A Quick Afternoon Swim


I was in college, and it was about a week before finals started at the end of spring semester. It was May in North Carolina, and it was hot. I mean sweltering hot, the kind of hot that makes your shirt stick to your back in a matter of minutes, and makes you thirsty for a cold beer. It was on one of these days that I found myself alone on a Saturday in my apartment, watching some moronic TV program in the early afternoon. Our place still wasn’t air conditioned, and there was no escaping the killing temperature. I was sitting in gym shorts when it occurred to me that the campus pool had opened a few weeks ago, and that I bet it would feel great on a lazy afternoon like this one. So I changed into my swim shorts and took off for the pool with my towel in hand.

When I showed up at the side of the pool, I realized that this had been a great idea. Surprisingly, the place was almost deserted, with three swimmers in the water and a lifeguard reading a copy of Maxim, and generally looking bored with the whole scene. I took off the t-shirt I was wearing, kicked off my sandals, and dove into the cool water, letting the chill shock me all at once. It felt great, and I found myself really enjoying the way that the sunlight played over the water.

I moved over to where the lane dividers were, and began swimming at a slow, relaxing pace to limber up. After about three laps, I stopped and rested on the side, and that’s when I saw her come in the door. She was absolutely gorgeous, about 5’8″, deeply tanned skin, with dark-brown hair and a very small white bikini. I hadn’t been able to get any kind of a date recently, and the site of this beautiful Venus stopped the breath in my chest. Although I couldn’t remember meeting her, there was something oddly familiar about her. I thought about it for a minute or two, and continued with my swimming.

After another two laps, I stopped to rest again, mainly to look for her. I couldn’t see her anywhere, until about thirty seconds went by and somebody splashed against the wall next to me. I realized she was in the lane next to me, doing the same thing I was. I noted this in a back corner of my mind and kept on swimming.

I must have gone another ten laps, and was completely exhausted, when I stopped to rest, intending to quit for the day. When I got to the end of the lane, I noticed that she was doing the same thing. I tried to ignore her, but we were only about six feet away from each other, being in adjacent lanes. I caught her eye, and a look of recognition instantly flashed over her face.

“John?” she exclaimed. “John is that you?”

“Yeah,” I replied, trying to mask the fact that I didn’t remember her name.

“You don’t remember me do you? I’m Jessica, remember I was your lab partner last week?”

Suddenly it all came back to me. She had taken my physics lab last week because she had some conflict with her normal time. I sure as hell remember that torturous hour and a half. She was wearing unbelievably short shorts and some non-existent shirt that made it impossible for me to do the lab. I seem to remember thinking she was trying to flirt with me. Oh yeah, I remembered her all right.

“Hey, what’s up?” I exclaimed. “How’ve you been?”

“Oh, fine I guess. It was so hot today I felt like taking a swim.”

“Yeah, me too,” I said, trying not to look at her incredible tits.

“So, you wanna race?” she challenged.

“Um…..not really, I was actually about to quit” I remarked, noticing how tired I really was.

“C’mon, what are you, some kind of a pussy?” she retorted, and then, with a wink, she quipped, “if you beat me I’ll kiss you.”

This was too much to turn down, and I accepted. However, she wasn’t nearly as tired as I was, and despite my leading early, she beat me pretty well.

Shit, I wonder if she was serious, I thought as I rested on the edge.

“C’mon John, I know just what you need,” she suggested, as she leapt out of the pool.

She was standing on the edge of the pool above me, giving me an excellent view of her superb body as her wet bathing suit clung to her in the most delicious way. “What’s that?” I asked.

“A few minutes in the hot tub. It always relaxes me after a swim.” She turned to get her towel after saying that, and I admired the way that her ass went up and down as she walked. She really was beautiful, I thought as I agreed to the invitation.

When I stood next to her and wrapped my navy blue towel around my waist, I watched her reach her arms behind her head while she was putting her hair up into a bun or something. This made her beautiful tits stretch against the white material of her bathing suit top, and I noticed that the cold water had made her nipples hard, causing them to push against the thin fabric.

I had no idea where the thing was, I explained as we walked. I was interested to learn that we had one, as I had not been in a Jacuzzi in some time.

After a short walk, we arrived at the room. It was kind of a weird set-up. The door opened up to three more doors, one each for the sauna, the steam room, and the hot tub. We went for the hot tub, and I was glad to see that it was very self-contained in a small room, with barely enough room for the thing to fit in there.

“Shit,” she exclaimed, as we saw that there were three guys already in there, sitting around, talking eskort bayan bursa bullshit to each other. All conversation instantly stopped when Jessica stuck her head in the room, I noted with some amusement.

