A Pleasant Evening


I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t drooling when I saw her waiting for me; dressed in a tight red dress and black heels, she was more than enough to make a man look twice. I enjoyed her saucy smile as she walked over to the vehicle and leaned forward against the truck window.

“See anything you like?” she asked teasingly.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh very much so, milady, very much so indeed!”

She got in, and I got to inhale a subtle waft of something clean and flowery. It tickled the nose, and suited her nicely.

“I hope you’re hungry, gorgeous, because I certainly brought an appetite,” I said.

“I don’t think me being…hungry…is going to be a problem at all,” she said with a heated glance.

“Then by all means, let us proceed apace…”

The restaurant was slightly off the beaten path, but worth the drive. Quiet and cozy, the booths were dimly lit and intimate. The food was exquisite, and I enjoyed her reaction to the spicy course of dishes. Conversation flowed, and we both relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

Soon enough, dinner was over, and I found myself reluctant to break the spell. I’ll admit my reluctance started fleeing quickly when she started sliding her foot up and down my leg under the table cloth, and started giving me that entrancing smile once again…

We quickly found ourselves at a nearby hotel, and I found it difficult to keep my hands off of her, taking her hand to guide her to the elevator. When the doors dinged shut, I couldn’t resist pulling her to me from behind, leaning forward to lightly nip her neck. I felt her grind her hips back into me, promising me things to come…

The room was typical, and I put down the bag I’d carried up once we were inside. I started to take off my suit jacket, but she stopped me, laying a dark finger across my lips. “Allow me,” was all she said.

She circled around behind me and reached up, sliding my jacket across my shoulders, then carefully hung it on one of the conveniently provided hangers. She reached around me and started slowly unbuttoning my shirt, taking her time. With a quick pull, she had my shirt from under my trousers and her hands on my skin…I enjoyed the warmth of her soft caresses. She worked her way around to my front, then knelt down to untie my shoes, maintaining eye contact the whole time…it was incredibly erotic.

From her knees, she started undoing my belt buckle, and the evidence of just how much she was turning me on was soon readily apparent as she let my trousers drop to the floor. She smiled slyly in appreciation, reaching up to tug briefly on my boxers, running a hand over me, then leaned forward and slowly took me into her mouth, tongue swirling. I groaned in appreciation as she worked her mouth on me, sensuously sliding up and down on my length. She sucked on the tip, rapidly flicking her tongue, and I gasped. She was still looking deep into my eyes, and her enjoyment of my pleasure was obvious. “Damn that feels good,” I sighed. Then I reached down, pulling her back to her feet. “If you keep that up, I’m not going to last too long,” I told her.

She laughed. “And if I want to anyway?”

I looked her up and down slowly, putting heat in my voice when I replied, “Whatever the lady desires…”

She turned away from me (knowing how much I enjoyed the view of her exquisite ass) and reached up to start unzipping her dress slowly. I grinned when she slapped my helpful hand away playfully.

“You’ll get to touch soon enough, I promise,” she said huskily.

Slowly, she let the silky folds of fabric slide down her curves, winding up in a blood red puddle Escort Bayan at her feet. I drank in the sight of her, clad only in a pair of lacy black panties with ties on the sides, and a matching bra…

She languidly turned around, allowing me a good long look at her. Her dark skin was flawless, and I drank in her curves. She once more knelt in front of me, and pulled me back into her mouth. She was sucking harder now, swirling her tongue faster. The feeling of her mouth on me was incredible, and I felt her using one of her hands in counterpoint, going up and down my shaft. As she quickened her pace, I could feel the familiar tension down deep, building. “I’m gonna cum,” I told her quickly.

She pulled her mouth off of me but continued to slide her hand back and forth until I erupted, pumping spurt after spurt. I quickly stood her up when I was done and kissed her deeply. “That, lady, was absolutely incredible.” She smiled at my obvious appreciation.

I let my hands wander over her, loving the smoothness of her skin…she gasped when I leaned forward and started sucking gently at her neck, teasing with my tongue, and shivering occasionally when I nipped her with my teeth.

