A Coming Out Party


(I had just finished fixing a wobbly desk in some important prof’s swank office. I smile at the realization the desk repair was not a big a job as I thought it would be. I had quoted the prof four hours, but had only taken two. That meant two hours with nada to do. I looked around hoping to find a way to amuse myself, when all of the sudden I notice this book sitting on the desk. It says, in bright pink letters, “Hey! I’m Gay, And I’m Proud, so just get over it!” I see the prof’s pic on the cover and realize that the guy I am working for is definitely gay. I sit down at the newly repaired desk and begin to read. In my opinion, two hours should be just be enough time to go cover to cover.)

Once inside the Sigmund Samuel building, Jeremy waited for a few moments in the Starbucks line before sauntering up the stairs with an espresso. The set of heavy, tall, double oaken doors seemed strangely intimidating, and he supposed it was because once inside, he would be telling the world that he preferred to hump men, rather than women.

The lecture hall was full, with late stragglers relegated to standing room. Jeremy frowned at the overflow. He had exactly two hundred copies of the course outline to match the two hundred seats. Those curious but not actually enrolled, would ensure that at least some paying students might not get the copy they were entitled to.

He rested his leather bag on the drab wooden counter and surveyed the smiling eager faces. In the front row were the three teaching assistants he had hand picked to run the tutorials.

He found a piece of chalk and wrote his name, ‘Professor Jeremy Wilkins,’ on the black board. He then pulled out an attendance sheet and instructed that it be passed around so that students could mark ‘P’ next to their names if they were present. He also instructed students to take note on the sheet, which of the three tutorials they had been slated into. He then handed the two hundred copies of the course outline to his three teaching assistants, asking them to hand them out immediately.

Teaching ‘Ancient Mythology 101’ had proven a real feather in Jeremy’s cap. Since the course was fascinating, and since it could be used by students to satisfy degree requirements as either a ‘History’ course or a ‘Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations’ course, the anticipated class size of twenty-six had ballooned to two hundred. More students were also clamoring to get in, but languishing on waiting lists.

He suddenly felt the silent phone in his pocket vibrate. No doubt Alex was calling to find out if Jeremy had actually had the courage to do the unthinkable, and that was to let the world know he was gay, starting with his students.

Jeremy sighed at the thought. As the attendance paper was being passed around, and as his three assistants were issuing the handouts to students, he had time to do exactly what he had promised himself he would do, and that is to write on the black board, next to his name, in big bold letters, ‘I am gay!’

Jeremy lifted the chalk and walked back over to the black board. Once he announced to his students that he was gay and proud of it, there would be no going back. For twenty years as a professor on the University Of Toronto Campus, he had wrestled with the thought of ‘outing’ himself.

The phone in his pocket continued to vibrate unabated. Jeremy knew that his new boyfriend Alex would not agree to remain his boyfriend unless he stepped completely out of the closet. Still, the idea of someone writing on the board, that they were gay, seemed a little odd. Would doing so be appropriate? Would doing so make him red faced and nervous? How would his students react if he did write it? How would his new hot and hunky boyfriend Alex react if he didn’t write it?

Jeremy scanned the crowd quickly before placing the chalk onto the board. Sure enough, one of those standing with keen, gorgeous blue eyes, was Alex. He surveyed Alex’s face. Even from a distance, he was easily the most handsome man he’d ever laid eyes on. Add to that, the fact his body boasted a breathtaking musculature, with rippling abs and devilishly cute lips, and Jeremy knew he would be helpless in trying to cling to the closet. Losing Alex was not an option, especially since he’d become helplessly head over heels in love with him.

Jeremy could feel Alex’s eyes digging into his back, wondering what the delay was all about. Why had he not yet written what he promised he would? The deal had been for Jeremy to write ‘I am gay,’ the moment he’d written his name. His name had been on the board for a full five minutes, and yet, the elusive words, ‘I am gay,’ had somehow not yet materialized.

Sweat now formed on Jeremy’s brow. He had spent a lifetime denying his sexuality. Surely the frustrated onlooker Alex, would understand if ‘coming clean’ took a little more time to publically accomplish?

“Are there anymore, sir?”

The hastily spit out words broke Jeremy’s concentration and he demetevler escort turned to face Clive Wendall, one of his teaching assistants.