“Oh well,” I muttered, pissed I didn’t get to get in a hot tub with her.

“How do you like the sauna?” she asked, instantly turning my mood around.

I answered by turning around and pulling the door open, holding it for her so I could survey her perfect form as she sauntered through the opening.

The heat hit me like a wall when I followed Jessica inside. “I forgot how hot and dry these things get,” I said. She responded by dumping more water on the heater thing, then giving me a wicked smirk. I was beginning to enjoy this, I thought.

This was a small room too, I noticed, only able to hold about four people in a pinch. There were two benches, one high and one low, positioned on top of one another. She chose the bottom one, and sat down leaning on the high part. She closed her eyes and sighed, breathing in the hot air luxuriantly. I laid down on the top bench, closed my eyes and tried to relax.

“Damn, I’m so tense,” Jessica exclaimed suddenly, startling me out of a reverie about the lab we had together. “I always tighten up after a workout,” she said. While I was thinking about the implications of that statement, she said “I wish they had masseurs or something for hire at this college.”

At this, I decided to take a chance. “I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it,” I said hesitantly, fearing a refusal.

“Well, would you mind?” she asked, “I’m sorry to ask you when you’re trying to relax though.”

“No problem,” I replied, almost giddy. I asked her to lean forward, and then slid off the high bench, falling to rest behind her with my legs on either side of her slender frame. I cracked my knuckles and reached up to knead her tanned shoulders.

“Oooooooh…” she heaved in pleasure as she leaned forward in relaxation.

“Most people carry a great deal of tension in their shoulders,” I said as I relieved her of a particularly twisted knot

“I’ll say,” she said. She had been sweating profusely in the sauna, and it was giving me a great natural lubricant for the massage. I moved my hands from her shoulders and began to massage her lower back working around to the sides to work out the tension in the oblique muscles.

She sighed as her body relaxed, and then leaned back, startling me because I had had an enormous hard-on going.

Her lower back hit the tip of my raging prick, and she instantly knew what it was. She stood up, and moved towards the door. I exhaled mightily and rested my head back, thinking that I had blown another one, that I had lost my touch. She astonished me though, by instead of leaving, dropping the pin in the door so that it couldn’t open. She looked at me with a look that could have melted ice, and then returned to her original position between my legs.

“Continue,” she said brusquely, knocking me out of my daydream. I began to rub her back again, focusing this time on her middle back and working my way downwards. I was trying to figure out what exactly to do when she inched backwards on the bench until she was touching my dick. I sucked in a breath as she made contact, but persisted in giving her the massage. I returned my hands to her shoulders, and she responded with a deep sigh. I decided to take a chance, and I let my hands fall off of her neck and caress her sides. I let my fingertips graze the exposed sides of her breasts, and she drew in a quick breath. She leaned back, and made full contact with my cock, making me jump at the sensation. I continued to run my hands up and down her sides, loving the way that she arched her back with every pass by her breasts. I gave her a luxuriant wet kiss on her back, just below the neck, and she gave off a purr of contentment.

She then leaned her head back even farther, over my right shoulder, and made eye contact. I hesitated for a minute, and then kissed her lightly and carefully. She looked at me for a minute, seemingly surprised, then slowly brought her mouth to mine for a kiss more passionate than any I have ever felt. She kissed me ever so slowly, almost hypnotically, sucking my tongue into her mouth lightly. As our tongues intertwined and wrestled between us, I hadn’t even noticed that my hands had stopped moving at her stomach. She moved her hands from my knees, and gently moved my hands up to cup her breasts. I smiled inwardly as I began to knead and massage her soaking wet mounds, loving the feel of her hard nipples under my thumbs.

She moaned into my mouth, turning me on even more, if that was possible. She reached up to behind her neck, breaking the kiss for a moment, and untied the small bow that held her bikini top on. As the pieces of white fabric fell away, I gazed at the most amazing pair of tits I had ever seen. Milky white and perfectly sized, she sighed as my hands found her newly bared flesh and our lips met again.

We continued to kiss, for what seemed like forever. I let my hands fall off of her perfect tits and fall to her thighs. She sighed as I massaged the silky smooth skin of her inner thighs, and arched her back to push my hands closer to the only part of her body that remained clothed. I carefully rubbed the smooth, sweat soaked altıparmak escort skin of her legs, allowing my fingers to reach higher each time. Her moans and sighs became more fervent the higher I went, and I could detect the scent of her juices in the small enclosure. I finally reached her apex, and lightly rubbed the sides of her vagina around the outside of her bikini bottom. She tensed up under my arms as I began to touch her very wet pussy through the fabric. She reached down to her sides and peeled off the rest of her bikini, laying her bare to my gaze. I could see that she shaved herself almost completely, and that her twat was swollen and wet. We continued to kiss, and I raised my left hand to her breast and kneaded it, bringing the nipple back to life.

