A Lady’s Choice


It had all started out innocently enough. Just two eighteen-year-olds on a Friday night date. Beth had agreed to go up to Lovers’ Peak with Eric and they had just sat around in the car for awhile. Before long, he had started kissing her. Her heart pounded in her chest, in time with her quiet moans and groans of pleasure. When he suggested moving to the backseat, the part of her that would normally say no couldn’t make itself heard.

Eric attacked her more aggressively when they had moved. She found herself practically on her back, panting with the heat of the moment. His lips glided across her own, glistening with their saliva. Her tongue met his and prodded it gently. She could feel his heart beating rapidly from the place where his chest pushed into hers. It felt like the heat had been cranked up to the maximum but it wasn’t even on.

Beth found herself getting wetter than usual from the kissing. Something seemed different tonight, like her body wanted it more. When Eric’s hand started to slide up under her shirt, she didn’t slap it away. Instead, she let out a loud moan as he cupped his hand over her bra and squeezed gently. Shivers trickled down her body, all seeming to stop at her pussy and radiate outwards.

His other hand slid across her back and dove into her hair. She bit her lip as Eric found her nipple, poking roughly against the fabric of her bra. He rubbed it gently with his thumb, eliciting another moan. All the while he kept kissing her in that perfectly fantastic way.

She found her hands moving wildly against his body, not really under her control. The right moved slowly up Eric’s leg, stopping when it found the hard, throbbing member hidden underneath his pants. She stroked it through the denim and smiled – as best she could with his tongue in her mouth – when he groaned raggedly. It seemed he was just as on fire as she was.

Their kiss intensified. It was so passionate, so vigorous, so intense that they had to pause several times just to breathe. As Eric’s hands groped more violently, so too did Beth’s. It was a vicious cycle, each of them bringing each other to a higher plateau of pleasure just to be topped a moment later.

A new sensation burst through the haze in Beth’s mind. It was Eric’s other hand, no longer in her hair. Now it was moving up her thigh, sliding under her skirt. The tips of his fingers began to play across the hem of her panties. She imagined him feeling the heat from her pussy, a radiating fire that seemed to fill her entire being, and quivered in anticipation.

Mentally, she begged him to inch closer. She didn’t think she had said it out loud but his fingers did move upwards. They were dangerously close to her pussy and she ached to feel him rubbing her slit through the fabric, pushing her over the edge to the best orgasm she had ever had. Her hips started to buck, urging his hand even closer, needing him to touch her and release these feelings.

Something managed to stop her. She realized where she was – jammed uncomfortably (she just now realized) in the back of a crappy old car. If this was going to happen, she wanted it to happen somewhere a bit more special. Or at least a place that wasn’t so trashy. It took every ounce of her being but she stopped kissing Eric and grabbed each of his hands.

His eyes opened, a bit clouded at first. It took him several seconds to manage to say, “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head. “Not here, Eric. I just can’t do this in the back of a car. I’m sorry.”

His jaw dropped. He quickly shut it again and sat up. “It’s okay. I understand if you aren’t ready.”

The car was silent. Beth didn’t want the night to end and, clearly, neither did Eric. An idea came to mind, the perfect idea. How lucky were they? A wide smile crossed her face.

“I never said I wasn’t ready. I just said I can’t do it in the back of a car.”

Eric turned to look at her, an astonished look on his face. “What do you mean?”

She took his hand and looked into his eyes. “My parents are out of town this weekend. How about we go back to my place and continue this?”

It took several seconds for him to realize just what she meant. “O-Okay. Right now?”

Beth giggled and nodded. “Yes, right now.” Her pussy still burned and if it took too much longer, she wouldn’t be able to control herself. “Quickly would be nice.”

Eric scrambled across the seats and tried to turn the car on. It took him several tries to manage the simple task. Beth laughed again and followed him. They sped across town as fast as they dared. If they were pulled over now, it would be a cruel cosmic joke. Thankfully, the roads were mostly empty and it only took five minutes.

She led him to her door and unlocked it quickly. Once inside, she tugged on his hand and pulled him through the house until they were at her bedroom door. Eric had never been inside her room before, her parents strictly disallowing it. She pushed open the door and led him inside.