“What was that?”

“The handouts. We ran out. We need about twenty more.”

“I’ll have to make more copies,” Jeremy managed, only too well aware that he had lowered his hand before writing on the chalk board the one thing that Alex was demanding to see at once, if their relationship were to progress to the lovemaking stage. Jeremy thought about Alex once more, and his fabulous mouth watering body that made him drool with unfettered excitement. Jeremy had never wanted to fuck a guy so badly in his entire life, neither had he ever felt so strongly about wanting a man to be his one and only, perhaps even a loving partner in a gay marriage.

‘I am gay.’ The words suddenly materialized next to his name, as Jeremy forced the chalk in his hand to do his dirty work for him. Thinking about the spectacular body of Alex had spurred him on and given him the courage that he’d needed. Whispers began to mount around the room, tiny and guarded at first, but then louder, and more brazen. Jeremy sought at once to squelch the unauthorized buzz.

“Not only am I gay,” Jeremy confirmed, “but I am also a professor of Ancient Mythology. For those of you that did not yet receive a handout, please share with your neighbor for today, and next week I will bring more copies.”

The room seemed suddenly smaller, with the students closing in all around him. Making his announcement had filled him with anxiety and trepidation. He glanced at the whispering students, still chattering at his chalk board declaration, and then caught a glimpse of the love of his life, Alex. Even from a distance, knowing that the tall, incredibly handsome Native American, was now his and his alone, made him hard and wildly happy. He suddenly got a second wind, brushing off the remaining chatter to get down to the business of using his God given talent, teaching.

“This course consists of ancient mythology as it existed across the globe. Each class, we will be examining mythologies from a different country. Today, we will be dealing with Japanese Mythology. What is important in dealing with Japan’s myths and legends, are the vast array of God’s and Goddesses that have come into being throughout their history. For example, we have Kishijoten, the Goddess of Luck and we have Raiden, The Thunder God. It is interesting to note, that these Gods and Goddesses were invariably depicted in statues as coming together in a sexual way.”

Jeremy took a deep breath, then felt sweat form over his brow at the thought of sucking Alex’s gigantic ten inch cock for the very first time. Now that he had finally opened his closet, Alex’s body would be his for the taking.

“In addition to God’s and Goddesses, Japanese folklore is awash with never ending tales of royalty caught up in magical events, which either helped shape the nation, or helped enamor the hearts of the populace toward new found spirituality. Royal princes and princesses from the imperial family were given names that suggested they had power over nature and their surroundings. For example, Prince Ninigi fell in love with Princess Konohana. They were called ‘Father Mountain’ and ‘The Rock Princess.’ Their children were named ‘Fire Flash’ and ‘Fire Jade,’ with her father acquiring the name of ‘The Sea King.'”

Jeremy paused to take another deep breath, his mind racing at the thought of holding Alex’s magnificent bum cheeks in his hands while kissing him hard on his ultra sexy, warm, moist mouth. The bold words, ‘I am gay,’ had been proudly posted on the black board for all to see, especially for Alex, who would now be readily available for heart stopping, earth shattering sex.

“Religion also plays a large part in Japanese folklore, with the Buddhist Triratna, or trinity, having for generations, presided over the hopes and aspirations of the countries inhabitants. For example ‘Bishamon,’ also of Buddhist origin, is said to be one of the seven Gods of luck, Whereas Amida Buddha, was thought to have brought worshippers Nirvana by his intervention.”

Jeremy could feel his own cock stiffen at the thought of holding Alex in his arms between the soft, satin sheets, their two horny bodies smothered in oils, making their hard muscles and body parts glide together ever so sweetly. He hoped the students wouldn’t notice the bulge in his pants now suddenly standing upright, mimicking a tent.

“Heroism is yet another part of Japanese legend which must be explored. For example, ‘Tomomori, a Taira hero, drowned himself rather than accept defeat at the Battle of Dannoura. Taking one’s own life, while frowned upon in Western Society, was an actual coveted part of Japanese life. Even as recent as during the second world war, Japanese pilots were designated hero status if they would place little value on their own lives by steering otele gelen escort their planes into crashing into the enemy’s ships.”