As we kissed with a renewed ferocity, I slipped my middle finger inside of her up to the knuckle. She moaned deeply and loudly, and broke the kiss to inhale in pleasure. I inserted a second finger and felt her squirm in tension. As I returned my lips to hers, she reached down and placed her hand on mine, trying desperately to push my fingers in farther. She began to moan almost constantly, and kissed me even more desperately the closer she got to climax.

When I sensed she didn’t have much longer, I rubbed her G-spot and slid my thumb across her clitoris simultaneously. She shrieked and arched her back sharply, pushing me even deeper inside of her. She almost immediately started bucking her hips up and down in the throes of a powerful orgasm, moaning loudly and gasping noiseless screams at the walls.

She finally calmed down, and her frantic motions ceased. She opened her eyes for the first time in several minutes and gazed dreamily at my face, only a couple of inches away. She kissed me suddenly and hard, pulling me in closer by my neck. I started to wonder where this was going, when there was an abrupt knock on the door, accompanied by the sound of a guy bitching about the door being locked.

She giggles, and said, “Should we take this somewhere else?”

I wiggled my eyebrows in reply, and she went about putting her bathing suit back on. I tried to stash my hard-on as best I could, and wrapped my towel around my midsection. I followed her out, and much to my chagrin it’s the same three idiots that were in the Jacuzzi earlier. Jessica walked proudly out the door with her nipples still straining against her top. I followed grinning like an idiot as I watched the three guy’s mouths fall open in astonishment.

We got to the exit door at the front of the gym, and she asked me a little nervously, “Your place or mine?” giggling a little bit at the cliché.

I suddenly had a great idea. “Hey, how about dinner instead,” I exclaimed.

“Huh?” she asked, surprised.

“Dinner at my favorite restaurant tonight, and afterwards we can have…dessert…at my apartment,” I suggested with a challenging air.

“Okay,” she returned.

“Good. I’ll pick you up at seven-thirty,” and almost as an afterthought, “dress nice.”


As I rolled into the driveway of her apartment, I recounted the last couple of hours. I had rushed back home and made a reservation for the restaurant tonight, took a long cold shower, and changed into my best suit, a cream-colored silk and wool blend three button. Topped off with a blue shirt and a darker blue tie, I thought I looked very dashing indeed as I stepped out of my burgundy Acura RSX. I knocked on the door, then turned around to look at the sunset. I heard the door open and was astounded by what greeted me. Jessica was wearing a black halter-top dress that had an amazing way of clinging to her curves all the way down. The neck was cut low, allowing for a fair amount of cleavage to show in the pale dusk. Her black stiletto heels were sexy as hell.

“Is this okay?” she asked, giggling at the dumb look on my face.

“Oh yeah, it’s great,” I said, breaking out of my trance.

As I opened the car door for her and she slid past me, I quickly pinned her against the door frame of my car, and she gasped as I kissed her passionately. My cock sprang to life and pulsed against her as I pressed my body tight against hers. I felt her fingernails on my ass, and pulled away before things got too out of hand there in the street. She looked at me with lust filled eyes with an admonishing shake of the head. I just smiled and walked around to the driver’s side. As I slid in and pulled my seat belt on, I had to quickly adjust my straining member. I couldn’t believe how hard I was just sitting there. John Coltrane blared from the speakers as I started the car. As we navigated the streets of Raleigh, she finally asked me, “So where is it that we’re going that I need to dress up for?”

“It’s a surprise,” I replied, as I opened the sunroof.

“Oh well, I expected nothing less,” she replied with a smile as I shifted gears. She started to lightly stroke the top of my right leg, giving me goosebumps and exciting other things as well. Her hand moved to the inside of my thigh, and she gave me a wicked smile as she moved up to my raging hard-on. But, in disappointment and reluctance, I touched her hand softly and told her that we’re almost there.

“Oooohhh…” she cooed in mock disappointment. I contented myself to watching her hair swirl in the wind as I turn down bursa türbanlı escort the last block to the restaurant.

I killed the stereo, and the wailing saxophone was cut off as I pulled up to the valet. “We’re here,” I told her, as her door was opened by a man in black tie.