With a smile, I reached up, cupping her face with my hands and bringing her lips in gently to mine. It started slowly, her lips meeting mine softly, then with gradually increasing intensity…

I broke from the kiss and couldn’t resist clicking my teeth at her. “Damn, you are one exciting woman!” I told her, to her obvious delight. “Would you mind if I took the time to play with you for a bit?” I asked. She looked at me in confusion for a moment, but I only stood there with one eyebrow crooked. After a short moment, she nodded her head in assent. I crossed over to the bed, stripping off blankets and making a pallet on the floor. She looked confused again, but I simply pointed, directing her to lie down and remove the rest of her clothing.

Obediently, she complied, and I had her roll over onto her stomach. I took a moment to lay out the supplies from my bag on the convenient desk; oils and candles mostly. She started to ask something, and I quieted her. “Time for questions later; for now, just enjoy,” I said softly.

Fortunately, the room had a microwave, so I set the oil to warming, and lit the candles in the interim. Placed strategically, they cast a soft glow, especially after the heavy curtains were drawn.

With the oil warmed, I started with a small drizzle down her spine, causing her to arch a bit in reaction. I reached out with my left hand to spread it around a bit, and then dripped a bit more. Using both hands, I set up a firm, smooth motion with my palms, both to spread the oil across her back, and to accustom her to my touch.

Once the oil was spread, I began in earnest. I straddled her legs, using a combination of weight and technique to run long strokes up the length of her back, then spreading my fingers to trail lightly back to her waist on the back stroke.

I don’t think she was expecting a massage; she seemed willing enough after the fact…

From long back strokes I changed to short, pressured strokes centering on the spine, working my way up and down slowly. A few groans and moans let me know I was on the right track, and I worked on any obvious tension spots I came across. After a bit, I let my touch switch to mostly teasing, gliding around in larger circles to her side, grazing the undersides of her breasts, and trailing lightly back to her hips, toying a bit with her buttocks…

Eventually, I moved down to her ass, sprinkling a bit more oil, kneading firmly, switching Escort from side to side. I was deliberate in my movements, only occasionally dipping down to brush across her tight rosebud…after a while, I made it more deliberate, teasing longer, taking more time to swirl around and around the crinkled flesh, pushing lightly, and enjoying the occasional sigh of pleasure.

I kept one hand on her while I moved off of her legs, using the other hand to encourage her to spread her legs a bit more. A bit more oil, and I began with her legs, similar sweeping strokes from her feet up her thighs, teasing her at the top when my hands spread apart, one hand sweeping down the outside, the other sliding perilously close to her sex…Closer and closer I swept with each movement, never quite touching. I could feel her getting a bit more frustrated, so after one more stroke, I let the very edge of my fingertips trace the edge of her labia. I made it slow, lingering, enjoying the sharp inhalation my touch brought before moving all the way back down once more.

I could tell she was tensed for more, so I switched to the other leg, beginning the same series of movements again, drawing out her sensuous agony.

Once more I traced closer and closer, letting her anticipation build. Suddenly, shockingly, I broke pattern, allowing my left hand to trace her labia once more, with my right hand applying smooth circles to her ass. She reacted with a gasp, arching in reaction, and I let her enjoy the stimulation for a moment more before I abruptly stopped.

“Turn over,” I commanded softly.

She turned to look at me with a glare for a moment, clearly a bit irritated with my insouciant grin, then complied.

I got up for a moment, taking time to reheat the oil, enjoying her squirming.

“Patience,” I advised, drizzling hot oil on her stomach. She inhaled at the hot touch, then looked at me a bit reproachfully. “I did mention I liked to tease, right?”

She nodded grudgingly, and I returned to my task.

Using both hands, I spread the oil liberally down the front of both her legs and thighs, enjoying the smooth skin beneath my touch, watching the contrast between our skin tones… I dripped a bit more oil on her breasts, eliciting a half gasp, then took my time spreading it around, pausing to tweak her nipples once or twice. She started to reach for me, and I quickly grabbed her wrists.

“I told you I wanted to play, so be nice and play,” I advised her.

