A Creative Challenge Ch. 30


Unusually for late December, but fortunately for us, the weather the next day was mild and dry. Mike and I were up early, planning the day’s photographic expedition, and putting together some documents to convince any nosy officials that it would be a waste of their time trying to stop us doing what we had every intention of doing – which was taking photographs of Amy naked in the middle of the City Plaza Christmas shopping frenzy.

“We might think we have the law on our side, but that isn’t going to help us if the local police don’t know that,” said Mike sensibly. “It would be much easier if we get their cooperation up front rather than have to fight them off with lawyers later.”

I had some of my press clippings and one of Greta’s catalogs and some press clippings to prove I was a real artist, some pictures of Spencer Tunick’s art installations, and a copy of the Supreme Court judgment in his favour spread out on the kitchen table. We figured that would be enough evidence to be convincing.

When Amy came down the hall looking for some breakfast, I had this weird sense of déjà vu as she went straight to the crisper drawer in the fridge. This time it was Mike’s turn to look round and find himself staring at her bare ass for the first time. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what Mike was going to say next and that I could safely bet my left testicle on him saying those exact words. The moment I realized that, it simultaneously occurred to me that perhaps Amy was right, and Mike and I were more alike than I had ever imagined.

“Holy shit, Amy!”

Told you, I said to myself.

“Hey, Sam,” said Amy, standing up with two carrots in her hand and shutting the fridge door with her ass, then leaning back against it with her feet a shoulder width apart. It looked like a natural and casual movement, but it also just happened to make sure that we could both see the full smooth and plump ‘W” of her pussy lips at the top of her thighs. “Good morning, Mike.”

“And good morning to you,” said Mike, thoroughly enjoying what he she was presenting for him to look at, and making no attempt to hide his appreciation. “You weren’t kidding about the dress rules around here, were you?”

“You’re going to be taking lots of pictures of me later on today, so I think you should get used to looking at me naked.”

“I think I’ll need plenty of practice before I could ever get used to that,” said Mike.

“I’ll let you into a secret, son, you never get used to it,” I said. “No matter how much practice you get.”

“You’re a smooth-talking pair of perverts, I’ll give you that.”

I knew Amy well enough to know that she was lapping up the extra attention her bare body was getting. She did her morning stretching-like-a-cat routine as she ground some coffee and fetched three cups and saucers from the cupboard and generally pottered about the kitchen. She did the same thing almost every morning and every morning I sat at the bench where today Mike was sitting watching her, so I knew it wasn’t a special exhibition just for his benefit, but I always doubted that she would do quite the same thing if she was on her own without an audience of any kind.

The plan was that I should go early to the main police station at one end of City Plaza and explain to them politely that we were engaged in an art project that involved taking some photographs of a nude model in some of the shops and amongst the general public doing their Christmas Shopping along the pedestrian mall, so they would be co-operative and make sure we weren’t harassed.

That was the plan.

“You must be frigging joking,” said the solidly humourless police sergeant at the front desk.

“Sergeant, I’m quite serious. We are artists and we are within our rights to do this. I’m just telling you out of courtesy, so you will know about us if someone happens to complain.”

“I don’t care if we get a complaint or not. I’m warning you now, if your model strips off in my mall, I’ll have her off the street and in here before you can say ‘indecent exposure’.”

“You can’t do that.”

“Watch me.”

“I think I should talk to a more senior officer if you’re going to deny us our rights.”

As I watched the blood flood up from his neck into his face until it was livid all the way up to his forehead it occurred to me that my previous remark might have been a serious tactical error, but this somewhat overweight officer of the law brought himself under control and took a deep breath before he spoke carefully and with a semblance of calm.

“You can talk to the Commissioner of Police or the frigging pope for all I care. This is Christmas week, and one more wacko like you on my streets is all I’m looking for because I am in the mood to throw the book at someone. It might as well be you, pal. Go for it.”

Reflecting on this conversation when I was standing back in the street outside the police station, I had to admit that it could have gone better. I left a copy of the documents görükle escort on the counter for him, and I recommended that he read them before doing anything hasty, but after that I very quickly terminated our discussion before the whole of the rest of my day went pear-shaped and I found myself in the lock-up on general principle.

