A dirty e-mail my friend sent me on Facebook


I have this fantasy, You get on a train, wearing a short black skirt, very tight and indecent. Underneath, is a flimsy red thong that barely covers your pussy and rides very high up your ass crack. You are also wearing a thight white blouse that is thin enough to see your lacy red matching bra, two sizes too small and that straps barely stay together. Everyone turns to look at you as your black high heeled shoes create noise as you walk down the carriage. You love the fact that everyone is staring at you with lust, they badly want to fuck you and they’re either rock hard or soaking wet. You smile to yourself. You sit down and cross your legs slowly and every thought in the carriage is about fucking you. My ex and I are sitting opposite you. (Below is a picture of her right, I have shown her to you before, you thought she was hot). Like everyone else, my eyes are all over you, up your legs, lingering on your tits. Staring at your sexy red lipstick covered lips and wishing so despearately that my dick was in between them. Claire, my gf is getting pissed off. Yes, she’s turned on by you, but she’s too snobby and jealous to admit it. She can tell I want you by the outline of my hard cock in my jeans. Her annoyed dissaproving look just makes her hotter. You smile at my eyeing you up. You constantly tease the carriage by switching your legs as they cross over, your skirt rides higher.

Now the carriage is empty except for me, Claire, you and a shy 17 year old boy at the other end of the carriage. My eyes are fixed on your tits and Claire, noticing, makes an annoyed cough. You notice and smile, looking Claire dead in the eyes. She gets annoyed and grabs my hand to mark her territory. You raise an eyebrow by this, so Claire wraps her arms around me and hugs me, gently kissing me on the neck, then working up to my lips. Looking back at you to make her point, you keep a cocky smile on your face. She calls you a slut under her breath. Annoyed, Claire grabs my cock through my jeans and squirms her soaking pussy Sex hikayeleri against mine as her mini skirt rises and is now around her waiste. You notice Claire is wearing an even skimpier black thong that shows off a little camel toe. And she called you a slut? Claire gets hotter and falls to her knees, pulling my dick out of my jeans and engulfs it with her hot mouth, giving me a sloppy blow job that would put you to shame. I am staring at you the whole time she does this. Her knees sore, Claire stands up and sits on my lap, grinding her practically bare ass against my dick while she stares you deep in the eyes. “Slut” she calls you. “Cheap whore” and asks you if you like this, turning someone elses boyfriend on on the train, getting someone elses boyfriend hard just by sitting in front of him. You cross your legs over again, but this time because your pussy is squirming, juices making your wet thong stick to every contour of your pussy, while you stare at my cock poking against her ass. The smell of sex is filling up the carriage. Claire notices this and laughs, spitefully. She asks if you want my cock, if you desperately want her boyfriends dick inside of you. She laughs and stands up, grabbing my cock and wanking me off as you look at her sexy lips as they pout with lust. “Want this thick dick you whore?” As soon as she calls you a whore, you stand straight up, your tits bouncing as you do. Claire panics, scared stiff, thinking she pushed you too far. You appraoch fast and grab my cock out of her hand and you give me the most skillfull, handjob ever. You don’t look me in the eye as you do it. You just stare at Claire as you pump her boyfriends cock in your hand. I cum, all over your fist and still without looking at me, lift your hand to Claires face, smearing the back of your hand, covered in my cum, all over her face. You grab her by the hair and pull her in close, forcing a kiss on her hot pouty lips. You push her to her knees and tell her to eat your pussy till your cum all over her Sikiş hikayeleri face, other wise you will knock her on her ass for calling you a whore. Claire pulls your pathetic excuse for a skirt up to your waist, pulls your thong to the side and buries her face in your sexy cunt. Eating you out like the skilled slut she is, I am wanking myself back to hardness. Claire inserts three fingers right into your pussy, more than you were expecting and your lips are stretched as she plunges three digits into your pussy as wet noises are heard through the carriage. You cum, hard and very satisfyingly. You fall to the ground, as Claire pulls your soaked, now dark dark red thong down your legs and over your feet. You see I am rock hard again and gingerly, but eagerly climb back to your feet. You stumble over to me and turn away from me. You look over your shoulder to me, but I don’t need to be told. I lift your skirt back up to your waiste. Before anything happens, Claire opens her purse and throws me a condom. “Fuck her babe, I don’t blame you”. So I slide the condom on and then roughly just pull you down, my cock impaling your asshole on the first go. You just keep slamming your asshole down onto my thick veiny cock as it penetrates your shitter more than you’ve ever experienced before. Only deep gutteral moans can be heard from you, animalistic noises of pleasure as I tear your ass apart.

Claire, still holding your thong, lifts it to her face, breething deeply and taking in the hot scent of your pussy jucies and sweat all over the slutty garment. Her skin tight white t-shirt is soaked and clinging to her breasts as her lacy black bra is now visible due to all the sweat. She rubs your thong against her own pussy, her black thong now having reatreated deep inside her engorged camel toe lips. She looks over to the end of the carriage and sees that the 17 yeard old boy is still there, wanking his cock under his shirt. She stumbles over to the boy, and hands him the thong, “wrap this around your Erotik hikaye cock, babe”. He does and begins to wank with your thong around his cock, Claire just kneels in front of him, staring snobilly at him, making harsh cold eye contact with the horny boy while he stares at her visible bra and perky tits. Claires face says she’s not impressed and shows no warmth, but inside she is on fire, hornier than ever before and desperately hoping she remembers every detail so she can fuck herelf with her 10 inch black vibrator when she gets home. The boy comes, spurting out onto Claires already soaked white t-shirt, staining it around where her bra is visible. She whispers to the boy that he will never have his dick anywhere near someone as sexy as her again. She pulls off her own thong, hands it to the boy and says “here, start a collection”. She turns to see you bouncin up and down on my dick as your blouse is wide open, your tits hanging out of your flimsy bra and your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you thrust 3 fingers into your pussy, my cock tearing up your asshole. And you cum, hard and for what feels like minutes. You can barely stand up as my cock falls out of your ass. You turn, pull of the condom and suck in as it slowly softens, taking in as much of my cum as you can. You stand up as I stare at Claire, feeling uncumfortable but unashamed for cheating on her. You button up your blouse, though it’s much harder now due to the sweat and your heaving chest. I put my cock away and Claire approaches me as you stumble past her to the toilet. The train stops and as you’re about to enter the carriage toilet, you notice the 17 year old boy still has your thong, as well as Claires, clutched in his hands. He looks you in the eye and then quickly runs off the train, your thong still in his hands. Claire walks over to you, kisses you slopplily on your lips, then straddles me, my rehardening cock gingerly enters her pussy as she bounces roughly on my cock. You just sigh and enter the toilet, the door locking behind you.

Let me know what you think of the story, please, I put a lot of effort into it and I honestly just wanna know what you think. I hope you have a good day at work.xxxx

Love Vincent

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