A Flat Tire Leads Maggie Down a Black Road


Maggie was tired when she looked at the clock at 8:06pm. No wonder she was feeling exhausted, she had been at work a bit over twelve hours. She was a CPA and it was tax season, long hours were required; especially if you wanted to be noticed in the company and hope for promotion. She was ambitious and wanted partner status as soon as she was qualified for consideration. But now it was time to head home until tomorrow when she faced the same grind. She had checked the weather and traffic, it had been snowing all afternoon and the southbound expressway that she normally drove was backed up for miles by several accidents. She was very familiar with the city and knew side streets that had little use at that time of night so she was not worried about getting home, especially since she had a four wheel drive car. She gathered her coat and purse as she headed out of her office to her car. Fortunately it was parked underground so she would not have to immediately deal with a snow and ice covered car. She put the car in four wheel drive and headed out into the night, looking forward to a relaxing bath when she arrived home. Her husband, Max, was out of town on a business trip; she would arrive home to an empty house but she was used to that. He was an engineer for a big company with government contracts. Travel was frequently required to Washington to meet with clients. The bath would provide both relaxation and one of her favorite places to masturbate. A glass of wine and her self-gratification would be all she needed for the night. She and Max had been married for ten years and their sex life had dwindled with time. What had been mad, passionate sex anytime anywhere had become a weekend ritual. They had talked about it on several occasions. They both wanted more but the demands of their careers had just slowed them both down; they reluctantly played the hand they had been dealt. As she drove she enjoyed the white snow, as yet mostly untouched by the vehicles that would soon turn it brown. She headed south on a four lane road that, at one time, had been a major artery but the expressways had long since taken much of its traffic. It was lined with businesses and offices, largely old since the road went through one of the oldest and run down parts of the city. All the side streets had homes built chiefly just before or after World War II. Most were clapboard with a few bricks ones here and there. The area had declined for years and now housed low income families, mostly black but a few white and Hispanic families could be found. She and her husband knew the area because they volunteered on weekends at a food bank in the area. She had no safety worries, although the people were poor there was no gang activity and very little drug dealing. As she cruised down the street she did not she the large pothole hidden by the snow. Suddenly the car lurched, the steering wheel twisted in her hands and the car shuddered; all from the right front tire dropping into the hole. It was now hard to steer and she heard a flapping noise. She turned onto a side street and parked under a street lamp. A quick inspection showed that the front tire had blown out. She knew the car had a spare tire but had no idea how to change it. She called AAA. They told her they would be there but it would be at least two hours due to the weather and the calls ahead of her. As she was thinking about what to do, a black man, wearing a hoodie, came walking down the street carrying a brown grocery bag. He saw her, her problem and stopped to see if he could help her. “Evening Ma’am, I see you have a bit of a problem. I’ll be glad to help if you would like.” “Oh yes please! Anything you can do I would really appreciate.” “Well my name is Charlie,” he said as he put his bag down. “Let’s check your spare tire and jack. I’ll see if we can get you back on the road. Please hit the button to open the car’s rear hatch.” “Thank you Charlie. My name is Margaret but everyone calls me Maggie. I’ll get that open right now.” The lock clicked and the rear door raised open. Charlie lifted the cover to retrieve the spare and the jack. As he was beginning to get it out he discovered it had little or no air in it. “This is not good Ma’am. Your spare tire seems to be flat also and all the garages in the area are closed at this time of night.” “I have called AAA but it is at least a two hour wait and don’t call me Ma’am, I am Maggie,” she said with a big smile. “You can’t stay out in this weather. This house just in front of us is where I stay. Kurtköy Escort Four of us rent it and have for several years. We all work in construction trades. The house is old but we keep it up for the owner in return for a good deal on the rent. You should have no worries, we are all very respectful of women and since you are familiar with the area and its people you may enjoy your wait. You never know, the wait for the repair truck could at least be interesting.” “I really appreciate the offer Charlie and I have no worries. I am sure I will enjoy meeting your friends and drinking one of those beers that you have in the bag.” “You noticed that did you? Well we are watching a basketball game and ran out. I was coming back from that convenience store down the block. Did you have dinner?” “No and I am starving.” “We will fix you up with some pizza to go with the beer.” “Sounds good, let’s go!” They walked the short distance to the house and he opened the door for her. She walked in, with Charlie right behind her, to see two guys sitting on a couch watching TV. They were intent on the game and did not look up. “Charlie, what took so long!? Damn man, we need a beer.” They turned just as she was taking off her coat. “Holy crap who is this beautiful creature?” “Remember your manners! This is Maggie. Her car broke down and I offered her a warm house, a beer and some pizza while she waits for help, so cool your jets and have a beer,” he said as he tossed a can to each of them. Maggie laid her coat over a chair and she turned to face them. This was the first time Charlie