I was supposed make sure that Amy could strip in the plaza without getting arrested, then go home and pick up her and Mike so that we could go back into the city to take some photographs. Instead, by the time I got home I had made up my mind that getting Amy to walk around naked in City Plaza was not such a good idea after all. By then, I had something a little more ambitious in mind.

“Change of plan, guys,” I said when I arrived home.

“it didn’t go down too well at the police station, then,” said Amy. “I thought it might be a mistake telling them first. Are we calling it off?”

“Not exactly. Do you still have that pleated skirt, and those amazing shoes?”

“Oh, goody. We’re going to be really naughty.”

“What are you two talking about?” asked Mike.

“Sam, do you want to tell him, or shall we let him find out?”

“Mike, I don’t think this will involve you. Just Amy and me. And we don’t need photographs.”

Mike was disappointed at that, but still curious.

“I won’t get in the way,” he said. “Whatever it is you’re planning, I could help you.”

“I don’t think you can, son. Not with what we have in mind. Thanks all the same.” I was laughing at the idea of Mike not knowing what he was offering to help me with, but trying not to offend him by looking like I was laughing at him.

“Mike, can you use the video camera?” asked Amy. “Sam, you’re right, there’s not much point getting photographs, but a movie sequence could be something else entirely.”

“Of course I can shoot video. You’re looking at the Media Faculty’s “Cinematographer of the Year”, I’ll have you know.”

“Sam? What do you think?”

Amy was bright-eyed and excited at the idea of Mike filming us fucking in public. I didn’t want to dampen her enthusiasm, but I was not so keen on the idea. I would have preferred almost anyone to be behind the video camera watching us rather than Mike. I was also concerned about not drawing attention to ourselves, and knowing a camera was watching our every move might make it difficult for Amy to be discreet about what we were doing. But I didn’t say no straight away.

“What?” said Mike, looking at each of us in turn. “What?” His curiosity was killing him. Amy decided not to wait for me to respond to her, and she relieved his frustration.

“Unless I’m very much mistaken, Sam intends to fuck me in the street outside the police station in the middle of the City Mall.”

“Wow,” said Mike softly after a slightly stunned pause. “How…?”

“Standing up on tiptoe, ” said Amy, knowing that was probably not the answer to whatever question Mike was about to ask. “Without a condom.”

“OK,” said Mike, with his hands up. “That’s more information than I need.”

“Amy, stop teasing the boy. You’re embarrassing him.”

“Actually, Sam, I think I’m embarrassing you.”

She was right. I was much more uncomfortable about the idea of Mike watching us fuck than he was. In the last couple of years that he had been away at University he had become a well-balanced and open-minded young man, who was independent in his judgements and refreshingly free of hang-ups. Again, I reminded myself of the promise I made to go with the flow and not be a brake on Amy’s exhibitionist explorations.

“OK, let’s do it. If that’s what you want.”

Amy dashed off to find what she called her ‘FIP’ clothes, but I wanted to talk to Mike.

“I’m not sure that shooting this video is such a good idea. I started taking photographs of Amy out in public because I want to keep some of these wonderful memories of mine warm and alive in my old age, and I just wanted to make sure that I had a record of some of the crazier things that Amy’s been doing.”

“You mean some of the crazy things that YOU and Amy have been doing.”

“I suppose so. I just don’t think of it like that. I wouldn’t be involved in any of them if it wasn’t for her, so I always feel like a bit of a passenger – no that’s wrong, more like an observer watching an express train go by. She’s the one driving the train.”

“But she wouldn’t do any of these things if it wasn’t for you, either. You keep telling me how she inspires your work, but it seems to me that you’re inspiring her LIFE. You know that, don’t you?”

I hadn’t thought of it like that, but it was an interesting and perceptive observation.

“Well, suppose you shoot this video and it turns out alright, what then? Who can we show it to? If it’s only for ourselves, what’s the point?”

