A Much Needed Fuck


I’m 39, and Susan is 57. I first met her three years ago when I started my new job as a consultant. I remember arriving at work one day and seeing this attractive older woman with raven hair, dressed to the hilt in a black suit, with beige hose you could bounce a dime off of. You could quite literally look at her crossed legs and shave with the shine from her nylons. There wasn’t a day she was not dressed like that and honestly, she knew it turned the men on. You could tell.

She saw that I was having trouble with my marriage when my wife would call and I would argue on the phone while I was trying to get work. She loved to belittle me in front of my co-workers. It got to the point where I needed to stay at my seat rather than walk off to accept her calls because she was calling me so often and moaning about something or other.

One day, Susan approached me. I immediately was intrigued this time because, after all, she sat in the cubicle across from me.

“Listen kid, I wasn’t born yesterday. You guys need help. Have you ever had therapy?”

“No” I said. “Never. She’s crazy. She thinks I’m the cause of all of our problems.”

Susan got closer to me. Her perfume was strong. Like walking into Macy’s past the perfume counter. Sandalwood, so strong that it made me tear up. But it didn’t matter. I associate that smell with a beautiful woman now. A mature goddess.

“Do you have sex?” she said in a low almost whisiper.

“No.” My heart raced now. The woman I’d fantasized about for a year was getting very personal. I loved it; started quivering.

“Well, how long has it been? How old are you?” she inquired.

I told her I was 36, that it had been four years, and she told me a good looking man like me should be getting laid five days a week. I agreed with her but told her that we were just in a shitty situation.

For months after that I took every opportunity I could to bring up my loneliness and pain to Susan. Sometimes by instant message at work, never in any kind of dirty way, just implication. Once she said hello and I’d say “Saluting”. Then she said “That’s Italian for hello.”. Yes, definitely.

So, this is how it continued for some time. Susan continued to be slightly teasing for a year. On and off I’d see her in an outfit that made my whole body ache to touch her. More than once while logging into her computer she’d call me over to help her. To sit next to her, smell her perfume, see her skirt slowly riding up to reveal control top hose. I would shake, not out of shyness, but out of lust, out of a need to give in to her.

Later that year I changed to a new location a couple of towns away and she was scheduled to move over a few months later. When she came over to my new location I deemed it time to let her know my feelings. I could not get the image in my head of her pretty legs, the click of her heels in the hallway, he annoying cellphone ring. None of it. The fantasies usually involved meeting her at her house in the morning before work, taking a shower with her, giving her a rubdown, and then slowly fucking her. I usually would masturbate in the shower while thinking of these fantasies, using hair conditioner as a cock slickening lubricant. KY-jelly has nothing on Neutrogena.

So the time came. Susan finally moved to my location. I called her, we made a “date” to meet for a walk at lunch time. As usual, on that hot and humid day, she was dressed like she was going to sell real estate to a billionaire. Dressed a little escort bayan mecidiyeköy too inappropriately for work. A blue dress that was scandalously short, white heels with an open toe, and white hose.

The conversations were a little staccato at first because I was nervous. My mouth was dry, my heart raced. I was turned on, nervous, and very excited about the possibilities. We talked about my troubled marriage a lot, about my bank accounts and what I might need to do if I got a divorce. But I kept steering the conversation toward my lack of sex. I didn’t really know how to say it, so I just kind of brought the subject up bluntly.

After a long and very dry-mouthed pause, we walked up a set of stairs between parking lots on our sprawling campus. The sky became overcast, the humidity was stifling. I could not help but notice her tight buttocks through her miniskirt, her rippling calves. This moment was killing me and I felt more of a man than I had in years.

“Susan you look great.”

“Thanks” she answered.

“No, I mean you look hot. Really hot.” I took a chane there.

“Oh. Let me guess, you have a crush on me?” she smiled.

“Yeah, you could say that. You’re the only person that understands my situation.”

“Well, I kind of picked up on that James.”

It began to rain. Our clothes began to get very wet.

“C’mon, my car is in this lot. Let’s go.”

I watched her sprint sprint off in heels. I had no choice but to follow her.

