A Night to Remember

Public Sex

My whole body was tingling in anticipation for what was to come that night. I looked over at my husband, Jonathan, and I knew he felt the same way. Our sexual -and overall- compatibility had led us to one another and we were slowly but surely checking items off of the kinky bucket list we had created on our honeymoon, in between endless bouts of intimate activities and countless orgasms.

It was so freeing to find someone with whom you could explore any and every thing you had ever dreamed of, with no fear of rejection regardless of the desire expressed. Even better that we could keep our sexual life between us and still remain respectable in all the other parts of our lives. For me, it was like a dream come true, a relationship that satisfied all the parts of my body, starting with my brain, then twisting and turning deliciously through the rest of my body.

He could get me wet from a distance and satisfy me with little effort. I loved that I could make him hard easily and savored the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth. Tonight was for the both of us and I hoped it would go as well as I imagined.

I was dressed, at his request, in a short black skirt, tight red top and black stockings held in place by black garters. Underneath I was wearing a red g-string and a skimpy matching push-up bra. The black stilettos that completed my outfit were his favorite and I could see his arousal start as soon as he saw me. The outline of his hard cock was visible through his dark denim jeans. His built chest and arms were on display as well, at my request, through the tight blue shirt he was wearing; my mouth and pussy got immediately wetter as I looked at him. His pretty hazel eyes were dilated with desire and his lustful smile lit my heart up when our eyes met.

Fuck, the effect he had on me was so visceral, so raw and knowing the effect I had in him was similar made it all that much better (and hotter).

“Damn baby you look so good!” He said as I walked over to join him on our couch.

We sat as close as possible and immediately his hands started running up and down my leg. My hands too went to his body, we had purposely withheld from sex for two days (an eternity for us) in preparation for tonight. We kissed and fondled one another for several minutes, I then pulled away and went to the kitchen. He sat back and rubbed his face with his hand, a sign, I knew, of arousal mixed with anxiety. But that was ok, I thought as I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and a pill vial from the cabinet. It contained a couple of designer ecstasy pills I had scored from a nurse I worked with.

We were definitely not heavy drug users, and it had taken a bit of convincing, but he trusted me, and when I explained it was relatively safe and that it would intensify every single sensation, he had agreed. I rejoined him on the couch and opened the vial. I placed a pill on my tongue and moved my mouth toward his. As our tongues entwined the pill slid into his mouth and he swallowed as I pulled away. I handed him the water and he swallowed a few gulps and watched nervously as I did the same.

“Relax baby, remember how great it felt last time?” I coaxed as I started rubbing his leg. “This is gonna be so fun!” I finished as my finger tips brushed his cock. He replied by bringing his mouth to my neck and sucking gently, hands coming up to grab my right breast and squeeze firmly. Even without the effect of the pill his touch was electrifying and I rubbed down the length of the erection.

“Are you gonna be a good boy tonight?” I asked, stopping for a second to look at him. We took turns being dominant, both of us thoroughly enjoying both sides of the coin. Tonight was my turn, although with what was to come I knew it could switch up any moment.

“Yes baby..I mean mistress, I’ll do whatever you say,” he finished and I rewarded him by returning my attentions to his cock. I loved when he was submissive to me, it reminded me how much faith and trust he had Escort Bayan in me, in us, and it gave me a bit of a buzz. I never thought I had it in me, but apparently I did.

“You can start by getting my pussy wet with your tongue, slut!” I demanded and sat back. He did not hesitate, dropped to his knees, pushed my legs to each side and dove in with his tongue, sliding my thong to the side with his fingers. He slowly started moving his tongue up and down my pussy, lingering briefly on my clit before sliding to my opening and then back. My hands went to his head, fingers grasping at his hair as I started moaning. He was so good at that!

Just then the doorbell rang. Our company was here. “You better hurry up and make me cum, we don’t want to keep him waiting, and I want him to hear me!” I ordered and he obeyed, turning his attention directly to my clit and sliding a finger into me as he licked me skillfully. When he added a second finger and sped up I came quickly, screaming out loud.

“Now get the fucking door slut, ” I managed, my rapid breathing making it difficult to speak. I sat up, felt my head start to tingle and I knew the E was kicking in. Perfect timing. I heard two voices in the hall getting closer. Our night was just getting started.

I had almost recovered when he walked back in, slightly unsteady, with our new friend, Kevin, in tow. We had recently had a threesome with a girl, this time we had decided on a guy who was bi-sexual and very open to everything we wanted. He sat back down next to me and offered Kevin the chair.

