A Hot Time in Austin!


I’m a bisexual guy, late forties, living in a small town in Texas. I’m married, outwardly normal, but I love to get some hot cock from time to time. My wife knows this, and supports me, and we had a couple of MMF threesomes together over the last few years. Recently, we traveled to Austin for a conference for her, and I knew I would have time alone in the hotel during the day. This got me thinking about finding some cock to play with, and I began to search.

I ran a Craigslist ad, even though I didn’t have any hope of a decent response. I had tried CL before, with no decent results, but figured I’d give it another shot. My ad did get some responses, mostly people who couldn’t commit to any particular day or time, but one response did show promise. He was a top, looking for a bottom, and it appeared that I fit what he was looking for; we exchanged several emails, he even asked if I was interested in him bringing a buddy along, and my cock instantly rose at the thought of two cocks to play with!

As it happened, he showed up by himself, and I let him into the room. We shook hands and introduced ourselves, and he immediately took charge of the scenario. Leaning back against the wall in the living room, he unzipped his shorts and released his half-hard cock. He looked at me and said “Kneel”, and I decided to do as he asked. Immediately taking his cock in my mouth, he slowly stiffened and grew to a very nice length in no time. eryaman escort Putting his hands on my shoulders, he pulled me further down onto his cock, and told me “take as much as you can”, which I immediately did. We went back and forth like this for a few minutes, with him reaching under my shirt and pulling on my nipples as I sucked. I love nipple play, and moaned my approval as I slurped his heavy cock. He grabbed my head several times, pulling me onto his dick, and forcing me to suck him deeply.

He abruptly pulled me off his cock, and then began stripping, and I followed suit. I motioned to my digital camera, and told him I’d like some pics of me sucking him; he said no, but asked if I had any cock sucking pics on my laptop. I told him I did, and he asked to see them. I pulled up a photo montage I’d made of myself and a prior fuck buddy, and he looked at the pics as he stroked his cock. He asked questions about the pics; how much I liked sucking my buddy’s dick, if I always swallowed his load, if he had ever fucked me. I answered his questions, and he then decided he’d seen enough and wanted more action.

Moving to the bedroom, he lay on his back and spread his legs, inviting me to get between them and suck his hot cock. I did so, and immediately began sucking and licking his shaft. He continued to ask questions, and I answered them between slurps and licks on his shaft sincan escort and balls. Eventually, he asked me to straddle his cock so he could rub against my ass. I moved astride his cock, and he began searching for my tight manpussy.

I told him that I was too tight, having only really been fucked once, and that was over a year ago. He silenced me and said he would only go as far as I would let him, and that he would stop if things became too painful. After a short time, he told me to move off him and kneel on the bed. I did so, and heard him go to the bathroom and put some lube on his cock. He returned to the bed and spread my legs, offering him unrestricted access to my tight rosebud. Once again, I felt the head searching for entry, and I moaned loudly as the thick mushroom head penetrated my hole!

He worked the head into my ass, and I groaned with pressure and pain. I told him that it wouldn’t work, my ass was just too tight, and he kept telling me it would get easier. We changed positions a couple of times, to no real avail, as I could only take the head in my ass. Finally, he gave up trying to get it in any further, and got up again to head for the bathroom.

I heard him lube up his cock again, and then come back to the bed. “Lie down on your stomach”, he said, “Ass flat, and I’ll just pump you with the head of my cock”. I tensed up, preventing further penetration, etlik escort as he began to rub his cock in my ass. He rubbed along my hole, and then once again penetrated me with just the head of his stiff penis. I groaned again, as it was sore now from what he had done so far, but he worked a small length of his fat cock into me and began to fuck. I told him that it was painful, and he assured me that he wouldn’t put any more in, just let him get off in my ass.

He pumped me faster, and harder, but didn’t go any deeper. Lying on top of me now, his cockhead lodged in my tight ass, he pumped me and told he what a hot ass I had. I took his weight as I took his cock, and he continued to pump me. I heard his breathing getting more shallow, his cock stabbing my butt, and he moaned that he was going to shoot his load. He continued to pump, and I felt his cock stiffen just as he let go with a tremendous load in my ass! I felt his hot, sticky sperm coating my hole and my cheeks, and he continued to pump until he was spent. He rested on top of me for a few moments, and then asked if he could take a shower. I told him yes, and he went to the bathroom. I spent a few minutes contemplating my sore, sticky asshole, now gaping slightly from the pounding it had just taken.

He finished his shower, and I asked him to take a picture of my open ass. He did, and caressed my cheeks, telling me how hot my ass was and how much he enjoyed it. He apologized for being forceful, and I told him it was okay. He asked me to keep in touch, and let him know when I returned to town. He dressed and said goodbye, leaving me to furiously masturbate as I sat down, his sticky cum now coating the towel I was sitting on. A very hot experience for me, and I hope you liked reading about it!

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