A Journey to Remember Ch. 02


Katie pulled him into the house and ripped off his shirt running her hands over his defined muscles and making him gasp he pushed her roughly against the wall kissing her with urgency, their tongues intertwined and she moaned loudly while he roughly pulled off her dress. He stopped and just looked at her she began to feel embarrassed and covered herself with her hands blushing. He put his forehead against hers and whispered ” You are beautiful and have nothing to be ashamed of.”

He gently eased away her hands and led her into the living room he stopped, suddenly unsure and turned to Katie ” Ummmmm I’ve never you know done this before.”

She laughed and said ” and you think I have…. You can be so stupid sometimes.”

He leant forward and said ” you have no idea how many times I have fantasised about this moment – but I really want to try something, if you’ll let me.”

Katie was scared, what if she said no and he left ” What do you want to try?”

He gulped as if building up the courage to ask her, ” well I’ve always wanted to tie you up and fuck you till you scream, I want to be in control of your body.” Katie stepped back, her mind racing . She was confused and afraid while feeling slightly aroused. James thought he had blown it but it wasn’t disgust he saw in her eyes it was lust.

“Well I will let you do that but the first time can you just make love to me?”

He smiled and gently kissed her on the forehead şişli eskort ” as long as I’m with you I don’t care.”

She took him by the hand and they walked slowly upstairs as he groped her ass and she gently tugged at his member. They reached her bedroom door and she looked into his eyes knowing that he loved her, knowing that they would be together for a long time and knowing that he was about to take her virginity.

They walked into her bedroom and James roughly pushed her onto the bed ” I am about to repay you for your help in the car.” He firmly opened her legs and rubbed up and down her slit, he then kissed her on her forehead and then working his way down he kissed every part of her body when he got to her tits he gently sucked on one and sucked harder and harder until she squirmed beneath him and then he switched to the other breast slowly circling it with his tongue and then greedily sucking it in he did this until she climaxed and then in the aftermath he made a trail of kisses down to her toes and then back up to her crotch.

He spread her lips and slowly started licking her, he teased her only touching her clit once or twice knowing that she needed release. He started to tongue fuck her letting his tongue slip in and and out of her hole, he then found her clit and began to nibble at it gently making her buck until she screamed in ecstasy. He laid down next to her while she came down from her intense orgasm çapa eskort watching her shallow breathing.

She turned her head and looked at him as she straddled him and whispered ” I think your overdressed.” She slowly slid down and found his trousers she slid them off his perfect ass and then slowly took off his boxers making sure to linger on his bulge making him shudder she took his dick in her hand and slowly worked up and down making him pant she put his dick in her mouth and focused on the head swirling her tongue around lazily and nibbling until he came in her mouth and she drank thirstily.

She straddled him once again and told him how much she loved him. He sat up and flipped her onto her back telling her that he was going to make love to her and that then she was going to scream for more. He reached for a condom but she took his hand and told him that she was already on birth control. He positioned himself at the opening of her hole he slowly started to push in and then came to a barrier he looked into her eyes and pushed forward hard, she screamed out in pain and he held her close until she became accustomed to his dick.

He slowly started pumping into her and she met every thrust with her hips they were perfectly in sync as he kissed her tits, her mouth anything he could reach, he sped up and his balls were slapping against her ass and he could feel her muscles beginning to contract around his dick as she had etiler escort an intense orgasm he squirted deep inside her with a loud grunt and collapsed on top of her as they both came down from there orgasm.

He looked into her eyes as he slid his dick out of her cunt. She whispered ” thank you. ”

He could already feel his dick hardening again and said ” would you let me tie you up now?” She nodded silently and he said “every once in a while I want to dominate you, let you know that you are mine and only mine, that I love you.” She gave him a kiss as he began to look around the room for something to tie her with and then he thought of the perfect idea, he got the tie off of her bathrobe and told he to lean over and touch her toes.

She bent over and he tied her wrists to her ankles he stood behind her and began to lick her sopping cunt this time focusing on her clit but every time she got close to having an orgasm he would stop for a couple of seconds and start again he heard her moaning and slapped her arse sharply making her scream out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He slowly slipped his dick into her and began to fuck her vigorously his balls slamming hard and fast into her ass every time she moaned he would slap her ass sharply telling her that if she came he would slap her harder, he eventually felt his balls tightening and told her to cum with him they both found there release at the same time and he pulled her onto the bed as they came.

He was breathing heavily as he untied her and scooped her onto his lap. They laid down and fell asleep in each others arms. Overall they were both happy that they had waited until they were eighteen for their first time.

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