3 M’s, My Many Mothers Ch. 11


This is a story I can finally share. It is a tale that covers many years so if you are looking for a quick read you can stop here. Like I have mentioned many times I am not a true writer but so far my submissions have been well received.

This story is the one that truly started it all, even though it is not the first story I submitted. It is about a real person I was introduced to through a close friend. I met Daniel years ago having purchased a home from his grandfather and years later Dan himself.

I learned his story first hand and since then have documented much of his life for you to share. Daniel is his real name, the others have been changed for their protection. I offer you his story that has been updated just this year, 2016.

Enjoy and vote if care to.


Chapter 11

When the plane was loaded Sunday all of the kids, Lizzy, Sally, Mary, and Kat all came. After helping us get the kids settled Mary and Kat went home later that week.

February 2012 Lizzy and I welcomed our newest member a son Casen. He is my third boy along with Kyle and Hunter. He was a big baby and giving birth for Lizzy wasn’t easy. Casen is a happy and healthy baby none the less. I decided then we wouldn’t have any more children. Kenzi seems to be taken in by him much more than his sister Mikayla.

With Sally now back home helping with the children Lizzy has decided to finish getting her Bachelor’s degree.

Lizzy is taking just a class or two and working with Molly part time. The management business has taken off and the two of them head that up. Sally and now Mary run the two houses when they are home. Taking care of six kids and playing taxi driver is no small feat. They both love it and work well together.

The adjustment for school was minimal. Kyle took it the hardest but he seems happy now that summer is near and he has new friends to play with. Kenzi and Hunter have been growing and seem the ones that accept change easily.

Lizzy and I adopted Cindy, but make no mistake Sally is her favorite. Cindy is still small for her age but seems to be much healthier and growing faster since she started living with us. Mikayla and Cindy are inseparable now that the baby can walk. Cindy is her protector from the older kids, a funny thing since she is the smallest. She makes up for it in other ways, she is the smartest.

Bill set up a trust for Cindy. He tries to give us money now and then but I still refuse. Bill has become a regular guest. He is such a private person I think he worries about coming too often. But there is more than Cindy that keeps him coming back if I read him right. He and I watch sports together, sometimes we just go fishing.

Mike, Sky and Winnie are frequent guests. Molly is engaged and loves having Lizzy as a friend and coworker. Ivan has secured his future and still watches over all things financially.

It took a bit longer than we planned but by April the other house had been renovated and everyone was moved in. Sam was living with Jr and Rachel in their mom’s old house back home. Jr and Rachel decided to stay near her parents but with him having a pilot’s license they could fly down when they wanted. Sam graduated in June and took a scholarship to a school in Georgia.

Its January 2013 we have been all together in Florida for some months. At first everyone started where they left off but over the last year a new normal set in. Except for one situation it was done without my input.

Sally is now in her mid-sixties and with all that has gone on over the last year I could tell she was starting to feel her age a bit more. Sally visited Lizzy and I in the bedroom much less frequently now. She wouldn’t say why of course but I knew and so did Kat. On my insistence Lizzy, Kat, and I talked one day. The conversation was emotional but frank.

I knew things about Sally no one else knew, at least not yet. I spent many months thinking it over and decide to do what my instincts told me to do. Unfortunately my heart disagreed. I knew we couldn’t keep everything from Sally so it was no big surprise when later that week Sally came to me privately.

She asked if she could move from our room into her own permanently. I explained that it was her decision and hers alone. I would support her completely. That night Sally called Lizzy and me into our room. Sally informed Lizzy she would be moving out and suggested Kat move in.

Lizzy objected at first but with tear filled eyes finally accepted it was going to happen. Sally didn’t explain why except that she had just made up her mind. I knew it was best. It was time for her to enjoy the rest of her life.

There were other reasons but for now neither one of us wanted to admit it. I supported her decision but was concerned she felt Kat needed to take her place.

With Nikki now spending much of her time next door with Sharon maybe Sally thought Kat was free to move in with us. Sally would take a room down the hall and reminded Lizzy there was still plenty düzce seks hikayeleri of room for visitors!

Lizzy made her promise she could come visit occasionally. Sally kissed her long and hard letting her know they would always be close. We decided there would be no big announcement it would just gradually take place.