Jeremy’s cock was throbbing now, and his mind racing wildly over the thought that he would finally have Alex completely naked. He imagined entangling his horny fingers into the long, silky smooth hair that dangled over his well tanned, muscular shoulders. From there, he imagined his stiff, fiery hot cock stretching Alex’s anus open wide.

“The military also played a large role in Japan’s mythology, for example, The Shin-Yakushi-ji Temple displays images of The Twelve Heavenly Generals, who were followers of Buddha, put on earth to do his bidding. It is recorded that each human has eighty-four thousand pores in their skin. These twelve heavenly generals supposedly had the power to protect each and every one of those eighty four thousand pores against any disease carrying elements. As well, it is recorded, that each of these generals was assigned seven thousand angels with which to carry out Buddha’s purpose and commands.”

Jeremy spoke for another half hour before ending class. It would now be time for the two hundred students to break up into three groups for their tutorial. As for Jeremy, it was now time to find Alex, and let him know that there was no time like the present when it came to having ultra sweet sex for the first time, with an ultra hot, tanned and toned Native American. His hopeful eyes scanned the dispersing crowd as it assembled into groups. His eyes now searched keenly for Alex, but could not find him anywhere. Jeremy therefore left alone, dialing Alex’s number, but there was no answer.

He found it strange that Alex had neither waited for him after class nor at least left a message on his cell phone, to congratulate him on his ‘outing.’ It was then and there that Jeremy suddenly supposed Alex had probably sent him an email. He strode over to Bancroft Avenue, and into the building housing the sign, ‘Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations.’ Once inside his office, he turned on his laptop and checked his emails. Sure enough, an email from Alex had arrived. Jeremy read it excitedly, supposing it would thank him for ‘outing’ himself, while at the same time, offering Jeremy that promised first chance at making love to him, whenever, wherever, however.

Jeremy read the email quickly, his pulse racing and his heart thumping wildly in his chest.

“Dear Jeremy. It is with heart felt congratulations that I commend you on finally ‘outing’ yourself to the world. No doubt the campus papers will be showing shots of your three word revelation scrawled on the blackboard. I saw lots of cell phones snapping shots of it today. I just want you to know that I meant every word that I said, and that I am now ready to take our relationship to the next level, and that is making love. I should let you know, that, as promised, this Saturday night, at nine oclock, there will be an ‘outing’ party held in your honor at Woodsworth College. The GLBTQ Centre you visited earlier today will be involved in the planning. One of the things we would like to do, is require all party goers to where a mask, to keep their identities a secret. That should be loads of fun. We’re inviting about twenty-five to thirty guests. Seeing as how you are a professor of Mythology, we have decided that each guest’s mask should be based on some aspect of Greek Mythology. The only rules for the party is that no one is allowed to take off their mask or reveal their true identity, even when making love. I know you are no doubt anxious to fuck my brains out for the very first time. On Saturday night, if you can see past my mask, and figure out who I am, and pick the right person, then you will get that chance. See you there. Love, Alex.”

Adrenalin now flowed unabated throughout every fiber of Jeremy’s being. Such a party sounded like great fun and adventure. About two dozen guys, all wearing masks based on Greek mythology! Jeremy sighed happily. He was convinced he would be able to pick out Alex even with a mask on. Unless of course, he might mistakenly pick someone with a body similar to that of Alex’s. He was well aware of Alex’s philosophy of having an open relationship before marriage, and so, whoever Jeremy might end up with, would not be muddying the waters in their relationship, but whoever it was, would be sure to set his body on absolute fire. It had been some time since Jeremy had fucked anybody, and he was already unbearably horny just thinking about it.

Chapter Two

Saturday night arrived quickly. Jeremy supposed that the time had flown by so fast because of the escalating love he had for Alex. It also hadn’t hurt that he’d become impossibly horny during the last few days. Now, however, the wait was finally over, and in just a one paltry hour, Jeremy could imagine himself moaning to the heavenly rhythm of Alex’s giant fiery cock, balgat escort pumping in and out of his paradise filled ass.

