A Night I’ll Never Forget_(2)


The night that I will never forget and that I will never have again happened on June 20th 2010 on the port of Barcelona on the Independence of the Seas room 9666.

My name is Elliot I had gone away with my family this was to be my last holiday with my family being 18 and going to university of central Lancashire, so it was a big one my mum had never been one for flying so we hadn’t had a proper holiday for years we had been camping but it wasn’t for us and we left on the 3rd day. We had saved for years, we sailed from Southampton the ship was docked in Europe’s top cities Lisbon, Majorca, Genoa, Naples, Sicily and finally the place where it all happened Barcelona.

We had just left Messina Harbour in Sicily and thus far it had been a big disappointment this holiday it was fully of either O.A.P’s waiting for the grim reaper to pay them a visit or kids running about basically being kids, nobody who I was really interested in I spent my days reading something I didn’t do a lot and my nights in the gym something I did even less of.

The night I will never forgot started like any other night on the cruise I had been bored for most of day but we had just docked in Barcelona and the view was unquestionable beautiful. I was on my way down to a gym I know would be empty and was ready to pump some iron. I began my work out starting with a few bicep curls, a run, finally some bench presses and then on my 3rd rep I heard a noise, I looked up and there was someone in my gym, IN MY GYM!!! He looked at me, I quickly turned around and carried on my reps. “excuse me” I jumped and dropped the weight on my chest, the man quickly came round and took the weight off myself.
“You ok”
I coughed as I got up “yea fine” lying
“Do you need some help”
“Please I insist I can tell yours new to this I’ve been watching”
Watching I thought to myself has he be spying on me!? I was no Schwarzy but I was certainly no stick figure either. I reluctantly agreed. I layed back down and he moved over into the spotter position, knowing his balls where just centimetres from my head started to turn me on I had always been a little bi curious and I had considered trying it out but never found the courage or confidence to do it.

“9, 10 done” my cock had thankfully only gone semi I thought he won’t notice that
“come on fella time to hit the shower?” in a confident voice giving me no choice to comply, I simply followed. I started to get undressed taking off my shirt then wrapped a towel round my waist and shacking my hips trying to get my shorts off, I could feel eyes burning into me I looked up.
“You don’t have to be so modest” A look of questioning across my face.
“I have seen a cock before” explaining himself
“and what were you going to do wear your towel in the shower” feeling a little embarrassed I dropped it, I had never revealed myself to a man before and I felt excited and it showed.
“looks like your spouting wood pal” I felt myself go red in the face with embarrassment I looked for the nearest exit, but before I could run he said
“Don’t worry I am too” What the hell was going on here I thought my mind was going a mile a minute. He took his shorts off revealing his semi hard dick and my thoughts all of sudden became transfixed on it. I had to take my eyes off it, we began to small talk, he told me he was part of the crew’s entertainer called Ryan that he was a DJ but with the lack of young people on board he’d been forced to help with the formal balls. I told him of my utter boredom.
“Well, Elliott, you could take advantage of may company”
“Ok what have you got in mind?” a little unsure what he meant.

He took my hand we got dressed and led me out of the gym, quickly down the stairs all the way to the 3rd deck we came to a door saying staff only, we raced though the door. He told me to hush, I looked over and we were on the very top floor of the dance performance that night, damn it was good.

I could feel his body next to mine and my cock began to stir I moved my body into his and his hands began to explore my body, he began at my lower back moving up and down with every stroke he got lower and lower till eventually he ended up on my ass. I lifted up and he squeezed tighter, he ran his fingers up and down trying to find my hole though the material of my shorts, all the while we were both watching the dancing in front of us. He picked me up without saying anything and told me he was taking me somewhere. He held my hand all the way up the stairs getting quizzical looks from the ladies and gentlemen in the their formal dresses and suits.


We stopped on up to deck 9 room 9666 he pulled out his key card he led me into the empty room. As soon as the door shut are bodies and mouths were firmly pressed together, hands exploring each other’s horny bodies. Ryan’s body was firm I felt under his shirt I could tell he went to the gym more than I did his back muscles were huge and I could feel each individual abdominal muscle, the sexual tension that had been growing since we met releasing, the kiss was broken, he said to stay he needed to get something, I didn’t complain I knew what he was going to get.

I was left with only thoughts my head a wash with thoughts, should I do this? I took a deep breath did I want this is? I was stuck in two minds on the one hand what if somebody found out, would I be cast away to live and die on my own? Ok I was imagining the worst scenario but that’s what I do. On the other hand I had always wanted this and this was an opportunity to have it and then get back to my life back home. My hand went to the handle on the door I was about to leave. No I want this.

