A Blissful Encounter with Tom


My first problem was what should I wear? I didn’t want anything too outrageous, I didn’t want to scare him off, but at the same time I did want to attract him and show him my feelings for him. In the end I settled for my dark blue mini skirt with pink satin French panties underneath. I had shaved my legs and thought I could get away with a pair of heels as long as we stayed at home and I didn’t walk around too much. Hopefully I would just lie back on the sofa, showing off my legs, have a few drinks, and then well…….. anything might happen. I did feel nervous so when the doorbell rang I jumped up and felt all of a flutter. I quickly sprayed some Hermes eau de toilette on my neck and opened the door.

Of course I needn’t have worried. Tom looked so calm and relaxed in his shorts and white T shirt, his tanned legs so firm and masculine. I asked him to come in, gave him a gentle hug and a quick peck on his cheek, and then walked down the hall in front of him. I kept the wall on my left as I felt a bit unsteady in my heels but I could feel his eyes on my legs so I gave my bum a bit of twitch just to show how ready I was for him. I liked the feeling of my satin panties rubbing against my cock, knowing that I was already getting slightly hard in anticipation for what I hoped would happen later.

In the kitchen I poured a couple of gin and tonics, and then, standing up, showing off my long slim legs, I leant back against the work surface watching where Tom would sit down. He chose the sofa, so I walked over to him carrying the drinks and sat close but not too close to him. We chatted about the day and the transport strike and how difficult it was getting around these days. What I liked about Tom was that when you talked with him about everyday matters, you always knew that what we were both thinking about çankaya escort was sex, and lots of it.

As we talked, shifted our positions on the sofa, sipped our drinks, caught each other’s eyes every now and again, stretched out our legs flirting with each other, I knew that sooner or later I would feel his warm hand touch my legs. He would casually undo a few shirt buttons, flip off his sneakers, and move closer towards me. So when I felt his hand move up my thigh, I moved over towards him just slightly, encouraging him to go further. I loved feeling his hand stroking the top of my thigh, slightly hesitant at first but then more sure and more confident as he cradled my balls in his fingers and then held my whole cock rubbing it slowly round and round.

It felt so good I had to just lie back and enjoy the feeling of him wanking me in my panties, listening to him talk about train delays. My hand stretched out to caress him, I pulled the bowstring at the top of his shorts and ran my hand down his tummy, but he moved away, teasing me, knowing exactly what I wanted, but making me hold back and restrain myself.

In the end I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted to get into the bedroom so we could fuck each other’s brains out, so I took off my top and told him to follow me immediately. He smiled, gave my cock a squeeze and stood up taking off his shorts and Tshirt. Being such a deliciously naughty man he held his cock out for me, lasciviously rubbing his thighs and bum but I refused to play, though I could have easily sucked him off then and there.

Once in the bed room I put on my black lacey cami top which came down to my tummy. I always felt very seductive wearing this, with my erect cock sticking out proudly. I stretched out on the bed, keçiören escort my cock in my hand whilst Tom knelt beside me holding his cock out for me to suck. I wrapped one arm tight around his waist to hold his cock and balls close to my face. This time I couldn’t restrain myself. I ran my lips and tongue up and down his huge cock and then stuck it all in my mouth. I nearly gagged on it but it felt so good, my tongue licking the end again and again and him forcing his cock deeper into me. I gave myself a wank as I felt so horny with Tom’s cock in my mouth but he delicately moved my hand away, placed it over his bum and then with his free hand massaged my cock with lovely long slow strokes.

I felt as if I was in heaven with this divine man so close to me. I just wanted more of him, more of him inside me, his body on my body so warm and firm, clasping me to him feeling completely whole and satisfied in his arms as if I belonged there with him.

“Fuck me Tom,” I said to him, “fuck me like I’m your own whore slut. Make me your whore and fuck me now Tom.” I wanted him so much that I felt I was pleading with him, begging him to fuck me. I turned on my side and offered him my bum.

“Go on Tom, stick that great cock into me and make me yours.”

I could hear a squelch of lube in his hands which he rubbed over my ass, inserting a finger inside me and then rubbing more lube over my ass cheeks. I pushed my ass up more towards him making him want to fuck me.

I felt Tom’s hands move over my ass, parting my ass cheeks. I could feel the soft skin of his hard cock jabbing repeatedly at my ass hole. I felt his fingers slide over my cock and thought, nice as that was, I hope he does a bit more than give me a wank.

“Oh go on, now Tom fuck etimesgut escort me now, now.”

With the sweetest shove he forced his cock up into my ass. I let out a sigh of pleasure moving my bum up towards Tom’s hips so I could take him all in. I loved feeling Tom’s hips and groin rub against my ass as he manipulated his cock inside me reaching deeper with his long soothing thrusts. His face lay against my neck and I could feel him nibbling my ears and then giving me little playful bites. His fingers squeezed my nipples quite tightly, giving me a quick shot of pain along with the pleasure of his cock.

He leant over to the bedside table to get more lube and I felt his cock withdraw out of me. I knew what he was going to do as I heard him wanking hard over my back, using both his hands. He then, knowing that he was about to cum, switched to one hand, and started wanking my cock with the other hand. He jerked forward and I felt the warm satisfying splurt of his cum on my back. I could feel his cum dribbling down my spine. He massaged my back with his fingers, covered in cum, then licking some off his fingers before rubbing it on my lips.

I turned my head round to kiss his lips with my cum-covered lips, facing him now fully frontal, my legs splayed out on either side, a pose which I think, I hope, makes my cock look bigger than it actually is. He bent over me, giving my cock a long slow lick before taking it in both hands and wanking me furiously. I leant back, stretching out in complete ecstasy as this gorgeous man hammered me with both hands. I could feel my orgasm well up, starting from deep inside my ass, and then up though my cock as it splurged out over me and Tom, a great sticky mess of spunk.

“Aaaaahhhaaa God, Tom, my man, my wonderful man, mmmmmmmm,” I said, covering him with kisses. We held each other tightly, held in a deliciously gooey embrace, kissing each other, loving the feel of our bodies entwined together.

After a few minutes I got up,

“Come on Tom darling,” I said, “I have to get up, my wife will be back from work soon. I’ll clean this up, you go and have a shower and I’ll come and join you.”

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