Lizzy came to me the next day. She made me promise to do something for Sally. With all I have been through and the expenses I incurred it wasn’t a good time. I talked to Kat and when she agreed with Lizzy I knew I need to close some deals.

It took some time and many arrangements. Schedules were changed, early that summer tickets were purchased. Lizzy made me proud as she pulled it all together.

Early one Friday, Lizzy, Sally and I were on the plane to a destination only Lizzy and I knew about. Late that night the three of us were in our cabana looking at darkness listening to the waves lap the shore. Sally was overcome with emotion. It reminded her of our honeymoon. She talks about it all the time but this was something different all together.

We slept together that night, no sex just sleep as the week before and the flight was taxing for us all. I was up early as usual I walked the pathway to the lobby and talked to several of the staff. The looks I got were nothing compared to the snickers as I walked past. The sun was up and the first travelers dotted the white sands.

I walked back to the Cabana coffees in hand and waited for the two sleepy heads to wake up. Lizzy was first, she walked out naked and sat on my lap kissing my cheek.

“Thank you Danny.” Lizzy whispered.

I kissed her letting her know she was welcome.

“Are you ok with me joining her?” Lizzy teased.

“As long as you don’t expect me to join you.” I replied.

“We’ll see?” She replied.

Sally came from the bathroom in her robe. She sat on the chair in front of us. I handed her a coffee.

“This is beautiful!” Sally beamed. “It was so late when we came in it was hard to see. We are on the beach?”

“We are, come with me.” Lizzy said. She picked up the towels and grabbed Sally’s hand.

“Lizzy aren’t we forgetting something?” Sally asked as she looked at Lizzy’s naked form.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Yes I am!” Lizzy replied. She took Sally’s robe off and pulled her out the door.

“Lizzy!” I heard Sally squeal as she was pulled outside.

“Danny!” Sally yelled.

I walked to the door and watched as two naked women ran to the beach squealing the whole way! They had both stopped breast feeding, Sally almost a year and half ago. Lizzy had stopped nursing Casen just a few months ago.

I enjoyed the sight of tits bouncing down the path as they ran by the window. No longer nursing they both have returned to a size closer to before. Regardless I still find them sexy as hell, and, Lizzy still loves to go braless.

Sally turned back to me ecstatic as I looked on smiling. Her massive tit’s flopped as Lizzy continued to pull her down the path. I followed until I reached the sign. I nodded to the attendant, she smiled at me.

“I love you MOM!” I called after her.” Sally looked back with one of her happiest smiles.

I walked back to the cabana and I picked up Sally’s robe. I then went to the table and opened up my computer. I answered some e-mails and worked on a proposal. I called room service and ordered lunch for the three of us. There was a knock on the door.

“Mr. Masters…” The security person started talking.

“”Danny please.” I smiled.

“Danny.” She returned my smile. “These two ladies say they are with you? This one claims she is your wife the other one your mother?”

The beautiful young lady tried to look stern but I could see right through her. I looked at Sally and Lizzy standing behind her dressed in white terrycloth robes. I looked at the security guard, the name on her badge had Christi on it.

“Christi, they are with me. Lizzy is my wife. Sally, is really my aunt. I just call her mom.” I explained truthfully.

My guess is Christi was a few years older than me. She projected a confidence about her. She seemed more impressed than surprised as I explained who they were to me.

“Danny they can’t run around the complex in the nude!” Christi was trying not to smile. “They can do that on the beach in the marked areas but not around the cabana’s.”

“Christi I’ll try and make sure they obey the rules.” I laughed. She tried, she really did, but she started laughing too. “Ok you two jail birds get in here!” I teased.

“Thank you Danny.” Christi smiled.

“No Christi, thank you!” She looked at Sally and then focused on Lizzy. I could see she was intrigued by the sexy brown minx.

“And ladies. No more sex on the beach!” Christi warned them.

“Lizzy?” I called her out. “Is that true?”

“A little! It started while I was helping her with the sunscreen!” She grinned. “It’s on her list!”

“Christi, if there are any more shenanigans from these two you call me.” I insisted. I gave her my phone number.

“Thanks Danny.” She turned to leave. She addressed Lizzy. “Sorry I had to stop you.”

Christi left. Sally flew into my arms.

“Daniel!” Sally smothered me. “I can’t believe you did this for me!”

