A night with Nicole


I met Nicole one afternoon on one of those telephone-dating services. You know, one of those deals where the service lets you exchange messages back and forth. Well to get you hooked they give us guys an hour for free, so being bored that day I decided to try it out. Nicole was the third woman I talked to and I knew almost immediately that she was going to work. She was 25, single and had just moved into a new apartment. Alone. We exchanged messages back and forth for about 30 minutes and then she offered to let me call her directly at home. I took her up on it. I used call block to make sure that her caller ID didn’t pick up my number and I gave her a ring. We talked for about an hour and then I asked her if she was busy that evening and she said that she wasn’t. We agreed to go out to dinner. She lived about an hour away but for what I had planned that was perfect. Working local is too dangerous. After getting directions I told her that I would be there in about two hours and we said our good-byes. I went to prepare for my first kill.

First I took two Viagra pills so I wouldn’t be “let down” after an orgasm or two and then I took a long shower and got dressed. She sounded like the cowgirl type so I put on my Wranglers, Ropers and a nice long sleeved shirt. I was looking good. Next, I took two long scarves that I had recently bought and hid them in my left sock. I also took two pair of medical gloves and hid them in the other sock. They were undetectable. Finally I checked my wallet and made sure I had my condoms. All three of them were there. The drive to her house was uneventful and I made it in just over an hour. She gave good directions. I spent the entire trip fantasizing about what I was going to do to her. I had had these fantasies for many years but lately the pressure had become too much and Nicole was the girl who was going to relieve it for me.

I arrived at her apartment around 5:30 P.M. just as it was getting dark. This was good because I didn’t want any nosy neighbors to be able to identify me but just to be safe I parked a ways down from her door. I walked up and knocked on her door. She quickly answered and invited me in. She was even more beautiful than she had described herself as. She was 5’6”, 110 lbs, with short blond hair that left her vulnerable neck totally exposed. I like that. She was wearing a very short black dress and a low cut blouse that more than showed off her 36c tits. Her smile was awesome and as she gave me the grand tour of her apartment all I could think about was how easy this girl was going to be.

She finished showing me around and then said that since I was early she needed to finish getting ready. That’s OK, so did I. When she was safely locked in her bathroom I removed one pair of the gloves and put them on and then took one of the scarves out and put it in my back pocket for quick access. As she finished up I quickly made sure that I hadn’t made any mistakes. To the best of my knowledge I hadn’t been seen and I was careful not to touch anything so I didn’t leave any prints. So far so good. I was ready.

She came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and went into her large walk-in closet. She left the door open and I could see that she was looking for something on the top shelf. She had her back to me so I knew that this would be the perfect time. She had her back to me as I quietly walked up behind her with the scarf stretched taut between my hands. I took and lifted it over her head and around her thin pretty neck. I pulled back hard!!

