A Bag of Flour Chapter 2


A Bag of Flour Chapter 2 – Bonnie Begins My Sexual Education

Nothing much happened for the next two weeks. I would see Bonnie around our house all the time, but she never let on that anything had happened. I even began to wonder if it was all a fantastic dream. I could still feel her hot wet pussy clutching my rock hard cock and coaxing the cum out of it. No, it really had happened, and I couldn’t wait for it to happen again.

In the mean time, I had to settle for sitting beside my window and watching Bonnie and Ned fuck while I stroked my own cock. She was so hot. Standing a little over 5′, she couldn’t have weighed more that 100 pounds. She had these lovely breasts that stood proudly out from her chest. They were topped off with coral collered nipples that would get very pointy when she was excited. Ned was a big guy, over 6′ tall and about 250. He worked outside and had a lot of muscles and was tan all over. He had a big cock. It must have been about 8″ cut. It would bounce as he chased Bonnie around their bedroom.

Bonnie loved to be on top. She would climb on Ned’s chest and then wrap her lips around his cock. As she ran her mouth up and down the hardening shaft, she would use her hands on his balls. We were co close that I could hear her humming as she sucked him. I could also hear him moaning.

I had accepted the fact that my encounter with Bonnie was a one time thing. I still enjoyed jacking off as I watched Bonnie and Ned having sex. One day, when I arrived home, Bonnie was there visiting with my Mom. Mom told me that Ned was working late and Bonnie needed some help cleaning out some old stuff in her storage room. It turns out that Mom had volunterred my services for the rest of the day. I agreed and told Bonnie that I would change into some old şişli escort clothes and be over in a few munites.

A little while later, I knocked on Bonnies door hoping for a repeat of the last time I stoood there. Unfortunately, Bonnie was fully dressed as she answered the door. She had also changed into an old tee shirt and some short shorts. I could see the sway of her breasts under the shirt. I was immediately hard. She explained that about half of the attic was used as a storage area. It was separate from the rest of the apartment and was not air conditioned. It contained a lot of just plain junk that families accumulate over time and she and Ned had finally decided it was time to clean it out.

We got right to work. The place was a mess. It was hot and dirty. We worked very closely. From time to time, Bonnie would bend over and give me a tantalizing view down her very loose tee shirt. I could see those beautiful nipples. They must have been an inch long. Other times, she would walk up to me while I was sitting on the floor and give me a close up view of her very prominent camel toe. I was so horny. I thought my cock was going to explode just from the friction of my shorts. We kept working, cleaning, and carrying trash outside. Finally, Bonnie announced that we had done enough for the day. I agreed and started to move to the door when she said that she could not send me home in that condition.
I wasn’t sure if she was refering to my dirty sweat stained body, or my raging hard on.

Bonnie told me that I should get a shower before leaving. She directed me to their bathroom and I proceeded to get naked and climbed into the shower. This shower was amazing. It had a main shower head as you might expect, but it also had a number of other shower heads at various levels on the wall. I had never seen anything like it before. I took my best guess as to which faucet to turn, and water began to shoot out of the main shower head.

The cool water felt good on my hot body. I was soaping myself, especially concentrating on my throbing cock, when I felt a rush of cooler air as the curtain opened. The next sensation was Bonnie’s wonderful breasts pressing against my back. God, those nipples were so hard. She reached around my body and replaced my hand with hers.

“I’ve really missed this guy!”, she said. I was in heaven. I thought I might shoot just from her first touch. She sensed my condition, and slowed her stroking. Then she grabbed the base of my cock and held tight till I regained some semblence of control. “Let me show you something that Ned just loves”, she said. She moved another control and all the water jets began to shoot out. One of them pulsed right on the head of my dick. Bonnie started stroking me again and manuvered my cock so the water hit my very most sensative spot.

As I approached a fantastic cum, I reached behind me and began to caress her pussy. “Oh Fuck, YESSSSSss!” “I’m going to shoot.”

My thumb found her clit and I slipped two fingers into her wet slit. “Yes, lover, make your cock shoot for me”, Bonnie whimpered. That’s all it took. All of the teasing from the day finally released. My cock got even harder. As Bonnie continued to stroke it, my cock shot rope after rope of cum against the wall. I was in heaven! I slowly slipped to the floor. I just could not stand any more.

Bonnie tenderly turned me around and placed her pussy right in front of my face. “Now it’s my turn.” Make me cum too, lover. I reached my tongue out to lick her slit. She was already dripping wet. I slipped two fingers into her pussy as I sucked her clit into my mouth. As I fucked her with my fingers, my tongue lashed her clit. I could feel it getting harder in my mouth. By now she was babbling almost incoherently about how good it felt. She put her hands behind my head and pushed it even harder against her very tender sex. She bagan to hump herself against my face as I continued to pleasure her. I felt her body tense. She began a low moan, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming! Don’t stop; please don’t stop. This is so fucking good! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” Her body tensed up and I thought she might pass out.

After a few short moments, she announced, “I have to feel that cock inside me!” By now I was fully hard again. Bonnie slowly helped me lay down on the floor of the shower. She straddled my cock and gently slid her pussy down the shaft. I did not know anything could feel this good. As she hit the base of my cock, I could feel the tip rubbing against her cervix. Then she bent forward and her beautiful tits rubbed against my cheeks. I turned my head and began to suck each of them in turn. “Oh fuck, I love the way you feel riding my cock!”

Again Bonnie began to moan, “Give it to me! Give it to me! I want to feel you shoot your load inside my pussy!” We both began to move faster and faster. We were getting louder and louder! I could feel both of our bodies straining to reach that fantastic feeling. And then the world exploded. I was pumping a big hot load into her hot wet pussy. She was screaming that she could feel my cock pulse against her sensitive clit. We collapsed from the fun.

Some time later, Bonnie suggested that it was time to get dried and dressed. As she sent me out the door, she reminded me that there would be more hard work for both of us tomorrow!.

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