“We did this for you.” I corrected her. “Lunch will be here soon. You two need to get cleaned up and presentable.”

I think they finished in the shower what they were stopped doing on the beach. Wearing only their new found robes they joined me for lunch. I sent them on their way after lunch with explicit instructions to follow the rules.

Later that evening we grabbed a cab and headed down the beach a few miles for supper. Just outside the restaurant the three of us walked along the paths adjacent to the beach. Hand in hand Sally enthusiastically told me about her day with Lizzy.

Since a young adult she had always wanted to walk along a nude beach. Sally couldn’t be happier than the one Lizzy found. She talked about feeling the wind teasing her pussy. The warm sun on her ass. The frustration of sand in places sand doesn’t belong.

She told me how she walked in the ocean and peed with nothing covering her pussy. What she didn’t tell me was what she and Lizzy were doing that got them in trouble with Christi. We walked back to the restaurant and grabbed a cab back to the resort.

Back at the cabana Sally pulled me into the bedroom. For this night Sally purposely chose one of the flimsiest of dresses. No longer nursing her once milk filled tits are still huge and noticeably straining to escape the confines of her garment.

The thin material hugging her womanly curves, the cheeks of her ass devoid of panty lines. Her now tanned legs and wedge sandals accentuate her calves. With Lizzy’s help her makeup was spot on.

Sally pulled me to the side and whispered in my ear while Lizzy was out of the room. A naughty grin accompanied her slowly nodding head.

“If you insist?” I replied.

“I insist then!” Sally giggled.

Lizzy walked in the room, we both looked at her, I had a feeling she knew something was up. Sally went into the bathroom but came back almost immediately. Taking her place in the chair she looked at me and smiled.

I moved closer to Lizzy and put my arms around her waist. Lizzy readily accepted my kiss and even more so my hands. I reached around and unclasped her skirt and unzipped it all the while continuing our kiss.

Lizzy pulled back and looked at me not sure what I wanted. She glanced over at Sally and then back to me. My hands moved to the hem of her top and started to pull it over her head. Sensing something special was happening she didn’t say a word.

I pulled my polo shirt off over my head and reached for Lizzy once again. We were both in bare feet, her in just panties, and myself in shorts and briefs. I resisted the urge to grip her luscious tits and instead gripped the waist of her panties.

Lizzy cooed as I lowered them caressing her long slender legs along the way. After she stepped out of them I stood in front of Lizzy waiting for her to make the next move. Lizzy hesitated then unsnapped my shorts and removed them with my briefs at the same time.

I could tell she wanted to grab my cock but after a quick glance at Sally she held back. Standing naked before each other, I looked excitedly at my wife. I pulled her tight against me and started kissing her once again.

Lizzy moaned as my hands roamed her body. Lizzy reached down and gripped my cock stroking it to full hardness. We were kind of moving in place, slow dancing if you will. I looked over Lizzy’s shoulder to find Sally glassy eyed looking on.

I could tell by the heave of her chest she was getting excited. Seeing me look at her she slipped her hand under the hem of her dress. Lizzy was now urging me to do something.

“I need you in me.” She whispered hoarsely.

Her arms went around my neck, mine slid under her ass. With little effort I picked my wife up and positioned her over my cock. Lizzy quickly spread her legs and guided me to the opening of her juicy pussy. Slowly I let the weight of my wife lower over my cock. I looked at Sally and she watched my white cock disappear in Lizzy’s black pussy.

“YES!” Sally muttered quietly.

“Danny I think someone is secretly watching us?” Lizzy moaned.

Instinctively Lizzy wrapped her legs around my waist to help control our movements. I lowered her down until she groaned then lifted her back up until I was just inside. Lizzy pulled herself tight against me her chin digging into the top of my shoulder.

I could feel the heat radiate from her body in the damp ocean air. A film of perspiration soon formed on her ebony body making it shimmer in the soft lights of the bedroom. I glanced at Sally and noticed she had one tit pulled from the top of her dress. On hand was kneading the nipple as her other hand was busy between her covered legs.

Lizzy thrust back extending her arms around my neck, I felt the cool rush of air flow between us. We continued to move in a circular motion as we copulated in a standing position. It was now Lizzy’s turn to see Sally.