“Dad, don’t get wound up about that. I think there are all sorts of possible audiences for it. It could easily become a TV documentary. Maybe bursa sınırsız escort bayan a series. I would film you working with Amy in the studio, shoot some of her other stunts, interview both of you, talk to you about your art, about the boundaries and the overlap between art and erotica and porn, about exhibitionism, about conventional attitudes to nudity and sexuality, about the limits to freedom of expression in the modern world, about the history of the enlightenment, art’s struggle against religious oppression… there’s probably even a doctoral thesis in there somewhere “

“OK. I’m convinced. But let’s just take it one step at a time. Go get the camera. I’ll get my coat.”

We both briefed Mike in the car on the way to the city, but the poor young man was more confused after Amy and I had given him our contradictory instructions than if we had given him none at all. I was counselling him to keep his distance and blend in with the crowd like a tourist, because everybody looks in the direction that a media video camera is pointing and we didn’t want too much attention. Amy was stressing how he would have to get in close or the audience for his movie would have no idea what was going on. To his credit, Mike nodded and agreed with both of us, but I suspected he had his own ideas anyway and was unlikely to follow our directions.

We parked and, with Amy in the middle, the three of us walked arm in arm towards the police station at the end of the pedestrian mall. To my disappointment, I could see through the front plate glass window that my friendly police sergeant was no longer at the front desk where I had left him. I looked around the mall to see if he was patrolling the streets, but there was no sign of him. I had been hoping to flip him the bird at an appropriate moment.

Mike withdrew to one side of the building, while Amy and I took up our position in front of it, three or four body lengths from the front door. I was surprised by how many people there were milling around, far more than when I had been in the same place earlier that morning. I wasn’t sure I had the nerve to carry out our plan, but then I noticed that most of the people were preoccupied schlepping large bags full of Christmas presents and most were not even glancing in our direction for a microsecond.

“Let’s do it,” I said to Amy, opening my riding coat invitingly. She stepped towards me to hug me round my waist and I enveloped her in the loose waterproof material. She rested her head on my shoulder, and spoke softly into my ear.

“You know, if Mike hadn’t been in the car with us, I would have been playing with myself from the moment we left home, just to make sure I was wet enough to do this.”

“Are you not?”

“I expect so, but I’m not sure. We’ll soon find out, anyway.”

She brought her hands back round to the front of me, unzipped my fly, and quickly pulled out my penis, which was only semi-erect . I couldn’t help flinching as her hand went inside my pants.

“This is a little disappointing. I thought you would be rock hard by now.”

“If you don’t mind me saying so, your hands could have been a little warmer before you did that. You’re lucky it isn’t even smaller than it is, seeing that it’s the middle of winter, and I’m not wearing any underpants.”

“I thought you felt hotter than usual, but I suppose you would if my hands are as cold as you say they are,” said Amy, warming them up on my shrinking scrotum. “Come on, Mr Happy, up you come. You can do it.”

“I’m also a little nervous about this. My son is over there watching us and filming us, there are about a thousand people all around us, and I’m looking at the police station right behind you, so there’s not much point telling me to relax.”

“Sam, nobody can see what I’m doing inside this coat. Relax.”

Even though I told her not to bother telling me to relax, I had to smile at the way she immediately did just that, and smiling always has a relaxing effect on anyone. In fact, it may be physiologically impossible to stay stressed when you are only inches from the beautiful face of the woman you love and she is smiling back at you with a warmth that could melt your eyes. Your sense of wellbeing will also improve if she has your cock in her hand and she is massaging it gently but firmly.

“Attaboy,” said Amy, as Mr Happy dutifully stood himself up to attention for her.

We were almost ready to make love, to fuck, secretly and privately but in full view of hundreds of people in the middle of the city we lived in on one of the busiest days of the year. I knew we were crazy, but it was wonderful and beautiful and just the rightest and best thing to do in that place at that moment with that extraordinary person.

I took my eyes away from Amy’s happy and excited face to look around at the world outside the intimate two of us. Mike was now sitting in the sparse shade of a leafless tree on the low wall surrounding bursa otele gelen escort bayan a nearby planter bed, looking down at the upturned screen of the video camera which he was nursing in his lap. Through the lens of the camera he must have seen me looking at him, and with his head still down he gave me a ‘thumbs up’ sign with one hand. The red light above the lens was on.