“This is where we’re going?” she exclaimed in astonishment as she took the hand of the valet helping her out of the low-slung car.

“Yep,” I commented in silent triumph at her reaction. “Sullivan’s is my favorite restaurant in town,” I said as I tossed the keys to the valet. I took her arm and escorted her in the front door, smiling at the people waiting in line as we cut in front of them. The owner was there to greet me at the hostess stand.

“Paul!” I exclaimed as I took his hand.

“Mr. Hathaway, let me show you to your table,” he said with a smile as he turned into the dining room. I savored the sights and sounds of a five-star restaurant, and I savored even more the way that every guy in the restaurant stopped what they were doing to stare at Jessica as she walked swiftly across the dimly-lit room. As he arrives at the table, he pulled her chair out for her.

“Thank you,” she purred as she slipped into the luxurious leather.

“Would you like anything to drink from the bar, madam?” he asked.

She shot me a look, probably due to the fact that we’re both only twenty, one year underage. I raised my eyebrows suggestively. She hesitantly ordered a cosmopolitan, and I asked for a double Glenlivet on the rocks.

“How can you do this?” she asked me in astonishment, once the waiter had left.

“Well, you ever heard of Hathaway construction?” I replied.

“Of course, their signs are all over town.”

“Well, my dad’s Connor Hathaway. He did the renovation of this place a couple of years back, and he and the owner became good friends. I’ve kind of…inherited the benefits of their association, you might say,” I quipped as I took a drink. I smirked at her across the small table, enjoying the look on her face.

The waiter came up and we ordered. I don’t even remember what we ate because I was staring at Jessica the whole time, except that we had a fantastic Pinot Noir. The next thing I remembered was that the entrees were cleared, and as we were ordering dessert, she gave me a nasty wink.

“Is there anything else you want tonight,” I asked.

“Oh I think there’s something I could get, but I don’t think it’s on the menu,” she said to the waiter.

“Oh madam, I’m sure we could arrange something with the chef,” he replied, almost with an air of indignation.

I suddenly felt a hand moving up my thigh. I desperately tried to look normal as she eyed me over the rim of her wineglass.

“Oh, I don’t know…” she mused thoughtfully. “I think I’ll just have an Irish coffee,” she said nonchalantly as her hand reached my dick and slowly brought it to life.

I almost instantly had a raging hard-on brewing, and I ordered another Scotch with a slight stutter on the consonants. The waiter left, much to my relief, and Jessica started to rub my dick with a new ferocity, bringing me almost to the brink. I hold back and think of anything, anything that’ll keep me from coming in my pants. The drink comes to mind. I hadn’t even noticed it was there. I slugged the double down in one swallow, feeling the deep burn of the whiskey as it slid down my throat. I grabbed her hand in mid-stroke, and simultaneously waved the waiter over. She gave me a satisfied look as she sipped her drink, knowing that I was seconds away from exploding all over the inside of my suit.

I hurriedly shoved my credit card into the waiter’s hand, and then returned my attention to Jessica. She looked slightly impish as she delicately took a sip from her coffee, and then told me “I’ve got to use the bathroom.”

An idea started brewing when the waiter brought me my card and the check, and I signed it without even thinking twice about the absurd tip I gave the man. I gave him the ticket for the valet and hurried off to the bathroom myself, just barely concealing my extreme hard-on from the occupants of the restaurant. I prayed that the bathroom was a one occupancy affair before I burst in on Jessica as she’s powdering her nose or something in the mirror. She smiled in surprise and opened her mouth to say something, but I locked the door and covered the distance to her before she could speak. I roughly kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She instantly embraced the idea and returned my kiss. I then roughly grabbed her ass and pushed her to the wall. She broke the kiss in astonishment to my roughness. I continued to kiss her like an insane man, and at the same time moved my left hand up to cup her large breast as it heaved under the tight confines of her dress. She moaned deeply into my mouth, and I moved my right hand down her side to grip her firm ass. She was really getting into it now, arching her back and breathing heavily as the tensions of the evening built up between us. She started scraping her fingernails across my broad back at my shoulder blades, moaning slightly into my mouth. I moved my hand to her front, and slowly moved my hand between her legs and under her dress. I could feel the wetness between her legs, and she moaned as I stroked her pussy lightly through her panties. I pushed the miniscule layer of lace aside and slipped my middle finger into her core as deep as I could push it. She broke the kiss and let out an unearthly deep groan as I slipped one finger, then two, deep inside of her. She tried to kiss me, but I deftly avoided her lips as I continue finger-fucking her.

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