sound.

Generally, I don’t cum from things like oral, thinking it more of an appetizer to intercourse, but I came then. Hard. Her jaw was dripping, her neck soaked, and a thick pool of white between her bouncing breasts, which continued with even more vigor until I, giggling with overstimulation, had to beg her to cease. I have excellent control over my orgasm, but she had taken it, taken me completely.

I sat there, almost in disbelief, while she went off for a towel. I closed my eyes and I could have fallen asleep there, until I head a distinct buzzing sound.

She lay there at my feet, tugging at her nipple and rubbing a small purple vibrator between the lips of her gorgeous pussy! She was staring straight at my cock, which was still hard despite the gratuitous amounts of cum it had just spent. I bit my lip and watched, clutching the base of my 8″ cock to keep it standing.

Soon, I joined her on the floor and kissed her. It wasn’t like before. It was a tender, breathy sort of kiss. Like the realization of what we were doing was settling in, and having cleared my head of my animal passion, found something else there. Something tender.

My hand glided down her body and down to the vibrator. Now, with her hands free, she took my cock, which, after a short respite, was again fully erect, and with her other hand, she pulled my face closer once more. Not for a kiss this time, no. She rested my forehead on her own and we watched the playful song and dance of each others moaning lips.

Her brow furrowed as she neared climax. It was an angry look, almost of outrage. Her moan was guttural as her eyes closed tight. A rushing stream of liquid exploded from her soaking pussy as she lifted her ass off the floor.

“ohgodohgodohgod” she repeated, finally collapsing after some time.

I toweled off my hand, which had been drenched, and lay next to her. It was some time before either of us spoke…

I recall bursa otele gelen escort that summer as a montage of sexual experiences with one of my closest friends. We fooled around in a photobooth, ignorant to the small screens showcasing our passion to the mall-goers. If we found ourselves riding together in the backseat of a friend’s car, she would rub my cock through my jeans, while thoughtfully gazing from a window. I once bent her over on the stairs of a friends apartment complex. We fucked in the grass or groped each other in the pool when no one was looking. In retrospect, our friends must have known, though to this day no one has every said a word about it.

The unfortunate thing about all this fooling around, is that we never had the chance to finish. We were always rushing so as to not to get caught by our friends or her parents or the lovers we’d left in our college towns for the summer. We were always surrounded by people, cleverly finding ways to sneak some time alone, sure, but always timing ourselves so as to not raise suspicion, despite, I’m sure, everyone knowing already.

That is, until her family left again for a week. We planned and plotted and scheme, all these things that we’d been dreaming about for the month or so since we first began this affair. Maybe even longer.

And so one Saturday night K invited ten or so friends over for drinks and swimming and the like. It was a pleasant time. Then, at precisely 11pm, K announced that she was tired and was going to bed. As I mentioned, she has always called the shots among our group of friends. I left with the rest, to keep up appearances, but quickly circled back.

The side door was left unlocked, as I had instructed her, and so I left myself in. She was to be ready for me, but I wanted to leave that vague. I love a nice surprise. I walked through her house, looking in on each room, wondering where I’d find her. Then I heard a male voice. At first, I thought it was a television until I recognized it as her boyfriend, who I’d met a few times before. Apparently he had called her on Skype to tell her goodnight.

“Yes, we had a good time. Yes, I miss you too” etc etc. I watched her from the door-frame where she could see me but away from screen of her Macbook. Quietly, I unbuttoned my pants and slowly undid my zipper. My cock was already heavy with anticipation, as I pulled it out slowly. She all but slammed her laptop closed after a rushed goodbye and beckoned me over. I shook my head and pulled a blindfold from my pocket and tossed it to her, saying as cold and sternly as I could “put it on…”

“Crawl to me” I said. I was already relishing being in power over her.

“Sit up. Open your mouth…”

She did as she was told and I slapped her face a few times with my cock before placing my tip on her tongue. My god, my cock was in K’s mouth, I thought gleefully. Somehow, despite all of our fooling around, my cock had never been in her mouth. She moved slowly down my shaft, coughing occasionally.