A young woman in uniform was at the desk of the police station talking to a couple standing with their backs to us. A young man was sitting on the wall near Mike, looking alternately at Mike’s camera and at what Mike’s camera was looking at, probably wondering what was so interesting about this oddly-matched embracing couple. Shoppers and other passers-by ignored us or glanced at us then looked away. There was no reason for now not to be the moment of truth.

I leaned my head towards Amy to kiss her, then had to tilt my face back as she stood on her toes, raising her lips above mine. As her soft mouth touched mine, she placed the tip of my penis between the lips of her pussy and rubbed it around in her entrance so that we were both nicely basted with her slippery juice. Her breath was sweet in my nostrils as she made sure we were both ready to ‘lock and load’ at groin level, then she pressed her open mouth against mine, sealing our lips against the outside world so that her breath now came from her nose and swept across my cheek. Her tongue pushed past my lips and into my mouth as she settled back on her heels, penetrating me at one end at the very moment I was penetrating her at the other.

I felt her knees weaken in their ability to support her, and I supported her slumping extra body weight as they gave way by pressing her closer against my chest with my enveloping arms . When I was as far inside her as ever I could be I held her motionless, not breathing at all, then she let our lips part and her head fall backwards so that her drawn out low down sighing ‘oh’ was directed at the sky.

By the time Amy straightened her knees and her neck again, taking her own weight and bringing her eyes back to mine, I was aware that my cheek muscles were in danger of cramping up, I was grinning that hard against a flooding sense of euphoria which I took to be a double dose of my own endorphins. This delicious sensation expanded outwards to completely fill my skin and penetrated inwards to the marrow of my bones, and was the sort of sensation that I had always imagined an injection of heroin would feel like when it hits the appropriate brain receptors. Despite opportunities, I had not ever chosen to sample the reality of that drug, in fear that it might be either disappointingly less or terrifyingly more than my expectations, so I recognised that the feeling I was now consumed by was as pleasurable as any I was ever likely to experience.

I looked again at the outside world around me, virtually unchanged from barely a minute or so before, but utterly different now in how I perceived it. I had never before been up to my nutsack inside a beautiful woman while surrounded by hundreds of other people in a very public place. In rabbits it may be different, but in humans sexual excitement is one tenth physiology and nine tenths psychology, so it was much more the thought of this, the very idea of being in this situation that was an even bigger erotic charge for me than the delightful feeling of Amy’s pussy gripping my cock.

Amy kept her hips pressed against mine, and squeezed my dick with her pussy as she kissed me again. Then she turned her head and looked at the camera. She flicked her head back in a ‘come here’ gesture to Mike, who was still looking at the viewfinder screen upturned in his lap. He wasn’t sure what he had seen, so he looked up at us, and Amy beckoned him again with a toss of her head. Mike stood up carefully, keeping the camera steady and pointed our way, and walked slowly towards us holding it at waist level. As he came within a few feet of us, Amy pushed my arm nearest to him slowly back, opening the coat so the camera could see what was going on under it. All that gesture revealed at first was a bunched up pleated skirt trapped between us at waist level and the side of Amy’s hip and thigh pressed against my jeans, but holding the skirt up in her other hand, Amy slowly twisted her pelvis towards the camera which was now inside the coat and only inches away from our bodies, pulling away from me far enough for it to see her pussy with my cock embedded in it. Just as I was about to fall out of her and lose the intimate connection with her she stopped, then just as slowly pushed against me again, taking my penis back inside her body, twisting her pelvis back towards mine, and closing the coat around her.

As the coat again masked any view of what was happening under it, Mike crept backwards, raising the camera to his eyelevel and very slowly panning away from us and right round the plaza in one giant circle. Halfway round, his camera travelled across the face of the young man that had previously been sitting next to him on the bench. This boy had stood up and moved closer with Mike and by looking over his shoulder had seen everything the camera had seen. As the camera pointed directly at him, he said “Fucking awesome, dude”, but Mike just kept panning around until we were again center of his frame.

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