She started up her black Mercedes and pulled out of the space. We laughed at the rain – her hair was like long black spaghetti, her makeup running, her pantyhose wet. Where the nylon was soaked it was transparent and darker. Like little blotchy islands of coffee with creamer in it against a lighter background. She saw me trembling as we stopped at a red light.

“James, relax.” All smiles, like a piano keyboard rimmed by crimson lipstick.

“Sorry. I can’t help it. I’m mesmerized now. Susan I …”

“Yes? Don’t be shy James.”

I swallowed.

“Susan I need you. I’m falling for you. I want to..”


A pause.

“I want to touch you so badly. I’m so sorry I don’t mean to..”

“Then touch me James. Don’t be scared. What do you want to touch?”

My heart at that moment went into my throat. My penis, which until that point had been a semi-flacid dripping thing, began to ache. To fill up with juice.

“I’m so embarrassed.” I whispered, trembling.

“Don’t be shy. Touch me. What do you wanna touch?”

“Your legs. Ever since I saw them about a year ago I’ve wanted to. They’re so gorgeous. You look hot, I can’t help myself.”

“Then go ahead.”

Her black skirt was riding up as she pressed the pedals. She reached into her console for a pack of cigarettes. I said “allow me” and lit it for her. She drew in, her chest expanded, she blew out.

My hands trembled as my palm rested on her right knee, then gently went down her calf. SHe was in wonderful shape, her muscles hard, the nylon a sensual mix of rough and smooth, glittery.

“How does that feel James?” she questioned.

“Pretty unbelievable, can I go higher up?” I probed. God I needed to probe her too.

“Of course. Thats why I wore this short skirt today. For you.”

I shook uncontrollably like I was in a walk-in cooler. My hands went softly up and down her legs from her ankles to her control tops. She pulled into the front of her house. escort güngören We stayed for a few minutes.

After she turned the ignition off she relaxed a little, took off her seatbelt, and opened her legs slightly. Now I took my belt off, turned toward her more, and my right hand softly worked its way up her skirt on her inner thighs. The control tops of her pantyhose felt exquisitely tight and smooth. How many times had I seen them as I helped her with her computer and seen them, sometimes with a run, sometimes not?

“MMmm James that feels good. Don’t stop.”

My penis by now was actually poking out of my fly and had worked its way out of the wasteband of my dress pants, ever so slightly.

I bent down and started kissing her knees, calves, and the tops and insides of her thighs.

“Let’s go inside.” she moaned.

We ran in as fast as we could. She fumbled with the keys to unlock the door. I could smell hairspray, bubblegum, her perfume, and the aroma of her smoldering cigarette.

We entered, she blue her last puff of smoke out, ground the butt in an ashtray by her entraceway, and motioned me toward her. She said nothing, just walked. I wasn’t thinking. I was just following her like a sheep through her elegant hallway into a bedroom with maroon walls, dark furniture, and a king size waterbed.

Susan turned the lights on, sat on her bed, crossed her shapely calves, reached her hand out to me.

“Come here honey. Now I need you. Come make love to me like a real man.” she beckoned.

I said nothing, walked over, sat next to her, carefully caressed her nyloned legs as my lips touched hers. (whoa hands are shaking now as I write!!!) She sighed as my hands worked the straps of her heels off. Her legs parted now so I could reach inside her skirt. I kissed her lips, her chin, her closed eyelids, her neck, and then the exposed part of her chest, all the while firmly stroking her toned legs. I yearned to feel her wet vagina. I needed to taste it and feel it gripping my very erect cock as I thrust into her. Seven years of waiting to be fucked was melting away. But it felt like an eternity right there.

“Susan I need your pussy.” I whispered.

She stood up and began to undress for me. I did the same. Our eyes never left each other’s. My penis stood straight up, dripping, leaving a lake of precum near the fly of my plaid boxer shorts. She reached out to touch it, standing in her black satin bra and beige pantyhose.

Susan looked amazing for a woman that was almost 60. I had told her during our walk that she looked good for a woman any age. Certainly she looked mature, but, she still looked incredible. She had kickboxer legs with juts a little cellulite. The good kind that jiggles when a mature woman walks in her bikini.