It was a simply decorated room. She had never been a huge xnxx fan of posters or pictures hanging on her walls. The most she had done was paint the wall a light blue color, her favorite. A full bed sat against one wall, nicely made that morning. On another wall was her computer desk. Her dresser and closet took up the third wall. It was impeccably clean, as always.

“Well, this is it. My room. Not really worth it, huh?”

He turned towards her and kissed her briefly. “I love it. It couldn’t be more like you.”

An awkward silence followed. Beth went and sat on the edge of her bed but Eric just stood there. Even though they had just been dangerously close to sex earlier, neither of them could make a move. Her mind wandered and drifted back to the backseat of Eric’s car, remembering him touching her in her most intimate of places. The warm feeling again spread between her legs until she couldn’t take it anymore. She knew what to do first.

Beth stood so quickly that Eric jumped in surprise. She went over to her desk and grabbed the chair, moving it to the free wall in the room. Then, she took Eric’s hand, led him to the chair, and made him sit down. She knelt in front of him and whispered, “Can I see your cock?”

It was the first time she had used the word. She had never felt like using before but it seemed right now. It gave her a strange little thrill too.

He licked his lips and nodded. “Sure.”

She grinned and slid her hands up his legs, lingering just long enough to drive him crazy. When she finally reached his fly, he was practically squirming. She slowly pulled down the zipper and tugged the pants down off his body. It was tough work with him sitting on them but they came off quickly enough.

Eric’s large bulge could clearly be seen through his boxers and Beth gingerly rubbed it through the fabric. A groan escaped his lips. She was surprised at just how hard it felt, as if a warm, iron rod had been placed into the middle of his cock. A small amount of wetness could be felt at the tip and she rolled her fingertips across it, gathering the stickiness on her fingers. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before. She brought it to her nostrils and inhaled his musky scent. She nearly coughed on the odor, surprisingly potent. It seemed to trigger another part of her sex-charged body, though, making her mouth fill with saliva.

Now, it was time to remove the boxers. She tugged them down over his knees and tossed them onto his jeans, turning back to look at his bare cock. It was the first one she had ever seen, aside from a few pictures on the Internet. It was nearly the color of Eric’s skin but a bit pinker. Bulging veins ran throughout its length, pumping the blood that made it nice and hard. The head mushroomed out over the shaft and was leaking a small amount of pre-cum. She had no idea how big it was but it looked huge. Thinking about it pushing inside her pussy made her breath catch in her throat.

Her right hand started to move of its own volition, needing to touch it. At first, she simply brushed her fingertips along its surface. It felt like skin but a bit more velvety and looser in spots. Eric moaned loudly as she trailed from his head down to his balls, dancing lightly through his pubic hair. Finally, she grasped it gently along the shaft. It twitched when she did, making her gasp and almost let go. She moved her thumb to its head and rubbed across it. This part was much smoother, especially with the pre-cum she was spreading around. Eric’s hips began to buck violently.

Beth quickly pulled her hand away. She wasn’t ready for this to be over quite yet. The look on Eric’s face almost made her reconsider, a mix of anger and despair. It would all be worth it in the end. The longer the build-up, the better the payoff, right? She sure hoped so because her pussy was itching to be touched and it was all she could do to not rip her clothes off and demand he shove his cock inside her pussy.

She stuck her thumb in her mouth and tasted Eric for the first time. It was a unique taste, warm and salty and thick. Whatever its flavor, her tongue’s interpretation of it seemed to be linked directly to her pussy, sending a warm surge of pleasure trembling through her.

Eric’s face had changed to one of shock. She grinned at him. Her voice took on a sultry tone, “You taste fantastic.”

“There’s plenty more where that came from. All it will take is another minute.” The tone of his voice was pleading.

Beth shook her head. “Not yet.”

Eric frowned at her but didn’t get up. Instead, his hand started to reach for his cock.

She grabbed the hand before he could get there. “Not yet,” she repeated.

He sighed and said, “Why not?”

“Because…” Beth got up and went over to her computer. “I have a proposition for you.”


She turned back around, soft dance music now playing through her computer’s speakers. “I am going to striptease for you. If you can manage to get through the whole thing without touching yourself bakire porno or cumming…” Another new word. She was acting so…dirty. She savored the way Eric’s cock twitched at the word. “…I will give you a blowjob. How does that sound?”