Grabbing her hair, I pulled out and pushed her back on all fours and demanded she crawl to the living room. I followed her, removing all my clothes until I was completely nude. When we had reached the living room, I guided her to the couch where I bent her over my lap and pulled up her dress.

Her luscious ass jiggled with every firm slap I gave her, until it turned from lily white to a bright red. Gently, I raised her face to mine and kissed her deeply.

“I love you” she said, prompting me to remove her blindfold and look longingly into those bright blue pools. And, although I had planned a long night of foreplay and teasing, I let her pull me down to the floor and inside her.

A little bit at first. Then a little more. “We should get some towels” she said and I followed her to the laundry room, where I once quipped something about a maid living before realizing that her family literally nilüfer escort did have a maid…but I digress.

I bent her over the washer and started at her again, getting about half-way in her, my hands at that perfect crux where her slender waist meets her wide, voluptuous hips and ass, watching her pussy grasp my cock when I would pull back from her. I stopped suddenly and gave her ass a nice slap before walking now to her bedroom where I laid the towels out.

Before I could do anything else, she shoved me down on the bed. Her jaw was tightened as if she were grinding her teeth now. She quickly climbed on top of me and with a shoved my dick inside her. Not all the way in, but enough that we both seemed to exhale all of the oxygen in our lungs. As much as I wanted to tease her and keep this game of foreplay and dominance going, I knew it was done. I was hers now. All I could do was grab her ass and waist and hold on.

She shoved one of her breasts in my face and I eagerly took it in my mouth, licking and biting and sucking like I was starved for it. I would have been perfectly happy to die then, in that moment, suffocating in the soft flesh of her breasts.

With every thrust, my cock went deeper inside her it seemed. Her pace quickened, her moans grew more pleading until, again, that almost growl. That same rush of fluid. Her pussy suddenly accepted the full length of my cock as her whole body tightened. She was no longer bouncing her hips. She just squeezed my body against hers, her pussy relaxing and tightening on my fat dick, her whole body shaking.

“Fuckohgod I think I’m peeing” she said meekly. I could feel the warmth of it dripping down my balls. I didn’t care, my whole being was concentrating on not cumming inside of her.

And so we quickly cleaned ourselves off, threw the sheets in the wash, etc. I was beginning to worry that she had forgotten about me. My balls were so heavy with cum and my penis was just as hard as it was when I was inside of her. But after we had done all of this (and made another hearty cocktail) she took my still exposed cock in her hand and asked me where and how I wanted to cum.

“Inside you, of course” was my response, as it invariably always is and will be.

“You can cum in my ass if you want” she said, biting her lip, her blue eyes still fixed on my throbbing member.

“Are you serious?!” I asked, laughing. My shock was sincere.

“I think about it sometimes when I masturbate” she told me.

And so we fooled around some more, until my dick was covered in a thick coat of my own pre-cum, which at this point was steadily dripping from the tip of my cock. She leaned against the wall of her bedroom, and with one hand, pulled her ass-cheek aside.

The process was slow, but once she had me inside her I felt like I could cum at any point. She was moaning a low and consistent hum, that raised in pitch the deeper I went. Every thrust was slow and measured, but to my surprise, she was able to take it all. I kept thinking “I’m fucking K in the ass! This is insane! My cock is in K’s ass!” The insanity of it was quickly pushing me to the edge. I gave her one last stroke, burying my cock deep into her ass, my balls on her once-more soaking pussy, and released myself into her. She grabbed my hand from around her waist and squeezed it as I released what felt like a months worth of hot cum into her ass. Into K’s ass…

And so, summer ended and many years have gone by since then. She is still with the same guy and they live in an adjacent city. She’s a doctor now and we still talk, but we rarely ever mention that summer. We still see each other every month or so, dinners and parties and the like. We still share the same friends. Hell, we are still plenty young. Here’s hoping for a part 2!


Thank you for reading my story. I’ve been a long-time reader (off and on) of Literotica and have only started publishing to the site this month, with this second recounting of a fondly remembered experience.

My stories, so far, have been true, but I am open to suggestions, criticisms, etc. It has been very exciting to FINALLY be able to reveal these intimate things and I hope to continue to do so!



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