“Danny I’m sure of it! Someone is watching us make love.” Lizzy squeaked happily.

“Does that get you excited?” I whispered loud enough for Sally to hear.

“God yes!” Lizzy groaned as she thrusted herself hard over my cock.

Suddenly I heard the soft buzz of a vibrator. Now facing Sally she had her dress pulled up to her waist. With legs spread I saw the little vibrator disappear between her pussy lips for just a second before being pulled along her slit to tease her clit.

“Danny I want to watch!” Lizzy pleaded.

Moving to the bed I sat down with Lizzy positioned on top of me facing Sally. Lizzy sat up straddling my cock controlling the situation for now. Looking up I could see she was fixated on Sally just feet away above my head. The buzz was louder but so were Sally’s moans.

“I’m not ready yet…Danny!” Lizzy hissed still locked on Sally.

Having focused my attention on supporting Lizzy as we fucked earlier, I wasn’t even close. From just the sounds I heard coming from Sally I knew she was close and Lizzy was trying to hold her off. I heard the vibrator disappear inside Sally, the muted vibrations making it clear it was deep inside. I heard Sally slurp her tits, no doubt coated with her essence.

Lying back I took a moment to see what Sally saw. Lizzy tall and slender sitting atop me, her long legs folded along my sides. My sizable cock was moving in and out of her dark brown lips. The pink of her clit was just starting to expose itself. Her pussy lips glistened with our oily excitement, the small patch of black curly hair scrubbed her fingers as they occasionally reached to diddle her clit.

Lizzy’s long slender midsection showed little evidence of the children she bore me. Her tits however plumper now sagged slightly from the lack of milk they once carried. The dark areolas seemed more pronounced against the almost white skin from the palm side of her hands. Lizzy twisted and tugged on the long thick nipple, the weight of her tit elongated the area until she reversed the motion and pressed her tit hard against her chest.

Lizzy’s long elegant neck poked out behind her even longer black hair. Her white teeth contrasted with the pinkness of her lips before blending in with the caramel color of her surrounding features. Lizzy glanced down at me her big brown eyes letting me know she couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Hurry Danny! I need to cum!” Lizzy warned me. I knew she was speaking for Sally too.

She reached for her clit one last time, her eyes returned to Sally who was rubbing her clit with the vibrator. The buzzing was loud and at times sounded like it was hard against bone. I closed my eyes and let myself just take it all in. Sally, Lizzy, the hot tight pull of her pussy on my cock.

“Ready?” I whispered.

“YES!” The two of them cried out in unison.


“AAARRRGGGHHH!!” Sally moaned. I could hear her bouncing in the chair just out of sight.

“Two…” I replied louder.

“DANNNNNYYY!” Lizzy plunged hard over my cock her hand massaging her clit between us.

No longer able to hold back myself I flooded Lizzy’s cunt. I gripped her ass and pulled her even tighter to me trapping her hand between us. The jolts of pleasure were so hard Lizzy’s whole body surged with my orgasm. I came so hard I think Sally may have felt it. Then there was only the sound of three happy and satisfied lovers in the room.

“ONE!” I yelled out.

Sally laughed so hard she fell to the floor. Lizzy seeing Sally started shaking on top of me laughing herself. I had to admit it was pretty funny. Sally joined us in bed where she thanked us for taking another item off her list.

I was surprised to learn after all of our time together this was the first time Sally had ever just watched two people engage in intercourse.

“Lizzy it was so beautiful watching Danny and you!” Sally started to tear up. “I can’t tell you how much you both mean to me.”

Lizzy and I were moved by what she said. That night we all three slept together.

Sunday was much the same. Sally and Lizzy went down to the beach. I walked to the rail by the sign to check up on the girls.

“Danny!” A voice called from behind me.

“Christi!” I replied happy to see her. “Just checking to make sure the prisoners are following the rules.” I laughed.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” She asked.

“You’re welcome to ask but I don’t promise to answer.” I smiled. She seemed apprehensive now. “Go ahead. Try me.”

“Is that really your wife and Aunt?” She asked leaning on the rail with me.

We looked out over the pristine beach and blue waters just beyond the barricade. Sally was lying on her stomach Lizzy’s ebony hands slid over her skin applying another coat of sunscreen. Even from here you could tell they cared deeply for each other.

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