He licked his lips at the idea. It didn’t take long for him to decide. “Deal.”

Beth took a step forward, standing right in front of Eric. Close enough for him to see every detail but far enough that he couldn’t touch her. She started to sway her hips to the beat of the song. It felt a little silly at first but the enthralled look on her boyfriend’s face made her realize just how much power she had. She glanced at his cock and felt her body shudder. Her clothes needed to come off now!

She started with her blouse. With every drum hit, she tugged the hem up to reveal more of her midriff. Each inch took her several seconds to cover, agonizingly teasing not just Eric but herself as well. It was a constant battle with her will to stop her arms from going faster and just ripping the clothing off her body.

The blouse finally came all the way off and she tossed it away. Looking down, she could see her nipples pushing out through the sheer fabric of her bra. Her eyes met Eric’s and she knew he saw it too. His hands twitched momentarily but remained at his sides.

Her fingers toyed with the hem of her skirt. Instead of pulling it down, she tugged it upwards until it had been reversed. Eric’s eyes focused squarely on her panties so she glanced down too. A small, wet patch matched the crease of her pussy. She traced a finger along its length and moaned quietly. Eric’s body bucked in response.

Beth slowly made her hands back up to the skirt’s hem, this time tugging it downwards. Gravity did most of the work for her after getting it over her hips, giving the striptease a merciful burst of speed. She kicked the fabric into the corner and focused on the beat of the song for a few moments, letting Eric see her in just her underwear. His cock twitched several times as she danced.

The song ended and moved to one with a faster beat. Beth smiled. Finally! She spun around and shook her ass as her hands moved to the clasp of her bra. When it was unhooked, she simply let it fall to the ground, pushing it aside with her foot. For nearly a minute, she remained turned away from Eric. Slight turns teased him with mere glimpses of her breasts but she never turned fully. When she heard him sigh, she knew it was time to spin around.

The sigh turned to a moan when he saw her breasts for the first time. They weren’t anything special, just 34Bs. Beth didn’t really mind them too much, except for her nipples. Whenever she got aroused, they stuck out a full two inches. It made them seem freakish. She had been holding her breath as she turned, wondering if he would find her repulsive, and released it with a relieved exhale. Eric seemed to like them. His hands slid closer to his cock but stopped when he noticed her watching them.

After a few silly dance moves designed to get her breasts to jiggle, it was time for the main event. Eric’s hands were now on his thighs but he hadn’t broken his promise…yet. Beth spun around again and began to bend over as she danced, straightening slowly. On the fifth time doing this, she didn’t stand up immediately. Instead, she moved her hands to the hem of her panties and lazily began to pull them over her buttocks.

It was probably a beautiful reveal of her pussy and ass but Beth still wished she could have seen Eric’s face when the panties had come off. When she turned and heard him moan loudly, she knew it had been worth it. A bit of her wetness had dripped out and hung from her labia. She caught the drop with her fingers and brought it to her mouth, tasting herself for the first time. It wasn’t as special as Eric’s juices but it was very intoxicating. His cock twitched several times from the sight and he begged her with his eyes to come over and give him his reward.

She shook her head. “Just hold out until the song is over.”

It was an excruciating wait for the both of them. The song was unfamiliar so they had no idea how much longer it could be. On every fourth beat, she stepped closer. His hands reached up for her breasts when she was close enough but she pushed them away. She started to gyrate while standing almost on top of him, lowering her pussy to the point of almost touching his cock. This wasn’t just killing Eric; Beth had to use all her self-will to keep from impaling her dripping pussy onto her boyfriend’s cock.

The song ended finally and Beth stopped dancing. She turned to go and shut off the music but Eric caught her arm forcefully. “No, leave it!”

The amount of desperation in his voice was astounding. Without hesitation, Beth dropped to her knees in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. Her senses were immediately overwhelmed. It smelled like his usual body odor but had something else mixed in, something she assumed was the smell of his pre-cum. The bedava porno taste was similar, like sweaty skin and the saltiness she had got a taste of earlier. It was the feeling of the cock in her mouth that was strangest, yet most exciting. It filled her in a way that felt right, her lips and tongue wrapped around her boyfriend’s shaft lovingly. She didn’t know what to do exactly so she just started to suck and bob her head along its length.