“How bout you get us some wine, baby?” I requested, my true desire to put him on display for me and Kevin and to get the party started. I could see on his face that he was starting to feel the effects and was excited for what was to come. He sauntered off to the kitchen in a half daze and I started taking to Kevin about the evening.

“He’s my bitch tonight, he has to do what I say,” I started and, Kevin’s eyes lit up. I knew he was really into my husband and that the attraction was mutual so this could definitely get interesting. I was dying to see him with another man and I would eventually join the action as well.

When he returned, Kevin and I had switched seats, he now on the couch, I was in the chair; Jonathan set the wine and glasses on the table and took the seat on the couch. He took extra time pouring the wine and handing out the glasses before settling back. Although he was trying to look relaxed, I knew better and I set about changing that. I needed him to be at ease so I stood up and sat on the other side of him.

I knew he wanted this but I couldn’t rush him. I started softly stroking his leg and reached over to kiss him. The kiss felt amazing, each time our tongues met, electric sparks went off in my head and his, I believed, soon his hands were clamoring to touch my tits, his hips were coming off the couch. It was then that I motioned for Kevin to join us. He started rubbing his other leg as we made out, climbing higher and higher each time. Soon he was rubbing my husband’s erection and even when he noticed, he was too far gone to care.

“Do you like that baby?” I asked, pulling away from him and watching pleasure roll across his face as Kevin touched his body.

“Mmhmm, yes.” Was all he could manage, lost in the moment as Kevin’s hand kept stroking him through his pants. I took the opportunity to move back to chair, wanting to take in the view.

“Put your arms up so Kevin can take your shirt off, “I directed, getting extremely turned on by the site of them. He did as told and Kevin slowly peeled off his shirt, throwing it to the side. He then started rubbing my husband’s chest, bringing his head down to lick his nipples then slide his tongue downward towards the button on his jeans. I waited for Jonathan to react, to tense up, but he did not, he instead arched his back and brought his hands to the back of Kevin’s neck.

It was too much, I had to pleasure Escort myself in some way, so I reached under my shirt to tweak my nipples as I watched Kevin slowly unbutton Jonathan’s jeans, our eyes meeting as they were slowly slid down his legs. I felt like I could cum from the feel of this and the erotic nature of what I was watching. It felt like an out of body experience as Kevin’s knees came to rest on the floor between Jonathan’s legs. He again started stroking his cock, through this boxers and the size of his erection gave Kevin encouragement to go further.

“Wow baby, you’re really turned on aren’t you?” I asked him, my own fingers rolling my nipples faster in arousal.

“Yes, it feels so good mistress, so good…” He mumbled, head rolling from side to side as Kevin rubbed him.

“Do you want him to suck it?” I asked lasciviously, knowing he did but wanting him to say it.

“Yes, I really do,” he replied eagerly.

“Beg him!” I said, getting into the dominant role, knowing I had him right where I wanted him.

“Please suck my cock Kevin, please I need it!” He begged, lost in both the submission and the desire.

Kevin looked at me for approval. “Give the little slut what he wants, but, baby, if you want to cum, you’ll have to return the favor later…” I admonished, looking him dead in the eye as I spoke my demand.

He didn’t even hesitate before saying “Yes mistress, I will, I just really want my cock in his mouth!”

Again Kevin looked at me and I nodded. Kevin began to slowly slide his mouth onto Jonathan’s’s cock and I almost came instantly just watching it happen. This was insanely hot and knowing how turned on my husband was made it so much hotter. Kevin appeared to be quite skilled at sucking cock and watching Jonathan’s face contort in pleasure sent me over the edge and I came, violently, from just my own fingers on my nipples. I moaned out loudly and soon I heard a familiar noise and knew Jonathan was on the verge. Kevin was deep-throating him, one hand on his balls, one below his mouth, his head moving faster and faster as Jonathan got closer and closer.

“Come on baby, be a good boy and cum in his mouth for me, you know you want to,” I said and soon he was screaming out and cumming into the mouth of another man. His hips were raising up off the couch and his face had a light gleam of sweat on it, his full pink lips turned up into a satisfied smile, eyes closed from the exertion. I couldn’t remember a time that he looked more handsome. He opened his eyes and we looked at one another, love flowing between us.

Kevin looked over at me as well. “Do you need some attention too?” He asked, grinning at me.

“Maybe in a bit, right now I think someone owes you a blow job…” I said still looking at Jonathan. He looked a little nervous but his eyes lit up and he seemed excited by the thought.

“Right. I’m definitely up for that!” Kevin replied, getting up off the ground and sitting on the couch. On cue, Jonathan stood up, giving him room to sit.