and the others really got a good look at her. She was in high heels, wearing a black straight skirt that stopped just above her knees, a white silk blouse and a black jacket. She also removed her jacket, placed it with her coat and then stepped out of her heels. At thirty-two she had a great figure. A white 34C pushup bra was hidden under the blouse and a black thong under the skirt. Even though her sex life had slowed down she still loved to dress for effect. She knew it was a good effect and she intended to use all her attributes, mental and physical, to advance her position in the company. She smiled to herself and straightened her shoulders a bit as she felt all their eyes checking her out. Accepting a beer from Charlie, she checked them out as they did her. Good looking guys and in good physical shape she thought to herself. Charlie quickly introduced the two guys on the couch. “That is Andre who made those somewhat obnoxious comments and Marcus is the quiet one.” She laughed and sat on the couch to get to the pizza. “Don’t worries, I have no objection to being admired by such nice men. A girl enjoys being appreciated. Pass me that pizza please.” Marcus handed her a piece on a paper towel. He could not help but notice how her skirt had slipped half way up her thigh when she sat down. The sight of her smooth creamy legs started to stir desire in all of them. Suddenly a door just a few feet down the hallway opened and a naked man walked out looking at the floor as he rubbed his wet head with a towel. “Charlie get back with that beer yet?” At the same time Charlie yelled, “Rolly, get back in the bathroom and put some clothes on!” Rolly looked up, baffled by Charlie yelling at him. “What the fu… who is that?!” Realizing he was naked, he leapt back into the bathroom. “Sorry about that Maggie, he obviously did not know you were here. That is Rolly. I am sure he is very embarrassed.” “No problem,” she stammered. “It is not like I have never seen a naked man before,” trying to make light of it. But mentally she was transfixed by the sight of his cock. It hung down, it seemed, half way to his knees. It swung and almost slapped his thigh when he jumped back into the bathroom. She returned her eyes to the TV but that image was scorching in her mind. She had seen porn videos that she found on their computer, undoubtedly downloaded by Max, of black men with incredible cocks. She never told Max but had watched them and was dripping with desire after seeing their performance and the resulting exhilaration in their female partners. Suddenly she had a different feeling about the men she was sitting with. Thoughts were racing through her mind that she could not control. Could they all be like him? What could it possibly be like? Would something like that even fit in her petite body? Not surprisingly she abruptly felt hot. Her nipples were now showing through her blouse; her pussy was quickly Kurtköy Escort Bayan getting damp and tumescent. She put the pizza down and took a long deep drink of the cold beer. Just then Rolly came out, fully dressed, followed by Charlie. He had gone in there to explain Maggie to Rolly so there would be no more accidents or misunderstandings. Rolly walked over to the couch and apologized to her, explaining he had no idea they had a visitor, especially one so beautiful. He could not help running his eyes up and down her, observing her hard nipples. She tried to maintain eye contact but her eyes kept glancing at his crotch, seeing the outline of his organ. “Don’t worry about it Rolly. I know you did not do it on purpose and like I told your roommates, it is not the first time I have seen a cock, I am a married woman after all.” She had another long drink and tried to blot out the image and resulting thoughts by concentrating on the TV. It was not really working. She glanced down and saw her nipples were still prominent points on her blouse. She wondered what was going through the minds of the four men in the room with her. The men had exchanged glances several times after Rolly had made his surprise appearance. Their eyes went from each other to her perfect bobs, hard nipples and her thighs then back to each other. She had slipped down on the couch, consequently and unwittingly exposing even more of her thighs. Everyone’s conversation had died down as they all, individually, played out versions of the same carnal thoughts in their minds. Maggie knew she was excited by what she had seen in the porns but, at this point, was still trying to repress it. A married woman does think such thoughts, especially in a room with at least one guy just in the movies. All the guys wanted her but besides being courteous they knew the potential problems that could be created having a married white woman in a house with four black guys. They enjoyed their lives and did not need any drama. After realizing that her desire was not going to disappear, she decided to just talk with Charlie privately if she could. He had been nothing but well-mannered and considerate of her so she felt comfortable with him, felt she could have a calm, adult conversation. “Charlie, would it be okay if we had a conversation somewhere more private?” “Sure, but really the only place is my bedroom. If that is okay with you?” “That’s fine. I know you are a gentleman.” She levered herself up off the couch, straightened her clothes and followed him as he headed down the hall. He opened the second door and stood aside so she could go first. He followed and closed the door behind them. “I only have the one chair. Why don’t you sit there and I will just sit on the bed.” She did and after a few moments of silence, he asked her what was on her mind. “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea because I am a married woman and have never cheated on my husband. Having said that, I am really curious about something and I feel I can trust you. Can I?” “I don’t know what is on your mind but you can trust me to help you in any way I can.” “Okay. So here is the thing. I found some porn movies that my husband Max has on our computer. He does