A Knights Tale; Chapter 2


On the road the Kings Own rode at a fast pace. It was midday and the where halfway to their destination.

“Pull up. Let’s stop for lunch. Feed and water the mounts and switch to our second mount.”

“What’s lunch going to be this time?” one of the men joked. “Steak and shellfish? Maybe a nice warm stew to shake off the morning chills?”

“The usual!” someone laughed. “Dried meat, dry cheese, and stale bread.”

The men chuckled as they unsaddled their morning mounts to rest them during lunch and Leona and Royle shook their heads.

“It’s good that they’re still so relaxed,” Royle commented. “Give them a few more hours before we pull them in and get serious?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “Have them get the joking out of their systems before we have to bed down for the night.”

“We stop then when the sun dips to the tops of the trees, right?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “That should give enough time to set up and eat.”

The men joked through lunch and caring for their morning mounts. They all became sober as they saddled up their afternoon mounts. “Mount up we leave now.” Bellowed the lioness.

Everyone mounted and they started off at a brisk pace.

The sun was setting as they reached the Grand Bazaar.

“We stop here for the night. Set up camp boys.” Leona shouted. She dismounted and left her horse in the care of her squire

The squad did as ordered and camp was set before the sun dipped below the trees.

“Want me to change and get a feel for the bazaar? Get in there and start listening for things?” Royle volunteered.

“Would be a good idea,” Leona nodded. “We can keep attention focused here while you head off. A single person may be able to hear something if the group they’re with Sex hikayeleri isn’t crashing about.”

“See if you can get these while you’re there,” she gave him a scrap of parchment. “Some of them might even help get a lead.”

“Sure,” he nodded then striped off to a more merchant looking outfit before leaving.

In short time the crowds gathered round to see why the King’s Own were on the road and to catch a glimpse of the famous hot tempered Lioness. Gossip flew through the crowds some of it true but most of it false.

Soon Royle slunk back into camp. It was nearing the last hour as the fuming Lioness dragged him and two others off to her tent. She didn’t have to say a word the three knew what she wanted.

Even though the two had joined in with Leona before, this was going to be the first time that Royle was present and they were a little nervous.

Royle stepped up to the sole woman and looked into her eyes to see how far she wanted them to go. He reached up and gripped her chin to turn her face from side to side for a moment before he picked up a knife.

“You did remember to pack extra lacing for this outfit this time, yes?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “I learned last time you and I were out.”

“Good,” he grinned then quickly slipped the blade to cut the lacing.

She looked at the other two and grinned.

“Well, what are you waiting for,” she snapped. “Strip!”

The other two men hesitated for a moment before stripping. In short time all four were naked. Leona was on her knees a cock in each hand and blowing the third. Switching them out periodically.

One soon climbed onto the bed roll and lay flat. She climbed on top of him lining up with his prick as she sat.

She Sikiş hikayeleri grunted as she slowly lowered herself, letting his cock slip into her heat. Royle nudged the other guy to get in behind her.

He lubed up then started to push into her ass as Royle moved to her head and offered his larger meat to her which she practically inhaled.

As she sucked to her hearts content she bounced up and down groaning through her full mouth. She was enjoying herself. She could hear the three men grunting and groaning in pleasure as well. The two younger men wouldn’t last much longer. She could already feel them throbbing. Letting go of Royle’s member she stood up and got to her knees. The younger men started jacking off on her face as she rubbed Royle. ” Leave us.” She demanded after the young men had finished cumming.

They quickly dressed and left. Leaving Leona and Royle alone.

Royle grabbed a belt and made a loop of it as he grinned at her.

Leona grinned and tried to move away from him while staying within the tent. They chased each other for a few minutes before Royle managed to catch her by slipping the looped belt about her neck and grabbing her hair at the same time. She slipped to her knees and suckled his flesh back to hardness as he slowly fucked her face.

“Ready?” he asked.

When she nodded, Royle shoved his length down her throat and pulled the belt tight about her neck, cutting off her airway as he ground her nose against his lower belly.

She gasped for air as her face turned red, as her eyes bulged she could feel Royle cum in her throat. She passed out as he finished. When she woke, she found herself cradled in his arms.

“You should give me the report as we clean up.”

“There Porno Hikayeleri was word that there was a raid yesterday,” he said as he helped her to her feet. “North of here. The raids are slowly getting closer and people think that there might be a raid here in a day or two. If we can manage to hide our troop among the merchants, we might be able to surprise the Centaurs when they raid here.”

“Thing is, they’re not taking anything extremely valuable. Sure they’ve taken money and supplies, but they’ve also taken a few unmarried women and the occasional strong male.”

“Taking women?” Leona asked with a bit of surprise. “I can see why they would take the women, but not the men.”

“Why would they take the women?” Asked Royle.

“The male centaur use women and mares to broaden the gene pool. Most women don’t survive the birthing process. So they are only good for one breeding. They may also be taking males as gifts for their females. Which is why they may be coming here.” Royle looked surprised. “If they don’t give their females gifts often the males lose them. They might be coming here to steal jewelry, feathers, silks, and so on to keep them happy.””

“The rest of our men should be here in a couple of days. Hopefully they arrive before the centaurs do. Is there any way to try to convince the merchants to temporarily pack up and hide? At least until the threat is gone?” Royle asked.

“The Grand Bazaar doesn’t move easily,” Leona replied. “It takes at least a week to convince them to start packing things. We could try, but I don’t think it would be effective to help save the merchants or their stock.”

Leona continued ” We should move the camp a half days ride back. So we can his more easily. The supplies should be there by tomorrow night. We’ll hide as merchants and buyers til the show. Make sure everyone wears their mail under their clothes. For now let’s get some sleep we’ll need it in the morning.”

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