“Please leave your pantyhose on for a while. I need to take it all in.” And that’s what I did.

“Come on James, please, do what you want with my pussy now. It’s right here for you.”

She reached down into her pantyhose, splayed her labia for me. There was thick womanly black hair around her love hole. I got down on my knees, began to kiss her feet, her legs all around from shin to calf, knees, then thighs, then glorious tight bottom. I released my rigid penis from my underwear and stroked it ever so slowly as I prepared to go down on her. I stared at her pussy like it was some kind of a showdown. Then, as if I were tasting a subtle wine, I gently massaged her buttocks as my tongue escort çapa found her clitoris through her suntan-colored pantyhose.

“MMM James oh my God. That’s so good.”

My hands went all over her legs and ass. She managed to unclip her bra and revealed two tight breasts with just a little sag from almost 60 years of gravity. I stood up, my semi-flacid and wet penis met her nyloned vagina, and I took one of her nipples into my mouth. She gasped and started rubbing my cock against her pubic mound. The rough nylon against my wet and uncircumcised dick felt exquisite. She nudged my scrotum with her damp pantyhosed leg, my granite hard penis dripped some precum onto her hose.

“James, please fuck me. I need you now.”

I peeled her pantyhose off without a sound, drying her legs with my t-shirt. I quickly took my clothes off too, tossed them aside, and surveyed her gorgeous nude body. I lay down next to her and kissed her lips as my hand traced from her shoulders, over her breasts, cupping each one gingerly, down her belly, her hips, her bottom, her thighs. My hands massaged through her thick womanly black pubic hair which was damp with her honey. She felt warm as my middle finger entered her sex. I softly fingered her for what felt like an eternity, one finger, then two, massaging her g-spot. She groaned and squirmed, bucking her hips up and down.

“Uhhh. God I’m cumming. Uhhhhh.” She screamed in pleasure, closed her eyes, smiled.

Out of breath she said. “James, fuck me now. I need it please.” She giggled, and all I could do was give her what we both needed.

I knelt before her shapely spread thighs, gave her gentle strokes from ankle to crotch, rubbed the precum over my now fully erect member, and lowered the head of my penis down to her. I grabbed it with my fist and worked it between her labia, feeling the rough pubic hairs and lips parting like the red sea. I sighed. Insertion felt like my whole body was being immersed in a warm liquid. Like her mouth had swallowed me. I hadn’t felt a woman’s slick tight cunt in years and it felt like nothing I’d felt before. I pulled the satin sheets over our bodies and began to slowly thrust in and out of her. As we fucked I kissed her willing lips and gazed into her eyes. We could barely close our mouths to kiss because of the smiles of sheer pleasure and delight.

“Susan I’m falling for you. You’re the only woman that understands me.” She smiled.

“I feel the same way James. Don’t worry about age. Just be my man.”

We fucked harder now, our bodies moved up and down. She squirmed her butt from side to side into the cushion of the waterbed, cumming once, screaming so loud I thought she would cause the neighbors to call the police.

After a brief pause I got on my back and she began to ride me. My hands never left her tight kickboxer’s bottom. My fingers gently caressed over her anus as she bucked back and forth holding my erect slippery cock like a velvet vice.

“Uh uh harder Susan harder. Please fuck me harder.” I yelped. I moved faster too, watched the smile on her face, her mouth opening in moans of exstacy.

Susan got closer to a climax. Her body hugged me as we mated at a frantic pace. Her ass moved in little tiny but hard thrusts now, almost like it was shaking instead of thrusting.

“Susan I’m cumming.” I said. She fucked me harder than ever now and ground her clit into me, moving the bed in a tidal wave.

“Uhhhh.” She groaned, slowed her pace, and stopped. My hands caressed her bottom and thighs as she rested on me limp and exhausted.

“Thank you that was amazing.” I said. Our juices dripped out of her pussy onto my scrotum and down to her sheets.”

“James, you’re a real man. Don’t forget that.”

“Thanks.” I said.

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