A First Time Pt. 02


Back in my room that morning, I reflected on the night’s events. How easily I had succumbed to Steff’s advances. How foolish I had been to imagine that power rested in our formal positions. As a College Fellow and a tutor, and as an older woman, I had assumed that power rested with me – the swiftness with which that idea had been shattered was part of what had made last night special. But how would it be in the cold light of a new day?

I had a morning of tutorials, and focussed on that. There was a meeting of the Governing Body with lunch provided, and the afternoon was taken up with Faculty business; it left little time to ponder other matters. By the evening it was almost as though the previous night had not taken place. Then there was a “ping” on my mobile.

“Come down to my room in ten minutes. No knickers required. Steff xx”

It was as though some subliminal instinct had taken over, and I removed my knickers and then, making sure my hair was brushed (I know, why?) I went down to Steff’s room and knocked on the door. She did not answer. I pushed and the door opened. Ginerly I went inside, being careful to close it behind me.

“In here!” Steff’s vioce rang from the bedroom. I walked over to it, and as I entered, there she was – in all her naked glory with a girl-cock jutting obscenely from her crotch.

“Knees, slut, now. Suck my cock.”

I knew I should have protested, but she knew, and I did, that it would have been formulaic, reflective of the feeling that I should not, rather than of the desire which pulsed through me, which was to want to do as I was told.

My face next to her cock, I could smell her arousal. Fastening my lips on the tip, I kissed it, using my tongue to lubricate it.

“Good bursa escort Hoffy, get it nice and wet, it’s going into one of your slutty holes.”

There was no chance to recalibrate the relationship, Steff had (rightly) assumed I’d be willing to carry on where we had left off.

“You really are a subby little thing Hoffy. You like kneeling for a student and sucking her cock?”

As she spoke, her hands gripped the sides of my head and she began to fuck my mouth. I was not sure what to do, but it turned out not to matter, she thrust in and out, making me gag and drool. As she hit the back of my throat I felt like gagging. Her foot slid between my legs and thrust upwards. I rubbed my wet pussy against her, shamelessly wanting to get some satisfaction.

“Oh, Hoffy, you like humping do you? That’s a good girl, hump away.”

I felt so wet and tingly, and her words were making it worse. I felt her big toe between my lips, and manoeuvred so that it managed to penetrate my pussy entrance.

Only minutes after entering her room, I was being toe fucked by Steff while I sucked her girl cock. I could not help but press down.

“Okay Hoffy, enough, get on all fours, head down, ass up, and flick that skirt up!”

God help me, I did.

I could hear her taking photographs on her phone. Then I felt her hands on my hips. Her girl cock slid down my arse until it locked into my pussy. I felt myself opening as she pressed.

“Ever been fucked before, Hoffy?”

“No, no Mistress,” I groaned as I felt her enter me inch by inch, my lips parting. The feeling of being filled by her, possessed by her was so strong that I could not stop myself moaning.

“Fuck me, fuck me, please, oh please bursa escort bayan Mistress!”

With a powerful thrust of her pelvis I felt her take me completely. If my pussy was full, then so was my head. It was as though I was totally hers. She clearly felt it as she ravaged my pussy thrusting in and out. I never wanted her out of me, I wanted to be joined to her always. I was vaguely aware of her spanking me as my arse stung, but the intensity of what was happening inside me left room for little else.

“Who owns you, Hoffy?” She said, as she thrust particularly hard.

“You do, Mistress,” I groaned as she pulled out, preparatory to another hard thrust which made my rock on my knees.

I felt it building, my tummy rippling, my sinews stiffening. As she jackhammered into me I could hear how wet I was, my pussy squelched and I began to lose myself in an erotic daze. I felt her nails digging into my hips, and, as she gripped my hair and pulled my head back, I felt my back arch; the pain was pleasurable.

“Cum for me Hoffy you slut, cum for your student Mistress!”

I needed no second bidding, and suddenly my heightened senses came together in the best orgasm I’d ever felt. Losing any control, I buckled, collapsing on the bed, feeling only her inside me. The emotion was intense, so was the orgasm.

I felt her stroking my hair.

“I think my Hoffy liked that didn’t you?”

I felt her pull out; my pussy felt so empty.

As she turned my over, I smiled and said:

“You noticed then?”

“Good job that my upstairs neighbour is out,” she laughed.

Hugging her, I said:

“Your upstairs neighbour is well out,” I giggled, “I bursa sınırsız escort all but passed out, that was, to use a much misused word, ‘awesome’ darling.”

She snuggled me to her full breast, and I could not help kissing it, and sucking her engorged nipple.

“So, Hoffy,” she moaned, “what the fuck are we going to do about this? At first I thought it was just a bit of fun, but I like you and the way you react to me.”

Letting go of her nipple so I could reply, I said:

“I’ve no idea. We have to be careful because I don’t want to get into trouble, but as you are not my student, the damage would be minimal.”

She stroked my hair and then pulled me to her, kissing me deeply. I loved the feel of her tongue as it invaded my mouth, its soft wetness meeting and playing with mine; it felt even more intimate than the sex had.

We agreed that I would notify the Dean, as per College rules, it seemed stupid not to. That turned out to be a smart move.

The Dean cocked a quizzical eyebrow when I told her.

“I see, Pixie, well I’m not surprised, I’ve seen the way you look at her and she is hot!”

Thus, when one of her fellow students, who saw us kissing at a concert, reported us, there was no action to be taken. It was impossible in a small place like an Oxford College to keep things entirely private, but again, being in a Woman-only College helped. It was clear there were other such relationships, though their exact nature remained a secret.

The relationship between us developed. The more we understood about each other, the easier it became to share our kinks. It transpired that we both had a thing about arse-holes, she liked her’s being licked and I liked licking it, and that added another dimension.

Steff graduated that summer, but as she stayed on to do a Master’s, it meant we have been able to continue our relationship. I find myself much happier, and it seems to satisfy Steff too. But we still think back to that first time for us both, and occasionally, on the coach after the match, replay our first time.

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