A Quick Delight


Note: Although mother/son is my theme of choice, I felt I was alienating those of you who desire daddy/daughter stories. So this is for you. Enjoy!


My name is Jamie and I’m your typical American 18 year old girl. I chew gum, enjoying listening to loud music when I drive, and am totally stressed and excited about starting college in a month.

What sets me apart from other teenage girls is this: I’m jealous of my step-mom. Sure, there may be some girls out there who are jealous of their step-parents for a number of reasons: they may be attractive, have money, have the house that used to belong to your real mom or dad. But I never remembered my real mom. For all practical purposes, my step-mom was my mom.

No. What made me clench my fists in jealous was one simple reason: She got to have sex with my dad.

My dad and I had always been really close. We were best friends. And I had one of those dads whom my girlfriends drooled over. At age 50, he was still ruggedly handsome with short dirty blond hair and a three day scruff. I remember jumping on his back and calling him Indiana Jones. He would run around the yard with my arms clinging around his neck as he pretended to dodge invisible darts, bullets, and snakes. Mindy was 46, and attractive for her age, but I would often stand in front of the full length mirror in my room and know I was the better catch. I was 5’7 and slender, with 36C boobs, shoulder length blond hair, green eyes, and dimpled cheeks that daddy loved to pinch.

But as much as I loved living and growing up with my dad, I loathed it. For every night, and sometimes during the day, I could hear my father fucking my step-mom. The walls were thin in my house and as I lay on my bed trying to cram for an exam, I would hear Mindy, my step-mom, moaning and wailing with delight.

And it made me sick.

When I was very young, I couldn’t stand to hear it. I would turn my music up as loud as it would go and press the pillows to my ears. But soon after I had reached 16, I would listen, and wait…hoping I would hear my father.

By the time I turned 18, I lusted after daddy. I would strip down and lay on my bed as my parents fucked in the next room, sliding my vibrator in and out of my pussy, imagining that it was my father’s cock inside me. I often could not hear my father, what with Mindy’s screaming, and my vibrator drowning out all other sound. But I would close my eyes and picture me in Mindy’s place, hearing my daddy for the first time speaking dirty to me, and doing dirty things.

And then it all stopped. Years of daily sex came to a halt as sudden as a light being switched off. For days I wondered why I heard nothing coming from my parent’s bedroom.

“Where are you going?” my father asked Mindy one afternoon, chasing her to the front door. He was wearing only a robe, but Mindy was fully dressed and carried two large suitcases. She saw me standing there, totally confused and spoke through tears:

“Jamie, I’m so sorry, but I just need some time alone.”

“What are you talking about? Where are you going?” my father yelled, but sounded more like pleading.

“I’ll stay at my sister’s house.” She said curtly and slammed the door. My dad followed, and so did I.

By the time konya seks hikayeleri I got outside, Mindy was already in her BWM, my father yelling through the glass. But there was no hope. My step-mom clearly needed some space. As we watched her speed away, my father looked on the brink of tears. But I hid a smile. As awful as it was, I was jumping up and down inside, for I would be alone with daddy for an indefinite amount of time.

But I didn’t see much of my dad over the next few days. He would come home from work and be back out the door before I had time to slip on a sexy nightgown and seduce him. I imagined he was with friends from work, going to the bar, getting therapy from guys who think they knew about women. But another part of me wondered if perhaps my dad had been having an affair. Maybe it was why my step-mom had left so suddenly. Had she found out?

“I drive to your aunt’s house.” He told me one morning when I asked where he went.

“To talk to mom?” I asked.

“Well, to try to talk to her anyway.” He said, fidgeting with his tie. My father was clearly distracted by Mindy because he had never had trouble with ties before.

I walked over to him and pushed his hands away, taking his silk necktie and doing the job. In the process, I made a point to press as close as I could to him, wearing little gym shorts and a tank top. When I met his eyes, they were focused on my chest.

“There ya go daddy!” I sang, and bounced back into the kitchen to pour him his cup of coffee. “I’m sure mom just needs time off.” I assured him. “Lots of couples do. She’ll come home.”

“But when?” He asked me as if I somehow was keeping the answer from him.

Over the next two days prodding him with questions, my father told me why he thought my step-mom had left. It was because of me.

“Me?” I asked.

“I think so, yes.” My father said. Mindy…I mean, your mother is upset enough about you going off to college. She’ll miss you as will I. She’s worried about what will happen to our marriage when you go.”

“But you have a great marriage.” I said loudly. Indeed, I thought they had. The sex alone would have proved that. And before I knew what I was saying, I had said just that.

My father looked at me with a puzzled expression and saw me blush. “You hear us?” he asked.

“Well, yeah.” I said, smiling. “She’s very loud.”

Now my father looked embarrassed. “Well, sex isn’t everything Jamie,” he said, moving towards the door. I think your mother realized that our relationship was based just on that.”

“It was?” I said, puzzled. My thoughts raced with the idea that daddy and I could have a purely sexual relationship. But at the same time, I didn’t want to loose my father.

“I’m done with this conversation.” Dad said, and left the house once again.

I heard him come home at 2am. I was usually asleep by midnight, after exhausting myself with orgasms, but tonight, I made a point of not touching myself. Instead, I waited, my eyes open, a cup of coffee in my hand.

When I heard the door, I crept down the hall in my bra and panties, pausing at the entrance of the living room to watch and listen. My father, clearly drunk, stumbled to the couch and passed out. I waited a good ten minutes until I was sure he was asleep, before I tip-toed over to the end of the sofa. My daddy was snoring softly, his tie undone, his shirt un-tucked.