Jeremy went over the party rules in his mind, one last time. Every one had to wear a mask. In honor of Jeremy being a professor of mythology, every mask had to be based on Greek mythology. Every one had to also wear a tag, naming the mask title and a brief descriptor of the Greek character it portrayed. No one was allowed, however to give any hints as to their true identity. Jeremy knew there would undoubtedly be lots of great food and liquor around, not to mention some high quality grass, which would captivate the guests attention for the first hour or so. After that, guests would probably be half sloshed and ultra horny, just swaying to the music. Many would probably be just anxious to start getting it on. Jeremy knew that if he didn’t work fast and figure out which guest Alex was, he might end up losing him for the evening to someone else.

Jeremy donned the mask of the half human female, half bird like face. He next pinned the name tag onto his shirt, which declared ‘The Sphnix.’ The descriptor read, ‘A mythical creature with a lion’s body, eagle’s wings and a woman’s head.’

He stepped out of his BMW and tucked the wings under his arm. He walked out of the sloped tunnel leading to 119 St. George St., which bore the name Woodsworth College. The college had been gracious enough to lend the GLBTQ Centre the use of it’s large Kruger Hall. Jeremy thought it odd they should use such a large room, but then supposed that the guest list had perhaps swelled to a lot more than two dozen. He began to frown at the thought. Such a ballooning expansion of the guest list would mean that finding Alex might be a lot more difficult than he had previously anticipated.

The room was, thankfully, on the main floor, but it was comprised of glass walls, all around. Curtains had been drawn for the occasion and the food, alcohol and servers had already been assembled in the hall. The DJ and his equipment had also been set up. A sign heralded the fact that the college had been closed early to students to accommodate the party. The large double glass doors were manned by a white gloved attendant, whose instructions were to let anybody with a mask inside. Anybody without a mask was NOT to be allowed in.

Jeremy nodded to the doorman as he strode through, then clipped on his wings and marched down the long stool lined corridor towards Kruger Hall. His pulse raced anxiously and his heart pounded furiously. He had been trying to fuck Alex for months, and tonight, if he could just see past a simple mask, he would be finally able to complete the heavenly cock stiffening task.

As Jeremy stepped inside, the room seemed alive with excitement. There had to be already forty or so masked partygoers in attendance with undoubtedly more on the way. The music was, for the moment, soft Reggae, and Jeremy was immediately gently accosted by two servers, one offering glasses of red or white wine, and one offering a choice of beef or vegetable appetizers. A third server quickly appeared, only she seemed to be serving something other than refreshments.

“Adonis or Aphrodite?”

Jeremy seemed caught off guard, but then quickly cued in to what she was asking, gay male or lesbian female? Many of the masks had outlandish costumes to match, and some came in drag, and so determining one’s gender, might not be such an easy task without a tag for clarification.

“Definitely an Adonis,” Jeremy asserted.

“Adonis it is,” the server whispered coyly, pinning a blue tag declaring ‘Adonis,’ under ‘The Sphinx’ nametag. A quick scan of the partygoer’s bare legs caused Jeremy to breathe a sigh of relief. Half those in attendance were Lesbian, and their identifying nametags could easily rule them out. He nodded happily at the thought. Perhaps in the end, there would only be about two dozen gay males to choose from, making identifying Alex all that easier.

Dangling from the ceiling was a large satin, rainbow colored banner, with the letters in bold black, declaring, ‘Happing Outing, Professor Jeremy Wilkins.’

“Would you like some wine?”

Jeremy lowered his eyes off the banner and focused on the pretty, scantily clad young lady with the bunny tail and bunny ears. “Red would be lovely, thanks.”

She handed Jeremy a glass and moved on. A wisp of smoke curled upward over in a corner and Jeremy began moving toward it. He knew that cigarette smoking would be strictly banished to outside the building, and so it had to be grass. The tell tale stench confirmed his suspicions as he reached the huddled five offenders. They offered him a drag and he readily accepted, inhaling deeply. “Quite a party,” he managed. “I’ll say,” spat back a young voice. “I can’t recognize anybody, not even the guest of honor, Professor Wilkins.”

Jeremy chuckled under his breath. His mask and wings were really throwing off the scent. Then it dawned on him. If other partygoers were unable to tell who he was, then perhaps Alex may find it impossible as well. The thought now stuck out in Jeremy’s mind like a sore thumb. Perhaps Jeremy should have alerted Alex to what mask he would be wearing? Jeremy quickly dismissed the thought, for doing so, would only have defeated the whole purpose of the party.

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