I took my time working my way back up from her feet, taking the opportunity to nip her toes occasionally while my hands were busy. I switched to her left leg after a bit, repeating for the most part, except this time my left hand made no pretense about teasing her vaginal lips on each passage. I was delighted to find her soaking wet to my touch.

I let my hands wander up to her abdomen, using my knees to spread her legs a bit more, then all at once, I let my hands wander up to her breasts, cupping, touching, swirling, and lowered my mouth to her lower lips at the same time. She tasted sweet, and I let my tongue linger while I teased her breasts, hands in constant motion.

The taste of the oil was heavy on my tongue, making a slightly bitter addition to the taste of her natural juices, but I figured it was well worth it. Her scent was intoxicating, and I loved her shudders beneath me as I set up a rhythm with my tongue, lightly circling her clit, mirrored by my fingers on her nipples. She arched her back, marvelously responsive to my touch, and I settled in for a bit, enjoying the act of making her squirm.

I could sense she was getting close, Bayan Escort so I backed off a bit, trailing my tongue down her entire length, teasing her ass for a moment, then resumed my massage as though nothing had happened.

Her eyes snapped open, glaring daggers at me, but I simply grinned and shrugged once more.

“If you think you aren’t going to get yours, you’re sadly mistaken, my lady.”

I went back to my work, shifting position a bit to put more emphasis first on her right arm, then on her left. She was enjoying the attention, I could tell, but she still wanted more.

I pulled her right hand to my mouth, licking and sucking on her fingers one by one before softly placing her arm back down.

“Did you enjoy?” I asked quietly.

“Of course,” she said.

“Then trust me. We have plenty of time, after all.”

I took my time in standing up and removing my boxers, looking at her the whole time. Once I was just as bare as she, I lay back down.

“Come here,” I urged, pulling her to me in an intimate kiss. I enjoyed the taste of her for a moment before trailing kisses down her neck, pausing to nibble on her ears while my right hand lazily traced circles on her nipple.

I squeezed a bit harder, enjoyed the sharp inhalation of breath, the look of pain/pleasure that crossed her face. I trailed my hand down her slick abdomen, idly swirling patterns, before running circles once more around her engorged clit.

“Mmmm…” she groaned, feeling my hand on her.

With my left hand, I turned her head firmly, allowing me to nip and suck her neck mercilessly. I could feel her getting worked up again, so I decided to help a bit.

Pausing briefly, I guided her right hand to me, and she started pulling and swirling her hand immediately. In all truth, I didn’t need much assistance.

Shifting us slightly, I moved down until I was almost parallel to her, then slid inside her gently, reveling in the hot, wet feel of her. I immediately resumed the motions of my right hand, playing with her clit mercilessly.

I slid in and out of her slowly, strumming her at the same time, feeling her work higher and higher…

I increased my pace slightly, adding my left hand to a convenient nipple, enjoying the feel of her working herself up to a full orgasm, feeling her delicious heat tightening down on me…

With a shuddering cry, she came convulsively, the extra warmth flooding me, and I picked up the pace, pounding into her deeply, still playing with her clit mercilessly, stretching out her orgasm. I could tell when it started becoming a bit too much, and immediately stopped fingering her, easing my pace back until I was just barely sliding in and out of her.

I let her recover for a moment, then slid out of her. “I want you from behind,” I said simply, to her enquiring look.

“Mmmmh…thought you’d never ask,” she said with a wicked grin. She immediately rolled onto her front, lifting her ass enticingly up in the air. “Is this what you wanted?” she asked, looking over her shoulder in challenge.

I growled and moved forward, my hand sounding like a gunshot as it smacked her delicious ass.

“Damn right that’s what I want,” I said, grabbing her hips and bringing her to me. We both groaned as I slid back inside her. This time I wasn’t gentle, slamming into her again and again almost as soon as I was inside her. I loved the feel of her, so hot and wet, ardently pushing back to meet each thrust. The slapping sound of flesh on flesh filled the room, and I could smell her intoxicating aroma.

I could feel the tension building inside me, coiling tighter and tighter. I started hammering into her as hard and fast as I could, until with a cry I emptied myself inside her, pumping again and again. I rested for a moment, breathing heavily, and then leaned forward to kiss her.

“Thank you,” I said simply.

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