A Day at the Nude Beach


My friend Carry from high school decides to take at least one trip to a nude beach as soon as it starts to get hot, so she can work on her tan for summer. Since I am one of her more outgoing friends, I get included on this adventure. It truly is an adventure because it is a hot springs in the middle of the desert more than a beach, but it is nice and quiet and never gets raided. Since the idea of fleeing from cops in the altogether is more than a little frightening, this “beach” is our top choice. The only problem is it is a four-mile hike from the parking area to the springs, so with us not being in hiking shape it turns into a rather interesting trip. Anyways we carry forth in the hopes of attaining a fabulous tan. This year, at 21, we have prepared and started hiking regularly before the trip and are in shape.

After the lengthy drive, and the dirt road we reach the happy hippie sign, slather on sunscreen (we are both pasty white) and strip down to our skivvies before starting the hike. Carry is beautiful, she is Irish-Mexican mix but you wouldn’t know she had Latina in her other than her last name. She is about 5′ 10″ with long brown hair and brown eyes. Her most notable feature is her fabulous tits. She has these huge perfect tits, says she’s a DD but I don’t believe it because they are bigger than mine are. I love her tits. I am barely 5′ 2″ and white as white can be, I swear I glow in the dark. Other than the lacking tan (note the point of the trip) I am the typical California girl, long blonde hair, blue eyes, girl next-door face, with a dancers body and 34DD tits. So off we hike, Carry in nothing but a pair of red spandex boyshort undies and bursa escort tennies, me in flower print boyshorts, a sports bra and hiking boots, I’d rather suffer the tan lines than sun burnt nipples, (ouch! can you imagine?).

We make the hike down without a hitch, wade through the stream and pick some nice flat rocks to lie out on. First, we lay down the towels, then start peeling off our few remaining articles of clothing, first shoes, then socks and then off with the skivvies. We start the laying out, flipping every 15 min process while discussing old times. “Hey, remember the first time we came out here?” I ask.

“Yea.” she grins as she blushes slightly. We were about 2 months shy of 18 at the time, about to graduate high school, and had to have a final fling for summer break. So we took off for the nude beach, this is when we were “experimenting” with many things, and needless to say it was a very interesting trip.

“What ever happened with that?” I prod.

“What?” she tries to avoid me. I decide to be brave.

“Did you really like me? Or were you just trying things out?”

“Ummm… how ’bout you?” (Carry is always shy)

“I thought you were beautiful… Still do.”

She reaches up and touches my arm. “Me, too.”

I inhale deeply, “Are you trying to start things again?” I tease, remembering how it all started the first time.

“Would you want to?”

“God yes…” I breathe. We both sit up slightly and she leans into me, I reach forward, place my hand on her cheek, and kiss her gently, she kisses back hungrily. We sat like that naked, kissing, breasts gently brushing bursa escort bayan against each other, for I don’t know how long.

When we finally break our kiss, we remember where we are and she gets nervous, so back to flipping and talking, “What about Jack?” she asks.

“What about him? Do you really think he would mind us hooking up?” I ask as I cock my eyebrow suggestively.

“Your right.” she giggles.

“Think Garry would care?” I ask.

“Right, I’m sure it would piss him off.” she says struggling to keep a straight face,

“So do you want to tell them? Or wait and see?”

” Might as well make it fun.” she grins. I grab her and kiss her again taking time the feel her perfect breast and play with her nipple, which causes her to let out a small moan.

The rest of our time at the beach was relatively uneventful, just sunbathing. We decided to hike back up to the car, and amazingly made it with no undesired events (like me almost passing out, like before). We got back to her little SUV and threw the stuff in the back, I climbed in to gather our clothes and to my surprise, she hopped in after me and closed the door.

She leaned into me and started kissing me again, prying my sports bra off and sucking on my nipples, slowly. First the right, twirling her tongue around my erect nipple, then sucking it in to her mouth, causing me to breathe deep as I feel a heat start to build between my legs. Then she switches to the left, I run my hands through her hair, pulling her face up to mine and kiss her deeply, then I begin to tease her nipples, sucking, bursa sınırsız escort grazing them with my teeth causing her to inhale sharply. Then I slowly slide my hand into the waistband of her undies, touching her patch of hair, sliding my finger between her soft folds, feeling the wetness of her excitement. She pulls away for a moment to slide off her panties and lies down providing me with better access to her pretty pussy. I slip my fingers down, along her slit, over her mound, just teasing her, while I resume my assault on her nipples. She is arching her back slightly trying to force my fingers into her cunt, and every time I pull away slightly and start over, she whimpers slightly. I give in sliding my finger inside feeling her wetness, slipping up to her clit and slowly start rubbing her clit in little circles. Then I start to roll her clit between my thumb and index finger gently, causing her to let out a loud moan, she places her hand behind my neck and pulls me in to kiss her again.

After sharing a deep, long kiss, she whispers faintly for me to lick her. I have never eaten pussy before and am more than happy to comply; I slide between her legs and gently lick along her slit with the tip of my tongue. I pause at the top to swirl my tongue around her clit, several times before licking across the length of her slit again, harder this time. I make another pass up her slit and then flick my tongue across her clit before, sucking it in, as I continue to play with her clit, I slid two fingers into her cunt and gently start to finger fuck her with a slow come hither motion. I feel her start to buck slightly and let out gentle moans so I reach up and pinch her nipple, causing her to let out a deep moan as she quivers in orgasm. Once she rides her pleasure through, she reaches down, pulls my face to hers, and kisses me again. We decide that the parking area probably isn’t the best place to carry on this way so we put our clothes back on and start the trip home.

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