She immediately put up a hell of a fight but I knew that she had no chance. She was just too small. She was throwing her fists and elbows at first and trying to stomp on my feet but I was expecting this and I simply dodged her blows and pulled the scarf tighter as she tried to fight. Her face quickly became beet-red and in less than 30 seconds I could feel her weakening some. Instead of trying to hit me she was now just trying to get air by pulling at the scarf but it was simply too tight. She couldn’t get a finger underneath it. At about the one-minute point I pulled down on the scarf and forced her to the floor where she continued kicking and pulling at the scarf. Sikiş hikayeleri Her face was a deep purple now and her tongue was sticking out of her mouth. I was rock hard! Finally she started to lose control. Her muscles began to twitch at first and then she started convulsing. When that happened I knew it was over. She tried to fight a little more but her brain was no longer controlling her muscles. 30 seconds later her hands fell limply to the ground and her legs twitched a couple of times and then went limp also. I waited a few more seconds and then loosened the scarf. Checking her pulse I found that she wasn’t dead, only unconscious. Good. Moving fast, I removed her blouse and bra and just stared at those beautiful perky tits of hers. They were awesome! I wanted to play with them right then but I didn’t have time. Flipping her onto her belly I pulled her hands behind her and tied them tightly with the scarf. Once restrained, I picked her up under her arms and drug her backwards into her bedroom and let her collapse onto the floor. I started to undress and as I did she began to stir. I finished stripping and by now she was semi-conscious, moaning softly on the floor. I pulled her to her knees as I sat on the side of the bed and pushed my rock hard 8-inch cock to her lips. I told her that if she fought back I would kill her. She resisted at first but when my hands found their way around her neck she got smart. She took only a little at first but I fixed that by pushing down on her head and forcing it all the way down her throat. You should have heard her gag that first time. I almost came. I continued to push her head up and down on my cock until she got the idea. Finally she was doing it right and was even using her tongue a little. This girl had some experience. Finally I told her that the faster that she made me cum, the faster I would be gone so she really went to work then and within 5 minutes I exploded into her mouth and down her throat. She tried to pull back but I held her down until she had swallowed every last drop. As my cock went limp and my juices drained into her mouth I pulled out and lifting her to her feet, I pushed her backwards onto her bed. When I started removing her mini-skirt she started crying and said, “I thought you were going to leave after I got you off?” I just laughed as I ripped her red panties off of her and climbed onto the bed. Suddenly I realized that I had almost made a huge mistake. I got off of the bed and got a condom out of my wallet. I couldn’t chance leaving any DNA in her pussy. I had just finished putting it on when the stupid bitch tried to scream and made a break for it; but I was too quick. I grabbed her, pushed her hard back onto the bed and shoved her panties down her throat. I told her that one more stupid stunt like that would cost her her life. She must have believed me because she didn’t try it again. Problem solved. I took the panties out of her mouth and threw them on the floor. She didn’t even whimper. Next I shoved her legs apart and just stared at that pretty pink bald pussy staring back at me. And guess what? It was wet! I don’t know if it was from fear or because she was excited and I didn’t care. I lay down on top of her, guided my cock to her hole and rammed it in her as hard as I could. She stifled a scream and softly cried as I fucked her over and over as hard as I could. As I did this my hands found those big juicy tits and I began squeezing them hard and pinching her nipples. She would squirm in pain underneath me but she refused to scream. Good girl. As I did this to her I made her kiss me. She tried at first to just give me a peck on the lips but I told her to kiss me like she meant it. The next thing she knew my tongue was probing her tonsils. Next, I made her push her tongue into my mouth. I could tell that she hated that but she did it anyways. I had been fucking her for about 30 minutes when I got a new idea. I climbed off of her, grabbed her panties and shoved them back into her mouth. Next I pushed her over onto her face and spread her ass cheeks. Taking one finger I started probing her tight little ass. As I slipped it in she tried to squirm away but a few hard slaps on the ass convinced her Sex hikaye that it was useless. I continued to finger-fuck her ass again and as I did I asked her if she had ever been butt-fucked before. She nodded yes but it was so tight that I doubted it. Who cared? I rubbed some of her pussy juices on the head of my cock and pushed it to the hole. As I pushed forward I climbed back on top of her and felt it finally break through. She screamed through her gag at first but nobody could hear it. I pushed it all the way to the hilt two or three times and then just started fucking her like it was her mouth or pussy. She was crying hard but she wasn’t fighting. It didn’t take long and in less than 5 minutes I came. Hard!!! I pushed into her as far as I could go and then let myself go limp and slide out of her. I got up and leaving her where she lay I went to her kitchen and found just what I was looking for. A garbage can sack. I opened it up and pulled it over my dick. Next, I carefully removed the condom and let it fall inside. Then I went back to the bedroom. She was still lying on her belly so I told her to turn over onto her back. She didn’t move at first but after a minute she reluctantly started to turn over. The Viagra was kicking in by this time and I was as hard as a rock again. She saw this but only turned her head. I was getting kind of tired of her and I was ready to finish so I put my second condom on, climbed back on top of her, pushed her legs apart again and shoved my cock back up into her. It went in a lot easier this time. I fucked her and pinched her tits for about 15 minutes when I finally decided that the time had arrived. I slipped my hands from her tits to her shoulders and as I slowly moved them towards her neck I whispered in her ear that I couldn’t let her go. She realized instantly what I meant and tried to push me off of her but with her hands tied it was useless. My hands found her throat instantly and I clamped them down just as tight as I could. Her eyes bulged and her tongue was starting to stick out as she kicked and squirmed underneath me but I was loving it! I kept on fucking her as her face went from red to beet-red to purple and finally to an ash-gray color. As her struggles weakened her eyes became red from the blood vessels popping and finally after only a couple of minutes she was unconscious again. Only this time I didn’t let up. In fact, I squeezed even harder and within seconds I felt and heard the soft bone in her neck give way under my thumbs and then her body started to convulse violently. Like a jackhammer or something but this only lasted for a short time. Finally she went limp for good and I felt her hot piss splashing on my balls. This feeling turned me on beyond belief and I instantly came again. By this time I knew that it was probably over but I didn’t take any chances. I strangled her with my hands as hard as I could for at least another ten minutes before I let go and took my other scarf and knotted it around her throat as tight as I could. I took a long look at her beautiful dead body and thought to myself, “Well you finally went through with it.” I smiled to myself as I climbed off of her bed. The fun was over and now it was time to work.