not know I saw them, I did not want to embarrass him but I watched them. Some of them involved black men with large penis’s that obviously were extremely pleasing to the women they were with. I figured the actor was a one in a million guy in terms of size but when I saw Rolly I was amazed and truthfully, turned on.” Charlie chuckled and immediately told her he was not laughing at her but rather the situation. “If you think you are turned on, how do you think four black guys seeing a white woman as hot and sexy as you in their house feel? We could not help but notice your hard nipples and your glances. So what is it that you are so curious about?” She blushed and said, “Well I would like to know just how common is it for a black man to have such an endowment?” “I understand your curiosity. It is certainly not all black guys. Plenty are just like white guys but the percentages are higher in the African American population. Take the four of us for example. It is probably a bit unusual but we all are about Rolly’s size, give or take a bit.” Maggie looked startled. “You mean you are like Rolly?” “Pretty much. Maybe just a tad shorter. We have never had a dick measuring contest,” he said chuckling. “Oh my god, I can’t believe it!” He smiled and hopefully said, “I’ll Escort Kurtköy be glad to show you.” She just sat there quietly. Her head down, staring at the floor, thinking. He did not say anything else. The silence was deafening. Finally she whispered, “Yes, I would like to see it.” He stepped up to her, unzipped and pulled it out. Her head was still down. He did not say a word, the sound of the zipper said everything. Slowly her head came up. “Oh my lord! You are huge and not even hard!” “Guess I am bigger than Max?” “Hell yes you are! I almost can’t believe it.” First she put one hand around it and felt it start to grow. Then she put her other hand on it as it continued to grow. She could not close her fingers around it. She pulled him closer and lightly kissed its head. “Can I just lick it? I feel so guilty.” Still smiling he said, “No guilt or shame necessary. Lick it, kiss it, suck it, stroke it; do whatever you please. I am happy you are so interested.” She opened wide and took a small amount into her mouth, savoring the feel and salty taste. Amazed by its size compared to Max. Oh Max she thought, what would you think? Can I bring myself to do what I want? After running her tongue around its head, she pulled him out and lifted it high, running her tongue up and down the length of its underside. Then she remove one hand and cupped both his large, low-hanging balls, delicately caressing them. Charlie never said a word. He knew enough to just let her enjoy his cock, get to know it size and hopefully feel more comfortable and curious. She brought it back down and took more of it in her mouth, now sucking and licking stronger. She brought him to his full hardness and length. “How do women ever take this? I am sure I am way too small for it to fit but it is so exciting. So dark and magnificent! I am sure you know that just holding and sucking it has made me extremely horny and dripping wet! Just to end my curiosity would you just barely put it against my pussy so I get an idea of the feeling. I know I could never take it. I should never even be trying this but I am so damn curious.” “It would be my honor to do that for you. You also must know that like you, I am extremely horny and want to feel it in you and make you cum stronger than you ever have. I feel I have to be honest with you. I have had white women that have similar questions and responded to its size like you; they have all ended up taking it deep and usually coming back for more.” She had looked up at him while he was talking and her eyes got big as he finished. “Are you being completely honest? Is that really true!?” “Yes. I would never mislead you. Also know that I totally believe that stop means stop and no means no. I will do no more than you want.” Her desires having overcome her thoughts of Max, she stood up. “Let me undress for you and then I will remove your clothes.” Max had met her in their senior year of college. They fell in lust and then love, married just after graduation. Both of them had good jobs lined up at large companies in a big northern city. During their time in college and for a while after their marriage she had loved to strip for Max and he loved watching. She was very good at slowly and sexily removing piece after piece of clothes; moving and turning in the most sensual way; playing with her nipples as they became exposed; rubbing her pussy and moaning as she brought a finger full of her juice to her mouth. Max was always rock hard after her show. As she unzipped her skirt she was inwardly thrown back to those days. Her skirt fell to the floor, exposing the black thong that was clearly sodden and exuding her nectar. She turned so he could see her perfectly shaped ass as she unbuttoned her blouse. A sudden thought of his cock in her ass made a tremor run through her. Turning back, she let her blouse fall exposing her white, sheer bra; her nipples, brown and hard, pushing to be released. As she was rubbing and squeezing them, she once again turned her back to him and released its hooks; it fell in front of her. Back facing him she held both tits tight, her head thrown back in sensuous pleasure. Opening her eyes and locking in a gaze with him, she swayed back and forth as she slowly pulled her thong to her knees where she let go and stood up, hooking it with her toe and tossing it to him, her bare swollen pussy now in his full view. She wagged her finger at him. He stood and walked to her. She put one of his hands on her pussy and the other on a nipple. He squeezed her tit hard, pulling and tweaking it as he slipped a finger in her. She moaned and met his gaze as she unbuttoned his shirt, undid his belt and held his cock. Nothing would come off him until he removed his hands from her. He was as lost as she, her moaning and writhing, he transfixed by her radiating sexuality.

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