The adrenaline pumping through me, I wasted no time. Running back into my room, I rummaged through my nightstand until I found my eye mask, and sprinted back to the couch. Holding my breath, I carefully placed the mask over my father’s eyes. I wasn’t ready for him to see me quite yet. Not with what I was about to do.

With the mask in place, I moved my trembling hands over his belt and began to slowly undo the buckle. Then, as I was unzipping his pants, I saw his bulge stir beneath his pants. Had he heard the zipper? I could still hear him snore, and I wondered if perhaps he could slightly feel that someone was about to take out his cock.

Pulling his briefs down out of the way, his thick cock sprang out, practically hitting me in the face. I gasped at the sight of it, since I had not seen many erections, and certainly not my own father’s.

As not to tickle him awake, I pulled my hair back and clipped, before leaning over his cock. I kissed him lightly on the tip, and it jerked slightly, as if nodding in approval. By this point, his musky scent was making me dizzy, and I could resist him no longer. I took his cock in one hand, and opening my mouth, slid him in and over my salivating tongue. I felt him twitch in my mouth as I pinched my lips around the shaft, not letting it escape. Slurping and sucking, and stroking his cock, I heard my daddy’s snores turn to moans, but he showed no attempt at removing the mask.

This must be what a man’s wet dream is like, I thought, and at that very moment, his cock twitched again and my mouth was filled with wave after wave of my daddy’s warm cum.

My dad began to stir on the couch, licking his lips and moving his arms and legs. Quickly popping his cock from my mouth like a lolly, I ran back to the darkened hallway, just as my father removed the eye mask. Then I heard him whisper: “Mindy?”

My plan was working.

As my father slowly rose from the couch, examining his dripping rod, I ran to my bedroom and locked the door from the outside, then I entered my parent’s bedroom, and dove beneath the covers of their king sized bed.

“Honey?” My father whispered, stepping into the bedroom. He flipped the light switch but nothing happened. I had removed every bulb in the room. Then, in my best Mindy voice I answered:


“Baby! You came back!” and I heard him move towards the edge of the bed. “You greeted me in such a sexy way too.” He purred. “You’ve never dared to do anything in the living room with Jamie in the house.”

I smiled beneath the covers. Then, feeling him climb in bed, his fingers unclasping my bra, my heart began to race.

“Now it’s your turn.” He said devilishly, and he reached around, cupping my breasts in his hands. I moaned softly, as he began to nibble and caress my neck. My father was getting me so wet, and my jealously for Mindy came again. She felt his kiss, his hands, his cock, every day. But I quickly chased my step-mom from my mind. This was my moment. And even though my dad thought I was Mindy, it was the only way.

He rolled me onto my back, and I could see his silhouette over me. I felt his lips and warm breath over each nipple then down my soft belly, until he was tearing my lacey panties down my legs.

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned, as I felt him sliding his tongue up my left thigh. I ran my fingers through his hair, shivering at the scratchiness of his beard on my skin.

“Do you like that baby?” He asked and I responded.

“Lick me daddy.” I moaned, and then gasped at what I had said.

“What?” My father asked suddenly, and I heard him violently open the nightstand drawer. With a click, my face was flooded in bright light. My father was holding a flashlight and staring down at my face and breasts, his mouth agape.

“Jamie??” He blurted.

“Daddy, I can explain….”

“Jamie! What the fuck?”

“Daddy, please, I…I want this.”

“No Jamie, …baby, no! We can’t!”


“We can’t do this! You…did you…in the living room…?”

I smiled then, and batted my eyes. I needed to lure him back. “Did you enjoy it?”

“What?” He stared at me, amazed at my question.

“Well?” I pressed.

“That’s besides the point!” he stammered.

“What’s the point then?” I asked.

“The point is, Jamie, that…that you’re my daughter for God’s sake, and…and…it’s incest!”

“Yeah? So what’s your point.” I asked again. I was surprised and happy to see he hadn’t attempted to leave the bed. “I’m your slutty little daughter who wants her daddy’s big cock so very bad. I’ll even let you call me Mindy.” I added, hating to say it.


“Daddy, please, please fuck me.” I pleaded with pouting lips, and reaching around his waist, attempted to pull him down on me. To my delight, my daddy didn’t resist. I felt the tip of his wet cock pressed against my dripping pussy.

“Oh Jamie.”

“Yes Daddy. That’s it.”

At that moment, he dropped the flashlight and it fell to the floor, casting appropriate mood lighting on the ceiling. My daddy reached down and guided his throbbing cock past my outer lips, and I moaned out as loud as Mindy had always done.

“Yessss.” I purred. “Please Daddy! Please!”

As he slid deeper and deeper into my tight little twat, I ran my fingernails down his back and felt him start to fuck me. Really fuck his teenage daughter. He thrust his cock in and out of me with wet sloppy sounds, and I lifted my knees, spread my legs apart as far as they would go.

“Mmmmm, yeah,” My daddy grunted. It was the sound I has wanted to hear for years. “Do you like that baby? You wanted your own daddy to fuck you?”

His words alone sent me over the edge. “Oh God YES!” I screamed. “Fuck me Daddy!”

“Are you my little…”

“Slut! I AM your little slut Daddy!”

He leaned down and sucked my left nipple into his mouth.

“Oh God. I’m….I’m gonna….I’m gonna cum Daddy!”

“That’s it baby. Cum for your Daddy!”

“I’M CUMMING!” And at that moment, I felt my Daddy cum too, filling me deep with his seed, our heavy breathing in sync with each other.


Mindy came home the next day. Dad and I were showering together when we heard the door, and we both had to act fast. It had been a quick delight, making love to my father. The thrill of a lifetime. And as I left for college, my dad hugged me tight and whispered into my ear:

“I’ll come visit you as soon as I can.”

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