This alone was enough to send him over the edge, all that anticipation finally exploding out from him. She didn’t even get a warning, unless you counted the rough hand on the back of her head and the violent thrusting into her mouth. What felt like a dozen spurts of thick, salty cum spurted out of him and into her mouth and throat. It made her panic a bit at first until she thought to breathe through her nose. It still wasn’t optimal. His body odor was overwhelming enough that it almost made her choke. She somehow managed to get it all down without any leaking out but it took several swallows.

The whole time she was doing this, Eric was moaning and grunting from both the sheer effort of pushing out so much semen and the forcefulness of the best orgasm of his short life. He was practically face-fucking his girlfriend and forcing her down onto his cock but it was almost out of his control. His body had just taken over.

When it was over, Beth pulled off his cock with a slight pop sound. Her mouth tasted terribly, like she had just swallowed a glass of salt water. The sensations of being mouth-fucked ran through her mind, making her ache for some attention of her own.

Both of them were breathing heavily but for different reasons. They didn’t even look at each other for a minute, just trying to get their bearings on what had just happened. When their eyes did finally meet, they noticed just how disheveled the other looked. Laughter shook both of them. It took a couple minutes for them to get back under control.

Beth climbed to her feet and walked over to her bed, pausing to shut off the music first. “My turn?”

Eric stood and approached her. He looked down at his semi-flaccid cock. “I can’t really do anything now…”

“Sure you can. You still have a mouth and hands, don’t you?” She smiled innocently.

He grinned back. “I guess I do.”

Their lips met in a soft, sensual kiss. Beth sighed as she felt Eric’s hand slide up to the small of her back, bringing her in closer. He parted her lips with his tongue and slowly slid it inside. She felt him pause momentarily, realizing that he could probably taste himself in her mouth. Luckily, it didn’t stop him from intensifying the kiss. If anything, it almost seemed to make him kiss her deeper.

His other hand moved to her right breast, rubbing the soft flesh gently. She shivered from head to toe as his hand kneaded her breast and jumped slightly when his fingers found her hard nipple. Every brush sent bolts of quivering pleasure down her body, all the way to her toes, and back. She groaned when he broke the kiss but moaned even more loudly when his mouth went to her nipple. His tongue swirled around her nipple gently. Her knees began to buckle. She would have fallen if Eric hadn’t been ready with the hand at the small of her back.

Beth felt herself being lowered onto the bed as Eric continued to lick and suck on her breast. When she was on her back, the hand that had been on her back moved to her other breast. Eric took a tentative nibble on her nipple as he tweaked the other with his fingers. Her pussy muscles squeezed tightly in response, a long and loud moan filling the room. She had just enough time to register a bit of shock at her response to the pain before he did it again, clouding her mind.

She had no idea how long he paid attention to her breasts. Her pussy was on fire and ached for attention but she couldn’t find the words to tell Eric otherwise. As long as he kept touching her, she didn’t want to change a thing. When he finally did stop, it took her a few moments to realize that he wasn’t touching her anymore.

He looked at her, amused. “Are you okay?”

Beth swallowed several times before she was able to respond. “Yeah. I think you should get to my pussy before my brain explodes, though.”

“I can do that,” he said with a chuckle.

His lips left angelic kisses all over her breasts before slowly traveling downwards. Every inch of her, from her breasts to her thighs, was covered in his kisses. As he did this, his hands rubbed her inner thighs slowly. Beth groaned and tried to lift her hips but Eric held them down. He made sure to kiss every inch of her thighs as well, avoiding her pussy for as long as he possibly could. When he glanced up and saw her glaring at him, he decided to move on.

He shifted down to the end of the bed and spread Beth’s legs wide open. She was amused to see how entranced he was with her pussy. It was obviously the first he had ever seen in person and he wanted to explore it a little. His face got very close and she panted at the feeling of his warm breath on her most intimate of places. She felt his fingers gently pulling apart her outer lips so he could peer inside. One of his fingertips brushed against her clitoris and she sucked in a breath violently.

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