“Try lying back Kevin,” I suggested, an idea formulating in my dirty little mind. He complied, and when I noticed Jonathan hesitating, I flipped back into domineering mode. “Take his pants off, slut and get busy!” I demanded and quickly Jonathan went to his knees to comply. “Good boy, that’s better,” I told him when he had Kevin’s pants on the ground.

“You’re going to suck his cock while I sit on his face and he eats my pussy. I’m going to face you so I can make sure you’re doing it right!” I started taking off my skirt and shirt while Jonathan started stroking Kevin’s cock. “Understand?” I asked.

“Yes mistress. I understand.” He said, watching me climb up to sit on Kevin’s face. I could feel his hot breath on my pussy as his warm tongue flicked out to meet my hot lips. I moaned out and Jonathan sank down to bring his mouth to Kevin’s cock. I grabbed on to the back of the couch to support myself. I was so turned on from the Bayan Escort E and everything going on around me that every touch of his tongue was like a mini orgasm that was building up higher and higher to what felt like was going to be a huge explosion.

I was riding his face, bucking around and I felt Jonathan’s eyes on me as he started to really get into sucking Kevin off. He was moving his mouth up and down his rod, opening his mouth a little bit wider to accommodate Kevin’s size and length. I could tell Kevin was into it, now, his moans getting louder and the vibrations from his mouth took me higher. I unclasped my bra and thrust it aside so I could rub my nipples as Kevin’s tongue moved faster and faster on my clit.

“Oh Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum on his face, Fuck Fuck Fuck yes yes yes suck his cock for me please, yes baby that’s right, fuuuuuuck!!” I screamed out as I started to cum harder than I could ever remember. Every time I thought I was done another wave hit me and when I’d see Jonathan eagerly sucking Kevin deeper and deeper it made me cum again and again.

“Fuck yes baby, make him cum in your mouth so you can Fuck my pussy I need you to fuck me so bad but first you gotta make him cum!!” I was so high and so horny that I was babbling but it seemed to spur him on to move faster and soon Kevin was moaning and pushing his cock further up and into my husband’s mouth, spurting rope after rope of hot semen down his throat. Jonathan was eagerly swallowing it, still keeping his lips locked around Kevin’s cock.

“Oh my god baby that is so fucking hot! You’re such a good boy, yes swallow it all, take it take it all baby!” He kept going until Kevin was spent, eyes closing on the couch. I crawled over him and off the couch, over to where Jonathan was sitting. I took a couple sips of wine and grabbed a lollipop I had put on the table earlier. I unwrapped it and put it in my mouth, sucking on it as I looked him over.

“Did you like that baby?” I asked, reaching between his legs and feeling his erection that answered my question for me. “Pretty sure he liked it, he’s all passed out and shit…” I finished, putting the lollipop in Jonathan’s mouth as I rubbed his cock.

“It was pretty fun, but now I want to Fuck that pussy he made cum so hard!” He said, his voice slipping over into the dominating one I loved when I slipped the sucker back out of his mouth.

“It was watching you that made me cum so hard, although he was pretty good…” He ignored me and pushed me back onto the ground, pulling my legs back and up over my shoulders. He then placed his cock just at my entrance and stopped. His hands were resting on my legs, pushing them back just enough to cause a delicious sort of pain. “Do you want me to fuck you or should I wake him up so he can?” He asked, his cock tantalizingly close to where I wanted it.

“Please please please fuck me baby I need your cock in me! PLEASE!” I begged, trying to force him into me but he pulled further back.

“Stop moving you fucking whore or I’ll make you go to bed without it!” He stared me in the eyes, daring me to move but I stayed still, loving how quickly the tables had turned. After several seconds that felt like hours he started slowly pushing his hard, long cock into me inch by inch until I was panting and almost cumming again.

“Don’t!” He warned, knowing me so well and determined to draw this out. I concentrated on not cumming and was well rewarded when he started pounding my pussy harder and harder. I squeezed my eyes shut and soon I felt a wet mouth on my nipples. I opened them to see Kevin had awakened and was joining us again. He was sucking on one nipple and rubbing the other and that combined with the superb way my husband was fucking me sent me over the edge yet again.

“Fuuuck I’m cumming again oh my god baby you’re fucking me so good, your cock feels so fucking great, FUUUUCK!” I screamed out as I came and he was right behind me, slamming into me as he came again and again until he was done.

We collapsed on the floor in a heap until we had the energy to move then tucked Kevin in on the couch and headed to our bed to cuddle and relive our latest sexual escapade until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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