The first thing that I did was to remove the condom in the same way that I had done the other one. Once it was disposed of I went into the bathroom and began drawing a tub full of scalding hot water. While the tub was filling I returned to the bedroom and got dressed, making sure to put my scarves back into my socks. There was no use in taking a chance on leaving any more evidence like semen drops or pubic hair. Once dressed, I went to her body and looked. There was no doubt that she was dead. I could tell just by looking. I removed both of the scarves from her body and picking her up carefully I carried her dangling body into the bathroom and slipped her into the scalding hot water face up. I loved that look in her beautiful eyes and she didn’t even cry a bit. I then took some liquid soap that she had in her tub and squirted half of the bottle into the water. After this I looked around her house until I found a bottle of bleach and I took and dumped it into the water, too. While she Erotik Hikaye was bathing I went back into the bedroom and very carefully removed all of her bedding including pillowcases and put them into the garbage sack along with the condoms. I then went in search of a vacuum cleaner. Finding it in the hall closet I immediately did a “first sweep” of her apartment. The idea was just to get any possible evidence up that the cops might find. I vacuumed from back to front and then from front to back; being careful to hit the sofa and chairs that I might have brushed up against. This took about 45 minutes and once done I went back to Nicole to see how her bath was progressing. She was fine except that a lot of her skin had started to fall off because of the hot water but I had expected that. I checked the water and found that it had cooled a bit so I went ahead and emptied the tub. Taking a washrag I began bathing her myself. Starting at her mouth I pushed the soapy rag in and began washing her mouth out. Making sure that I got deep enough to get all of the cum out that was still in there. Next I scrubbed her face, arms, torso, leg’s and turning her over I scrubbed her back down. Once again eliminating any of my evidence. Next I washed out the rag in the tub faucet and getting it soapy again I cleaned out her ass and pussy. You really have to clean carefully here because if you leave ANY cum or pubic hairs behind you are as good as a dead man. I cleaned VERY carefully. Next I started the shower and placed it to where it would splash down on her pussy. She had been dead for nearly 2 hours at this point and I was getting tired but I still had work to do. I left the shower running on her pussy and went back into the bedroom. Being careful to search everywhere I quickly found her purse, which to my surprise had over $300.00 in cash in it. I pocketed that fast. I continued my search of her place and found a hiding place in which she kept about $50.00. Maybe there was an old boyfriend she was hiding money from. Who cares? I also found some very expensive earrings and rings but I made sure not to take those because if you get caught with a dead woman’s things you are as good as dead yourself. I took about an hour searching her place for any more cash but I didn’t find any so I went back to her body. She was stiffening slowly but she still looked good. I shut off the water and rolled her with some difficulty back onto her back. Her dead eyes were more glazed than ever but they still turned me on. I was dying to fuck her one last time but I couldn’t take that chance. I remembered seeing a small tool kit in my search so I went back and got a small Phillips head screwdriver. Returning to the bathroom I unscrewed the drain from the tub removed it and threw it into my garbage sack. There would likely be hair on it. Maybe mine. Once it was removed I plugged the tub back up. After dumping more soap and bleach on her dead body and especially in her mouth, ass and pussy I re-filled it with scalding hot water. Once the tub was full I shut it off and making sure that I had left absolutely nothing behind, including prints, I shut and locked the door. I walked back through her apartment wiping possible prints. Once that was done I threw that rag into the bag, too. My final job was to re-vacuum. This time I started at the back of the apartment and worked to the front door. When I finished I removed the dirt bag completely and threw it into my garbage bag. I looked out the door and seeing nobody I quickly stepped out with the bag in hand, locking her door with her own keys and then throwing them into the bag along with my medical gloves. I walked to my car, threw the bag in the back and drove away. About an hour later I came to a deserted area where I thoroughly burned the contents of the bag, except the keys, which I buried. I arrived home at about 5:00 A.M. totally exhausted. I took a long hot shower and went to bed. The next day I made sure that I washed all of my clothes from the night before. I watched the news that evening and sure enough her mother had discovered her strangled body that morning while I was asleep. According to the reporter the police had no clues or suspects. I followed the story for a week before it faded out of the news completely. Did I get away with it? Well it has been over 3 years now and I am still free. Does that answer your question? Nicole was my first but she wasn’t my last.

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