I waited by the balcony for him to return, the door opened the light from the hallway crept into the room quickly disappeared as the door closed. I stood leaning over the railing admiring the view of Barcelona, he came up from behind me and wrapped his hands around my body, his hard cock pressed against my ass his hands exploring my body moving down my stomach and rubbing the lump that had appeared in the front of my shorts. His hands went flat against my stomach and moved under the elastic band and wrapped his hands around my increasingly growing cock.

“Are you ready” No reply was needed I simply shook my head and he led me inside, pushing me down on to the bed he leaned in and began kissing me with all the passion as before, the kiss was so good, his lips were very soft, with the right amount of moisture, he began slowly pushing his tongue against min, after about a minute he broke the kiss, beginning to kiss and suck on my neck. He removed my shirt and quickly removed my shorts my cock bulging though the material of my boxers. His lips found my nipples, my breathing became slower and I began to moan
“Ryan that feels so gooood” in the horniest voice I had.
“You want to feel even better” I bit my lip and nodded my head.

He kissed down my stomach, I spread my legs. His kisses continued down over my stomach cruelly missing my cock, instead he kissed down the inside of my thigh and back up, getting closer and closer to my cock then going back down, teasing me making me want it so badly. He eventually kissed my cock though my boxers he brought his hands up and gripped around waistband of my boxers and slowly revealed the 7-inch cock I had in my pants. He took it gently into his hand and ran his tongue up and down his shaft, making it all wet, he reached the top again and engulfed half of my hard cock, he started running his fingers over my anal opening whilst he was sucking on it so delightfully. I looked down on him grabbed his shirt and ripped it off his body revealing his impressive pecks and abs, he continued to suck moving his mouth up and down deep throating I moaned in ecstasy while his finger softly caressed my ass.

I pushed him back I was hungry for him, I had against the wall, I fell to my knees and my hands rapidly attacked the buttons on his pants. One by one till they fell down, I ran my hands over the skintight underwear his cock bulging begging to be let out. I pulled them down slowly his rock hard horny cock in front of my face, I moved my hand and grasped it stroking him up and down he began to moan
“mmmm faster” I complied.
I was hungry for him now I kissed his cock up and I moved down to his balls hanging there and took one and then the other in my mouth gaziantep escort still stroking his cock now leaking pre-cum. I took my mouth and licked the liquid off the end, I opened my mouth taking his head in my mouth and licking the underneath of his bell end he tasted gorgeous. I continued to suck taking all of him in his mouth till I was ball deep and could feel him in my throat.
“I don’t want to cum yet”
I wondered why, he picked me up and kissed me deeply and took me to the bed and lay on top of me kissing me passionately, he turned me over lifting my ass in the air as he turned me over.

“Your going to love this” taking his tongue he licked from the bottom of my balls over my ass continuing it that motion I moaned
“your right I do love that” he moved over picking something out of the bag he brought to the room, I heard something squirt out then a warm feeling over my opening. He told me to relax and I felt a finger probing me, at first just one, then another going in and out, faster and faster.
“Are you ready” I couldn’t reply quickly enough but reminded him to go slow. His cock rubbing over my opening pressing against my opening the pressure starting to part me, his cock head entered me something I had yearned for so many years but could never find the courage to do so. My breathing became deeper and longer trying to relax my muscle allowing him to enter my further, The pain subsided to pleasure and it started to feel wonderfully natural having a cock in my ass he must have felt me relaxing as he started to pull out and push back in. His thrusting became faster and faster, deeper and deeper his cock nearly leaving me to being ball deep inside, his balls slapping against mine he wrapped his hands around my cock stroking me with every thrust of his. I was close his cock brushing against my prostate was too much and I came in buckets all landing underneath me, he released my cock to concentrate on his orgasm. He grabbed my hips for leverage, I felt him tense up and thrust deep into my. Then I felt a warm feeling in ass, he came deep inside me, we collapsed in a heap landing in my cum, his softening cock left my body and could feel his cum dripping out my now wide opening.

Once our breathing returned to normal, he turned and asked if I needed a shower, I did I was awfully sweaty. I switched the shower on I was left to digest what had happened in only a couple of hours, cum still dripping out of me. I washed myself but left my ass alone seeing it as my reward, as I was drying myself and made a decision I have regretted ever since, he was lay a sleep on the bed I got dressed kissed his forehead and took one last look at his body and the cock that had gave me so much pleasure and left. I kept my head down for the rest of the holiday and got on with life never to see Ryan again.

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